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  1. Achtung! Ich Bin Ein Smoker!!
  2. Alabama - Children 'tossed from bridge'
  3. What are you doing here?
  4. UK Declared a 'No-Go' Area for Non-Muslims
  5. Welshman deported to the Phillipines
  6. Always knew there is something weird about him
  7. Tourists shun crime-hit Mexico beaches
  8. The Top 10 Male Stars "We" Love to hate
  9. Man who survived 47-storey fall from skyscraper wakes
  10. Should extreme vegetarians be publicly executed?
  11. Broke Britain - A Happy New Year
  12. Binge Drinking in the UK
  13. I bet they were Welsh
  14. European Capital of Culture 2008
  15. 19 affronts to the English language make list of overused words
  16. Spot the Asylum Seeker Competition
  17. Britons favour Prince William as next king: poll
  18. That Benazir Bhutto Bird (in pictures)
  19. Tigers Eats Three People After Being Delibrately Released in Zoo
  20. Spare a Thought for the Lads this Xmas
  21. Good article on British women in the Times newspaper
  22. 10 Biggest Bonehead Moves at Airport Security
  23. Richard Littlejohn's Xmas Special
  24. World Orgasm Day , Saturday Dec 22nd
  25. Star Wars - Real-Life 'Death Star' Launches Attack on Galaxy
  26. Muslim Children Brainwashed
  27. Spot the Rapist - Man United Player Arrested
  28. The BBC are very PC
  29. GLAST Satellite to Reveal Unseen Universe
  30. Haj Pilgrimage
  31. 'Oldest human being' dies at 116
  32. Amsterdam to shrink its Red Light District
  33. 'Punishment' for son nets father more than $9,000 profit
  34. Subsidised Ostriches & Golden Eggs
  35. JAWS Attacks Swimmer on Bondi Beach
  36. 116 Years of Spanking the Monkey
  37. Shiver Me Timbers - Captain Kidd's Shipwreck Found
  38. Most powerful man in the World is afraid to wish us Merry Xmas!
  39. Punch-Up In Parliment
  40. Man of God Murdered by Filipino Wife
  41. Ruminant lovers will be excited by this
  42. DirtyDog Murders Penguins
  43. Greedy, Vulgar & Tacky - Meet David Beckham
  44. Five Mancheter United Fans Stabbed
  45. Five Planes, a Camel, a Tent & 30 Female Virgin Bodyguards
  46. Geography Greek to Young Americans
  47. Don't order the daily special here
  48. Mary & Joseph - As You've Never Seen Them Before
  49. The Lyrical Terrorist
  50. Real Da Vinci Code Uncovered
  51. Venus: the Once and Future Earth?
  52. Jeremy Clarkson Quizzed by Police for Beating Up a Yob
  53. Gweenies Want Beer Fridge Ban
  54. Miss China wins Miss World
  55. Richard Littlejohn's Merry Xmas
  56. The Time Political Correctness Forgot
  57. Burma - Sorted
  58. Police Cancel Xmas in Manchester
  59. Are Aussies killing all the Brit tourists?
  60. We're Doomed
  61. Titanic II
  62. Jews & Genitals
  63. Well, this is reassuring....
  64. The Giant HairBall
  65. British Government Loses Private Data of 25 Million Citizens
  66. Transport Yourself to the Past
  67. Eighth Wonder of the World?
  68. Heidi Klum 'loves' her boobs
  69. Moscow to become new Sex-tourist capital of the world?
  70. No fat birds allowed in Kiwi Land
  71. Americans. Bless 'em. What would they know if Hollywood didn't tell 'em?
  72. 53 Questions Before You Travel
  73. Thai climbers abandon Everest
  74. America testing new camouflage painting in Afghanistan
  75. Is Beauty Really In the Eye of the Beholder?
  76. Dirty Harry
  77. American idiot tries to shoot one of his nuts off
  78. DANGER - Small Minds at Work
  79. The Zombies are coming!
  80. Stripper Whips High School Student In UK Classroom
  81. Ludicrous Laws
  82. Sheep-lovers, beware!
  83. Australian Man In Bang Kwang Prison Still Smuggling Heroin To America
  84. Sad cow, bemoaning the end of dates!
  85. Pakistani State of Emergency
  86. Would you belt your wife if she did this
  87. I make over 25mil/mo. & save/invest nothing
  88. Europeans Face 20 years Hard Labour in Chad For Child Trafficking
  89. Mile-high club
  90. World Toilet Summit
  91. Saving the Planet
  92. Something to look forward to!dd
  93. Did he, or didn't he?
  94. Old Kraut sues young slapper
  95. Northern scum
  96. Aussies: Please comment!
  97. Humans to evolve into 2 species? Bollocks!
  98. Better-Educated Seniors Develop More Severe Dementia
  99. Did You Know ?
  100. All left handed short blokes are pedos - proof!
  101. Head now legal in Singapore
  102. Very rare indeed, in fact it's just what I want to buy.
  103. I Blame Harry Potter
  104. Web sex clip halts Vietnam TV show
  105. The Worlds Ten Best Urinals
  106. The Worlds Ten Best Cities
  107. Mini Monkey
  108. String him up and chop his balls off!
  109. Any Updates On Steve Fossett?
  110. New Britney Spears Sex Videos to hit the net
  111. Be Careful What You Wish For
  112. BBC buys travel bible Lonely Planet
  113. Canada Deals With Counterfiting
  114. Twenty-Five Years Old Today - the Smiley
  115. Senator Sues God
  116. Khmer Rouge Leader Arrested
  117. Want to go out shagging and need an alibi?
  118. Bloodbath
  119. White People Are the New Ethnic Minority
  120. White Trash incest family kidnap and sexually assualt black woman
  121. Man banned from all British pubs
  122. Portugal Cops Reopen Madeleine McCann Case
  123. SouthWest Airlines - Booo!!! Hissssss! woman escorted off flight cause of short skirt
  124. Want A Library Book On Bomb Making? Look Under Religion
  125. Fcukwit Manc Criminals
  126. Tenor Pavarotti dead at 71
  127. Sloppy Coroner Sends Parents to Jail
  128. Damien Hirst Skull Sold For $100 million
  129. Brutality or Justice?
  130. World's Richest Royals.
  131. Man Acquitted After 48-Year Sentence
  132. Penis Museum: Donations Required
  133. Thaksin On the Rob - Again
  134. Gay Pride
  135. hot-air balloon
  136. blame the state?
