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  1. Southeast Asia Defends Against African Swine Fever
  2. Lao Government Slaps Wrists of 7 Vientiane Officials for Public Project Fraud
  3. Philippines Withdraws from International Criminal Court
  4. Man’s body found floating in Chao Phraya after suspected motorcycle accident
  5. City Hall reports over 87 percent early voter turnout in Bangkok
  6. Residents Warned to Stay Inside as Toxic Smog Blankets Northern Thailand
  7. American falls to his death from Chiang Mai apartment
  8. Thailand, India and Indonesia among Asian countries gearing up for elections in 2019
  9. Driver of killer Porsche is laying low
  10. Bangkok’s era of open-air buses to end in 2022
  11. Flash floods, slides in eastern Indonesia kill at least 50
  12. Ugandan Man Arrested in Central Thailand for Impersonating a Buddhist Monk
  13. FDA recalls Lanzaar 50 and Lanzaar 100 over cancer fears
  14. 19 million Thais suffer from insomnia, says hospital director
  15. Polluting Chinese Casino in Cambodia Ordered Closed
  16. Philippines Reiterates ICC has no Jurisdiction over Duterte
  17. Tangled truck blacks out Bangkok neighbourhood
  18. Two doctors face charges over illegal drug sales
  19. 3 wounded in explosion at Narathiwat border defence unit
  20. Man charged in shooting death of nine-year-old schoolboy
  21. Tech crime police warn against online loans
  22. Former Japanese Yakuza Gang Member Arrested for Trying to Use Compatriot as a Drug Mu
  23. UN Says Methamphetamine Production Is Booming in Southeast Asia
  24. Bad news for Thailand's alcoholics
  25. Death Toll Rises in 2 Days of Firefights in Southern Philippines
  26. Malaysia Shuts Down 13 Schools after Hundreds Complain of Toxic Fumes
  27. Finnish man found dead on motorbike in Pattaya
  28. Chiang Mai’s Foul Air No Priority to Bangkok, North Complains
  29. Claim centres to track down tourists who skip hospital bills
  30. Militants operating beyond three southernmost provinces
  31. Police Tight-Lipped After Bombs Rip Through South
  32. Kim Jong-nam: Indonesian woman freed in murder case
  33. Suspecting Fraud, Drivers in Vietnam Count Cars at Toll Booths
  34. North Koreans Complaining about Coercive, Open-ballot Election System
  35. Canadian Police Probe Online Abuse of Ethnic Tibetan Student Union President
  36. Cambodian Army Backs Business Group in Land Dispute, Defying Government Order
  37. Chachoengsao man killed in M79 grenade explosion live on Facebook
  38. Russian Fugitive Wanted in Home Country Arrested in Phuket
  39. Cabbie: Ripped-off teens 'didn't complain'
  40. Anyone for taketan?
  41. Mahathir: China should define claims in South China Sea
  42. Thailand ranks world’s 23rd most polluted country
  43. Woman decapitated as Bangkok bus careers out of control off bridge downramp
  44. Bangkok overpass closed for six months
  45. 1 in 10 Thai Children Overweight: HealthMin
  46. Irishman found murdered in Penang condo along with cryptic handwritten note
  47. UK freezes bank accounts of students from China
  48. Chinese Banana Plantations in Lao District Leave Locals With Little Land to Farm
  49. Gays? No such thing in our country, says Malaysian Tourism Ministe
  50. Ex-teacher’s fight for exoneration ends in imprisonment
  51. Thai-Sino High-Speed Railway Project Derailed By “Contract Fees”
  52. Laos Stops Chinese-backed Tourism Development After Villagers Complain
  53. Philippines: Activists Protest against Chinese Blocking Fishing Boats
  54. Indonesia Signs Landmark Free Trade Deal with Australia
  55. Wheelchair-bound man found shot dead in Chiang Mai
  56. Thailand to ban import of plastic waste next year
  57. Foreigner found hanged outside Pattaya
  58. Businessman Seeks Son-in-Law – For 10 Million Baht
  59. Thailand defends cybersecurity law amid concerns over rights, abuse
  60. The waste challenge: Is Indonesia at a tipping point?
  61. 1,500 exotic turtles and tortoises abandoned by suspected smuggler at Manilla Airport
  62. Pangolins
  63. Truckload of pangolins intercepted in Prachuap
  64. Child Malnutrition Rates Still High in Laos Despite Best Efforts
  65. Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen Defends Embrace of China Amid Concerns of ‘Occupation’
