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  1. Cow struck by lightning and survives
  2. Colorado Sperm Banks See Boost In Business
  3. Colorado - Prison employee sentenced to prison for having sex with inmate
  4. Australia Queensland Cyclone Ellie to hit coast within hours
  5. Australia Melbourne erupts after brutal bashing
  6. Youngest Gun Crime Boy Locked Up
  7. Man to face court over murder of Australian in Antigua
  8. China firework bar blaze kills 15
  9. Kenya - Scores killed in oil fire
  10. Australia Sydney - Cops investigated over drug dealing
  11. Davos : Brown: World Bank, IMF 'out of date'
  12. More nasty tragedy in horrible nasty England
  13. England - Child rapist claims 5,000 over prison toilet
  14. Nepal - British trekker missing, South African saved
  15. Switzerland - Naked ramblers face Swiss fines
  16. Fatal bus crash at US Hoover Dam
  17. Passengers subdue man on LA bound flight
  18. Opposite Day: Thai arrested in US on child porn charges...
  19. Toasty Australia - Hot weather
  20. Korean man 'admits seven murders'
  21. Somali pirates seize German ship
  22. Kenya - Many missing in store fire
  23. Australia Sydney - Casino hit by $11.5 million fraudster who bounced cheque at the ba
  24. England - Row erupts after South Devon College stages pole dancing act
  25. Spain - Six arrested in 420m fraud case
  26. Australian 'throws girl to death'
  27. Hey, that's not the door!
  28. Queensland - Dive boat firm charged for stranding Richard Neely and Allyson Dalton
  29. Los Angeles - Man kills wife, five kids, himself after being fired
  30. Bulgarian bus hijacker surrenders
  31. Britons too polite for their own good.
  32. Australia - Drug takers use web to find best deals for cocaine, ice, heroin, ecstasy
  33. Mystery plotters attempted to assassinate the Queen in Australia, former detective sa
  34. Greek police break child porn ring, arrest abbot
  35. England - Campaign ends lap dance club plan
  36. French migrant camp re-examined
  37. Boy, 14, dupes police, patrols Chicago for 5 hours
  38. Makes One Proud To Be British
  39. Denmark - Dane guilty of genital mutilation
  40. Australia Townsville - Red neck Aussie fires Philippino over toilet habits
  41. Australia Darwin - Men cheer as woman bashed with a rock
  42. USA Florida - Victims say masked gunman responsible for Miami shootings
  43. USA Virginia - Woman confesses to 1967 slayings
  44. Mexico - Cartel 'stewmaker' says he dissolved 300 bodies
  45. Avalanche kills 10 at Turkish ski resort
  46. Brazil model dies from infection
  47. UFO's are real
  48. Nigerian police detain goat over armed robbery
  49. So you think the Thai police are bad.
  50. Belgium Children dead in nursery knife attack
  51. Xin Yang decapitated in cafe at Virgina Tech
  52. Ireland - 'World's worst mum' raped own son
  53. Australia - Stupid burglar caught in a hot tin roof
  54. Tasmania - Only two whales appear alive after mass stranding
  55. Australia Art Scandal
  56. Obama orders Guantanamo closure
  57. Priests Pilfer Parishoners Pennies, lots of them too
  58. Austria names Fritzl trial date
  59. UK - Burglaries and knife robberies up
  60. Dubai adultery conviction upheld
  61. Detroit - Dog-gone-it! Man loses dog, river swallows car
  62. Australia - Darwin targetted by Yellow Crazy Ant
  63. Australia - Rudd condemns Islamic cleric Samir Abu Hamza's comments on sex
  64. New Zealand - Men appear in court after police Facebook posting
  65. New Zealand - Gold prospectors missing in Golden Bay
  66. You might find this of interest, I did, If not don't read it.
  67. Burmese men drift for 25 days on icebox after boat sinks
  68. 7 dead from Brazil church roof fall
  69. India - Kolkata couple invents fuel-less, battery-less auto engine
  70. Bayview Hotel in Brisbane bans foreigners
  71. Submarine discovers new animals off Australia
  72. Tweed Coast shark attack was like Jaws movie
  73. Melbourne's Daily Planet brothel accused of 'secret door'
  74. Air crash in America.
  75. Attacked For Being English
  76. 'Adolf Hitler' Is Taken Into Care
  77. Australia - Two-headed fish larvae blamed on farm chemicals in Noosa River
  78. London to Timbuktu - By flying car
  79. Somali - Pirate 'washes ashore with cash'
  80. Student auctions off virginity for offers of more than 2.5 million
  81. Zimbabwe introduces $50 billion note
  82. Peru bus crash kills 32
  83. British climbers die in the Alps
  84. Australia : Chinese steel mills seek payback over iron ore prices
  85. Patrick Swayze 'says goodbye as cancer spreads'
  86. Queensland vigilante luring pedophiles on YouTube
  87. Zimbabwe : WHO says number of cholera cases down
  88. Chicago gun attack - Five hurt
  89. Canadian arrested on drug charges in Australia
  90. Brisbane sex toy stroker was on booze bender
  91. Paris Hilton - I've only slept with two men
  92. Egypt - Mummy of female pharaoh uncovered
  93. Colombian drug lord shot in Spain
  94. Dominican Republic - Venomous mammal caught on camera
  95. Security Council calls for truce in Gaza
  96. Muslim protesters seal Jewish synagogue in Indonesia
  97. UK Bank Rate
  98. New Zealand - Two tourists trapped as Fox Glacier shelf collapses
  99. Angry 4-year-old blasts babysitter with shotgun
  100. Man smashes into Cairns adult shop for sex with dolls
  101. German billionaire kills himself
  102. 240,000 dollars awarded to man forced to cover Arab T-shirt
  103. Australia Adelaide - Fed up stingray takes revenge on jet-ski rider
  104. Will the Philip. pave the way for new Thai business and property laws for foreigners?
  105. Australia Adelaide - 'Penis fire' suspect is charged
  106. The Queen of Tat is gone
  107. Ol goat loses his car for street racing
  108. German battlefield yields Roman surprises
  109. Dozens die in Guatemala landslide
  110. Matisse sketch stolen in Berlin
  111. Madoff
  112. "Flying Doctor" needs bigger planes for obese Aussies
  113. Australia : Speeding a big mistake for Thai overstayer
  114. New Norway law bans buying of sex
  115. Car bomb in Spain
  116. Easter eggs go on sale
  117. The Year In Sex
  118. Yank charged with murder for sending daughter home in the snow.
  119. Global crisis ends Honda F1 era...
  120. Pakis killing their own
  121. Great White Shark
  122. "The great wall of Australia"? Is Australia moving in the wrong direction?
