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  1. Files Show New Details of US Support for Indonesia Bloodbath
  2. Drama as tourist vehicle’s brakes fail on Doi Suthep
  3. Two Chinese Women Caught for Being Paid to Take TOEFL Exams
  4. ‘Meticulous’ Karl the raccoon is Nagano zoo’s emerging star
  5. Fall of Raqqa inflames Southeast Asia terror threat
  6. Southeast Asian nations on a spree buying Chinese weapons
  7. Medical Council of Thailand Says Doctors Dangerously Overwork
  8. BMTA installs GPS, e-Ticket system on buses
  9. China Seeks to Rid Beijing of Smog, Dissidents Ahead of Communist Party Congress
  10. 52 arrested in crackdown as police focus on black migrants and tourists
  11. Garbage-strewn scene at Jomtien Beach after floodwater drains out to sea
  12. Min of Commerce to help farmers lease harvesting machinery
  13. Thailand to survey sea-cow population Dec 2017 - Feb 2018
  14. Health chief urges free contraception for teens
  15. China places bet on yuan-denominated crude oil futures
  16. Venomous Brown Spotted Pit Viper Snake Found in Northern Thailand
  17. TOT gives computer classrooms to Roi Et schools
  18. Queensland man held in Bali over alleged drug possession is mentally ill, lawyer says
  19. Baht is at highest point against dollar in about two and half years
  20. PSU provides occupational skill programs for students to graduate from Egypt
  21. Passengers advised to travel early to Bangkok airports due to flooding
  22. Iraq and Shi'a miliaites prepare to attack Kirkuk
  23. VIDEO The Philippines' 'Mega Rehab' Centre for drug addicts
  24. Foreign Volunteer Cops Accused of Extorting Phuket Businesses
  25. Police arrest scammers in multiple fraud and money-laundering cases
  26. Thai Soldier Shoots and Kills his Wife and then Accidentally Kills Himself in Makro
  27. Kingsman banned in Cambodia over 'negative portrayal'
  28. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines Launch Joint Air Patrols
