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  1. Utrecht shooting: Several hurt as man opens fire in tram
  2. Model who was due to spill the beans on Berlusconi dies from suspected poisoning.
  3. Venezuela Crisis
  4. Breaking News: Christchurch Shooting
  5. Yep, another one:- Australian jihadi bride in Syrian refugee camp wants a free pass
  6. Slovenian woman's hand sawn off 'in insurance fraud'
  7. Group calling itself IRA claims it sent parcel bombs to UK addresses
  8. World must prepare for inevitable next flu pandemic, WHO says
  9. New dinosaur discovered in Australia - Galleonosaurus dorisae
  10. Smollett indicted on 16 felony counts
  11. Mother jailed for 11 years after being first in UK to be convicted of FGM
  12. Chelsea Manning: Wikileaks source jailed for refusing to testify
  13. Norway Sovereign Wealth Fund dumps Oil & Gas Stocks
  14. Russia passes law to jail people for 15 days for 'disrespecting' government
  15. France will tax Tech giants.
  16. Trump cancels requirement that U.S. report civilian deaths from drone strikes
  17. London HIV patient becomes world's second AIDS cure hope
  18. UK to open first transgender prison wing :-)
  19. Germany to strip IS fighters of citizenship under certain criteria: report
  20. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on bribe and fraud charges
