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  1. The EU Commission has ruled that Apple owes Ireland €13bn in back-tax.
  2. Israel 'approves 464 settlement homes in West Bank'
  3. US Senators Demand Answers from EpiPen Maker
  4. Australia hostel knife attack: Thomas Jackson dies
  5. Deer collides with competitor at Dublin city triathlon
  6. The Egyptian government on August 28 approved a new draft bill against female genital
  7. Uzbek President Islam Karimov suffers stroke
  8. Sir Richard Branson 'should lose knighthood' - John McDonnell
  9. Americans Overseas Need to Take Steps Now to Vote
  10. Germany turning away and deporting more migrants
  11. Official: Striking Miners Killed Bolivian Deputy Minister
  12. Obama Plans to Create World's Largest Marine Protected Area
  13. Be Careful With Your Mobile Phone.
  14. US government The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDAwill buy $20 million of cheese.
  15. 'Veterans have done f*** all' Woman who urinated on war memorial insults heroes in co
  16. To Deter Refugees, Norway Readies Fence on ex-Cold War Border
  17. Powerful Earthquake in Italy Kills at Least 120 and Shatters Towns
  18. the Second Earth
  19. Turkey wedding blast: 30 dead and 90 hurt in Gaziantep
  20. Hunter S. Thompson's wife returns antlers he stole from Ernest Hemingway's house
  21. Starving Venezuelans break into zoo to eat rare horse
  22. A woman died from head injuries having been thrown from a tuk tuk on the first night
  23. Bomb attacks kill seven, wound 224 in southeast Turkey
  24. It's Déjà Vu All Over Again
  25. World's Largest Aircraft Makes 1st Flight
  26. North Korea's deputy ambassador defects in London: reports
  27. Treasure hunters resume search for alleged Nazi gold train
  28. US nukes at Turkey base at risk of seizure: report
  29. Fidel Castro thanks Cubans for 90th birthday wishes, lambasts U.S.
  30. Election fraud: Politically correct sentiment a problem, report says
  31. Canadian police 'kill suspect in anti-terror operation'
  32. Duke of Westminster dead at 64
  33. Chinese tourist who lost wallet in Germany ends up in refugee shelter
  34. 70 killed in Queta hospital bombing.
  35. Mystery as 3rd human foot found in same English city this year
  36. Russian Troop Buildup Along Ukraine Border Raises War Fears
  37. Knife attack in London
  38. America - Making the World Safer - F35A Ready for Combat
  39. Breaking: Emirates plane crash-lands at Dubai airport
  40. Syrian conflict: Saraqeb 'attacked with chlorine gas'
  41. US launches first anti-IS air raids in Libya’s Sirte
  42. Dead Russian pilot is dragged through the dirt after helicopter shot down Syria
  43. Australia Moving Up in the World... Literally
  44. Turkey issues ultimatum to Europe
  45. Testing Confirms New, Rarely Seen Whale in Pacific Ocean
  46. Russia Says Malware Found in 20 of Country’s Computer Networks
  47. San Diego policeman shot dead
  48. UK FCO Warns against travel to Southern Thailand
  49. General announcement
  50. Indonesia to execute 14 drug convicts despite protests
  51. Australia Launches Probe Into Treatment of Aboriginal Juveniles
  52. John Hinckley Jr to be freed after 35 years
  53. EPA ruling on aircraft emissions paves way for new regulations
  54. An Australian couple who raffled off their tropical island home pick the winner
  55. Germany blast: Syrian migrant 'behind Ansbach explosion'
  56. Syrian refugee, 21, hacks PREGNANT woman to death with a machetein Germany
  57. Bob Geldof slams revellers for wearing Primark clothes
  58. The Single Day Heat Record for the Eastern Hemisphere Has Just Been Shattered
  59. Kerry: Aircon and fridges as big a threat as ISIS
  60. Brazil arrests group plotting 'acts of terrorism' before Olympics
  61. BREXIT: UK to fall into recession next year
  62. Brussels man surrounded in 'bomb alert'
  63. Hundreds Poisoned in Utah as Toxic Algal Bloom Contaminates Water
  64. Axe man runs amok on German train
  65. Baton Rouge: 'Two US police officers shot dead'
  66. Dutchman jailed for 30 days for 'insulting' the king
  67. 84 dead as lorry hits crowds celebrating Bastille day in France
  68. BREAKING: Fire erupts near Eiffel Tower after truck filled with fireworks ignites in
  69. Australian man admits to amateur testicle surgery
