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  1. George Michael arrested in public toilet over drugs
  2. Wave-stealing surfers face Asbos
  3. US air raid kills Iraq civilians
  4. NKorea: Regime preparing to restart nuke facility
  5. US judge rejects saggy jeans law
  6. Hackers infiltrate Palin's e-mail
  7. Study into near-death experiences
  8. Uganda seeking miniskirt ban
  9. From the EU
  10. US government rescues insurer AIG
  11. Phoenix Arizona - Dog dials 911, saves owner
  12. Melbourne - Kayaker breaks own leg to avoid drowning
  13. Richard Wright has died.
  14. Zimbabwe leaders sign unity deal
  15. Lehmann Bros - bankrupt, Merrill Lynch to be taken over by BOA
  16. World Black Pudding Throwing Championship
  17. Oil trades below 100$ for the first time in five months.
  18. Russia plane crash 'kills dozens'
  19. Florida - Homeowner Finds SUV With 2 Dead In Pool
  20. Los Angeles - Deadly train crash
  21. Saudi judge:permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV channels which broadcast i
  22. Baseball 'invented in Britain'
  23. Man filmed punching a kangaroo
  24. Your stay, you DIE!
  25. Channel Tunnel On Fire
  26. OAPs flock to sex shop
  27. Teens stabbed 666 times and eaten by satanist
  28. 'Big Bang' experiment starts well
  29. Sarah Palin all dolled up
  30. The most awful murder I've ever heard of
  31. Indonesian pilot to be tried for negligence in 2007 crash
  32. Cuba hammered by Hurricane Ike
  33. Buddha statue find at Afghan site
  34. Jetman to cross channel
  35. US government seizes control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  36. Cash award after 'Bin Laden' joke
  37. Seabed champagne - at a price
  38. Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans protest killings
  39. Mexico - 12 decapitated bodies found
  40. 'Lost towns' discovered in Amazon
  41. China releases political activist after 16 years
  42. UK Hacker loses extradition appeal, he was only looking for UFOs
  43. Germans not into dachshunds anymore
  44. Russia Backs Independence of Breakaway Georgian Areas
  45. Pakistan - Suicide attack kills at least 50 at arms factory
  46. North Carolina - Patient dies after being left in chair 22 hours
  47. Hopes fade for Sydney whale calf
  48. Spain Madrid - 147 killed in plane crash
  49. Mark David Chapman - John Lennons Killer
  50. Iraq - Mosque used as torture chamber
  51. USA Chicago - 9foot Tapeworm Lawsuit against restaurant
  52. USA Michigan - shoplifting suspect crushed in compactor
  53. Pakistan : Musharraf resigns
  54. USA - Grand Canyon floods breach dam, force evacuations
  55. Australian plea for 'ugly' women
  56. Chinese couple murdered in Newcastle may have been Scammers
  57. Bomb attack against pilgrims in Iraq
  58. UK Five killed as two planes collide
  59. Russia in nuclear threat to Poland
  60. More scum in the UK
  61. 'She wants to cut off my privates'
  62. 700k for years behind bars - enough?
  63. DNA Testing -- Would you do it?
  64. no swimming pools and very little soap ............
