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  1. Language in Politics
  2. Is the U.S. Headed for another civil war?
  3. "Anti-Fascists" are Fascists.
  4. The Mass Hysteria Bubble
  5. Alex Jones Comes to Seattle, Rants on Street Corner, Gets Doused with Coffee
  6. The war in Yemen explained:- BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  7. Here are the Confederate memorials that will be removed after Charlottesville
  8. BBC Forced to Overtern Remainiac Bigotry and Stereotypes
  9. White supremacists riot--state of emergency declared
  10. RT Documentaries
  11. Did the nukes to Hiroshima and Nagasaki really end the war?
  12. NAACP issues first-ever travel advisory for a state: Missouri
  13. Macron email leak
  14. Is North Koreas time up..?
  15. American College of Pediatrics - Gender Ideology/Transgenderism Harms Children
  16. Got Color?
  17. UK - US Free Trade Deal, A poison chalice for the UK
  18. McCain Punished by God!
  19. Thai Culture Head of Family
  20. Polyamorous marriage: Is there a future for three-way weddings?
  21. McDonald's will use robots
  22. Trump is deporting our parents
  23. Will Trump use Obama's secret Debt plan?
  24. Poll: Most Republicans say colleges have negative impact on US
  25. Exceptional Country
  26. The world is currently facing its sixth mass extinction
  27. Misinforming the Majority: A Deliberate Strategy of Right-Wing Libertarians
  28. The Coming Carmageddon?
  29. Hamburg, Germany looks like a warzone over G20 protests
  30. G20 in Hamburg
  31. David Beckham defends kissing his five-year-old daughter Harper on the lips
  32. Your Worst Nightmare
  33. Time to move on?
  34. 'Kate's Law' Passes House
  35. Redneck Revolt
  36. What Is the Far Right’s Endgame? A Society That Suppresses the Majority
  37. Randy Bryce vs Paul Ryan....
  38. USSC Gerrymandering case rulling Fall 2017
  39. Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million US Citizens Exposed