  29. 'Bengalis' Not Native to Myanmar, Country’s Military Chief Says
  30. Cambodia’s Hun Sen Calls For Unity Against ‘Great Power’ Interference
  31. Flash floods send Chiang Mai tourists and residents running
  32. Indonesia bishop resigns in wake of finance, mistress scandal
  33. Thailand seizes rhino horns, nabs Chinese suspected smugglers
  34. VIDEO: Volcano continues to erupt in southwestern Japan
  35. Target Golden Triangle drug lords, not users, UN urges
  36. Thai Junta to Ban Foreigners Living in Thailand from Owning Guns
  37. Vietnam floods and landslides - 43 dead
  38. European Union to cut ties with Myanmar military chiefs over Rakhine crisis
  39. Elderly Aussie Gets His Face Bloodied By A Thai Dude.
  40. The Guardian reporting Sally Jones (ISIS
  41. Southern bird breeders want songbird stripped of status
  42. Urgent flood warning as reservoirs overwhelmed
  43. Police Investigate Agency Offering Cheaper Prices For Chinese Tourists
  44. A new front opens in Asia’s water wars
  45. North Korea says Trump has 'lit the wick of war:' Russia's TASS agency
  46. Thailand Regulators to Ban Unregistered Drones to Deal with the Rampant Use
  47. Uthai Thani launches aerial surveillance over encroached wildlife sanctuary
  48. Justice minister visits Payao villagers in pursuit of Justice Fund
  49. Legal ban to be imposed on foreign aquatic species
  50. Food safety inspection in Phuket ahead of Vegetarian Festival
  51. Who says crime doesn't pay?
  52. China Delivers 28 VT4 Battle Tanks to Thailand in US$150 Million Deal
  53. Cambodian democracy has reached tipping point
  54. Singapore scientists reveal origins of durian's pungent aroma
  55. Wat Suan Dok Abbot Accused of Using Dead Boy’s ID Number in 20 Year Long Identity Fra
  56. China Hastens the World Toward an Electric-Car Future
  57. Islamic State’s backdoor to the Philippines
  58. Chiang Mai’s Lanna Hospital Staff Care For Baby Girl Dumped in Trash Bin
  59. Thailand admired for being Asia's best in non-communicable diseases management
  60. NLA consults Japanese experts on improvements to Thai education system
  61. Water to be discharged from flood-prone areas due to fear over new storm
  62. Is there an election timetable?
  63. Smoking ban planned at 20 popular beaches
  64. Employers warned not to hire migrant workers as shop attendant
  65. Bird's nest export boost, after China lifts ban
  66. NLA hears complaints from sea gypsies of Phuket
  67. Agriculture Ministry ready to adopt new law on palm oil industry
  68. Days of rainfall trigger floods in Uthai Thani
  69. Ayutthaya braces itself for more floods amid torrential rain
  70. No preferred brands for welfare card purchases
  71. Health Ministry prepares action plan to support Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)
  72. Police seek to check DNA on disputed first-prize lottery tickets
  73. Man arrested for shooting, injuring officer during drugs arrest
  74. Filipino wanted in U.S. terror plots stands accused at home
  75. A mockery of democracy in Singapore
  76. Torrential rain puts more than 100 homes in Phetchabun underwater
  77. PM satisfied with elimination of zero-dollar tours
  78. Ethnic Militia Abducts Villagers as Forced Recruits in Myanmar’s Kachin State
  79. Exiled Billionaire Says Dozens of Chinese Spies Sent to U.S. in Recent Months
  80. Bangkok Literally Sinking in Sex as Brothels Steal Groundwater
  81. 7-Eleven Pulls Draft Beer After Protest
  82. Gem and Jewelry Institute to push Thailand as trade hub by 2021
  83. Five Koreans arrested for running gambling website
  84. Cambodia To Target Foreigners With Irregular Documents
  85. Remains of Hundreds of Dead Cambodian Workers Returned by Thailand
  86. Khon Kaen officials blindsided by Red Bull subsidiary’s plant closure
  87. China gives guns to Philippines to show it’s a friend, not a foe
  88. Biggest ever dinosaur fossil found in Chaiyapum
  89. Search continues for four missing in boat capsizing in Tak
  90. Social media furore over ‘mentally ill’ woman discharged from hospital
  91. Irate Vendor’s Husband Attacks Inspection Officer After Demands to Move from Footpath
  92. N. Korea runs out of gas; only the elite can now fill their cars
  93. Philippine police: 2 Swedes hurt in crossfire of rebel attack
  94. Village Head Stomped to Death by Wild Elephants Near Khao Yai National Park
  95. 35 Year-Old Russian Man Arrested in Pattaya for Drug Trafficking
  96. Welfare cardholders warned not to redeem their cards for cash
  97. For Many Hotels, Terror Risks Make Tight Security Routine
  98. Report: World's Biggest Slum Population Poses Risk for East Asia
  99. Myanmar citizens arrested for taking fees at Samut Prakan labour office
  100. Song dynasty bowl shatters world record for Chinese ceramics
  101. Two Hmong Men Busted in Chiang Rai Transporting 400 Kilo’s of Crystal Meth