  21. Oz, US, designing unmanned combat drone
  22. Cairo train crash, fire death toll jumps to 25
  23. Pakistan says it has shot down Indian jets after Kashmir cross-border attack
  24. After Putin's warning, Russian TV lists nuclear targets in U.S.
  25. Measles vaccination campaign in Madagascar, Cases climb to 69,000
  26. Top cardinal admits the Catholic Church destroyed files to hide sex abuse
  27. Kim Jong Un takes the train to Vietnam for meeting with Trump.
  28. US Debt and Consumer debt hit records
  29. Roger Stone ordered to appear in court over Instagram post targeting judge
  30. China daily carries fake article praising China by Ex NZ PM.
  31. Ocean Infinity AUV finds Stellar Daisy’s VDR
  32. UK lawmakers brand Facebook “‘digital gangsters”
  33. The Top U.S. Investor in Russia, Michael John Calvey, Seized as Putin’s Regime Turns
  34. Monica Witt: from US intelligence officer to alleged Iranian spy
  35. ‘El Chapo’ found guilty of drug trafficking
  36. Turkey calls on China to close internment camps for Muslims
  37. Jeff Bezos Publishes Emails From National Enquirer Threatening to Leak Salacious Phot
  38. Russian soldiers who fought in Syria denied official recognition as veterans
  39. US investigating whether Saudi Arabia gave third parties American-made weapons: repor
  40. A Russian town shrugs at the murder of an elderly gay couple
  41. Malaysia stripped of hosting 2019 event
  42. INSTEX: Europe sets up transactions channel with Iran
  43. Libyan financing: Sarkozy's appeal definitively rejected
  44. Extreme temperatures colder than Antarctica grip parts of the US
  45. We’ll have a cure for cancer within a year, scientists claim
  46. Scientists invent liquid battery that can store solar energy
  47. Troops parade in St. Petersburg to mark 75yrs since end of German siege
  48. Huge Trove of Leaked Russian Documents Is Published by Transparency Advocates
  49. World’s 26 richest own same wealth as poorest half of humanity: Oxfam
  50. Chips are down for online gamblers as US moves toward new ban
  51. Internet blackout as UN urges Zimbabwe to end crackdown
  52. U.S., UK conduct first joint drills in contested South China Sea
  53. Hotel "Under attack" in Nairobi
  54. Magnetic North MOVES 55km per year
  55. Saudi Arabia to build US$10 billion oil refinery at China-funded Gwadar Port in Pakis
  56. Reports: several gay men and women detained in Chechnya
  57. IOC Marketing Chair From Japan Investigated for Alleged Corruption
  58. Turkish reporter sentenced to jail over Paradise Papers investigation
  59. Someone's been a naughty boy. Vegetative woman gives birth.
  60. EU sanctions Iran over assassination plots
  61. Police seek Hacienda HealthCare employees' DNA after vegetative patient gives birth
  62. North Korea leader visits China
  63. N. Korean diplomat's disappearance in Italy
  64. Drug Companies raise prices on 1,000 items to start New Year
  65. Chang'e-4 landed on the Dark Side of the Moon
  66. U.S. Citizen Arrested In Moscow On Suspicion Of Spying
  67. Russia: 4 dead in apartment collapse, apparent gas explosion
  68. McKinsey & Company
  69. Alan Greenspan: Bull Market Is "Beginning To Fumble,"
  70. Der Spiegel says top journalist faked stories for years
  71. Washington, D.C. sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica's dat
  72. EU Investigating Report of Massive Hacking on Diplomatic Cables
  73. Do it CIA style:
  74. Johnson & Johnson shares plunge - company knew asbestos was in its baby powder
  75. Maps of military bases "by mistake"
  76. China set to shock markets with low glyphosate residue limits in food imports
  77. The story we can’t report
  78. Strasbourg shooting: French and German police hunt gunman
  79. World’s Biggest Commercial Electric Vehicle Project Announced In UK
  80. Largest US oil and gas discovery made - USGS
  81. Russian court convicts ex-policemen of 56 murders
  82. Police arrest NZ Man, 26, for murder of missing British backpacker
  83. OPEC and Russia to cut production; Oil futures surge
  84. Scared Your DNA Is Exposed? Then Share It, Scientists Suggest
  85. Edubirdie cheating b'stards!!
  86. Data breakdown in the UK
  87. Venezuela to import oil products
  88. Leicester Helo crash: Tail Rotors disconnected from controls
  89. Canada arrests Huawei CFO at US request
  90. Stoke, UK. The epicentre of a world Monkey Dust outbrake!
  91. Cheap, fast universal test promises to revolutionize cancer detection
  92. New Caledonia tsunami warning issued after earthquake
  93. Vive la revolution
  94. Qatar is pulling out of OPEC to focus on gas
  95. UK Paranoia ~ Hilarity,...at the highest level.
  96. Navy admiral Scott Stearney found dead in Bahrain
  97. Labour Shadow Cabinet Resignation - UK
  98. George H.W. Bush dead at 94
  99. Anchorage hit 7.0
  100. Another British 'spy' arrested
  101. Nato calls for calm after boats seized in Russia-Ukraine clashes
