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  1. EU bans old-fashioned light bulbs
  2. U.S. Pedophiles Nabbed in Cambodia Sex-Tourist Sting
  3. Latin Americans ditch 'war on drugs'
  4. Worlds Steepest roller Coaster
  5. Simon dee dies from bone cancer
  6. Hubbys penis set on fire by wifey
  7. Penile cancer link to HPV
  8. Swiss Cows in Suicide Cult Shock
  9. Legal case against God dismissed
  10. Proposed US Senate Bill; Emergency Internet Control Bill
  11. Chile: A (H1 N1) Found in Poultry
  12. Monsanto's Mafia Intimidates Scientist
  13. China enters U.K.
  14. Camel Cull in Aussie.
  15. Australia defends 'discriminatory' Aboriginal plan
  16. We are all doomed! Again/
  17. Porno Fruits go Bonking Mad on Sweetie Wrappers
  18. Mumbai - Indian arrested over 'six wives'
  19. Police: Calif. Girl Kidnapped in 1991 Found
  20. Australia discovers new dinosaur
  21. British teenager becomes youngest person to sail round the world solo
  22. British Steam Car World Record Success!
  23. Smile and don't be killjoys.
  24. Kidnapped British soldier escapes
  25. U.K. population passes 61 million
  26. Don't tell the BiB.They will be doing this next!
  27. Trapped under the sea in 30 deg heat.
  28. 'Exploding' iPhones investigated
  29. Gas leak closes part of the M25
  30. New Zealand - Kiwi roasted pet dog
  31. Frenchman 'Kills & flees from Somali captors'
  32. Loch Ness Monster--on Google Earth. Daily Mail U.K.
  33. Most China transplants from prisoners: state media
  34. Just Announced: Sen. Ted Kennedy Dead
  35. If This Wasn't Predictable Then I Don't Know What Is!
  36. Iranian to be stoned to death.
  37. The Nanny State,not U.K. this time.
  38. Bangladesh - Acid atacks - shocking
  39. Thousands of Brits arrested abroad
  40. China flexing muscles.
  41. Skank blogger to sue after identity revealed by google
  42. Mayor underwear thief caught on CCTV
  43. Teenage lottery winner. broke at 22
  44. NZealand PM faces revolt on child smacking law
  45. Loch Ness Monster Retires to Florida
  46. USA - Plane strikes 3 vehicles on California highway
  47. Aussie town dumps Japan sister city over dolphins
  48. Australian police seek help as man glued to toilet
  49. China - Trials due over Xinjiang riots
  50. Indonesia thieves loot tiger body
  51. Sex with twin
  52. Boys Try To Set Alight Girl Cancer Victim
  53. Berusconi 'suffering' from sex addiction.
  54. USA:Mercury in EVERY Fish Tested From Hundreds of Streams, Rivers
  55. Tourists warned over fake goods
  56. Australians 'need more seasons'
  57. U.K.Police cannot be trusted,say magistrates
  58. The Scales of Justice
  59. John Yettaw: I would do it again.
  60. Too many pies???
  61. Burqini Banned In Italian Town
  62. Scots to Release Lockerbie Terrorist
  63. Gang Set Tourist's Hair On Fire On Train
  64. Scottish Druggie Scum Murders Baby
  65. Sympathetic Aussies: Road victim's family sent bill for guard rail
  66. Judge who let murderer die finds herself on trial
  67. Factory Farming Practices Breeding Super Pathogens
  68. Afghan Women Shut-Out of Election