  70. The Jack Ass G. Bush has done it again
  71. At Least 20 Killed, Dozens Injured in Head-On Train Collision in Italy
  72. Top Bullfighter Barrio Gored To Death By Bull
  73. Gambia and Tanzania outlaw child marriage
  74. Women to serve in close combat roles in the British military
  75. Thai chef slashed colleague across wrists in row over burnt steaks
  76. ou think BKK roads are bad
  77. At least 11 officers shot, 3 dead after attack at Dallas protest
  78. VA Puts Latest Estimate of Veteran Suicides at 20 Per Day
  79. Minnesota black man shot by US police in car
  80. Marvel's new Iron Man is 15-year-old black girl
  81. Chilcot report
  82. Another example of the inteligence of Australians
  83. Medina explosion: Suicide bombing near Saudi holy site
  84. Netherlands Could Be Next to Vote on Leaving EU
  85. British Airways worker felt 'prostituted' by dress code
  86. UKIP leader Nigel Farage stands down
  87. Turkey sends Gaza aid after six-year rift with Israel ends
  88. Britain Likely to Have Woman Prime Minister
  89. US Man Arrested on Terrorism Charges
  90. Chilcot report: MPs plan to impeach Tony Blair
  91. Record Cocaine Haul Found In Diamante Horse Head
  92. Iraq violence: IS bombing kills at least 79 in Baghdad
  93. Gunmen take hostages in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka
  94. Danish Police Seize Valuables from Migrants Under New Law
  95. Grizzly Kills Mountain Biker Near Glacier National Park
  96. Why have so many huge diamonds been found recently?
  97. Suicide bomb attack kills 30 Afghan trainee police, official says
  98. Teenage boys filmed launching 'disgusting' racist abuse on Manchester tram
  99. Toyota Recalls 1.4 Million Prius and Lexus Cars
  100. IKEA recalls 36 million chests, dressers after six deaths
  101. Dead mans parrot may be summoned as witness in court trial
  102. US Media Scrutinize Wave of Chinese Migrants Illegally Crossing From Mexico
  103. 28 Reported Dead After Blasts Rock Turkish Airport
  104. America facing epidemic of Heroin overdose.
  105. Brexit Vote Triggers Increase in Racist Attacks
  106. US Supreme Court Overturns Former Governor's Corruption Conviction
  107. Strict Texas abortion law struck down
  108. 'Happy Birthday' song is royalty-free: US federal judge rules
  109. Fallujah changes hands again.
  110. Newly expanded Panama Canal opens for bigger business
  111. Eleven dead in Mogadishu hotel attack claimed by Shabaab
  112. Life After Death; It's In The Genes:
  113. Labour MPs submit Corbyn no confidence motion
  114. Heroin Mill Found in New York Candy Shop
  115. Worst Floods in 100 Years Kill 20 in West Virginia
  116. Russia Adopts Controversial Counter-terrorism Amendments
  117. Cameron to resign
  118. Interpol Launches Appeal to Catch Migrant Smugglers
  119. 'American Troops' in Russia Despite Tensions VIDEO
  120. Shooting in German cinema - several injuries reported
  121. Cleric suspended after he poses for selfies with Pakistan's 'Kim Kardashian'
  122. Australian dad who raped and pimped daughter jailed
  123. Palestinians jailed for life for killing Israeli couple
  124. the San Andreas fault
  125. 3,300 cases of beer stolen from Atlanta brewery
  126. India launches record 20 satellites in one go
  127. Jaguar paraded for Olympic torch event killed after it escaped from its handlers
  128. N. Korea fails again with new missile test: S. Korea
  129. US election: Arrested Briton 'wanted to shoot Donald Trump'
  130. US Boeing to Sell Iran 100 Airliners
  131. French Deny Entry of British Aid Convoy to Calais Refugee Camp
  132. Russia Probes Boating Deaths of 14 Children
  133. Amish Couple 'Gifted Teen To Alleged Rapist'
  134. British MP Jo Cox in critical condition after attack in Birstall, police say
  135. Cliff Richard: No Charges Over Sex Abuse Claims
  136. EU Operation 'Encourages' Illegal Migrants
  137. Third woman alleges Clement Freud abuse
  138. Word Health Organization and Coffee:
  139. Alligator drags 2 year old boy into water near Orlando Disney resort
  140. Chinese spy ship shadows U.S., Japanese, Indian naval drill in the Western Pacific
  141. Prosecution says FedEx was a drug courier, defense says company is innocent
  142. 22 Year Old Dutch Woman Drugged,Raped,Jailed, Fined and Deported.
