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  1. Teenage widow 'was Moscow metro bomber' - police
  2. U.S: to detain terrorist suspects Without trial indefinitely: Bill before Senate
  3. Atheists are believers who hate God, says Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen
  4. Shame in Spain!
  5. girl, six, physically and sexually abused by 23 classmates
  6. Teenage girl 'sold her seven-year-old stepsister for sex at U.S. party'
  7. 3 charged in D.C. shootings; police seek fourth suspect
  8. Italian UAV display team
  9. Brisbane: Paroled after assaulting police and then telling them he had AIDS
  10. Prince William of the UK & Australia tries to return Aboriginal warriors skull
  11. Smart Tramp
  12. Italy - Hospital ordered to pay $260,000 after removing man's single healthy testicle
  13. Australians are basically English rednecks
  14. Online sex shop a hit with Muslims
  15. Blast from the past !
  16. Lovelock: 'We can't save the planet'
  17. Queensland coroner tells police not to chase drunk drivers
  18. Need to move a dumped mattress
  19. Pupils 'frogmarched by teachers to have fingerprints taken' so they could eat in cant
  20. Paris robbers dig their way into bank
  21. Restaurant charges 'thongage'
  22. Australia: Perks could be better, say asylum-seekers
  23. African father in the UK films chidren saying 'goodbye mummy' before he kills tham
  24. Tycoon sues 'Pretty Woman' prostitute for £60,000
  25. African rapist allowed to stay in the uk to marry his African girlfriend
  26. Pet shop owner who sold goldfish to boy hauled before court
  27. Italy Quite likely to be destroyed by volcano
  28. Indonesia - Man chops off his penis and chucks it down a well
  29. UK - Sex change killer to wed lesbian murderer
  30. Cigarettes may contain pigs blood
  31. Superman sells for $2.1m
  32. More stars in Universe than thought
  33. Ricky Martin is gay
  34. Bizarre claim that smoking is healthy
  35. Chinese company buys Volvo for $1.8bn
  36. UK: Poodle No More!
  37. 'Many Dead' In Moscow Metro Blasts
  38. Australia Queensland - Woman conned in Nigerian scam to get money back
  39. Australia NSW - Man 'fires arrow at elderly woman' & stabs man
  40. North Carolina - Severe storms, tornadoes lash Southeast
  41. Iceland Bans Strip Clubs
  42. Volunteers start new search for body of Keith Bennett
  43. Mark Webber takes swipe at Australian nanny state
  44. Switzerland casino is robbed by armed gang
  45. Cops Hunt Paedophile: Do You Know This Man?
  46. New Zealand - Violent Drunken Brits filling up the jails
  47. Australia - Sex mad Brit backpackers spreading diseases (STD's)
  48. Most beer sold as Heineken in Amsterdam is Fake
  49. Indians ban meat eating in Australia
  50. Dutch coffee shop fined 10m euros for breaking drug law
  51. UK - Historic sex toys sold for £3,600 at Essex auction
  52. Aussie Pensioners Shafted
  53. French firm will kidnap paying thrill-seekers
  54. Oregon - 2nd world war plane found
  55. Norwegians' NZ hunting video - shooting protected wildlife
  56. 20 killed in twin blasts north of Baghdad
  57. Sydney - Female groper stealing old mens money
  58. Uganda mourners at Buganda tombs in deadly crush
  59. Kentucky - Eleven dead in US highway crash
  60. Text messaging electronic underpants rolled out
  61. Rise in mouth cancer may be due to sexually transmitted infection
  62. Budget 2010: Interest bill on UK government debt set to soar
  63. Pupils suffer panic attacks after school stages fake shooting of RE teacher in playg
  64. Philadelphia - Jury returns split verdict in sex-for-tickets case
  65. Ohio - Fallen money bag sparks cash grab
  66. Fly-in sex workers: Businesswoman exploits hole in market
  67. Connecticut - Bank robbery suspect calls ahead with demand for cash
  68. Tasmanian man backs out of 3some & beats up girlfriend
  69. Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast Implants to Crash Planes, Experts Warn
  70. Actor Dennis Hopper 'is terminally ill'
  71. Bob Irwin, out of hospital, condemning Tourism Australia's treatment of kangaroo
  72. Utah - Fossil shows dinosaur caught in collapsing sand dune
  73. States Sue Over Overhaul That Will Bust State Budgets (Update2)
  74. France ditches carbon tax as social protests mount
  75. Teachers leave boy, 5, stranded in tree
  76. German pensioners kidnap financial advisor
  77. World's hottest chilli to become India's secret weapon against terrorism
  78. UK Airport Scanner Abuse Starts, "Lovely Tits"
  79. well i would never had thought it...