  102. UAE pardons British "Spy".
  103. Strategic immaturity annihilates DPP’s rule
  104. Financial Secrecy Index - 2018 Results
  105. US warning allies to ditch Huawei, Chinese "spying" equipment
  106. UK's best-paid boss sees pay rise to £265m
  107. American believed killed by isolated tribe on Indian island
  108. Allegedly kidnapped man found naked in Norman neighborhood, police call the result of
  109. Black Pete Christmas character in Netherlands prompts clashes between supporters, opp
  110. Thirty-Nine “Unforgiven” And “United Aryan Brotherhood” Gang Members And Associates I
  111. Missing NC teacher killed by ’criminal organization’ while hiking in Mexico
  112. California's "Camp Fire" death toll jumps to 48
  113. Bear Necessities
  114. UK - racist arrested for beeping horn
  115. DR Congo Ebola Outbreak kills 200
  116. Live: Commemoration of the centenary of the First World War
  117. Woman sues her ex-boyfriend because ‘his abnormally long penis stretched her vagina’
  118. Man, 28, dies after injecting silicone into his testicles
  119. Leader of Britain’s worst child grooming gang ‘scarred for life’ in prison attack
  120. Nations set to decide fate of depleted bigeye tuna
  121. Paradise lost
  122. Is Australian real estate collapsing?
  123. London's Euston railway station - digging up the Dead
  124. Fresno-based pilot in Ukraine's fighter SU-27
  125. Bomber blows up at FSB office
  126. 'World's largest airport' in Istanbul
  127. Daylight saving ends in Europe,
  128. King Power chief Vichai's helicopter crashes outside Leicester stadium
  129. Homemade bombs sent to Obama, Clinton, CNN offices and Holder, officials say
  130. Trump: U.S. to withdraw from arms treaty with Russia
  131. race relations adviser Tasered by police is targeted again
  132. Poland Seals Deal To Buy LNG From U.S.
  133. ‘If you stay here, they'll kill you’ Eyewitnesses at Crimea's college shooting descri
  134. US announces intent to withdraw from international postal rate system
  135. Forget Sears - Bye Bye Roger David
  136. American liquefied natural gas
  137. Meghan & Harry Expecting Baby.
  138. Turkey releases Pastor
  139. Astronauts escape malfunctioning rocket
  140. Dozens of Indian schoolgirls attacked for confronting sexual harassers
  141. Hurricane Michael
  142. China is ahead of Russia as 'biggest state sponsor of cyber-attacks on the West'
  143. The UK tol switch off Kremlin
  144. Turkey says journalist was murdered in Saudi consulate
  145. Brazil election: Far-right Jair Bolsonaro wins first round
  146. Another Pret a Manger death
  147. 20 killed in crash
  148. Insect Allies
  149. Nobel Peace Prize - bookies' favourites
  150. Wife is jailed for three months for looking at her husband's phone in UAE
  151. New Zealand can now fine travellers who refuse to unlock their digital devices for a
  152. France points finger at Iran over bomb plot, seizes assets
  153. Man late for flight at Dublin attempted to flag down Ryanair plane
  154. Mexican Authorities Disarm Acapulco Police, Fearing Infiltration By Drug Gangs
  155. Chinese National Arrested for Allegedly Acting Within the United States as an Illegal
  156. US diplomat found dead at his house in Madagascar: police
  157. Brecon Beacons sheep rescued by Thai cave team members
  158. Malaria breakthrough
  159. Eruption may ground fights, Iceland's "Kettel " ready to blow
  160. China urges US to withdraw sanctions or face 'consequences'
  161. Needles found in strawberries
  162. Moscow blames Israel for the Russian military plane shot down by Syrian air defense
  163. it'S NO FLAKE time future impeachee gets Antsy as SCOTUS tap mired by fiddler
  164. Gunmen wearing mariachi garb kill 5, wound 8 in Mexico City
  165. “This is Hialeah, I’m sorry,” she said in Spanish.
  166. Dalai Lama Meets in the Netherlands With Sex Abuse Victims
  167. U.S. MMA fighter Jeff Monson elected to local council in Russia
  168. Australian firefighters shot at while battling US wildfire
  169. Tuskagee man slain
  170. Never give a sucker an even break, We're going Nonko Bonko
  171. Far-right tipped to win big as Sweden heads to polls
  172. He’s 87 and looking to be a trucker
  173. 'Strange disappearance' of WikiLeaks consultant in Norway
  174. Brazil museum fire: ‘incalculable’ loss as 200-year-old Rio institution gutted
  175. Who Will Need Suez?
  176. French Environment Minister Quits in Live Interview. World Not Doing Enough
  177. Thieves flown into UK from Chile for burglaries
  178. New polling shows a resurgence of xenophobia in Russia
  179. Man imprisoned for grisly 1996 Thai killing arrested in Winnipeg for bank robbery
  180. Powerful Earthquake in Venezuela
  181. New Zealand bans sale of homes to foreigners
  182. FBI Warns of ‘Unlimited’ ATM Cashout Blitz
  183. 30+ Pakistani / British pedophiles convicted today in England.