  102. Robbers make off with ¥197m from gems sale
  103. Cabinet agrees to fill vacant civil servant posts with other employees
  104. Thailand ready for influx of Chinese tourists during Golden Week
  105. Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of 'Freedom of Oxford'
  106. Thailand's Leader Met With Trump, Apparently
  107. Air Qaulity tool live intractive map monitor linky
  108. "Let's do polygamy": New dating app stirs debate in Indonesia
  109. University graduates complain after being denied teaching licences
  110. Mother files complaint against teacher for alleged assault on son
  111. 200 Local Travel Reps Protest Chinese Price Undercut at Night Safari
  112. Chiang Mai 2017 Loy Krathong Schedule is Out
  113. Cambodia’s Hun Sen urges arrests of opposition ‘rebels in the city’
  114. Asean digital laxity a cyber raider’s dream
  115. FDA prepares to produce fentanyl citrate
  116. Small bomb blast at Myanmar embassy, Cairo
  117. More jobs for elderly will ease labour shortage: employment agency
  118. New water fees ‘threaten livelihoods’
  119. Australian Arrested for Stealing Chiang Rai Woman's Luggage at Suvarnabhumi Airport
  120. Ko Pha Ngan full moon parties cancelled
  121. Okinawa island unable to forget horror at hands of Japan troops
  122. Fear driving Cambodian opposition MPs abroad, party says
  123. Udorn Thani bus terminal ready for welfare cards
  124. People warned against being overcharged taking motorcycle taxis to Grand Palace
  125. Satun hit by heavy flooding
  126. New waterfall found in Sukhothai
  127. Bridge collapses in Chai Nat, 3 injured
  128. Small bomb blast in Mandalay, Myanmar
  129. New species of giant rat discovered on the Solomon Islands
  130. Chinese Police Detain Journalist Who Wrote About Missing Wuhan Students
  131. Vietnam readies itself for home-made automobile brand
  132. Uthai Thani inspects cigarette and alcohol retail prices
  133. Over 314,000 low-income earners register for welfare benefits in Roi Et
  134. MSDHS opens worldwide phone number for Thai trafficking victims
  135. Thailand edges up in global ranking of most competitive economy
  136. 60 new Zika cases detected in Bangkok
  137. Military, police officers accused of using excessive force in land eviction
  138. 5,000 retired teachers to be recruited to ease teachers’ shortage on temporary basis
  139. Manhunt for the lone robber who robs SCB bank of about 600,000 baht
  140. China's Mekong Plans Threaten Disaster for Countries Downstream
  141. 3-year-old Girl Becomes Nepal's New Living Goddess
  142. FDA criticised over ad urging halt to taking anti-virus drug
  143. Language teacher and his friend arrested for gang rape
  144. 20 job seekers en route to South Korea stopped at Suvarnabhumi
  145. Construction of Ko Lipe resort ordered suspended
  146. Maya Bay in Krabi to be closed from June to September next year
  147. Used artillery shells at a junkyard believes came from shooting ranges
  148. Graft-buster to indict 14 persons in 2015 city light show for corruption
  149. 50 prostitutes rounded up in Pattaya prostitution bust
  150. 18 foreign illegal immigrants rounded up in crackdown in Pattaya
  151. Lao Police Beat Villagers Arrested in Lengthy Land Dispute in Sekong Province
  152. Phuket Lifeguard boycott of OrBorTor contract
  153. Japan sucks up mineral treasure spat out from the ocean floor
  154. Floods Hit the Rural Areas
  155. Yimsoo Cafe skills development center opened
  156. More monsoon rains this week in Thailand
  157. New traffic tickets in use by December
  158. GPS ankle bracelets to be distributed to 23 courts as trial basis
  159. Man arrested for selling meth pills to teenagers
  160. 76-year old grandma rescued from plunge into a well
  161. Interpol approves 'State of Palestine' as member state
  162. Another parasail accident at Patong Beach injures Chilean tourist
  163. Erupting volcano forces 6,000 evacuations on Vanuatu island
  164. Explosive plan for Indonesian fisheries
  165. PPAT announces “Birth control in Thailand 4.0 era” campaign
  166. Cabinet approves extension of free bus-train services for one more month
  167. Kwang Orakarn asks police for help over reckless Facebook posts defaming her
  168. New police vehicles found with defects
  169. Buddha heads to be removed from fence in two days
  170. Fried chicken vendor acquitted after being jailed for seven months
  171. Man Caught Raping his 10-year-old Daughter Arrested
  172. North Korea Claims US Has Declared War
  173. China Uses Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Pedestrians, Vehicles
  174. Lazada expands Alibaba offerings into three more SE Asian countries
  175. Rocket Force gaining power in China’s army-dominated PLA
  176. Bank of Thailand Keeps Rates Steady Despite Calls for Cuts
  177. Bangkok-Khorat high speed rail project to break ground in November
