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  1. Mini-Mart in the Moobaan build
  2. thai building regulations
  3. How do you install base board in thailand
  4. Thailand's love of asbestos
  5. Concrete Mixture Test
  6. problem with a house builder
  7. DrAndy's Wife's New Project in the old city
  8. Costs to develop house site.
  9. Title deed
  10. Tile advice needed
  11. House in Chomphra (Surin Province)
  12. Fill Dirt Prices on the rise
  13. nyj house builder udon thani
  14. Module prefab houses. You own it 100%. Move anywhere.
  15. How to ground or Earth a water heater
  16. Our House Build Project in Chiang Mai
  17. Spare Carved Teak Wooden Doors For Sale
  18. New Condo in Pattaya
  19. Bamboo Workshops, Chiang Mai 2013
  20. Evolution of the Shed
  21. Traditional Wood buildings
  22. PVC plumbing fittings
  23. Buying a Ready Built House
  24. A bit bigger concrete project (follow-up to 15.10.12)
  25. helping a friend in building
  26. which tank to use please help
  27. Finding Teak Or Other Hardwood Lumber
  28. Half Underground house
  29. Builder needed for small kitchen project in Samut Prakhan
  30. Draw up of house plans
  31. Layout for House Help??????
  32. Polystyrene panel houses
  33. Anyone active on coolthaihouse
  34. Gas BBQ Grills: Buy or DIY?
  35. Building is it ever going to happen?
  36. Removing houses/recycling
  37. GU10 220v Downlight cable connection?
  38. Light Bulb Quality
  39. thai house plans
  40. LPG powers aircon for complete house and other benefits
  41. Small concrete project
  42. Foundations--pad Or Piles
  43. Looking for a Pool contractor, does anyone have any referrals?
  44. Builder in Khon Kaen?
  45. Air-Con Issues
  46. Building in Chiang Mai Questions
  47. In-Line Shower filter?
  48. Septic tank
  49. Thai housing agency launches eco-friendly villages
  50. Air Conditioning Question
  51. Small Thai Style House
  52. At least they have a Chanote
  53. House Inspectors, do they exist in Thailand ?
  54. Another Electrical Question
  55. Thats a Toilet, Not a Throne
  56. House Build In Isaan
  57. Teak house rebuild
  58. Building cost per sqm
  59. Electrical - Earthing help
  60. Concrete Piles into Water
  61. urgent....Building Chiangmai House....
  62. drywall sheetrock gypsum - how much a meter installed?
  63. Commercial Tiling Rate.
  64. Cheap (er) Re-claimed wood decking.
  65. Government Website with Build Costs
  66. A Simple pad and roof
  67. sound insulation in wall is it worth it?
  68. Swimming Pool Company
  69. bricks
  70. Repairing tool batteries
  71. Carpet in Thailand
  72. Rubber toughened Super Glue
  73. light switches seem recurringly bunged up by ants
  74. Waterproof sockets
  75. no control joints in slab?
  76. Where to find skilled builders locally?
  77. Nong Khai Construction Super
  78. Thai building forums
  79. architect & builder in Chiang Mai
  80. Where to buy these materials?
  81. Best Thai Kitchen design?
  82. Building a shed
  83. Small pool/water feature
  84. House roof ventilation
  85. Old teak house: Leaving the wood unfinished
  86. Q Block In Construction
  87. Land Sketch on Chanote
  88. 3 Story Building Requirements
  89. Water Pump Suggestions/Advice.
  90. Anyone bought Naptha paint thinner/stripper
  91. Getting A Hot Water Supply
  92. House or a hovel for a Sukhumvit neighborhood?
  93. Small Cherry picker/ crane in jomtien
  94. steel walled pools or concrete ?
  95. Turning a paved-over laundry area into a mini garden
  96. Filling a swimming pool.
  97. Steel roofing and siding-nice house designs?
  98. Grey Water Re-use
  99. Townhouse renovation
  100. A/C and wiring gauge thickness?
  101. Budget Building
  102. New pool in east pattaya
  103. utility bills
  104. Best House Design Software
  105. Cost comparison: elevated house vs separate outdoor area.
  106. Bali Open-Air Style Pool House
  107. The Cost Of Building Thai Free Plan Homes.
  108. Building a perimeter Wall.
  109. Latest 3D Renders of House Design in Thailand
  110. Roof design merits
  111. Rural Surin just SW of Ratanaburi
  112. Well Downpipe Diameter
  113. Restoration of an old house in Chiang Mai
  114. Power Saving
  115. Borax where to buy C Mai or BKK
  116. Starting to think
  117. Semi Passive Cooling. Ingenious or Insane?
  118. Wood stain, wood house, would you?
  119. Waste water treatment the natural way
  120. Buy One Rai, Get One Free (would it work?)
  121. New hotel build in Myanmar
  122. Building a Traditional Khmer House
  123. Termites in Thailand!
  124. q-con engineer
  125. Building.... a "Teak House"in 20 days!
  126. Home design based on sunrise/sunset
  127. Engineering Supplies
  128. Anyone dug a concrete fish pond?
  129. Wife wants a 500k house? What will that buy?
  130. Amnat Charoen - who complede my house?
  131. Marmite's Pad
  132. artificial grass.
