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  1. British man held hostage in Iraq since 2007 released alive
  2. Alcohol substitute that avoids drunkenness and hangovers in development
  3. Condoms 'too big' for Indian men
  4. China builds carparks with bigger spaces for women
  5. Somali pirates capture UK tanker
  6. Escaped criminal taunts police on Facebook as he enjoys Christmas on the run
  7. Iran : Police Are Said to Have Killed 10 in Protests
  8. Arabs to get Nuclear Reactor.
  9. tighter checks on flights
  10. Randy old Indian gets busted
  11. Last Kon-Tiki raft crewman Knut Haugland dies
  12. Mugabe 'forward thinking' compared to Aussie MPs
  13. HIV discoverer Luc Montagnier says HIV no threat to healthy people
  14. Muay Thai World Champion Shot Dead in Moscow Contract Killing
  15. Woman Straddles Pope
  16. Man Attempts to Set Off Explosives on Northwest Airlines Plane
  17. Pope in Training for Vatican First XV Spring Tour
  18. Police car snow-balled in U.K.
  19. Peru passengers die as bus plunges down ravine
  20. London - Diners sign Christmas pud waiver
  21. Racist Laptop? HP camera 'can't see' black faces
  22. HIV no longer grounds for denial of visas to USA. Ban remains in Libya, China, Sudan
  23. Man dressed as Santa robs bank
  24. Man stabbed to death in snowball fight
  25. Jellyfish Infestations Ill Portent?
  26. Where Is The Sense In This
  27. Swedish Christmas straw goat burnt
  28. New Zealand policewoman allows naked cycling - with helmet
  29. Court in Lahore rules men's noses, ears be cut off
  30. English Premier League manager visits Brothel
  31. A340-600 - do read the manual!
  32. 8 Russian circus tigers die during Siberian journey
  33. Last Indochinese tiger eaten in China? Man sentenced to 10 years jail
  34. Prince William sleeps rough for a night
  35. Girl sold in open auction
  36. Oh dear! A U.K. invention after all !
  37. Briton faces execution in China
  38. Militants hack into US warplane/drone videos
  39. Large Blaze At Guinness Factory
  40. Police hunt bottom sniffer
  41. Queen's private papers over crumbling palaces to be published
  42. The crumbling state of Buckingham Palace
  43. Volcano wakes up in Central Luzon
  44. Jews harvest organs.
  45. Another 'victim' takes home the bacon
  46. Nigeria Lorry Crash Kills up to 100
  47. British Army to get new uniforms – turned down by the US and made in China
  48. Lockerbie bomber's health deteriorates. :)
  49. Faith, fiction, fantasy or fokin nonsense?
  50. 'Iranian cyber army' hits Twitter
  51. Eurostar cancels Chunnel trains after 2,500 trapped
  52. So what's new, then!
  53. Tiger follows after his fathers tangled love life
  54. British Justice at it's best
  55. The Million Pound Man
  56. Thailand... Perv paradise
  57. Atomic Test Land Returned To Aborigines
  58. Here we go again ???
  59. Auschwitz death camp sign stolen
  60. US pensions go bust, gold crashes, China flops, Bunds soar, predicts Saxo
  61. Exodus ' is a price worth paying'
  62. Australia - 'They wanted it, pack rape accused said'
  63. Australia Sydney - Man charged after spray-painted pigeons put down
  64. Bernanke Time's Man of the Year
  65. UK Northumberland - National Trust saves stately home
  66. Gynaecologist gets lucky ?
  67. Long Live Queen Elizabeth, A Truly Royal Royal
  68. Uk Honour Killing .. Father Convicted
  69. Muslim academics and students are turning against Darwin's theory
  70. Fifty needles found in Brazilian boy
  71. New Zealand driver distracted by breasts
  72. Husband forgives wife for trying to kill him after plying him with sex drug