  65. Olympics Opening Ceremony was faked!
  66. UK Political Asylum
  67. Olympic Athletes and Viagra
  68. Asian Street Art
  69. Married ?
  70. China decalres its ready for the Olympic tourists
  71. Coup underway in Mauritania
  72. Zionist NWO Plot For London Takeover By 2012
  74. Morgan Freeman - My Favorite Actor Seriously Injured
  75. Airman who fled gets 10 years for killing wife
  76. Olympics tells gender bending athletes to drop 'em
  77. Downunder news about downunder junkies
  78. Too many fat chicks spoil the party
  79. Feminists cry foul over Fat Princess
  80. Pig monkey born in China.
  81. well they think they have finally figured the Aurora
  82. UK - Mosley wins court case over orgy
  83. Male Vegetarians aint real men
  84. What price Heroism?
  85. Mugabe's Mansion - Pics
  86. Chinese Artist Swipes at Kung Fu Panda
  87. Liberian Lynx to be made extinct by drivers
  88. Man held over bestiality claims UK
  89. Britain on alert for deadly new knife with exploding tip that freezes victims' organ
  90. First test tube tot Louise turns 30
  91. This will show them!
  92. Sorry! I didn't plan to die here.
  93. Lady Thatcher to be Honored with State Funeral
  94. A shaggable soldier
  95. God Onya Benno
  96. Catholics are nuts.
  97. Those whacky researchers, what will they come up with next.
  98. Australia to invade New Zealand
  99. Arrested for Having Sex on the Beach
  100. 'nazi Toddlers Ruined My Birthday'
  101. Toddlers who dislike spicy food 'racist'
  102. Online Bullying...
  103. New Zealand Ranked Close 2nd to the USA...
  104. UK life costs 'at least 13,400'
  105. Drunken Swede tries to row home
  106. Dutch smoking ban goes into force
  107. French shooting show injures 16
  108. Stars Gather To Show How Worthless They Are Compared To Nelson Mandela
  109. Full fried English breakfast - the secret of his longevity
  110. New York City Waterfalls
  111. Schapelle Corby - Guilty or not?
  112. Good man
  113. Temple of doom
  114. The Times Online
  115. Budweiser will maybe soon be a better beer
  116. shmeat anyone ?
  117. Top 10 "weird activities" around the world
  118. Boy 'skinned and eaten' by his cannibal cult family after being held captive in a cel
  119. Tourist charged with killing wife on honeymoon dive that was caught on camera
  120. Police spy planes over UK cities
  121. Sixth human foot found in Canada
  122. Bad guys really do get the most girls
  123. Insecticide 'killing Kenya lions'
  124. Gays are born gay
  125. Why the English have a reputation for being Cheap bastards
  126. Oral sex blamed for rise in throat cancer
  127. Are Oil Companies Price Gouging
  128. Germans Bomb London To Prevent Olympics Outdoing Munich '36
  129. Australian researchers say 'natural condom' could stop HIV
  130. The Failure of Multiculturalism
  131. Ugly frog in trouble
  132. Wacky Tabacky fucks your brain
  133. Crack Heathrow security guards thwart man with gun
  134. Biscuits are the key to a business deal
  135. The Worlds last few 'Lost Tribes'
  136. Protesting the National 'hoodie' day with a KKK outfit
  137. Australia - The World's Top Nation!
  138. Monkeys With Brain-Wired Bionic Arms Give Hope to Disabled
  139. Deadly Australian Wildlife encounters.
  140. Highest Sky Dive Attempt: Can He Do It?
  141. Hot news, Kiwi prefers his dog to sheep
  142. Another pervert
  143. cut off her clam or the boy done good.
