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    Somewhere For A Few Days Over Christmas? quietish,nice beaches and a few bar girls

    Posted Today, 01:41 AM i will be spending a week in thailand over christmas and was wanting to visit somewhere nice,quietish with decent beaches and a little nightlife,hopefully a few bargirls/freelancers,dont fancy phuket(patong),samui,samet,tao,phanghan,lanta,phi phi,jum etc as ive been these places before.

    was thinking somewhere different as i only have 5-7 days and as ive got a very limited amount of time it shouldnt take up too much time travelling there,was thinking possibly fly phuket and head south to rawai which is in the the vicinity of some lovely beaches,namely nai harn and some others although they do tend to get crowded at peak season...does anybody have any other nice quietish phuket beaches that they know of? PM IF NECASSARY

    my other possibilities are hua him due to proximity to bangkok but i hear mixed reviews on this place and a pristine beach is a major4 plus for me (as well as fun nightlife) ive also been reccommended koh chang (yai) but ive heard mixed reports and it can seem a bit of a mission travellinmg to and from given my very limited time frame.

    any help or suggestions much appreciated,thanks

    my only concern is lack of action as it seems a very family orientated place.

    does anybody have any info on khao lak or any other suitable places?


    (btw ive already tried the search option on this board and also google

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    Nai Harn is nice beach lots of places to eat around the area and not to busy at night Christmas could get busy who knows? at the moment quite at night time, I live Nai Harn bye the way

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    hi there, done this myself in the past, bloody nightmare, many places so busy, prices triple, hard to get a room, typical thai holiday, be careful , bit like bank holiday in the u.k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceedee1
    khao lak or any other suitable places? thanks
    No women action and packed at Christmas. Better start thinking to book. Remember the Christmas and New Year surcharges as well.

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    sabaii sabaii
    Hua Hin for the beaches, then get a taxi to Pattaya for the nightlife

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    Ban Chang (Northern part of Rayong Province) about 35 miles south of Pattaya is just what you are looking for. Nice beaches that are not overly crowded or spoiled by too many low lifes and good night life. I believe D-Dog has an old thread on this website about the nightlife/girl bars there.
    There are also several nice and reasonably priced hotels and resorts there.

    Personally I enjoy Ban Chang more than Pattaya. I think since most of the farangs there are expats living here, the bar girls treat you much better than they do in Pattaya since they expect to see you again.

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    Simian Islands
    Surely all the girls will have gone home for Christmas?

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    Koh Chang is nice but may be too long to get to (probably around 8 hours each way from bangkok) but other than that sounds like it would fit the bill.

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