  69. Afghan Women Shut Out of Election
  70. Canada - Chopping Zombies Heads off is our only hope for survival
  71. Britons 'admit claims' in Brazil
  72. US banknotes show cocaine traces
  73. US man 'stole 130m card numbers'
  74. New Zealand - 'Dumb' Kiwi thief leaves his name
  75. Plain Stupid - Girl, 10, Fined $50 For Lemonade Stand At NY Park
  76. Swimmers are told to wear burkinis
  77. Hijacking with a thriller twist.
  78. Nepal Flocks to View 8 Limbed Baby
  79. allows husbands to deny wives food if they fail to obey sexual demands
  80. Venice for one cent a room error
  81. 'Ransom demand' for missing ship
  82. French minister urges burka ban
  83. The liberal grauniad claims Fifth of Britons unknowingly aid child trafficking
  84. Les Paul, father of the electric guitar, dies aged 94
  85. France - Corsica teen 'kills four at home'
  86. Aussie "Chopper Read" Crook
  87. Australians to start shooting camels
  88. Police investigate Perth jewellery theft
  89. Black Girl to White Women!
  90. Paraguay baby loses fight to live
  91. London - Jewellers raid nets 40m of items
  92. Suu KYI convicted
  93. US to target 'Afghan drug lords'
  94. England - Too Unfit to Shag
  95. England - Gang uses snake in street attack
  96. Malaysian Doctors find resistant H1N1. Also madness
  97. Bangladesh targets snake charmers
  98. Saudi princess robbed in Sardinia $16,000,000
  99. A fifth of European Union will be Musllim.
  100. Nine killed in helicopter, plane collision over NY
  101. Italy - 'Roman emperor's villa' unearthed
  102. Banana Theft Trial Costs Taxpayer 20,000
  103. Paraguay - 'Dead' baby wakes before funeral
  104. UK state pension age 'could hit 70'
  105. Kenya - Man offers Goats & Cows for Bill Clintons Daughter
  106. 'Robo-cop' dies of drug overdose.
  107. BBC's Jonathan Head Moves To Turkey
  108. Grieving mother fined 86 by crematorium
  109. 'Hero' Greek woman sets fire to drunken Briton's genitals
  110. England - Clever rooks repeat ancient fable
  111. Poland - Dog lard sale probed
  112. Hackers hit Twitter and Facebook
  113. England - Train robber Biggs wins freedom
  114. Saudi pays stiff price for sex toy.
  115. Gunman at Pa. health club was bitter over women
  116. What the hell????
  117. China Nanning - Rehab staff 'killed web addict'
  118. Zambia reporter in 'porn' trial
  119. Philanderer suffers superglued penis
  120. Three shot dead by US gym gunman
  121. US journalists released from North Korea head home
  122. Aussies urged to eat Camels
  123. Big Brother Really is Coming to Britain
  124. Haggis first recorded as an English dish: historian
  125. Terrorism arrives in Australia.
  126. American hero gets fired
  127. Plague outbreak in China
  128. Christians burned alive in Pakistan
  129. Mongolia - Hidden Gobi Desert relics found
  130. Scotland - Smoker to maroon himself on island to help quit smoking
  131. Praying man let his daughter die
  132. Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit,...
  133. 'Fake UK sites' trick consumers
  134. $675K fine for student's music downloading, $22,500 per track!