  144. One For Texpat And His British Obsession
  145. Yet another reason to hate America.
  146. Super Delegate Bill Clinton defects
  147. A win for the pommy pervers of "man boobs"
  148. Tyrone thickos.
  149. Fake sickies targeted by new software
  150. Pissed Jock fans show true colors, again
  151. cellar fiend romps tranny hookers
  152. Reprocessed Nuclear Fuel Creates Undetectable Weapons-Grade Plutonium and HEU
  153. Pelican attacks woman in Florida
  154. BOOZE, Helping ugly people have sex
  155. The Atlas Detector - Recreating a Black Hole
  156. Seal rapes Penguin
  157. My Thai bride doesn't love me and I feel such a fool
  158. "Smiley Face" Serial Killer
  159. Is labour party suffering its worst spanking in 40 years?
  160. Your keyboard is ditter than your toilet
  161. "Bum Bot" Deployed in Atlanta
  162. Crime Out Of Control In UK
  163. Ronaldo and the 3 Ladyboys!
  164. Aus Pol cries because he sniffed a woman's chair?
  165. Florida moves to ban testicles on vehicles
  166. Can't Trust the sick Germanic/Austria fuks!
  167. Darwinian Testicular Conundrum
  168. Snipes Gets Three Years in Prison in Income-Tax Case
  169. Law & Order?
  170. Stephen Hawking: Alien but primitive life likely
  171. Is it her genes? Oldest known person turns 115 on Sunday
  172. Marilyn Monroe sex tape
  173. April 13, a good day for Tasmania..
  174. Aussie drug courier in hospital.
  175. UN report says insects could be food of the future
  176. Move Over Knut - Meet Snowflake
  177. Man's mystery suicide mirrors that of organ donor
  178. Olympic Torch Parade Given the Respect it Deserves in London
  179. New Zealander Attacked with Hedgehog
  180. The new "Witch Hunts"
  181. Pregnant Man !!!!
  182. April Fool's Obituary
  183. Seen it all ?
  184. Yank Has Sex With Table
  185. Kiwi recants tale of being ass-raped by wombat
  186. World's First Pregnant Husband
  187. Are Aussies Really So Bad?
  188. Get that torch - new challenge
  189. Son hires stripper for dad's funeral
  190. ATM gives shoppers double-money windfall
  191. Crikey!! - Stingray leaps onto boat and kills woman
  192. Enterprising Yank Grannies find unique income source
  193. buy a life....
  194. Murderous Vampire Lovers
  195. The New Google office
  196. Fake Ferrari built in Thailand
  197. Man Breaks Hairy Ears Record
  198. Interpol's Canadian pedophile suspect goes on trial in Thailand
  199. Freemasonry
  200. "Kids Be Gone": Calls To Ban Sonic Device That Repels Youth
  201. 'Merchant of Death' arrested in Bangkok
  202. Worlds Top Ten Richest Men
  203. Food Prices Worldwide Rise Alarmingly
  204. Paul Raymond - RIP
  205. "Lord" Black Goes To Jail
  206. Airline News
  207. Sick Bastard! :)
  208. Left handed cigarettes and Junk Lungs
  209. Shooting Down Satellites
  210. Who said Kiwis were sheep shaggers ?
  211. Hitlers Gold??
  212. Vengeful bride sues runaway groom
  213. What a tosser
  214. Those kinky Japanese!
  215. Garbage Patch "Twice the Size of Texas" Floating in Pacific
  216. School Shooting Thread
  217. australians say sorry but more babies stolen at same time!
  218. Thin Skin Mussies At It Again
  219. Sudden Jihad Syndrome Strikes New Zealand
  220. Sydney's Gay Mardi Gras
  221. Finally...what men have always known (hoped?)
  222. Is Dubai on your travel list?
  223. World's largest swimming pool
  224. what would u do if u were on jury?
  225. Brits Who've Made It Big in America
  226. 1,000 evacuated after Sydney explosion
  227. Quarter of Brits Think Churchill Was A Myth
  228. Looks like another 6 more weeks of winter!
  229. More embarassing moments
  230. Some more peaceful muslims spreading their religion through peace and harmony
  231. Where The World's Wealth Is Stored
  232. Nude Flights in Germany!!
  233. The Sad Demise of Knut the Polar Bear
  234. Crimefighters?
  235. Sex and Porn main cause of Debt Problems
  236. Aussies are funny Fukers
  237. Everyone needs one...
  238. Woof Woof!
  239. Man saved from croc shot in error
  240. Cops hunt dwarf thieves
  241. Fishy story? Nope, that's a load of bollocks
  242. Culture Fundamentally Alters the Brain
  243. House drifts ashore
  244. Thai aircrew in a lather - Thailand makes the BBC again!
  245. Ill ticker may grant Glitter quick ticket home
  246. Plane Crash at Heathrow - Thousands Not Dead
  247. Crimes - Where do they go wrong?
  248. Thailand - German and French people are perverts
  249. the World's Largest Published Book
  250. RIP - Sir Edmund Hillary