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  1. From the long boring waiting on the Day "D"
  2. Any room available in Ecuador embassy?
  3. Also Norway reducing in NATO?
  4. What Turkey's S-400 missile deal with Russia means for Nato
  5. Kim's murdered brother - a CIA source?
  6. Again the Chinese: also better in movies?
  7. Belief in Conspiracy
  8. Not enough money for trolling?
  9. Why to sail on Caymans, stay in UK...
  10. Single women happier
  11. A Posher Trumpian Boor
  12. How the politics of racial resentment is killing white people
  13. How serving impacted you? (they shouldn't ask)
  14. Be a soldier and never see a war?
  15. Who won the WWII, anyway?
  16. US: Most Isolated Inmate, Dies at 67
  17. US tanks lost at sea in WWII restored
  18. American laws can get fcuked
  19. Saudi vessel loading French arms
  20. Sex Trafficking at Cannes Film Festival
  21. Unheard in capitalism world
  22. Cheating International Students - Chinastan at it again
  23. Carter Talking About China
  24. Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America Hardcover
  25. Opium war in Afghanistan
  26. 200,000 tons of diplomacy
  27. Capitalism in crisis: U.S. billionaires worry about the survival of the system
  28. How China is trying to silence global criticism
  29. Cuba “occupying” Venezuela
  30. An evening with the money-grabbing Clintons
  31. ‘New World Order’ Being Formed
  32. ICC reject war crimes in Afghanistan
  33. The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History
  34. Who is the terrorist - and who is not?
  35. Big Media today
  36. Unbreaking America
  37. Polygamy 101 - Inside Indonesia's controversial training seminars preparing Muslims
  38. Stupid Bullshite politicians espouse before an Election.
  39. QAnon right wing nutters
  40. Stop flushing forests down the toilet
  41. Iraq: what next?
  42. A guaranteed basic income for all
  43. 1999 NATO Bombing Inevitable Given Expansion Plans
  44. Has Democracy been replaced with Idiotcracy ?
  45. Young Muslim woman had to quit her job at Sky News ... a moral conscious decision
  46. Rutger Bregman He Took Down the Elite at Davos. Then He Came for Fox News
  47. ICC members investigating alleged war crimes
  48. Testicular Bill of Rights
  49. Suffer the Little Children to Come unto Me
  50. CNN Sued Big For Defaming a 16 yr Old Kid
  51. Tucker Carlson once again gets owned...
  52. Quote of the Day
  53. Dead Cats and Sick Parrots
  54. World abandons paedo
  55. AOC derangement syndrome is real.
  56. Trump creates fake university - again
  57. North korea cutting food rations by almost half
  58. PTSD affects 'one in 13 by age of 18'
  59. Don’t forget to file your taxes
  60. One of the things wrong with today's Society
  61. Oh, FFS ... UK schoolgirl who fled to join Islamic State 'wants to return home to Eng
  62. 2020 US Presidential Race
  63. Infinite Hypocrisy - The Gilets Jaunes VS. Venezuela
  64. Facebook Moves to Block Thai Election Ads Originating from Abroad
  65. American coup in Venezuela
  66. Eurasia Topics
  67. The Shining "Tinfoil-Hat Whackjob" YouTube Video Thread
  68. Nancy's in the house.
  69. Hateful Repuplicans try to smear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she's sworn in.
  70. The rise of new media
  71. Whats this all about then? A mysterious case playing out in Washington amid tight sec
  72. Unwearied at 90 Noam Chomsky
  73. Bestiality in the US of A.
  74. Federal workers warned not to express dissenting political opinions at work.
  75. Recession or Destruction? Take your pick
  76. $21 trillion of Pentagon financial transactions between 1998 and 2015
  77. One step closer to "Minority Report"....
  78. Same-sex street lights
  79. Remind you of anyone?
  80. Woman who inherited fatal illness to sue doctors in groundbreaking case
  81. JFK ~ Never to be forgotten
  82. International men’s day 2018
  83. Reverse of Progress by fundamnentalism
  84. George Conway heads group against Trump
  85. Cynical Lesson for the young
  86. 1 million Americans live in RVs.
