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  1. California ordered to prepare for sea-level rise
  2. Girls fall to death in China fire
  3. Two men plead guilty in Mobile federal court to 'sex tourism' charges involving Thai
  4. Russia church 'stolen by thieves'
  5. Sudan man forced to `marry` goat
  6. Australia Victoria - Man attacked by swarm of bees
  7. Australians masturbating for money in London
  8. Australia - Man burnt after ant attack misfires
  9. Austria - Cellar father charged with murder
  10. Kuwaiti court orders stock exchange closed
  11. Germany enters recession
  12. 'Buddha Boy' Reappears in Southern Nepal
  13. Canadian prisoner, too fat for cell, released early
  14. Guatemala bus fire dead were shot
  15. Catching up with the 'Thai internet pimps'
  16. Louisiana - Eight arrested in Klan-related killing
  17. Sperm shortage afflicts Britain
  18. Australia Queensland - Orgies to boost tourism
  19. Australian jailed for euthanasia
  20. China - Police chief arrests 48 relatives
  21. Desperate Australian man had sex with wheelchair-bound mum
  22. Ohio homeowner who found money in walls bankrupt
  23. Chicago - Woman found living with three dead siblings
  24. 'Sex slave' teacher to stand trial
  25. Ferrari boss smashed TV after F1 finale
  26. Australia Darwin - 'Op cock-up turned my penis black'
  27. Report: Secret order OKs U.S. raids overseas
  28. US to invade Iran any day now?
  29. Warnings from world leaders all within 72 hours
  30. India - German mom scared of another Scarlette-like case
  31. War on Drugs
  32. Malaysia - Thieves with a taste for bra
  33. Israel - Christian fist fight at Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  34. Australia Queensland - Pet cat Basil sawn to bits and dumped in Mackay