  123. Tennessee sludge spill estimate grows to 1 billion gallons
  124. Ontario - Woman buried in snow for 3 days found alive
  125. Berlin - Lonely man jumps into cage with Knut
  126. Alaska - Giant snowman rises again
  127. Australia Queensland - Cat survives two weeks in removalist truck
  128. Singer Eartha Kitt Dies At 81
  129. Gunman In Santa Suit Kills Eight
  130. Christmas comes but once a year: but must it?
  131. Lance Armstrong's girlfriend expecting baby
  132. 'Raunchy' Bible stripped of sexual content
  133. Rhys Jones Murder Trial (Pictures)
  134. Pope wants humanity 'saved' from homosexuality
  135. Australia - Victoria bans smoking in cars with kids
  136. Toyota projects operating loss for year
  137. Most will torture if ordered
  138. Bra Boys, Bandidos and Comancheros clash in turf war at Maroubra
  139. It's Not ALL Doom and Gloom
  140. Australia : Navy closer to reaching stricken sailor
  141. Israel: Expulsion of Human Rights Rapporteur
  142. Lawyers to serve notices on Facebook
  143. America - 400,000 still without power in icy Northeast
  144. Flooding leaves 50,000 homeless in Colombia
  145. Banks hit worldwide by US fraud
  146. Oman Dubai - Hotel to refrigerate beach
  147. Australia Sydney Lawn rage killing
  148. Bush Gets a shoeing
  149. Australia Queensland - Man tries to set himself and police on fire
  150. Pakistan jet fighters chase intruding Indian jets
  151. Americans rated as the most annoying travellers
  152. Pakistan won't hand over any terror suspect
  153. Another Moon news story - Biggest and Brightest Moon in 15 years
  154. England London - Stab murder man was sex offender
  155. Australia - Victorian policeman Huy Quachto face trial on sex, drugs charges
  156. Killer mice eat baby albatross on remote island
  157. Brits PM wears underpants on the outside .........
  158. Taiwan - Mum forced kids under 10 into prostitution
  159. Australia Queensland - Woman allowed to keep dead man's sperm
  160. UK - TV channel to broadcast assisted suicide
  161. Australia - Sex tape of ex costs man $40,000
  162. Stansted airport: protest cancels flights
  163. Passion Barbecue Chicken Wings
  164. Australia : Seeing red over scarlet-marked homework
  165. Breaking News Irish Beef
  166. Belgian woman Genevieve Lhermitte killed five children
  167. Australia - Joondalup police station damaged by fire attack
  168. Australian Alcoholics snatch dumped kids to get bonus
  169. England - Tobacco displays set to be banned
  170. Greek MPs consider riot response
  171. F18 Fighter Aircraft Crashes in USA
  172. Denmark - Swedes arrested in armoured car heist
  173. Australia Brisbane - Immigration officer jailed over sex-for-visa scam
  174. "Brit with a mouth as wide as the Thames"
  175. UPDATE 6-Canadian PM wins suspension of Parliament
  176. Don't Eat Irish Pork
  177. Amsterdam to cut brothels by half
  178. Australia Brisbane - Thieves blow up ATM
  179. Good News For America!!!!
  180. Bombs kill 35 shoppers in Pakistan
  181. Unlucky American - Woman swept away during proposal
  182. Pervert American - Husband accidentally shoots wife during sex
  183. Iran : Police detain 49 for "satanic" clothes
  184. British teacher suspended over push-up punishment
  185. Mumbai Gunman Was Promised Cash for Family if Killed
  186. Report: Israel Preparing to Strike Iran Without U.S. Consent