  87. Quantum Leap
  88. 13 dead including gunman in shooting at California bar hosting weekly 'college night'
  89. Disunited states of america 2020 potus election race starts today
  90. The Dumping of the U.S. Dollar
  91. The U.S. should be a warning to other countries.
  92. Iran sanctions set to kick in, could bring biggest oil disruption in years
  93. Restocking the swamp
  94. Mum, Santa is, umm, err ... different
  95. The Gift of Death
  96. NOTICE ~ to retired U.S. citizen expats of Thailand
  97. Tommy Robinson
  98. Oh I forgot one more thing
  99. How Israel Infiltrated The 2016 TRUMP Campaign
  100. Has the bubble burst next recession due ?
  101. Sexist bastards!
  102. ‘We bombed you to save you’
  103. Collapse by Michael C Ruppert
  104. The Reporters are Missing
  105. "Freedom Is Slavery"
  106. Cook Off PC and the recuperation of history
  107. China's super trawlers are stripping the ocean bare as its hunger for seafood grows
  108. Live streaming now.
  109. How the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Created Modern Israel
  110. Koch up, Whacking Workers the Wisconsin Way
  111. Giuliani's public call for regime change in Iran
  112. Can Moderation survive?
  113. Kavanaugh Drama Leaves Taint
  114. China to lower tariffs in publicity coup but not for USA
  115. The "organised madness" of the euro
  116. Poor Pilotage
  117. Lesbian Overcrowding
  118. Now sanctions also against ICC
  119. End of the begininng
  120. Seventeen years after Sept. 11, Al Qaeda
  121. 'Irexit' group seeking to register
  122. Moneyland global bearer bonds and the death of the Gold standard
  123. Lest we forget 79th anniversary of WW2
  124. Clockin Off
  125. War Without End
  126. Persian Carpet Bombing
  127. Bashing the Bishop
  128. Ex President Trump what are the options
  129. School safety: Fashion-forward bulletproof backpacks
  130. Life expectancy declines seen in U.S. and other high-income countries
  131. Come again , Dutton Stoush round 2
  132. Poll: Trump trails Biden, Sanders, Warren in potential 2020 matchups
  133. Kanye West: Opens Doors
  134. Frontal asault ?
  135. Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal.