  40. I live in North Korea
  41. Americans too broke to take their fake week vacations
  42. The Most Expensive Congressional Race Ever
  43. Two Anglo Whites Forced to shut down Burrito shop
  44. The story of prisoner 5770102414
  45. Is CANZUK on the cards?
  46. Theresa May To Launch Wide-ranging Internet Regulation And Security Changes Despite..
  47. Nicola Sturgeon
  48. Vladimir Putin warns 'no one would survive' nuclear war
  49. Megyn Kelly asked Narendra Modi if he uses Twitter
  50. A video for Ramadan
  51. Doctor 'acted illegally' by circumcising boy
  52. Putin: "Men in dark suits" rule the US
  53. VOA's independence in danger
  54. Cop21: Game Over
  55. The Teak Door Christian Crusades of Arabia Megathread
  56. The comparison in public reaction between the Lee Rigby murder and the MCR Bombing
  57. Is it time for the Queen to retire?
  58. GOP candidate charged after allegedly 'body slamming' reporter
  59. The Real Aim of Trump’s Trip to Saudi Arabia
  60. Term Limit proposal- Constitutional Amendement
  61. Constituent Confronts Congressman in Townhall
  62. Belt and Road Initiative: China redraws the map while the West implodes
  63. James Comey, FBI director fired.
  64. Will the Tory Scum win the UK Election?
  65. Tommy Robinson Confronts! Mega thread (civil discussion and exchange of ideas please)
  66. Most racist places in America
  67. Reaganomics killed America’s middle class
  68. Australia: end of the Dream & Generation Gap?
  69. Earth: highest CO2 level ever reached
  70. US oil giant Chevron faces $300 million tax bill in Australia
  71. Blue Whale: Should you be worried about online pressure groups?
  72. Boris Johnson is an utter Cvnt
  73. GOP Lawmaker Accused of Founding Misogynist Reddit Page Pledges to Stand for Men's Ri
  74. Connect the dots.
  75. O'Leary Says Picking On Canada Is not A Good Idea
  76. Is economic growth fueled by population growth sustainable
  77. ANZAC DAY marches by soon ... and change is in the Wind
  78. How Western civilization could collapse
  79. Le Pen
  80. Bill O'Reilly Is Getting Fired For Sexual Harrasment
  81. The 2017 UK General Election
  82. Tell us to kill, we will kill. Tell us to die we will die.
  83. Democrats Are 3 Times More Likely to Unfriend You on Social Media Over Politics
  84. Americans are such pussies.
  85. WWIII
  86. Clinton campaign plagued by bickering + Speaks @ "Women Into The World"
  87. Beslan school siege
  88. Comics and the love to Alah
  89. The Kushners.
  90. DAVOS - WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions
  91. Masters Of Money
  92. US military should get out of the Middle East
  93. In a First, Mexico Opens Heroin Fight to US, UN Observers
  94. Neil Gorsuch Confirmed by Senate as Supreme Court Justice
  95. Texas anti-masturbation bill moves closer to becoming law
  96. Dozens of U.S. Missiles Hit Air Base in Syria
  97. Jared Kushner
  98. Gay Marriage - a unbiased debate
  99. Why The EU Is Doomed
  100. Extremism in prisons to be tackled by specialist task force
  101. Is it reasonable to expect the young to save for old age
  102. The Spicer deflect and distract thread.
  103. Embattled DNC Asks All Staffers For Resignation Letters
  104. Wikileaks "Vault 7"
  105. Cannabis oil continues to cure cancer
  106. George Osborne, Blackrock, Uber, Evening Standard
  107. Thousands march in London to protest Brexit
  108. Five months, eight prominent Russians dead
  109. Trump Care Is Being Voted On...What's your guess.
  110. UK Pension - You'll be dead before you get it, so don't bother.
  111. Donald Trump Junior goads London Mayor in wake of attack.
  112. Russian Internet Bots and Their Use
  113. Why young Britons are committing fewer crimes
  114. Has Monsanto orchestrated a massive cancer cover-up?
  115. Trump Russian Ties investigation
  116. Bernie Sanders is mad at the Democratic Party. And he wants you to know it.
  117. How Russian agents allegedly directed massive Yahoo cyberattack
  118. Liberal Activist Pleads Guilty To 14 Counts Of Voter Fraud
  119. Election Fraud in the UK
  120. Turkey V Europe - where will it end?
  121. Scotland To Have Another Independance Referendum
  122. Feminists FURIOUS at Funny Kid Video
  123. Fake news site thanks ‘gullible Trump supporters’ after reaching 1 million views
  124. Dear Virtue Signalling Celebrities
  125. Trump claims he was unaware Flynn was a foreign agent.
  126. Americans deprived of clean water and many other necessities.
  127. Israel opts for peace and quiet, tells muslims to shut up.
  128. Face of a conman.
  129. The junta. How generals and billionaires took over a militarised U.S.
  130. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions
  131. A leftward bias at universities is destroying the purpose of a liberal education
  132. The Stupid Jesus Wheezers thread
  133. Glenn Beck: CPAC turning ‘blind eye’ to populism; reaction to Bannon ‘frightening’
  134. The NHS
  135. The Immigration Crisis
  136. So, there's this transgender bathroom crisis going on in the USA right now...
  137. Walking Dead star slams T-shirt controversy: 'People are stupid' *UK*