  178. Quality produce will be sold at PTT gas stations nationwide
  179. Taxi driver and Uber driver in a brawl at Pattaya
  180. Four monks accused of involving in state fund embezzlement at Phetchabun temple
  181. Eucalyptus and chili to be introduced to drive away wild elephants
  182. Over 3,000 prison inmates found to have TB
  183. An elderly temple abbot killed in suspected robbery
  184. MOL confirms no migrant child laborers under 15 employed
  185. Govt rolls out welfare card readers at shops, buses
  186. DSD targets 200,000 new workers development in 2018
  187. Three Vietnamese arrested with 15 million baht worth of rhino horns
  188. Man arrested with 26 iPhone smart phones at airport
  189. XDR-TB declared dangerous communicable disease
  190. Finance may scrap 15% tax exemption on bank savings of rich people
  191. Tibet Closes to Travelers For 10 Days in October
  192. Just 11 years old – and ready to save lives
  193. No holiday for Myanmar’s conflict-hit tourism
  194. 11 Foreigners Arrested in Bangkok for Transnational Crime and Overstay
  195. Female hippo at Dusit Zoo celebrates 51st birthday
  196. Huge cache of smuggled cigarettes and liquors seized in Hat Yai
  197. 18 Chiang Mai resorts examined for suspected encroachment
  198. Illegal motorbike racers rounded up in Udon Thani
  199. Elephant tusks smuggled inside unclaimed box at Suvarnabhumi airport from Congo
  200. Alarm as 'super malaria' spreads in South East Asia
  201. Jealous husbands the biggest culprits in spousal murders, study finds
  202. Warning out for heavy rain, high waves in South
  203. Indonesia raises Bali volcano alert to highest level
  204. Mass protest in Philippines over Duterte 'dictatorship'
  205. Thai police detain well-known anti-Muslim Buddhist monk
  206. Khon Kaen gets Uber ride-sharing service
  207. Selfie-craze almost costs runners their lives as elephant sees red
  208. Winter Here by Mid-October Officials Say
  209. Thailand’s Third Army Destroys Opium Poppy Fields in Northern Thailand
  210. Boat racing competition to be held next month in Mukdahan
  211. Labor Minister orders investigation into complication of employing highland people
  212. Phuket launches “Bike Sharing in Phuket” with Smart City ambition
  213. Security at Hua Hin to be stepped up for high season
  214. Free bus, train and boat services in Bangkok during Oct 25-27
  215. Beaches closed and swimming in sea banned in Phuket
  216. 40% Thai teenagers have gambling addiction experiences
  217. Police swoop on temple fraud suspects in Nakhon Pathom and Nonthaburi provinces
  218. Police: Jet Airways bomb threat “a misunderstanding”
  219. Briton faces jail in Dubai after flipping middle finger in road rage incident
  220. Myanmar Soldiers Confess to Killing Three Kachin Refugees
  221. Faulty Construction, Heavy Rain Cause Dam to Flood Lao Villages
  222. Hundreds of Police Occupy Beijing Market Amid Anger Over Closures
  223. Couple receives aid after destroying house in search of Ironwood Nymph
  224. Man arrested for throwing paint on badly-parked car
  225. Travel ban lifted on route leading to town near Fukushima plant
  226. Chulalongkorn University discovers new species of trapdoor spider
  227. BMTA to introduce e-ticket system aboard 200 buses on 1 Oct
  228. Mother, son get suspended jail term for insulting traffic police officer
  229. Elderly people stage protest march against delay in allowance pay
  230. ASH Thailand says e-cigarette is harmful to health
  231. Indian tourist loses B5,000 to snatcher in Pattaya
  232. 60,000 student loan recipients in government service warned they may lose their jobs
  233. Sex Doll-Sharing Service Taqu Suspended After Angering Chinese Communist Party
  234. Britain suspends Myanmar army training
  235. Model agency boss faces arrest for allegedly pimping minors after viral face-slapping
  236. Remote Car Key Jammers Suspected in Chiang Mai
  237. PM to allocate forest reserve land to farmers in Prachuap Khiri Khan
  238. Khao Yai national park to go towards Thailand 4.0
  239. About 300 snakes are received each month by wildlife clinic
  240. Former Miss Teen Thailand “Amy Amelia” arrested for drugs
  241. Woman files complaint against Facebook user for defamation
  242. City bus route reform will go ahead
  243. Cabinet nod for B17bn Bang Ban-Bang Sai canal
  244. Tool-wielding monkeys push local shellfish to edge of extinction
  245. Indonesia’s Only Transgender Islamic School Quietly Running Again
  246. China Builds Road to Nepal Border, Sets Up Flag
  247. Schoolgirl, 9, sent for rehabilitation as two motorcycle taxi drivers arrested on rep
  248. Police search for foreigners caught having ‘sex’ on Rayong bridge
  249. N. Korean abductee families raise voices as victims age, public interest wanes
  250. Bull elephant killed and skull gouged out for tusks by brutal poachers