  73. Christmas gifts galore
  74. Brothers living in cave to inherit billions from lost grandmother
  75. Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones
  76. Boeing 787
  77. Australia blocks the net.
  78. Qantas screws its frequent fliers.
  79. Cleaners more valuable than bankers
  80. Woman's life made 'unbearable' by insatiable libido
  81. Inconvenient truth for Al Gore as his North Pole sums don't add up
  82. BA crews vote for xmas strike
  83. Berlusconi hit in the face with a model of Milan's cathedral
  84. How bankers destroy £7 for every £1 they create
  85. The Telegraph: Decries “attempts to integrate Muslim children” into British society
  86. Russian skydivers killed in air crash near Chelyabinsk
  87. Schoolboy, 12, suspended for 'crisp dealing
  88. Man pictured sitting on a dead whale in the middle of shark feeding frenzy
  89. Grave robbers steal former Cyprus president's corpse
  90. North Korea's capital has secret tunnels - defector
  91. Chinese car market overtakes that of United States
  92. Obama Warns Dictators of 'Consequences'
  93. Air France plane plunges at same spot as doomed plane
  94. Christian mauled by tigers
  95. Thomas the Tank Engine attacked
  96. Spiralling sky light baffles experts
  97. Hold The Front Page, Welshman Kills Kitten
  98. Saudi TV presenters break new ground by wearing niqab
  99. Tigers maul trainer at German zoo
  100. Christian hoteliers cleared in Muslim woman abuse row
  101. Irish braced for tough austerity Budget
  102. Student killed by exploding chewing gum
  103. This decade 'warmest on record'
  104. The new german health minister
  105. Anwar and Rudd
  106. Brussels gives CIA the power to search UK bank records
  107. Germany - Ancient site reveals signs of mass cannibalism
  108. How sick is this Kiwi coont???
  109. Pay cut for two million Britons causes collapse in tax revenue
  110. NATO allies pledge 7,000 more troops
  111. Another 10-year-old Tased
  112. Arming Goldman With Pistols Against Public
  113. Stupid Asian man Blows $127 Million in Casino
  114. Russian nightclub blast kills 101; guess they didnt learn from Thailand's experience
  115. Diver stung by deadly Irukandji jellyfish
  116. Dam Busters star Richard Todd dies aged 90
  117. UK - UFO investigations unit closed by Ministry of Defence
  118. Bailing out the banks cost £5,500 per family(300000bht) U.K.
  119. Italian Police Force make an OOPS!
  120. Scam shopping websites colsed down
  121. Bin Laden refused a UK VISA
  122. Bhopal Gas Tragedy 25th Anniversary
  123. At midnight last night, the United Kingdom ceased to be a sovereign state
  124. Somali Pirates set up stock exchange
  125. Australia : NZ imports 'unskilled and here to stay'
  126. Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken
  127. Former Miss Argentina dies 'for firmer ass'
  128. Bangladesh men jailed for beating crocodile
  129. Somali pirates capture huge tanker taking oil to US
  130. Sudan: Girl Lashed 50 Times Over a Skirt
  131. Hong Kong Facebook 'suicide' group investigated
  132. President signs off on castration law
  133. Man with sexual fetish jailed
  134. Dubai hit by financial meltdown
  135. Man mauled after trying to have picnic with bear in Swiss zoo
  136. Australian outback town invaded.
  137. Bugger
  138. Bacteria from Mars found inside ancient meteorite
  139. Record number of people leaving Britain
  140. Australia : Farting pig sparks gas leak emergency
  141. Security Breached at the White House
  142. Terrorism Thats Personal
  143. Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?