  143. Officials: Police Couple Killed Outside Paris, Child Rescued
  144. U.S. to Invest $200 Million to Shorten Organ Transplant Wait Lists
  145. 50 killed in shooting at Florida gay nightclub
  146. SA woman ordered to pay R150‚000 for racist Facebook rant
  147. Two Undocumented Immigrants Are Valedictorians in Texas
  148. Dutch woman arrested in Qatar after making rape claim
  149. Norway to 'completely ban petrol powered cars by 2025' ?
  150. Four New Elements Named on Periodic Table
  151. Russia: We will respond to entry of U.S. naval vessel into Black Sea
  152. Thai transgender beats the field in Alaska girls’ track and field state championship
  153. The fans kick off first at the Euro2016 football championship.
  154. 4 wounded in Sydney mall shooting
  155. Man buries 850K Pounds of Gold in Back Yard
  156. California Venture Capital Company to Test Basic Income Concept
  157. 4 killed in Tel Aviv terror attack; 2 arrested
  158. U.S. says China fighter made 'unsafe' intercept of spy plane
  159. North Korea restarts plutonium production for nuclear bombs - U.S. official
  160. Westinghouse to build 6 nuclear power plants in India
  161. America, China, India and Japan: Headed Towards a South China Sea Showdown?
  162. EU Unveils Plans to Curb Migration to Europe
  163. 11 killed in Istanbul bus blast
  164. Playboy mansion sold to Hostess Twinkies owner
  165. Greece Discovers Huge Quantity of Opiates, Investigates IS Link
  166. Poland, NATO Members Launch Large-scale Exercises
  167. Crazier Than Trump-Philippines
  168. U.S., Ukraine and Turkey Named as Russia's Main Enemies – Poll
  169. Storms in Australia
  170. Erdogan says childless women are 'deficient, incomplete'
  171. Egyptian parliament says single women are a threat to national security
  172. Train crash in eastern Belgium kills at least 3, injures 40
  173. Massive German Rock Festival Canceled Due to Severe Weather
  174. Russian Crime Gangs Find Gays Easy Targets for Blackmail
  175. Obama Commutes Record Number of Sentences for Non-Violent Offenders
  176. Diplomatic tag as countries find new ways of standing up to China
  177. After Canada complaint, China says has nothing more to add
  178. Texas floods: Fort Hood death toll rises to 9
  179. Bodies of 104 asylum seekers wash up on the shore in Libya
  180. Refugees help Germany's flood victims
  181. Ancient Asian Crops Solve Madagascar Mystery
  182. Flooding in Europe Kills 7, Shuts Museums and Castles
  183. Notorious ISIS executioner nicknamed The Bulldozer captured by Syrian Army
  184. Internal report slams culture in UK Foreign Office
  185. Fallen Australian Soldiers Return Home After Five Decades
  186. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali hospitalised due to respiratory problems
  187. Australia to install ground level traffic lights to combat the smartphone zombie
  188. British paedophile faces life in jail for prolific child abuse in Malaysia
  189. Aboriginal teen model makes history after reaching Miss World Australia finals
  190. Erdogan threatening Germany (again)
  191. Ex-Miss Turkey found guilty of insulting Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
  192. E. coli outbreak prompts massive flour recall
  193. EU Drug Agency: Ecstasy is Making a Comeback Among Young
  194. US Issues Travel Warning for Europe
  195. Switzerland to Open World's Longest, Deepest Rail Tunnel
  196. US Internet Giants, EU Reach Deal to Combat Online Hate Speech