  133. Thai adobe/cob style of home
  134. Eucalyptus Home
  135. concrete question for tiling?
  136. Foam Insulation
  137. Digging shit pipes is fcuking hard work
  138. Landscaping supplies
  139. Rain water Harvesting
  140. Painting costs
  141. shimming cabinets
  142. Roof extractor vents / fans ...... any good ?
  143. Roofing - ridge capping
  144. Small kitchen / large kitchenette in city townhouse
  145. Water pump issue
  146. Repainting a Townhouse (pair of them)
  147. Oil Wood Finishes - Options
  148. Joist hangers
  149. Land fill
  150. Gypframe where to source
  151. anyone built any flats in chonburi/pattaya area?
  152. Self Build Tha Luang, Lopburi
  153. installing kitchen cabinets
  154. Black Hose water heating any tips
  155. Making a townhouse (terrace house, row house) look like you'd want to live there
  156. chemicals for testing swimming pool water
  157. Rental Tools?...pressure washer
  158. Motor mix or Rendering mix
  159. Apartment Entry systems
  160. bamboo re bar?
  161. Roofing Contractor in Khon Kaen?
  162. wood for a walking stick
  163. Buying a village house to move to our land
  164. Water Pipes
  165. Cement consistency when tiling?
  166. Where to buy quality tools in BKK?
  167. Electronic bum washers for new hotel
  168. Isolation switch/Fused spur?
  169. hardwood lintels....
  170. multi point water heater safety
  171. Looking For Lanna Architects for small Resort
  172. DrAndy's Rachman-style apartments
  173. East to West Toilet/Bathroom Conversion
  174. Disaster alert! New Build...
  175. Flood damage - Parquet Floor
  176. Cement Pond Wall Strength
  177. Constant pressure or accumulator type pumps
  178. Underground concrete water tank, help!
  179. Leaving a house empty for a few months - Anyone use a dehumidifier?
  180. Building a house in Nakhom Pathom
  181. Flood Damage? (Home)
  182. Electrician in Pattaya?
  183. Sharpening circular saw blades
  184. Screens on slider doors/windows - Inside or outside?
  185. LPG conversions for small engines
  186. Just in case you need this - a 40 foot antenna mast!
  187. Portable Electric generators
  188. Gravity type solar heaters
  189. Lamphun house - rough plan to completion
  190. Hooked Up
  191. Pre fab wall panels?
  192. Thai construction
  193. Consumer Unit installation?
  194. Price to build bungalow ?
  195. sandwash sealant
  196. Anyone know where to buy recessed bathroom lights in Pattaya?
  197. Ideas to foil burglars who want to come through the tile roof
  198. Adding wood treads to existing concrete stairs (indoor)
  199. Faux Brick/Stone Walls
  200. You may ask, how much was that to build?
  201. Portable Welder
  202. PP-R pipe - the green stuff
  203. building companys ubon (build in numyun)
  204. Going green Chiangmai
  205. Plumbing job in thailand
  206. Construction companies in Chiang Mai
  207. Air Conditioner Cleaning and Servicing
  208. Air-Con recommendations?
  209. Building a mini-resort in Phuket - The City Resort
  210. Building a mini-resort in Phuket - The Country Resort
  211. Another slack job in the LoS...
  212. Water storage tanks.
  213. Teak Finishes
  214. Building an extension onto the front of your terraced house.
  215. Lightning hit now house not grounded
  216. leaky roof.......
  217. Built in wardrobes
  218. HELP!! I am looking for a traditional Thai Knockdown house builder for export
  219. Building a mini resort business in Thailand
  220. where can I find low angle wood planes for sale?
  221. Where can I get styrofoam in a pressure pack in BKK ?
  222. Blocking entrance to land....
  223. What's your water pressure?
  224. Granite & Marble - Large Slabs in Pattaya
  225. Teak Door in Pattaya
  226. New Build Near Udon Thani
  227. Septics, wells and water tables
  228. Listening in Thailand
  229. Sustainable timber in Thailand?
  230. Laminated interior doors
  231. Lifts (elevators) in Pattaya
  232. Working with Cold Asphalt
  233. Shedule 80 PVC; availability?
  234. Fiberglass Doors
  235. Isaan House Repair Rec's Requested
  236. Electrickery...
  237. Thai Roof Tiles - New Colors
  238. Environmental School Play Ground
  239. Plumbing
  240. Interior wall construction.
  241. Step Down Transformers
  242. Fire resistant cables
  243. Sustainable energy efficient design in/from Thailand
  244. Total Interior Renovation Of Our House.Okay we are now two days into a total renovati
  245. Thai Electrics
  246. foam spray.
  247. Builders
  248. Building a house in Maha Sarakham
  249. Modern Thai House Build
  250. Jinjocks versus airconditioning - protecting the external and internal units.