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  1. CR1 Visa to US for wife in 2 1/2 months
  2. Applying for a 60 day Visa?
  3. One year extension to stay Roi Et Immigration Office
  4. 500 Baht wanted to put stamps in new passport.
  5. tax residency certificate
  6. Health Insurance Now Required for Long Stay Expats
  7. Key Visa at PCEC Overview of the New Financial Requirements for Extensions
  8. Lump sum plus income.
  9. Needing to Change Your Address - WTF!!!!!
  10. Entering Thailand for a holiday by land
  11. immigration BIG changes on the way.
  12. Thai Consulate & Immigration Office holiday closures March & April 2019
  13. NON-O Marriage visa Penang
  14. Current status of doing a border walk
  15. Thai Immigration - more "Bad Guys Out"
  16. Stupid newbie money in bank account. Any bank or specific bank.
  17. BIG Changes to banked money method for retirement extensions.
  18. O visa based on marriage sponsorship letter
  19. ya can't make this up
  20. Thai consulate holiday closures FEBRUARY 2019
  21. Online appointment system in Vientiane starts Feb 1st.
  22. Canadian Passport application in Bangkok
  23. Cleaning Up
  24. Amendments to Police Order 138/2257 (using monthly income)
  25. Oversaes and miss 90 report, what happens?
  26. Question on using the "monthly deposit" method to obtain an extension of stay
  27. Consulate closures dec/jan 2018
  28. Non O visa based on marriage savannaket
  29. Unable to attend immigration due to sickness?
  30. old to new passport
  31. Best visa option to get Thai Mrs to Australia permanently?
  32. They're coming for you....
  33. No more Brit Embassy income certification letters!
  34. This might be difficult.
  35. UK passport alert , Renewals change from Sep 10th sneeked in see linky
  36. Anybody know this Visa Agency ??
  37. 𝗔𝗧𝗧𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡: 𝗜𝗺𝗺𝗶𝗴𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘀
  38. Thailand Changes Work Permits
  39. 30 days renewal count
  40. non-immigrant O Finances query
  41. ATTN: Consulate & Immigration Office Closure May 29th
  42. ATTN: Consulate & Immigration Office Closure Next Week
  43. Big changes at the consulate in penang
  44. Advice needed for a Lao woman applying for a non Imm "O".
  45. Transfer of Entry Stamp to New Passport
  46. ATTN: Nearby Thai Consulate Closures for Songkran
  47. Thai Consulate Penang Closure Notice
  48. Chong Mk border crossing
  49. Phuket US Consular March 14th
  50. Anyone used this company before?
  51. May need a Visa shop for retirement with no proof of income
  52. Chiang Mai Australian Consular Outreach – 2 March 2018
  53. Laem Ngop Immigration Office Closed
  54. convert 60day tourist visa into non immigrant long stay
  55. What is the correct visa for me?
  56. Thailand now accepts Smart Visa registration
  57. Legalising UK marriage certificate
  58. Land crossing from Thailand to myanmar
  59. Embassy Income Letter British embassy or other for Marriage Extn
  60. Australian Consular Outreach Visits Schedule Chiang Mai 2018
  61. 60 day extension of stay- help with options
  62. HELP Tod, filing a TM 30
  63. Taking care of a Thai child
  64. My Thai Marriage Visa Procees Vs US Greencard Process
  65. Uk passport renewal for dual citizen thai
  66. Nearby Thai Consulate Closures Next Week
  67. tourist visa
  68. 1 or 2 pictures for my extension application?