  136. Here are all the reported torture cases in Russia's prison system, so far this year
  137. A Yankee News Flash ~
  138. ISIS member arrested in Californis
  139. Russia's top 5 trump cards...
  140. The US has now started to destabilise Europe.
  141. Celebrating the Home-Grown American Girl
  142. Helsinki Supermarket Provides Cool-Air Customer Sleepovers
  143. Bankruptcy Booms Among Older Americans
  144. Last Fish Supper?
  145. Off Guardian anoher point of view
  146. Two-thirds of plastics are still ending up in landfill
  147. It's a Weird World - VHEMT - "may we live long and die out"
  148. ‘We are Q’ Trump numpties are pushing a really dumb conspiracy theory
  149. The Leap
  150. A hopeful future and viable alternative to the two party system..? Consider this...
  151. ECUADOR ~ Strips Julian Assange of Asylum
  152. Swede stands up against Refugee Deportation - Right or Wrong?
  153. Porn star fires up incells and snags
  154. SABC News: Barack Obama delivers 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, 17 July 2018
  155. The Russian spy thread. It seems the Russians are serious about this.
  156. The OPCW found no evidence of chemical weapon use in Douma
  157. Racism Showcased In Two Separate Ways
  158. China makes a big move in the M.E.
  159. Indonesia - World's most populist Muslim Nation growing in Power and Influence
  160. Which Third World Nation(s) do these characteristics best describe?
  161. The Microsoft dilemma
  162. Is the rise of hard line right wing politics something to be concerned about?
  163. Syria’s victors defying "airbrushed" US narrative
  164. Pentagon quietly changes 'deter war'
  165. Nation attempts to interfere in sovereign nations government.
  166. Would-be Islamic State female suicide bombers recruited on social media show no remor
  167. Vint Cerf: The 'father of the internet' on Google, war and 'artificial idiocy'
  168. The Coming Collapse---- Chris Hedges
  169. Germaine Greer calls for rethink of 'the whole issue' of rape
  170. One U.S. Bomb Dropped Every 12 minutes.
  171. White Supremacist Strategy Growing-Up
  172. U.N. rights chief: Migrant family separations "unconscionable"
  173. Yet another "Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies" (misnomer)
  174. Muslims upset over French women entering cafe. IN FRANCE!!!
  175. SA slaughters Yemeni Civilian Men, Women and Children in Latest War Crime Attack.
  176. What IF?
  177. Security, Security...
  178. Who cares about MickeyMouse G7?
  179. Austria's Government plans to shut down mosques, expel foreign-funded imams
  180. Another D-Day for Europe?
  181. Plastic Plague Pollution pictures
  182. CIA secret jails
  183. Michael Cohen: inside the strange world of Trump's fixer
  184. Jury awards $1.3 billion verdict against security company after employee rapes teenag
  185. The Jordan Peterson Thread
  186. AMERICA ~ Home of the Free, and the Brave
  187. $21 Trillion black hole in the Pentagon audit
  188. Academically speaking, Is Iran a threat? ~ According to Noam Chomsky
  189. Who Rules The Rulers of The World? The Plain Truth
  190. For Academics ONLY
  191. For forum academics ONLY ~ Noam Chomsky speaks:
  192. America ~ Not So Great Again. ReverbPress ~ May 8, 2018
  193. ReverbPress ~ BREAKING NEWS: May 7, 2018
  194. In Plots to Smear Obama Aides and George Soros, Israeli Spies for Hire Attack
  195. You Might Be A Fascist If… TRUMP EDITION
  196. From Australian Neo-Nazi to militant
  197. The Perils of a Putsch in Venezuela
  198. CIA director Gina Haspel's Thailand torture ties
  199. The 'Only in China' Thread
  200. Netanyahu: Iran Lies
  201. European and Ameristani Car Manufacturers Increase their Chinese Investments.
  202. Wait til Putin gets hold of this technology....
  203. Fake news sharing in US is a rightwing thing, says study
  204. The 'three necessities' for a wife
  205. The new GFC: Great Facebook crash
  206. Virginity testing ...
  207. China's Orwellian experiment - engineering social behaviour
  208. Free Ross Ulbricht
  209. Your Data
  210. Chinese should not provoke
  211. Sarkozy held on Gadhafi financing claims - somebody surprised?
  212. The REAL Speakers Corner
  213. The Truth behind the moon landings.
  214. What do veterans deserve?
  215. Male genital mutilation and Hollywood elite
  216. The Cambridge Analytica Files.
  217. China's Orwellian Nightmare
  218. Steve Bannon in Europe
  219. Democracy at work: FCC net neutrality repeal challenged
  220. Weaponised Web warns inventor Tim Berners-Lee
  221. BBC not dissapointing: Saudi Crown Prince's billboard welcome
  222. The Worst Fish in America: Asian Carpocalypse
  223. Dycks pull out
  224. Security
  225. Fan hits the shit is this Benji's Waterloo?
  226. The Deep State
  227. Will the Syrian Civil War ever end?
  228. Fat, unhealthy Americans threaten Trump’s defense surge
  229. Is USA becoming a failed State
  230. The Russians pretended to be Texans — and the Texans believed them
  231. A step to unification?
  232. "Sexfam" - NGO orgies by well-meaning lefties?
  233. Syrian "rebels" having missiles?
  234. President Pence
  235. Is your Digital Legacy a big one ?
  236. The Problem with Plastic
  237. Unprecedented case: NATO against NATO?
  238. How to Stand Up to the Kremlin
  239. Beware of Russians
  240. ameristan adding cruise missiles on it's future icebreakers.
  241. Nigel Farrage is Russian Patsy
  242. Is there an "everything bubble" at the moment?
  243. After Bannon: the new faces of the hard right.. Breitbart fake news in the US and UK
  244. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
  245. Can another TV presenter become POTUS
  246. Lethal however defensive arms?
  247. Americans self segregating based on presidential vote
  248. Donald Trump's USA: A review of the year that was 2017
  249. Why Russia and the West can't get along
  250. 2017 Nobel Peace Prize