  66. Malaysian Villagers Rescue 35 Rohingya Women, Children Found Near Beach
  67. Extradition dodging Kiwi dies in Thailand.
  68. Malaysian Man Longs for IS-linked Daughter to Return from Syria
  69. How to Possess Marijuana Legally in Thailand – Right Now
  70. ‘Commissions’ Required of Companies Bidding for Building Work in Flood-hit Lao Provin
  71. Check your flights to Europe
  72. Cambodia, China to Kick Off Annual Joint Military Exercise Amid Waning Western Influe
  73. Philippine Politicians Press Duterte to Expel Illegal Chinese Workers
  74. Suspected Rebel Attacks Kill 4 in Thai Deep South
  75. 126 arrested for tourist harassment
  76. 36 Year-old American Man Found Dead at Hostel in Northern Thailand
  77. Put this in your pipe and vape it
  78. Rakhine Family Sues Myanmar Army Over Alleged Beating of Teenager
  79. Indonesia Moves to Establish Fishing Zone near South China Sea
  80. Bangkok bus drivers fined for using wrong side of road
  81. Smog in 9 northern provinces to increase March-April
  82. Dutch Fugitive Wanted in Home Country Arrested in Thailand
  83. Why Thailand's Women Are So Successful in Business (But Not Politics)
  84. 74 Year-old German Murder Suspect Arrested in Chiang Rai After 9 Years on the Run in
  85. 11 Civilians Missing in Myanmar’s Rakhine State Since Latest Fighting Erupted