  184. Royal Bank of Scotland pays $4.9 billion for crisis-era misconduct
  185. Motorway bridge collapses in Italian city of Genoa
  186. Car Crash outside London's Parliament "Terrorist Incident".
  187. Utah man crashes plane into his own home
  188. Aretha Franklin in "hospice care"
  189. 'Time has come' for US Space Force, sixth military branch: Pence
  190. Elon Musk - going private is one way to avoid the intense scrutiny of (the) public
  191. Israeli demonstrators
  192. Europe heatwave: All-time temperature could be broken(picture thread)
  193. Swiss police say dogs should wear shoes in heatwave
  194. Starving mobs of kangaroos raiding Australian capital Canberra for food
  195. Protesters chant anti-Putin slogans at Moscow rally against retirement age plan
  196. PNG sorcery murders - but witch Doctor did it?
  197. South Africa - guns - taxi drivers ... 11 killed
  198. Russian warship 'holding $176 billion in gold' found
  199. Las Vegas shooting: Mandalay Bay hotel owner sues 1000 victims
  200. US drowning in its own waste
  201. We won’t allow Trump to destabilize Europe
  202. US ‘threatens Ecuador with trade sanctions
  203. Poland’s Right-Wing Government Purges Government Critics From Judiciary
  204. Mexican Elections
  205. US ambassador to Estonia resigns over Trump policies and provocations
  206. 5G
  207. 'Apocalyptic' moors fires could take weeks to put out
  208. On the level
  209. Russia's Supreme Court says the war in Syria isn't a war
  210. Britain ... Pubs with no Beer
  211. Couple ‘filmed having sex in a park while high on spice’
  212. Algeria has abandoned more than 13,000 people in the Sahara Desert
  213. Sarah Sanders breaks ethic rules.
  214. As housing prices soar, New Zealand tackles a surge in homelessness
  215. English Football Fans Surprised
  216. Why Asia and Thailand Are The Place To Be.
  217. Canada Is About to Inhale the Global Pot Market
  218. Nipponese Earthquake
  219. Taxi ploughs into football fans in Moscow injuring eight
  220. Upskirting law block
  221. Luis Posada Carriles, Who Waged Quest to Oust Castro, Dies at 90
  222. Russian lawmaker tells women not to have sex with foreigners during World Cup
  223. Washington sanctions Russian companies with alleged ties to underwater naval shena
  224. Student travels from Scotland to England to buy cider — because it’s £20 cheaper
  225. Women break Guinness World Record for world’s largest skinny dip
  226. Police finally catch ‘serial toilet clogger’ who targeted dozens of bathrooms
  227. Boat carrying more than 600 asylum seekers has refused entry by Italy
  228. Man jumps to his death at Mecca's Grand Mosque
  229. Mysterious New Spy Radar Appears in Cuba
  230. Once again China hacking...
  231. Saudi flag removed from pubs' World Cup bunting
  232. Guatemala volcano: Dozens die as Fuego volcano erupts
  233. 2018 Balls of Steel Award
  234. Kenyan President orders top officials to take lie-detector tests
  235. Visa operating at 'full capacity' as firm apologises for system failure
  236. Russian journalist who faked death: I wanted to avoid Skripal’s fate
  237. Denmark bans wearing of face veils in public to uphold 'Danish values'
  238. Amazon to block Australian shoppers from its US website
  239. Computer learns to detect skin cancer more accurately than doctors
  240. McConkey and Hoser decide to personally deport student back to China.
  241. FBI warns users to reboot all home and SOHO routers
  242. Staggered Momentum
  243. GDPR goes live
  244. Shewed punters
  245. Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape and Other Sex Crimes, Barred From Travel
  246. Toronto Outrage
  247. Polls open in Irish referendum to repeal abortion ban
  248. Cyprus to step up security checks in cash-for-citizenship scheme
  249. NK-US Commemorative coin issued to cemmemorate summit that may not happen.
  250. Selfish Ledger big brother's final reel?