  135. Fuzzy's warm & fuzzy animal news story.
  136. British hacker to be extradited
  137. Football legend Robson dies at 76
  138. I.D. Cards--the way ahead!
  139. USA - Baby cut from dead mother found alive
  140. Stripper 'said incident was just a joke'
  141. Police Officer suspended after jungle monkey
  142. Australia firm on gay marriage ban: PM
  143. ETA to target tourists
  144. UK urged to reveal 'torture' file
  145. Britain Enters the Space Race
  146. Secret Labour tax on having a patio:
  147. Palestinian Terrorists Take Offence, Threaten Bruno
  148. Australia Brisbane - Prisoner gets supervised sex in plea deal
  149. Australia - Richard Marshall 'too ill' to face buggery charges
  150. USA Mother killed baby because 'the devil told her to'
  151. New Zealand - Playful dolphin strands NZ woman
  152. Lumley meeting Gurkhas in Nepal
  153. Dozens missing in China landslide
  154. Chinese hack film festival site
  155. Girl shot by four-year-old brother (US)
  156. New Zealand & Australia Get Closer
  157. Ireland : Walk to highlight plight of Burmese
  158. Pilots recreate Channel crossing
  159. Outcry over disowned US rape girl
  160. Poor Iranian Pilots, dropping like flies
  161. England - Lottery fraudster to pay 15,000
  162. India - New lizard species found
  163. Nepal probes elephant 'attacks'
  164. African Albinos Slaughtered for Voodoo Medicine
  165. US corruption probe nets dozens
  166. Religion of peace at it again
  167. Ain't them Aussies Crazy Bastards
  168. Bin Laden's Son Believed Dead
  169. India 'virgin test' claim dropped
  170. Bangladesh rare leopard cub found
  171. Glasgow 'invented' Tikka Masala
  172. Female pensioner 65 murders mexican twin brother midget wrestlers before robbing them
  173. High Society USA - In The Rat House
  174. Is Myanmar moving toward nuclear status?
  175. Pupils laugh too loudly.
  176. Autobahn Crash
  177. 'Fear Mongering' at its best
  178. Australia - Man set alight after being hit with Taser
  179. Alarming Africa male gay HIV rate
  180. Lessons for Karachi sex workers
  181. Australia - Penguin deaths prompt sniper aid
  182. New escalation in Mexico drug war
  183. Turkey smoke ban extends to bars
  184. Stupid UK backpacker almost dies in Aus
  185. Five Bludgeoned To Death In Sydney Home
  186. Huge blob of Arctic goo floats past Slope communities
  187. World's Oldest Man Dies
  188. San Diego menaced by jumbo squid
  189. Poor Americans having to dig graves for their dead children
  190. Florida - Hunting & Killing of Pythons Begins
  191. Cornwall - Jogger injured in buzzard attack
  192. Diego Garcia : Their Island, Our Shame
  193. Jakarta Bomb Blasts
  194. Nasa restores moon landing film
  195. France - Madonna stage accident kills two
  196. Egypt - Tourists die in bus crash
  197. Pakistan - Man must choose between selling kidney or child
  198. US Evangelist ' marries ' under aged girls
  199. Chinese fvck up on ore tactics
  200. World's oldest penis discovered.
  201. South Carolina - Funeral Home That Cut Tall Man's Legs To Close
  202. New York - 5,000-pound shark washes ashore on Long Island
  203. Major quake strikes off New Zealand
  204. 'Many dead' in Iranian air crash
  205. Australia - Missing British backpacker is found alive
  206. Missing UK backpacker is found alive in Australia
  207. England - 'Care insurance' planned for old
  208. 'E-Rockit' A Transport Revolution?
  209. Senior teaches yob a lesson
  210. Bull gores man to death in Spain
  211. Aussies are toO violent to be allowed Knives and guns.
  212. Ain't them Canucks Fun Fxxkers
  213. England - Woman held for noisy sex 'breach'
  214. Metro bridge collapses in Delhi
  215. Papua - Australian Murdered at Freeport Mine
  216. Pet Airways
  217. UK teacher charged over pupil attack.
  218. Jailed for spreading hatred on the internet
  219. U.K. taxi driver decapitates himself
  220. 'Pupil murder bid' teacher held
  221. Australia town bans bottled water
  222. Row over climbing at Ayers Rock
  223. US worker dies in chocolate vat
  224. Indian toxic alcohol kills many
  225. London - Sex on duty officer spared jail
  226. Star bear Knut to stay in Berlin
  227. Cost of new UK passports to increase
  228. A ship full of shit
  229. Scotland - Man dies in quad bike cliff fall
  230. Bolivia raids 'huge cocaine lab'
  231. Queer loggers for Jesus Protest
  232. ABC website tells kids when they should die
  233. Religion of peace is training kids for suicide bombers
  234. Costa Rica tops list of 'happiest' nations
  235. New Zealand teen sells nude pictures of mum online
  236. Boy 'threatens Port Macquarie police with molotov cocktail'
  237. Chimps' break for lunch forces public from zoo
  238. England - 'Steepest' rollercoaster to open
  239. Australia probes navy 'sex game'
  240. Blinded Man Regains Sight With Tooth For Eye
  241. Woman has baby in a Porta-Potty
  242. UN Worst Case Global Warming Scenarios Realized
  243. Exxon/Mobil Funding Erred Anti-Global Warming Reports
  244. who is looking for a classy kiwi wife?
  245. Microsoft pulls IE8 OMGIGP vomit ad
  246. 'Iran trial' for UK embassy staff
  247. Even short people can have some fun
  248. New dinosaurs found in Australia
  249. Air New Zealand cabin crew strip off for safety video
  250. Israel to raise foot shot charges