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    Koh Samui Info. Please

    Will be on Koh Samui (Lamai Beach) for 3 weeks starting from later this month. Can anyone advise on the floowing:

    (1) Are there any babysitting services?

    (2) What about weight rooms / fitness centers?


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    Check here:
    Koh Samui Gyms

    And welcome to TD!

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    The Short Answer is Yes to Both Questions

    On the question of babysitters - Most of the bigger US and Euro owned chains will offer that service, even on Samui. Problem is I can't think of one in Lamai. A little local research should find one.

    Same goes for Gym's ect. But I know of a gym called World Gym on the Cheweng end of the ring road. Right at the T intersection where you come out of the Dow Market road. There is also a few local Mauy Thai training gym's around, I know of two on Lamai, and they are all happy to have farang visitors train with them. If you think your up for it.

    Cheers, Tony

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