  137. The UK Today
  138. Old people still get their leg over
  139. Brain drain?
  140. Boy is accused of sausage assault
  141. Major Breakthrough in Solar Energy
  142. Moose Farts To Blame For Global Warming
  143. Killed By a Pet Camel
  144. Welsh dwarf gets hoover stuck to his man hood
  145. Stabbing monkeys.
  146. Twats protesting at Heathrow
  147. Stroller Makes The News
  148. dumb aussies...
  149. Anthony Wilson Dies
  150. in trouble with a vibrator
  151. "if he knew he had a monkey on him",
  152. Release him?
  153. It's a Conspiracy
  154. Why Brits make the best tourists
  155. Hip Hip
  156. 7 Killed in Minneapolis Bridge Collapse
  157. A likely story....
  158. Would this work in Thailand?
  159. The weekly sheep shagging news report
  160. Bear is a pussy!
  161. another idiot bbc reporter...
  162. Wales, inflatable sheep, who'd have thought?
  163. Mugabe finds the solution - Nationalise everything!
  164. A jetliner crashed and exploded into flames
  165. Bobby Cams
  166. Victims' Remains Enter Human Food Chain
  167. Jailed addicts get safer syringes...!
  168. Baby Mammoth Defrosted
  169. Man Ties Helium Balloons to Armchair, Floats Across Oregon
  170. Chinese Child Slavery "Not Limited to Brickyards"
  171. Exoplanet With Water Found
  172. Parkour
  173. Paris's Mobile#
  174. NEW New 7 wonders
  175. New 7 wonders
  176. Surprisingly, not a welsh story.
  177. Death by manure
  178. [UK] 18 Year-old Girl sells "virginity" to pay Uni fees
  179. Glasgow airport suicide bomb attack?
  180. Sporran wearers may need licence
  181. Average Seppo only get's to shag 7 women.
  182. Bernard Manning RIP
  183. Well well well
  184. Flower of English Womanhood
  185. Beer for flooded Australian town
  186. Gay Bomb
  187. EU to ban Fast Cars
  188. Paris Hilton Gets Cavity Search
  189. FFOW sold and will be knocked down.
  190. bladdy hell - deported for drinking alcohol on an airline that serves it to you ??
  191. Now We Know Why The Finger Length Test Works
  192. Things you may miss from Europe
  193. Man to eat corgi in royal protest
  194. It not just the Thai's who can Shrug off criticism
  195. Wonder if this man had TD saved in his "favorites"
  196. US fatsos can save us from global warming
  197. police arrest gunman in melbourne
  198. What's going on in Cambridge?
  199. Mick has a small dick
  200. Dumb Thai Learns about the real world
  201. Porn star's bid to sell virgin
  202. UK Number one newspaper titbits
  203. Some old English git gets let out of Thai jail
  204. A day in the life of a Welshman
  205. Free Blowjob
  206. Smoking Ban in Cars
  207. Got Nudists?
  208. Paris Hilton Jail Porn Mini-Series
  209. Paris Hilton Goes To Jail Hahaha!!
  210. I wonder what they could possibly object to about this?
  211. UK - Man arrested for growling at dog.
  212. Kinky Muslim woman killed in UK
  213. Pigophobia Strikes in Amsterdam
  214. God Hates America
  215. London Marathon, 1 dies as temps soar into 70s
  216. Wipe your arse less, suggests Sheryl Crow
  217. Enterprising Thais in Singapore
  218. Malaysian police arrest table-top dancer
  219. Asians rate sex lives so-so: survey
  220. Wales or Sudan?
  221. Next time you visit Soi Yodsak
  222. Wanted: Condom Testers
  223. Left Out of Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy
  224. A Welsh Wet Dream
  225. More Knut!
  226. England counts down to smoking ban
  227. Qwerty's been a bad boy again!
  228. How to get an upgrade to 1st class.
  229. Kill Knut, he's a bear :)
  230. I need £10,000 a day “just to get by”
  231. Kid's cousin in polygamous marriage to two young goats.
  232. (UK) Texts to deter illegal migrants
  233. Prisoners demand their own pants
  234. World stocks plunge after China selloff
  235. Billy Thorpe dead at 60
  236. US 200-year porn sentence stands
  237. Brits seem to have the BIG ones, and also the smallest
  238. The Mind Boggles - Pole Dancing Parties
  239. The French are perverts...
  240. World's biggest squid
  241. Sword for TV Watchin'
  242. Calls for migrants English debate
  243. Margaret Thatcher To Be Honored
  244. Which ethnic group did best in a recent UK schools English language test?
  245. Traveller held after Manila strip
  246. Swet jesus... Reverend is cured of homosexuality.
  247. Afraid of Grannies?
  248. Fake Scholarships, Profiteering, and Criminal Acts in Student Exchange Programs
  249. R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith
  250. Barrymore Pie