  197. 'Rambo' Gets 20 Years for Drug and Murder Plots
  198. 3 Pakistanis arrested after 18 women report sexual assault at German music fest
  199. Kangaroo pops woman’s breast implants
  200. Gaza's Hamas rulers execute 3 men convicted of murder
  201. China Blocks UN Resolution to Curb Lead in Paint
  202. With Extended Drought, Biggest US Reservoir at Lowest Level Ever
  203. Latest North Korean missile launch attempt apparently failed
  204. No Muslim family should engage in birth control: Turkey's Erdogan
  205. All flights in and out of Cologne suspended for security alert
  206. Iran pilgrims to miss Hajj amid row with Saudi Arabia
  207. Crocodile takes Australian woman during night swim
  208. Thai woman in US arrested for buying designer handbags, returning knockoffs to store
  209. 700 migrants feared dead in 3 days in Mediterranean shipwrecks
  210. Iran Punishes Dozens Of Partying College Students With 99 Lashes
  211. 46% of Americans would have difficulty accessing $400?
  212. German far-left politician hit in the face with chocolate cake
  213. Cincinnati gorilla killed after boy falls into zoo enclosure
  214. US Sentences al-Qaida Recruit to 40 Years in Prison
  215. Lightning Strikes Injure Nearly 50 in Germany, France
  216. Muslim mob in Egypt strips 70-year-old Christian woman
  217. Arab Christian Wins Israel's First Transgender Pageant
  218. Kim Jong Un's aunt runs laundry in the US
  219. New Gun That Will Change Everything?
  220. Putin says Romania, Poland may now be in Russia's cross-hairs
  221. Comet contains glycine, key part of recipe for life
  222. Johnny Depp's wife accuses him of assault
  223. Minivan Sized Sponge Discovered Off Hawaii
  224. MPs warn voters being 'conned' as Brussels keeps plans for EU army secret until after
  225. Six Malaysians, eight Chinese arrested in A$200 million Australian meth bust
  226. Man bought extreme bestiality DVD from Thailand street market… Out of curiosity
  227. 'Memphis Belle' gunner revisits England, dies at Battle of Britain Bunker
  228. 20,000 bees chase car for two days after queen bee gets trapped in boot
  229. Cars collapse into sinkhole.
  230. Welsh sheep eat dumped cannabis plants and cause havoc
  231. Facebook apologises for banning 'undesirable' plus-sized model
  232. Delta Airlines’ ‘ghost flight’ over Greece sparks panic
  233. Lego toys becoming more violent: NZ Study
  234. Pope and top imam embrace in historic Vatican meeting
  235. Toyota recalls 1.6m vehicles in the US due to Takata airbags
  236. Curry restaurant owner found guilty in nut allergy death case
  237. Lockerbie Lawyer Seeks $330M From Putin, Russia for MH17 Disaster
  238. IS-claimed Yemen bombings kill at least 41
  239. Bombs kill more than 100 in Syria regime strongholds
  240. Obama still looking to pivot on 10th trip to Asia
  241. Top US commander makes secret visit to northern Syria[
  242. Austria concert: Deadly gun rampage in Nenzing
  243. Taliban leader Mullah Mansour likely killed in airstrike
  244. Brother of Brussels suicide bomber set for Rio Olympics
  245. EU's first far-right head of state since WW2
  246. Google's Modular Android Phone Coming In Q4
  247. Wrist-band device for alcohol monitoring wins U.S. prize
  248. White House Lockdown Lifted After Suspect With Weapon Is Detained
  249. Egypt Air flight from Paris to Cairo
  250. Man Receives First Penis Transplant in the United States