  69. Thailand Marriage visa Process 2017
  70. Immigration and Embassy/Consulate Closures next week
  71. VFS Trendy Building passport pick up question
  72. Thai Consulate(s) in Lao closure dates (so far) for Oct
  73. A simple extension question
  74. Heads up for Bangkokians goin' to Chaengwattana this Friday
  75. CW Avoidance Strategy
  76. Day trips
  77. Edu visa (legit)
  78. MFA accredited translation in either Ubon or Bangkok
  79. Current Advice For O-a Renewal Chiang Mai
  80. Walk-in Entry
  81. Thai Consulate Ho Chi Minh City Non-O based on marriage
  82. hai consulate Vientiane policy change on Tourist VisasHeadz up anyone going to the th
  83. Kanchanaburi - Phu Nam Ron border run.
  84. Multi Entry Tourist Visa problem
  85. The point of the 90 day report
  86. So Who Knows What ?
  87. Tory manifesto pledge to increase settlement visa threshold
  88. How many days is 90 days?
  89. Altering A Thai Passport ??
  90. Visa for regular visits
  91. Immigration Bureau opens One Stop Service Center in Hua Hin
  92. UK tourist visa for her....... A good news story.
  93. she needs a visa for France but........
  94. Visa run from Ban Pong
  95. Visa "Agencies"?
  96. Can I just get my Son a UK Passport while in UK?
  97. 90 Day Online Reporting is back up
  98. ATTN: Thai Consulate Holiday Closures April
  99. schengen visa via French Embassy
  100. TM 30?
  101. Can i obtain a Type o visa extension on marriage in the uk
  102. Options after 90 day S/E Non O runs out?
  103. do i need a tourist visa?
  104. Penang Visa Run
  105. investment visa.
  106. Thai Citizenship
  107. ONLY 2 Visa Exempt Entries by land per year!
  108. "Tourist Visa" v/s "Visa Exempt"
  109. Where Can I Download a 30day visa on arrival form?
  110. Sorry can't find the OP
  111. FREE single entry tourist visas until Feb 28th
  112. Government approves 10 year visas for foreigners over age 50
  113. Need advice on my "visa runs"
  114. Marriage extension
  115. Possible to convert a visa exemption stamp to a a non-imm B in Thailand?
  116. Any info about a "new" five year visa??
  117. 90 Day Report
  118. Savannakhet Non O Marriage
  119. 90 day report
  120. permanent residence in Thailand
  121. Visa assistance/advice
  122. Extending Stay on O-A
  123. Marriage visa to work permit, and back?
  124. 90 day report, bother or not?
  125. Newbie Requiring Advice from Someone in the Know
  126. Fee for visa on arrival doubled to 2,000 baht as of Sept 27
  127. Advice needed for visa to UK
  128. London Embassy - Non Imm. O Visa
  129. Renewing An O-a Visa - Questions
  130. Getting your wife to England
  131. Kap Choeng to close?
  132. Problem getting Thai visa to the USA
  133. Official Opening of the Royal Thai Consulate Queensland - 04 May 2016
  134. Aussie applying for Marriage Visa
  135. Nearest land border to BKK? Riding my CBR650
  136. Ppossible MAJOR hiccup for retirement extensions out at Chaengwattana
  137. Thai consulate Birmingham UK
  138. 30 Day Visa Exempt Extensions ??