  35. hurricane
  36. Canada - Bus beheading man 'dined on victim'
  37. England Bristol - Thief sent 'sorry' letter to shop
  38. America Arizona - Father 'murdered' by son, aged 8
  39. Twenty die on Russian submarine
  40. Sea Shepherd ready to clash with Japanese whalers
  41. Indian moon satellite. Nobody is hungry in India anymore.
  42. Family receives ice cream payout.
  43. New Zealand opposition wins vote
  44. Bhutanese hail new monarch
  45. Naked Japan major nabbed with women's underwear
  46. Australia - Prisoner with murder plan released from Queensland jail, kills
  47. Dear Leader rumours
  48. Brits Bitch-slap Toxic and Tow
  49. Ireland - 406m of cocaine found on yacht
  50. UK Derbyshire- Map clue leads to concealed house
  51. Woman held for murdering Aussie boyfriend in Philippines
  52. Malaysia Religious Teacher on molest charges
  53. Brisbane Father sold drugs in nightclubs to find daughter's rapists
  54. Australians Cutting off healthy limbs OK, says Dr
  55. White House United
  56. Paxman Interveiws Dizzy Rascal
  57. National road toll devices to be tested by drivers next year(UK)
  58. Bbc Shunned Me For Denying Climate Change
  59. Italy - Nuns in 'wild west brawl'
  60. American Man steals more than 130 panties from Dallas store
  61. New Zealand - Victim drives sleeping rapist to police station
  62. China puts two satellites into orbit
  63. Bin Laden son in Spain asylum bid
  64. Thousands of Indian farmers are committing suicide after using GM crops
  65. Obama votes in Chicago
  66. Dixville Notch NH: Obama Wins Big
  67. China landslide - 20 killed, over 40 missing
  68. Council renames Christmas to avoid offending Muslims.
  69. Man is found glued to toilet seat
  70. Prostitution legislation throughout the world (mentions Thailand... of course)
  71. Afghan Abductors Free Bangladeshi Aid Workers
  72. Aussie Footballers' binge drinking revealed
  73. London - Man dies after inhaling anthrax
  74. Saddam's luxury yacht up for sale
  75. Somalis stone 13-year-old girl to death as 1,000 watch
  76. Sheep lovers
  77. Dig finds camp of 'real Crusoe'
  78. Australia - Passengers' drunken fight forces Jetstar plane back to Darwin
  79. We're all doomed, maybe.
  80. Pakistani police raid child wedding
  81. Concert for Tammy will fund education for Thais
  82. New Zealand - Rare, prehistoric-age reptile found nesting
  83. Priests to face 'sex drive tests'
  84. Four teens charged over bashing of Adelaide Zoo flamingo
  85. Australia Brisbane sex shop markets itself as family-friendly
  86. Seven obese children placed in care
  87. Wallabies Terrorise the Elderly - Bush invades.
  88. Jackson 5 to reunite
  89. Australia - Masseur jailed for raping clients at gym
  90. 'ecological deficit'
