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  1. Farm House near Nong Bua Lamphu
  2. plumber in BKK
  3. Plumbers in Sung Men or Phrae
  4. Standard door thickness in Thailand?
  5. Weird electrical short
  6. Traditional teak wood guest house
  7. Damn, I wish I would have...?
  8. Yellow stain on ceiling from upstairs aircon leak?
  9. Screened in porch like them?
  10. Q-Blocks
  11. OK ....Maybe a House Building Thread
  12. Builder Required, Kanchanaburi Area
  13. Multi point Extension cord panels
  14. A swimming pool in Thailand so easy
  15. Building a guesthouse on empty land
  16. Mortise / mortice deadbolts
  17. Anybody in Thailand using Revit?
  18. Glues for PVC liner?
  19. Cost of Tra Chang roof construction (estimate)
  20. Building a house in Suratthani province
  21. Basic kitchen units recommendations please
  22. Monolithic slab and footings?
  23. Solar Heating Systems in LOS
  24. How to call the technology used for construction in Thailand?
  25. New Home in CM
  26. Concrete paving slabs
  27. Kensington builders
  28. Borehole water is further purification needed
  29. Cost vs Size
  30. What plumbing bits should I bring from USA?
  31. Blackouts and darkness
  32. Professional Storage shed builder.
  33. Cabinet rack build - BKK
  34. Building a new house in Nongkhai
  35. Fake Lawn Anyone ?
  36. Help with book on living/building in tropical heat
  37. Water pump and Tank installer in Krabi?
  38. Laying down sod
  39. Water Tank Size
  40. Spray Insuation (Moisture retention)
  41. Single Phase or 3 Phase
  42. SALT
  43. A New Village House - Koi Pond
  44. swimming pool costs?
  45. house
  46. Swimming Pool. Salt type?
  47. Living in an ideal Thai 'moo baan'
  48. How much to build ?
  49. Is this enough wood to build a small wooden garden home?
  50. Water Filter -- Whole House
  51. It starts with a wall...
  52. Water tank repair
  53. Why i would never build a new house.
  54. Water tank : roof or basement ?
  55. What do you think of this Thai house ?
  56. Phuket Chalong abandoned development
  57. guttering what type?
  58. Depressing or what?
  59. Only in Thailand??
  60. Water Tower - Any Experience?
  61. Water - water - water .
  62. O well...
  63. The whistling pipes WTF
  64. 2014 Building cheap 6 multi units In CM Cheap Cheap
  65. Anyone got an 18v Dewalt cordless drill
  66. Hard to get good workers to do what you ask
  67. New house build near Kut Chum
  68. Fence Costs
  69. Oh, no! Not another bloody housebuild thread!
  70. The Chang Yai Project
  71. Basin spanner
  72. Swimming Pool to Fish Pond
  73. Building resort in Chiang Mai area
  74. Recommendation for a Construction Company Needed
  75. Anyone have a good picture of an electrical field tap ?
  76. Grout Sealer
  77. A Better Gallery of House-Builds
  78. Marty's New Home in the sticks
  79. House Repairs
  80. Just a quick post to say cheers!
  81. Reclaimed Hardwood Suppliers
  82. Toilet Plumbing Question
  83. zoundblock for soundproofing?
  84. Not a build and not in Thailand, but...
  85. Wood for Kitchen Cabinets
  86. Tile adhesive
  87. New build in Hua Hin
  88. Some musings on domestic construction in Thailand:
  89. Build a new house in Udon Thani
  90. A Gallery of House Builds .
  91. Free Standing Cooker
  92. Air Con and Q-Con
  93. Is this a good quality CCTV installation?
  94. Advice Please - How to repair a ceiling
  95. Dtakien Tong Deck - What to Paint With?
  96. Builders in Bangkok
  97. Not a House Building Thread .
  98. Congratulations to the Construction Contributors
  99. How to paint bamboo?
  100. Nearly broke my fcuking arm and hand this morning!
  101. Paint recommendations please.
  102. Land development with wall and house...photo thread..first effort.
  103. Taxes sell condo ?
  104. Brickie costs per sq/m
  105. A beginners Build in Thailand
  106. shera wood?