  138. Mexican man kills himself after being deported from *US FOR THE 3RD TIME*
  139. Hearing rules teacher committed professional misconduct over vaccine comments
  140. Germany's Bavaria to ban full-face veil
  141. The wall thread.
  142. Donald Trump - the week in Review
  143. Clashes in Stockholm Suburb Draw Attention to Trump’s Remarks
  144. Marine Le Pen in Lebanon row after refusing to wear headscarf
  145. Warren, Ohio & Juarez, Mexico
  146. Le Pen is on course to be France's next president, fund manager says from AI analysis
  147. Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age
  148. The New Counterculture
  149. Chomsky: Israel on Road to Destruction
  150. Trump's Ethical Violations and Corruption
  151. A Syrian Slaughterhouse North of Damascus
  152. National Right to Work bill intro'd in Congress
  153. Australia and The USA is the friendship all one way?
  154. Working more than 39 hours per week bad for health
  155. Remembering the Lie: CIA man who debriefed Saddam Hussein
  156. Free Speech violently attacked in Berkeley
  157. Kellyanne Conway is full of shit
  158. General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis
  159. Forget Mike Pence ... meet the 2nd most powerfull man in the USA
  160. Melania Trump
  161. Petro-Dollar: Largest Con in Recorded History
  162. Trump's military deaths thread
  163. Proposal would establish California as separate nation
  164. Satire - America First
  165. TTP vs TTIP
  166. Eventually You Have to Get Off the Fence
  167. General election: ‘Go away if you don’t like it here,’ says Dutch PM
  168. Russia Runs The World Now?
  169. TRUMP - Presidential Promises
  170. Kevin O'Leary Next Prime Minister of Canada
  171. Cop Stop - You be the Judge
  172. The Trump Twitter Thread
  173. Voiceless for 1 year: Animal Suffering
  174. U2 Won’t Release New Album Because Of Donald Trump
  175. John Pilger & Julian Assange - Influx of Migrants
  176. the Millenial generation
  177. Abortion is Mass Murder
  178. Mentally disabled man tortured on Facebook Live, "F*** White People" "F*** Trump"
  179. Jewish issue's- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  180. World predictions 2017
  181. The Rise of China
  182. The Left-Wing Moron Thread
  183. Why the Democratic Party hasn't changed since the days of slavery
  184. Edward Snowden.
  185. Post-Election '16 DNC and the Democratic Party
  186. The GOP: Eliminating Democracy one state at a time...
  187. Ivanka Trump
  188. 17 year old Afghan refugee rapes & kills student
  189. Racial segregation 'growing in UK',
  190. Neoliberalism. The ideology that lost it's name.
  191. Reason and logic flies out the window
  192. Female Arab cartoonists challenge authority
  193. Arab social media is full of the filth
  194. Green Party files for a recount of presidential votes in Wisconsin
  195. How two unemployed guys got rich off Facebook fake news and an army of Trump supporte
  196. Ambassador Farage. ..
  197. Quitaly , Italy at the crossroads
  198. The corrosive power of fake news.
  199. French Prezzer
  200. Women secretly records athlete, blackmails him
  201. US election: Hillary Clinton blames FBI director James Comey for election loss
  202. Is there a US Bond Bubble?
  203. Entitlement
  204. President Donald Trump
  205. The benefits of neo-colonialism
  206. Top 100 Damaging Clinton Emails
  207. the Polling Debacle
  208. DECISION AMERICA 2016: The Election Results Thread
  209. US Auto Repos Soar
  210. Presidential Winner The ballot ballad
  211. Astroturf
  212. Kratom is the Bad reputation justified
  213. Remember Lucia Perez as a human
  214. TTIP and CETA. Heads of the same beast?
  215. Deploribus Unum meh
  216. A Piece of the Heart of Thai...
  217. Are US and Russia close to war?
  218. France is a "Failed State"
  219. Labour of love
  220. Black Wives Matter
  221. Environment: Ecological suicide
  222. Fuck the government!
  223. Calling all progressives
  224. US commandos flee from US-backed 'friendly moderates'
  225. Thank you David Cameron for the new Somalia on the Med.
  226. Gerry Mander
  227. The state of the U.S. Plutocracy.
  228. A woman murdered her daughter by forcing a crucifix down her throat,
  229. Huffington (nothington) Post Garbage Journalism
  230. The democratic party today.
  231. Fired Army general’s illicit sex life went beyond just an affair
  232. Understand Thai?
  233. We’re at the very beginning of an electricity revolution.
  234. US Senatorial & Congressional Elections 2016
  235. Another Israeli/Palestinian Atrocity
  236. The 2016 Presidential Debates
  237. Chinese tourist drivers a problem.
  238. Russians Gave Hacked DNC Emails To Wikileaks In Attempt To Elect Trump
  239. Terror in Munich
  240. Jeremy Corbyn
  241. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Hillary Clinton
  242. The near future
  243. Silencing free speech in the US of A
  244. Obamas greatest accomplishment in 2 terms.
  245. Making America Great
  246. The Lessons of the Somme
  247. BREXIT - It's On!
  248. So what If ?
  249. Trickle-Down Economics Has Ruined the Kansas Economy
  250. Why are the french always striking?