  187. Aussies mull breath-test before voting
  188. Three Fat Americans lose 192kg in China
  189. Australia - Fake Qantas engineer gives reference from Bill Heffernan
  190. The Economist... Coups going out of fashion?
  191. Australian Kelly Trueman to be free after years in Mumbai jail
  192. Germany - Hardened criminals win right to moisturise
  193. Zimbabwe : Cholera kills 473
  194. G.W Bush regrets Iraqi WMD failure
  195. Riots 'kill hundreds in Nigeria'
  196. Korean adulterer faces jail term
  197. Court orders Iranian man blinded
  198. Whitney Houston denies reunion with ex Bobby Brown
  199. Mumbai siege over.
  200. Shooting at Toys R Us
  201. Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by Customers
  202. Drug-smeared boobs knock out robbed men
  203. Dad tells 5-year-old, 'You did the crime, you walk the line'
  204. Australia Brisbane - Golfers come out swinging after player's sex-change
  205. Australia Brisbane - Pulled-over driver 'too fat to exit car'
  206. Hostages Held At Mumbai Hotels
  207. Fake penis gets men into trouble
  208. Bungling Sydney ATM bombers blow up getaway car in attack at Clovelly
  209. Air passenger duty to rise 50%
  210. Panda attacks man in Chinese zoo
  211. UK - Police to be armed with stun guns
  212. Online fraudsters 'steal 3.3bn'
  213. Vatican Forgives John Lennon
  214. Tasmania - Whales die in mass stranding
  215. Malaysia clerics issue yoga fatwa
  216. Mark Webber seriously injured in cycling accident
  217. Strewth! Australia drops cricket from citizenship test
  218. International School Bangkok graduate teams up with new US president
  219. Somali Piracy (again)
  220. U.S. Stocks Rally as Obama Picks Tim Geithner to Head Treasury
  221. Florida guy commits suicide online for forum
  222. Australia Perth - Man 'had sex with girl in Perth, mum made video'
  223. US influence to decline
  224. American Moonbat Pilot Pissed Again
  225. Aussie Dick in Jar Weirdo Caught
  226. England - Prostitute users face clampdown
  227. Al-Qaida No. 2 insults Obama in new audio message
  228. India 'sinks Somali pirate ship'
  229. [UK] BNP Far-Right Group Membership List Leaked
  230. Australia Perth - Sex with girl, 10, was consensual, says accused man
  231. Kangaroo genes close to humans
  232. Burundi - Albino girl killed for body parts
  233. France - man tricked into marriage by non virgin
  234. The world has never seen such freezing heat
  235. Colorado - Missing Marine Found 2 Years After Disappearance
  236. Somali pirates seize supertanker loaded with crude
  237. Australia Sex Party to start in Melbourne
  238. Australia - Volunteer Firefighter arrested over 13 fires
  239. Tsunami Warning!!!!!
  240. England - Young sailor starts world voyage
  241. Man stabbed at music awards show to combat knife crime
  242. Florida Police getting blow jobs whilst on duty
  243. British travellers could be banned from flying to America
  244. Australia Queensland - Police confirm human remains found in crocodile is Arthur Book
  245. Australia - Sex trade theory in case of dead pair
  246. Russia and EU attempt to outflank US on G20 global finance revolution
  247. Paraguay - Legal battle over forest is victory for Paraguayan Indians
  248. Inmate escapes German jail in box
  249. California ordered to prepare for sea-level rise
  250. Girls fall to death in China fire