  107. Converting a swamp like area into natural permaculture like pond
  108. Roobarb's patch
  109. Leaky roof apex
  110. The Beach-House Dream
  111. Kurgens pool
  112. House Water Tank
  113. Makita multitool blades
  114. Bangkok condo aircon costs
  115. Paint
  116. Land filling the polite way
  117. Raising a wall - help with quantities please?
  118. Propane/LPG refrigerator
  119. Used railway sleepers
  120. Air con unit ?
  121. Off we go ! Our little home construction in deep Issan
  122. Those who experience power outages. How long is average?
  123. A very interesting video of a house being slowly destroyed by a landslide in Thailand
  124. Guesthouse and Bar Conversion, Soi 7 Pattaya
  125. Reliable house constructors in Chiangmai?
  126. Pebble Stone or Epoxy cement overlay
  127. I have a plumbing question.
  128. Anyone with experience in commercial kitchen extraction methods
  129. Transformer pricing ?
  130. BD dream getting there
  131. Engineered vs real wood floor ?
  132. Tiling questions
  133. Wood paneling
  134. Roof Ventilation thoughts ?
  135. Road Ride or Lawn Ride
  136. First time build advise needed
  137. Is the monkey trying to kill me?
  138. Laser levels
  139. Building a crossover concrete water channel
  140. Plastic decking from treeconcept
  141. Advice on concrete blocks please
  142. Filling soil cost and contacts in doi saket. chiang mai
  143. Building a mini-resort in Thailand: The Traditional Resort
  144. Renovation costs town house Bangkok
  145. Changing old tile roof in Bangkok
  146. Concrete slab rebar plans?
  147. Swimming pool ideas
  148. Your opinion
  149. Looking For Builders Recommendations in the Korat Area
  150. Strong walls for a climbing wall?
  151. Shera Wood
  152. White vs darker Colorbond roofing?
  153. Suggestions for a cheap little garage in which we can store stuff?
  154. problem with water pump?
  155. Furniture Building
  156. Need help for shopping
  157. Walls first or Floor first
  158. The plunge - Part 1
  159. Composite Decking
  160. Filling in between foundation beams
  161. Building a school in Lao PDR
  162. Taking the plunge! Building a house... um, maybe
  163. Using Earth Tubes in Thailand to cool your house?
  164. Building Help Today, Please.
  165. Home Foundation
  166. Earth Compactors
  167. Using Sketchup for floor plan / 3D model
  168. Offering help (for free)
  169. Anybody try SmileHomes ??
  170. Electricians in the boonies.
  171. builder recommendations for Pattaya?
  172. Do I need a Permit to Build?
  173. Hindsight house construction
  174. What do yu guys think? B2200 per square meter
  175. Were to get a true fire brick refractory concrete
  176. Newbie new build
  177. Buying a Townhouse Before It's Built - Have I Lost My Mind?
  178. Looking for:builder or craftsman in Lampang
  179. Aircon maintenance question
  180. Advice for getting groundworks done
  181. Off grid complete solar package
  182. Water/Elec Meter
  183. land parcel water drainage approach
  184. Hitachi WP-P400/750GX Manual
  185. cost of additional floor
  186. Question about water connection to new fridge.
  187. Wood veneers in Thailand
  188. Blocking light / deflecting heat on windows - Best method?
  189. Payment schedule for building a house
  190. BKK day rate workers, where to hire?
  191. Legionella and water tanks ?
  192. Infill and permission.
  193. Water Quality in Thailand
  194. A couple of good addresses for home ideas
  195. Ghosts in Thai houses III: Buffalo Condo decor
  196. Cheap Home-made Solar-powered Heating
  197. Wanted; Teak Wood Tables Built
  198. Fill Dirt
  199. Electrolux air conditioners
  200. good villa builders
  201. Internal staircases
  202. Thai wood houses with ghosts
  203. Nice Thai House
  204. Water tank size ?
  205. Built in kitchen Chiang Mai.
  206. Finally starting the build.
  207. Luxury Thai properties up to Dhs18m on show in Abu Dhabi
  208. Locksmith advice needed.
  209. Bungalow in a pond.
  210. Newbie Build in Chiang Mai (Don Kaew)
  211. Thai wood houses with ghosts
  212. Aircon: the final answer
  213. Rewiring existing Thai home - to earth/ground
  214. Thai-style Hardwood House Entrance
  215. A New Village House
  216. Bangkok shophouse remodelling
  217. roof insulation?
  218. Building During Rainy Season
  219. weight of another wall?
  220. heat insulation?
  221. Down Payment
  222. What do you pay for air-con cleaning?
  223. Build costs advice
  224. Notice anything out of place with this picture?
  225. Our first home
  226. Humbert's Hideaway in the Hinterland
  227. Step up/down transformer
  228. driveway dramas
  229. Perfecting the Thai water storage jars
  230. Well Water Pump Won't Stop Running
  231. An odd foundation
  232. Engineered Hardwood Flooring
  233. Sandblasting
  234. Sliding mosquito doors for house
  235. Prices on Daikin air condition inverter units?
  236. Any way to repair a perimeter wall?
  237. concrete houses, the negatives?
  238. Water filtration advice wanted
  239. Building a House in Khon Kaen
  240. A bit of advice needed with water heater
  241. Labour cost
  242. Floor Tiles Help Needed....
  243. Boon Mee's 40ft. Container Conversion
  244. Constructing Pool, Bad Pour - Need Advice
  245. question before buying a land with stream running through
  246. Some wood fell off the back of a truck.
  247. Gravel roads 101
  248. Connecting electricity to my land
  249. Steel windows and doors in Thailand
  250. Build Order Help Needed