  144. 9/11 Tragedy Pager Messages Released
  145. A thread For News From Your Hometown
  146. If you thought the LM laws were bizarre....
  147. US-British Dialogue In Iraq Was 'Alien'
  148. Boy, 14, wants sex change
  149. Man conscious for entire 23 year coma.
  150. Hackers Expose Global Warming Sham!
  151. Scorched state awaits winds of change : Sydney airport 42.5 degrees
  152. Watch out Ginger...........
  153. Australia - Dominoes, mahjong tiles hide $1m in heroin
  154. A kid with style. Serious style....
  155. Peruvians murder fat people. Sell their fat at $15k p/l.
  156. Tamiflu-resistant swine flu spreads 'between patients'
  157. M. Scumacher to drive for Mercedes ?
  158. Man who killed wife in sleep walks free.
  159. Cuba offers free penis implants. A silver cock ?
  160. Teen Confesses To Molesting Sister, Dad Executes Him
  161. Find Mr Marmite
  162. Transsexual linked to Italy's sex scandal 'found dead'
  163. human fat for cosmetics in Peru
  164. Button joins Hamilton at McLaren
  165. Taser gun used on 10-year-old girl who 'refused to take shower
  166. Women organize paedo ring.
  167. What a beautiful thought!
  168. Plastic chemicals 'feminise boys'
  169. Row As Labour Candidate Calls Queen 'Vermin'
  170. Nice Little Investment Opportunity
  171. This world gets sicker and sicker
  172. French Bank Robber Surrenders!
  173. Another pervert goes down
  174. Edward Woodward has died
  175. Last Ice Age took just SIX months to arrive
  176. Why boys are turning into girls
  177. Arrest in serial sex attack probe
  178. we are all Doomed --climate change action stalled
  179. Spanish region takes hands-on approach to sex education
  180. Most of French Bank Heist Loot Recovered
  181. Obama Urges Congress to Delay Fort Hood Investigation
  182. In the name of God, again.
  183. Giant iceberg spotted off Australia
  184. Man carved up and eaten by tramps
  185. ELP to reform
  186. Hitler...wasn't He A Soccer Coach?
  187. Marmite introduces extra strong version
  188. Man drives $2.5m supercar into lake
  189. UK Wife posed as girl in online trap
  190. Wife catches out pervert hubby
  191. Police officers get 93-page guide ... on how to ride a bike
  192. Another fine UK sentence for serial child rapist.
  193. China 'running illegal prisons'
  194. Royals Hit By Violent Protests
  195. Chimp Attack Victim Unveils Horrific Injuries
  196. Brits among the 'ugliest people in the world
  197. brothel madam found guilty
  198. $400 per gallon gas
  199. The DC Sniper Has Been Executed
  200. New warning on 'perfect vaginas'
  201. US: HIV Traveler Entry Ban Finally Lifted
  202. It's good to be king...
  203. Koalas 'could face extinction'
  204. Kraft bids 17 billion for Cadburys
  205. UK Court hears couple's sex sessions
  206. New cocks available soon
  207. Korean navies clash
  208. Every phone call, email and internet click stored by 'state spying' databases
  209. Mother fears she has been 'criminalised
  210. Bank Security Van Guard On Run With £10m
  211. UK tourist shot dead in Texas bar
  212. British pair win record-breaking share of £91m EuroMillions jackpot
  213. Somali adulterer stoned to death
  214. Another US shooting spree
  215. Voyeur gets 2.5 years for peeping
  216. Mouthy Maori
  217. HOG heaven revs up
  218. Army officer Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan opens fire at Fort Hood, killing 12
  219. Shooting at Fort Hood Army base
  220. World's most advanced sex doll.
  221. Melbourne - 3 men who raped 2 men feared flight risk
  222. Florida - Inmates come to guard's aid in jail attack
  223. CIA agents guilty of Italy kidnap
  224. Brazil man appears at own funeral
  225. Is Mark Thatcher a merc?
  226. US drones hunting for Somali pirates
  227. UK - Gary Glitter to be 'hanged'
  228. Doctor builds himself the perfect woman
  229. Bear kills militants in Kashmir
  230. Australia - Pair jailed over Thai sex slave
  231. Vietnam floods leave dozens dead
  232. Wife 28 bludgeoned husband 76 to death.
  233. Millions worldwide would like to switch countries
  234. Saudi Arabia - Paedophile to be beheaded
  235. The monster that is devouring us
  236. Ukraine: pneumonic plague epidemic?
  237. All active ethics probes focus on black lawmakers
  238. Battle over face veil brewing in Egypt
  239. Bomb disposal expert killed in Afghanistan was on last day of tour.
  240. Ford Reports Surprise $1 Billion 3Q Profit
  241. MPs' expenses: David Wilshire compares treatment of politicians to Jews in Nazi Germa
  242. Thailand is corrupt.
  243. Bulgaria : Girl, 11, gives birth on wedding day
  244. RANDOM thugs attack every 30 seconds.
  245. Colorado - Police quash nude pumpkin run
  246. Sandra Bullock says selfish is good
  247. Six bodies at US rapist's house
  248. Sri Lanka - Crowd watch as police 'beat man to death'
  249. Britain pays child benefit for more than 50,000 children living abroad
  250. Top UK anti-drugs adviser sacked