  91. S. Korean troops in Iraq to pull out by Dec. 20: official
  92. World 'has six days to save Pakistan'
  93. Pakistan - US drone missile kills 30
  94. philippines - Drunk cop accidently shoots himself
  95. Australia Mid-flight fist fight traumatises crew
  96. Bangladesh cyclone kills two
  97. BP's profits surge to 6.4bn
  98. Transsexual gene link identified
  99. French people playing with poo
  100. Another terrorist attack by the US
  101. Kuwait moves to prop up major bank after losses
  102. Retired Gurkhas May Settle In The UK
  103. American Con Artist caught in Thailand
  104. Chrysler plans further job cuts
  105. Stock markets plunge across world. Have a good weekend :(
  106. The mighty French armada beats the US and Russian navies
  107. Bloodhound SSC
  108. Climbers find footprints of abominable snowman?
  109. The men who killed the U.S. economy
  110. Thieving bstard banks.
  111. Big Brother extends.....
  112. After testing the Vaginas of many sheep
  113. EU Leaders Call for Global Currency
  114. World record sandwich? Iranians eat evidence
  115. Police arrest Michigan man for car wash vacuum sex
  116. Bee Gees hit could save your life
  117. Jamaica puzzled by theft of beach
  118. USA Rescued climber survived on centipedes
  119. British burglar says 'sorry' with flowers
  120. India - Bihar puts rat meat on the menu
  121. Australian airline pilot fined for McDonald's theft in Hong Kong
  122. 'Gladiator' tomb is found in Rome
  123. Iran 'to stop executing youths'
  124. Four Tops star Levi Stubbs dies
  125. Weird and Bizarre News
  126. Malaysia - Farmers pay price for using banned pesticide
  127. CIA blamed for Bali bombing by some weirdo
  128. India may legalise homosexuality
  129. Fraudsters' website shut in swoop
  130. No dividends for 5 years
  131. Aussies are drunks, not perverts
  132. Scarborough shop owner tells of holiday robbery ordeal in Thailand
  133. Former author talks about dangers of modified foods
  134. Tokyo market in freefall after Wall Street plunge
  135. Aussie MPs, they aint all rapists
  136. Aussie says Bin Laden is a nice chap
  137. Australia - Wife beating down by 55 percent because of rugby
  138. Philippines - Couple charged for selling nephew to teacher for P30,000
  139. Australia - Drug thief 'had genitals set alight'
  140. Australian male airport officials to spend their time looking at male genitilia
  141. Iran: Bushehr reactor operational in 2009
  142. Fed Says ECB, Others to Offer Unlimited Dollar Funds
  143. US Recession
  144. Australians may turn into right bstards
  145. John McCain was not tortured in Vietnam prison, guard claims
  146. Popular UK Magazine Promotes Sterilization for Women in their 20s
  147. Too Few Aware Of World Orphan Week.
  148. Australian fined for drunk driving a horse
  149. Financial crisis: Countries at risk of bankruptcy from Pakistan to Baltics
  150. Australia Sydney - US sailor accused of prostitute attack
  151. China : Zeng Jinyan
  152. Australia - Sydney's Bra Boys in Bali memorial blow-up
  153. UK banks 'to ask for up to 40bn'
  154. No escape from the new generation of speed cameras that follow you for 30 miles
  155. India - Dalit killed for entering temple in Bihar
  156. What financial crisis ?
  157. The world is on the brink of financial meltdown
  158. Britain to launch $90b bank rescue:
  159. Russians & Thailand
  160. Thai Woman accused of Seattle-area brothel conspiracy
  161. Iran celebrates global meltdown
  162. London - Asian woman charged with killing her children
  163. Australians - Dildos - Motor Racing and Porn
  164. Bali - Australian heroin smuggler gets surgery for recurring haemorrhoids
  165. Somali Pirates threaten to blow up ship
  166. U.S. to take N. Korea off terror list
  167. Most Japanese hate us
  168. Nato to attack Afghan opium labs
  169. U.K. men convicted of weaving heroin into Afghan rugs
  170. South Africa will sell ivory to Japan, China
  171. JAIPUR - Branded witch, tribal woman forced to dip hands in hot oil
  172. Australian tourist killed in Goa
  173. Nice one Bob! you da man! 231 million % inflation
  174. UK Doctors 'sought wholesale murder'
  175. More foreigners arriving Philippines amid global crisis
  176. Somali pirates free 15 Filipino seamen, hold 67
  177. Australia - Two Queensland police officers facing theft charges
  178. Australian Man faked lung cancer to avoid work
  179. Qantas compensation to cost 'tens of millions'
  180. Bankers Want World Economic Government To Solve Financial Crisis They Created
  181. Gold Rush As Bullion Has A Glitzy Future
  182. Iceland: Thai-style croneyism
  183. Yosemite National Park rock slide
  184. Police raid Nigeria 'baby farm'
  185. North Korea 'building atomic warhead'
  186. UK Bank bailout: Alistair Darling unveils 500billion rescue package
  187. Mexico - Half Ton Man Dies
  188. Maldives begin historic election
  189. 'Tourists die' in Nepal air crash
  190. US plane 'forced to land in Iran'
  191. UK Leeds -'chopped up gay lover and cooked him with fresh herbs'
  192. Netherlands - Thai masseuses work for slave wages
  193. While the Europeans Dither and the Americans are Poleaxed - The Russians Pounce!
  194. Australia air 'incident' hurts 40
  195. Suicide blast hits Sri Lanka town
  196. Mortgage forgiven for woman, 90, who shot herself
  197. Goat 'condoms' save Kenyan herds
  198. Skydivers complete Everest leap
  199. Obese Aussie Kids may have to have health checks
  200. Man 'torches in-laws' in Austria with homemade flame thrower
  201. Warning - Do Not Save Drowning Australians
  202. Yorkshire people are not thick, no, honestly they are not
  203. Rice in India for nuclear talks
  204. Queensland - Crocodile capture could take months
  205. US to sell $6bn in arms to Taiwan
  206. Haiti storms left 793 people dead
  207. OJ Simpson convicted of robbery
  208. Russia call to halt Somali piracy
  209. Australian boy breaks into Outback zoo, bashes lizards, feeds animals to giant crocod
  210. New York - Cop commits suicide after stun gun death
  211. Sir Ian Blair resigns
  212. Wreck confirmed as Fossett plane
  213. EU force to fight Somali pirates
  214. 'Taxing' farts and burps
  215. Indian ban on smoking in public
  216. Bride Arrested for 'Marriage of Convenience'
  217. UK - Jail term for cock-fighting man
  218. Suicidal Teen Urged To Jump By Crowd
  219. Indian temple stampede death toll could exceed 190
  220. US drone 'kills six' in Pakistan
  221. Man catches bullet in false teeth
  222. Somali pirate 'shoot-out' on ship
  223. U.S. Stocks Plunge After House Votes Against Bailout Plan
  224. Warships surround Somali pirates
  225. Cadbury recalls Chinese-made chocolate
  226. US destroyer nears Somali pirates
  227. Golden Arches Safer Than Uncle Sam?
  228. Dubai's new $35,585 a night hotel
  229. USA coach & underage Thai girls
  230. Somalia - Pirates 'want $35m for tank ship'
  231. 'Car sleepers' the new US homeless
  232. Somali pirates warn off rescuers
  233. Brazilian speeder gets $1.9m fine
  234. Honolulu - Snoozing pilots to return to work
  235. KLM plane in German terror alert
  236. Somali pirates 'seize 30 tanks'
  237. ID Cards in the UK
  238. Puerto Rico - Man, 86, uses wheelchair to kill nursing home resident
  239. New York - Inmate admits to planning hit job on head of NYPD
  240. UN forecasts boom in 'green jobs'
  241. Ahmadinejad: 'American empire' nearing its end
  242. Pakistan recovers 'US spy drone'
  243. Global Corruption Report 2008
  244. shooting in school in Finland
  245. Blaine's latest stunt in NYC _ hanging upside-down
  246. UK Police 'thought Menezes had bomb'
  247. Mars rover facing two-year trek
  248. Dig pinpoints Stonehenge origins
  249. Baby deaths in Turkish hospital
  250. Sharp rise in HIV in Australia