  86. Quakes Spark Mass Anti-Fracking Protest in China's Sichuan
  87. Police Official: Some Malaysians Still Hope to Join IS in Mid-East
  88. Oil Spills Ravage Southern Beaches – Cause ‘Unknown’
  89. Chiang Mai public transport van drivers petition against GPS speed detectors, for hig
  90. Eleven passengers recovered from dive boat after it hit rocks off Koh Similan group
  91. Vietnam deports Kim Jong-un impersonator ahead of summit
  92. Bangkok teen’s fatal stabbing may have stemmed from bus seating dispute
  93. Bt1 million reward if you spot pirate software
  94. Students Affected by School Raid to Retake Test Next Week
  95. Bangladesh plane forced to land in 'hijack attempt'
  96. Tobacco monopoly will help growers switch to cannabis
  97. Brinks heist nets gun-wielding thieves Bt7.2m
  98. 'Fortune teller' conned girls into sex
  99. South Bound Train Crashes into Car Killing Mother and Daughte
  100. Japanese Daily Hit in Complaint by Myanmar’s Military Over Interview With Top General
  101. Report: Kim Jong Un Has Purged a Confirmed 421 Officials
  102. Cambodia Put Back on Global Money-Laundering Watch List
  103. Philippines: Duterte Swears in Ex-Muslim Rebels as Leaders of Autonomous Region
  104. Indonesia Vows Action After UN Urges Probes of Alleged Papua Abuses
  105. Provincial Lawmakers in Laos Call for More Scrutiny of Foreign Firms
  106. Philippine Military: Doing ‘Best’ to Free Abu Sayyaf Hostages
  107. Bro Force: American and Thai Soldiers Chug Blood, Open Fire
  108. 29 Year-Old Akha Hill Tribesman Dead After Shootout with Chiang Rai Police
  109. Myanmar Army Fight With Arakan Rebels Ensnares Local Bus Companies
  110. US, Cambodia in War of Words Over Detained Opposition Leader
  111. Major quake feared in Lampang following minor tremors
  112. Cop-Buffalo Showdown Enthralls Internet Because What?
  113. Spaniard arrested, charged with rape in Thong Lor area
  114. Drug Runner Arrested at Chiang Rai Bus Station with 8.6 Kg of Methamphetamine
  115. Russian accused of $28m fraud to be sent to US at FBI request
  116. Thai Police Seek Interpol Red Notice of Greek Man After Thai Wife Found Dead in Phuke
  117. Same Old Story In Sarawak
  118. The use of marijuana for medical purposes became officially legal late Monday
  119. 136 people dead, 8,400 others sick in Philippines measles outbreak
  120. Lovesick Slovenian Destroys Pro-Junta Posters to Spite Girlfriend
  121. Usable water level in Khon Kaen’s Ubonrat reservoir alarmingly low
  122. US Crackdown on China IP Theft Snares Ex-Coca-Cola Scientist
  123. Independent Students Slam China-Backed Intimidation on Overseas Campuses
  124. Greenpeace: Indonesian Firms Failed to Pay Billions in Fines Linked to Forest Fires
  125. Water to be cut off in Cherng Talay for maintenance work
  126. Two arrested for providing fake visa stamps in Nonthaburi
  127. Thailand Approves Weed Killer Linked to Palsy
  128. Plan to ban alcohol on Thai New Year
  129. Shock in China after Zhang Yimou film set during Cultural Revolution is pulled
  130. Crocodile mauls Indonesian man to death in Malaysia
  131. Lao State Workers Go Without Salaries, Even After PM’s Directive to Pay Them Monthly
  132. Dropout Rates for Cambodian Provinces Bordering Thailand at 23 Percent
  133. Gunmen Kill 2 Farmers in Thailand’s Deep South
  134. Suspects known in alleged rape of 12-year-old girl, police say
  135. Airbnb sees 100% growth in Chinese arrivals
  136. Bangkok Biker Bowls Over Pedestrian With Temerity to Warn Him
  137. Woman flies to China to fetch mum, eight months after she went missing
  138. Tourism Council of Thailand promises to raise standards of tourist safety
  139. Songkran becomes five-day public holiday
  140. US Experts Call on Trump Administration to Stand up For Taiwan
  141. Philippine Court Convicts Associate of Mexican Drug Kingpin ‘El Chapo’
  142. Thai-Indian cultural fair to be held this Saturday
  143. Prominent Journalist And Duterte Critic Maria Ressa Arrested In Philippines
  144. Buddhist Monk Stomped to Death by Wild Elephants in Central Thailand
  145. Germany arrests two Syrians for alleged crimes against humanity
  146. Foreigner arrested for kicking in the door to Pattaya police station
  147. North Korean Restaurants in Cambodia Struggle as Customers Shy Away
  148. China Sends Air NZ Flight Home Over Mention of 'Taiwan': Local Media
  149. Cambodia Slams ‘Unjust Decision’ by EU to Proceed With Ending Preferential Trade
  150. Philippine Leader Asks Ex-Muslim Rebels to Help Battle IS-Linked Militants
  151. Indonesia: Instagram Account with Gay Muslim Comics Goes Dark
  152. Malaysia Breaks Up Forgery Syndicate Targeting Vietnamese Fishermen
  153. Weed Amnesty Proposed by Thai FDA
  154. Heavy sentences handed down to 4 militants for violence in southern province of Songk
  155. Chiang Mai third most polluted city
  156. Seizures of High-Quality Crystal Meth Surge Tenfold in Thailand
  157. Six Jade Scavengers Killed in Myanmar Cliff Collapse in Kachin State
  158. US Commits More Intelligence Money for Philippines, Manila Says
  159. Thai Authorities Deport Group of Cambodian Muslims Formerly Suspected of Terrorism
  160. Korean man dies at Thai police station
  161. Horror on Thailand beach as two headless bodies and a woman’s head wash up
  162. It’s getting dangerous to breathe in Khon Kaen
  163. Malaysia govt vessel, Greek carrier collide in Singapore waters
  164. Weatherman predicts worsening smog problem next week
  165. Measles outbreak declared in Philippines
  166. Romanians, Nigerians arrested in Cambodian drug bust
  167. One killed and four injured in chemical explosion in Suvarnabhumi airport’s car park
  168. 23 Chinese tourists safely rescued after speed boat hits submerged reef and sinks off
  169. Chiang Rai Police on a Manhunt After Hill Tribesman Shoots and Kills Ex-Wife and Moth