  139. To Visa or not to Visa.sure
  140. A Good Travel Agent?
  141. Non-B to Tourist
  142. Re-Entry Permit
  143. New one?
  144. Thailand visa ‘nightmare’ makes Sri Lankans seek other destinations
  145. Marriage visa Singapore??
  146. Drunk driving conviction Maesot
  147. Have US passport and THAI passport
  148. 90-Day Report Online - Server Offline
  149. Married but on TR Visa?
  150. Transfering Visas to New Passport
  151. Converting "TR" Visa to 90 Day to 1 year
  152. Thailand to escape harassments?
  153. Non-Immigrant Visa Category “O” Muli Entry?
  154. Fee for visa on arrival to double from 1,000 baht to 2,000 baht
  155. New £35K income rules for non EU nationals working in the U.K!
  156. Marriage. Non Immigrant O Visa
  157. Visa Procedure For Taking Thai Nephew To The Uk.
  158. Paging Tod
  159. Converting a Tourist Visa to a Retirement Visa
  160. Home Office response to a report on the minimum income threshold
  161. Visa Run To Vientiane
  162. Ranong visa run qiestion
  163. Visa O changes, no same day visa anymore
  164. Blacklist for Visa Overstays to Launch in March
  165. Applying for Uk Visas directly to the Embassy
  166. Savvy Thailand Targets Weekend Tourists With Multiple Entry Visas
  167. Extension of stay based on Thai children
  168. 90 day reporting getting confirmation
  169. Taking a child out the country
  170. Overstay Penalties - They're Back...
  171. Tips + tricks to help get your wife settled legally in the UK
  172. Home visit
  173. Help required deciphering a visa please.
  174. Police Clearance for Non OA from London
  175. Thai Immigration Introduces New 6 Month Multiple Entry Tourist Visa
  176. Income Verification Affidavits
  177. The End Of The Visa Run. Forever?
  178. NO more 15/30 day visa exempt crossing thai/Cambodia border
  179. 6 month visa
  180. Visa Long Long Overstay
  181. Marriage Visa renewal
  182. Visas for Gibralter
  183. Non Immigrant O Multi-entry Yangon Myanmar
  184. Non Immigrant O - M. Chiang Mai.
  185. Affirmation freedom to marry needed for marriage extension
  186. Savanak non immigrant type o mult
  187. New Visa Renewal Service Opens at Promenada Mall Chaing Mai
  188. Question About Of O-a Visa
  189. How many tourist visa extensions are possible?
  190. Please help re extension of stay, I think
  191. New rules?
  192. Migration agent in Perth who speaks Thai?
  193. Non o visa,leaving thailand & returning
  194. Registering UK Marriage in Thailand
  195. UK Tourist Visa for Thai's
  196. Visa Time again .. Ranong or Malaysia?
  197. 90 day report NOW online!!!
  198. Life in the U.K test
  199. Advice needed - O/S & PP Expired
  201. 90 day report fee?
  202. New Thai Passport
  203. Educational Visa new arrangements
  204. Strip bars,luxury villas and drugs uncovered in Philippine jail raid
  205. Advice needed
  206. yes 40k and month 65k a month what do you put down?
  207. When listen to other people....got problem
  208. Visa 90 day reporting rules
  209. Need Advice Re: Obscure Medical Tests
  210. Need Clarification Re O-a (retirement) Visa
  211. Visa, landlord lessor taxes
  212. Bank Letter
  213. Extension of Retirement Visa _ Chiang Mai Province
  214. What extra forms do you sign for your yearly extension?
  215. Kor Ror 2
  216. Savannakhet Marriage Visa without funds, last week
  217. Extension retirement visa ,bank money
  218. Questions about Tourist / Retirement Visa
  219. Thai Embassy in London. Today
  220. Exemption of visa fees considered for European tourists
  221. London or Hull and other visa concerns
  222. Multiple Non immigrant type 'o'( requirements)
  223. New Overstay Penalties
  224. Thailand Clamping Down on Border Runners?
  225. Visa based on marriage to Retirement and back
  226. ALERT, same day visa service in Savannakhet!
  227. 90 Day Report at Lad Phrao
  228. Thai Visa obtained in Bali
  229. The easiest Visa for this situation
  230. 60day non-imm O VISA
  231. Is Mai Sai still accepting in-out visas?
  232. Multi Non Immigrant O Clarification
  233. No more border runs for a new 15/30 day entry.
  234. Some tourists only allowed to enter Thailand with at least US$700 in cash
  235. Visa crackdown risks stranding Phuket expats in Myanmar
  236. 15 Day Wait For A Non-O Visa? WTF?
  237. Is Chaeng Wattana Open For Business?
  238. 90 day report
  239. What passport to use for a DN kid leaving Thailand
  240. How can I fix my 11 year overstay??
  241. Visa Run from Khon Kaen
  242. Return ticket for Non-immigrant visa - ED caregory?
  243. Working when on retirement visa
  244. End This Visa Run Madness: Phuket Expat Tells of Horrific Trip and Starts Campaign
  245. 30 day stamp in infant's (dual nationality) UK passport
  246. Getting to Lad Phrao Immigration
  247. Non immigrant type o single entry
  248. Driving licence renewal
  249. Thai GF to visit USA / K-1 or B-2 Visa Questions
  250. Fucking visa twatting bollocks