  170. Trump says to meet North Korea’s Kim in Vietnam in late February
  171. A rain-making chopper crash-lands but three airmen escape safely
  172. 81 Thais arrested on Myanmar side of border for illegal entry
  173. 60 Day Burning Ban to Take Effect Feb 15th, in Chiang Rai Provinc
  174. British woman who slapped an Indonesian official to spend six months in jail
  175. Vietnamese blogger vanishes after fleeing to Thailand
  176. No more smoking in airports, and no more cheap Thai cigarettes
  177. Woman criticises hospital and police after her father is robbed, left for dead in car
  178. Making Demerit: Amazonian Predator Fish Freed by Karma-Seekers
  179. Bangkok governor warns misplaced campaign posters will be removed
  180. Facebook targets 'dangerous' armed groups in latest Myanmar bans
  181. Cambodia’s Government Denies Reports it Will Amend Constitution to Allow Chinese Nava
  182. Philippines: 2 Chinese Suspects Killed in Drug-Raid Shootout
  183. Indonesia’s Aceh Province Canes 2 Teens in Public for Cuddling
  184. Efforts to Revive Southern Thai Peace Talks Run into Trouble
  185. Ladyboy accused of scamming tourists with sob story
  186. S Korean suspected of confining 3 Japanese in Thailand
  187. Iranian Tourists Apprehended For Alleged Theft in Southern Thailand
  188. Much fanfare expected at first day of registration of election candidates
  189. Marilyn Monroes set world record before hitting the beach in Adelaide
  190. Thailand -> India Leopard cub found in passenger's bag at Indian airport
  191. First nesting of a Ridley’s turtle in 23 years on Phang-nga beach
  192. Worlds Collide When Intl School Students Hazed at Thai Unis
  193. Thai court dismisses case against suspected wildlife trafficking kingpin Read more at
  194. 16 nabbed for running online gambling sites
  195. Indonesia flood, landslide death toll rises to 70
  196. Smog condition worsens in Bangkok until Feb 4
  197. Schools Ordered Closed in Bangkok Due to Smog
  198. South Korean Woman Fined for Slapping Airport Security Officer at Suvarnabhumi Airpor
  199. ONCB intercepts 300m meth pills in three-month Golden Triangle operation
  200. India's opposition vows to roll out universal basic income for the poor
  201. BNK48, Thai girl group, apologises to Israeli ambassador over Nazi swastika shirt
  202. DNA could solve ‘lady of the hills’ mysteryU
  203. Explosions at Chinese shopping centre blamed on terminally ill murder suspect
  204. At least 27 dead as twin bombing hits southern Philippine church
  205. Chinese Woman Scammed with Bogus 110,000 Baht Immigration Offense
  206. New e-Visa for Chinese tourists starts rolling out on February 15
  207. 43 foreign Phuket tourists saved after speedboat capsizes on way to Koh Phi Phi
  208. Numbers of homeless and sex workers ‘increasing in Bangkok’
  209. Six Arrested, One Critically Injured After Police Fire on Land Protest in Cambodia’s
  210. Chiang Rai Police Find Nearly Three Million Meth Pills Hidden Aboard Chiang Rai-Bangk
  211. South Korean suspect claims he was forced to witness murder of colleague
  212. Officials seized 1,666 black bear claws from bus in Ayutthaya
  213. Student Furor Over Chula Prof’s Alleged Homophobic Comments
  214. Thailand claims first cancer operation and intravenous chemotherapy for elephant
  215. Mother fcuker - Suspected rapist of own mother arrested
  216. World's oldest man Masazo Nonaka dies aged 113 at his home
  217. Frightened School Children Huddled in Classroom as Soldiers Fight Islamic Militants
  218. Attack that killed four monks at Narathiwat temple draws widespread condemnations
  219. Male TV stars' earrings censored on Chinese site, say viewers
  220. Villagers in Laos Fearful of New Chinese Tourism Project
  221. EU to Tax Cambodian, Myanmar Rice After Probe Finds Import Increases Hurt Local Produ
  222. Swiss man accused of theft and overstaying visa faces deportation
  223. Driving slowly in high-speed lane to soon become a punishable offence
  224. 'Smartphone zombie' fine
  225. North Koreans Struggle to Fulfill Daily Human Manure Quotas
  226. Cambodian Activist Arrested For Facebook Post on Rice Tariffs
  227. Philippines Turns Over to Beijing Ex-Chinese Govt Official Wanted for Graft
  228. Indonesian Terror Group Signals Survival with Gruesome Killing
  229. Malaysian Airline Staff among 8 Arrested in Australia on Drug Charges
  230. Indonesian woman eaten by 14-foot pet crocodile named ‘Merry’
  231. Thailand vows to change refugee policy and ‘follow international norms’
  232. Chinese students are flocking to Thai universities, drawn by cheaper fees
  233. could this be time to bow down to BJ.
  234. Filipinos arrested for raising cash for poor children
  235. Australian woman Claire pleads for help from Thai detention centre
  236. Chinese man found dead in Pattaya Condo
  237. Philippines Returns Tons of Trash to South Korea
  238. Indonesia: Polish Man Charged with Treason for Allegedly Aiding Papuan Separatists
  239. Northern Thailand’s hill-tribe People Compete in Downhill Wooden Cart Races
  240. English-Language Teacher Arrested on Suspicion of Raping Female Students
  241. Thai woman arrested for killing German husband in 10 million baht insurance scam
  242. Man arrested after killing family of 5
  243. CSD to use GPS to keep an eye on skiving cops
  244. Heavy smog, worsened by weather, raises alarm across Asia
  245. Frenchman Found Dead in Hat Yai Guesthouse
  246. Wedding smiles vanish in Phuket as photographers hauled away
  247. Woman’s body found in cupboard in Chon Buri river
  248. Some Rohingya Refugees Leaving India for Bangladesh, Officials Say
  249. Call for improved daycare facilities to help working parents
  250. Mystery surrounds deaths of two Korean students in Cambodia