  80. UK - Trees chopped to stop "Dogging" (Pervert Sex)
  81. Texas Pasadena - Orchids being kidnapped
  82. Red Arrows pilot in hospital after mid-air crash
  83. Google spots holes in Australian government's internet filter plans
  84. SS killer Heinrich Boere finally jailed at 88
  85. US thieves sentenced after boasting on TV show
  86. 'Australian terror suspect' escapes from Kenya police
  87. Russian roulette shock as wedding guest shoots himself in party trick gone wrong
  88. Suicide voyeur nurse who 'encouraged people to kill themselves online'
  89. UK Police investigate woman for not allowing homosexual sex in her bed
  90. Australia - British Backpackers Scavenge Bins For Food
  91. South Carolina - Meth Lab Catches Fire, Burns Man
  92. Michigan - Donation Jar Thief Returns Money
  93. Voice Of Boxing Harry Carpenter Dies Aged 84
  94. Budget 2010: Tax has doubled under Labour
  95. Philadelphia-15 children wanted over savage playground game 'Catch and Wreck'
  96. Class action by up to 95,000
  97. Phoenix Arizona - 2 women attacked by bees
  98. Australia - Steve Irwin Speaks from the grave,"where's my socks"
  99. UK - Huntley's throat slashed in jail
  100. Boat made of plastic bottles sets sail across Pacific
  101. Volcano Erupts Suddenly in Iceland. Homes evacuated.
  102. China sandstorm leaves Beijing shrouded in orange dust
  103. prove you are not a pedophile before you get a job in the UK
  104. US general: Gay Dutch soldiers caused Srebrenica massacre
  105. Breaking news - Roo fight a knockout for lunchtime legend
  106. Saudi - TV presenter gets death sentence for 'sorcery'
  107. Teesside mother not told of sex offender's past
  108. Gay Dutch soldiers responsible for Srebrenica massacre says US general
  109. High school girls take off long pants in protest
  110. Leprechaun robbers' killed in US
  111. Bernard Madoff 'beaten up in jail'
  112. Truck driver caught on film with car stuck to bumper at 60mph
  113. Australia : New counterterror laws enter parliament
  114. Curry house owner foils burglary... and then HE'S thrown in cell when yobs complain
  115. Police arrest man for allegedly urinating on women
  116. Euro-Zone Expulsion Should Be an Option
  117. UK - EVIL Northerner sets fire to bunny rabbit
  118. UK - Boss would rather hire paedophiles than former soldiers
  119. Germany - Upside-down house 'a crazy experience'
  120. Britain Paranoia reigns....
  121. Uganda's Kasubi royal tombs gutted by fire
  122. Antarctic supply ship has to sail back after refuelling hose left behind - OOPS!
  123. Video of Horse Flying !!
  124. Man assaulted female police officer with penis
  125. Jogger Killed By Plane
  126. Italy - The world's shortest man, He Pingping, dies aged 21
  127. U.S. at war with Mexico? they should be.
  128. Teacher Paid Off Parents Of 4 Yr. Old Boy He Abused
  129. Sydney Morning Herald - The tar, the strippers and the $3000 tab
  130. Giving Afghans (and More) a Vote in Britain's Election
  131. Blind man sees with his tongue
  132. Mission: Impossible's Peter Graves dies in LA aged 83
  133. Dubai Brits Jailed For Kissing On Cheek
  134. Bikers pay tribute to soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  135. South Asian 'slave brides' causing concern in UK
  136. Adventurer finishes solo row across Tasman
  137. Sweet-toothed toddler climbs INSIDE lolly machine to grab sweets... and gets trapped
  138. No job unless you're Polish U.K.
  139. Mr Shuffles
  140. Pope Now Directly Linked to Pedophile Cover-Ups
  141. Bulger Mother's Fury Over Adviser's 'Insult'
  142. USA:Utah GOP Leader Resigns Over Nude Hot Tub Romp w Minor, 25 Years AGO !
  143. Alaska wolves 'killed' US teacher out jogging
  144. China calls US hypocrite over human rights
  145. Cops sniff ISI role in human trafficking
  146. 50 Scandinavian Men Found Murdered and Decapitaded in Southern England
  147. The poignant moment Tom Hanks comforted overcome war veterans
  148. Rove 'proud' of US waterboarding terror suspects
  149. Eleven rare Siberian tigers die at Chinese zoo
  150. USA; Coca-Cola Sued for Murdering Guatemalan Unionist
  151. Australia placed on censorship watch list
  152. Bank of America sued for seizing parrot
  153. Parents Angry Over CCTV In School Toilets
  154. Chinese Woman grows horns
  155. Australia - Panda poo for sale? What an excrement idea
  156. For nervous fliers.
  157. China - Cat and Dog Meat to be banned
  158. Earthquake hits off Hawaii's coast (Non Event)
  159. Ship-breaking
  160. Ireland: 7 Muslim Extremists Arrested in Cartoonist's 2006 Death Threats
  161. Pope's Bro Linked to Latest Pedophile Scandal ?
  162. China to Develop "Combustible Ice" Clean Energy
  163. Australia : Warnings fail to stop Bali surge
  164. Californians Use 1M Pounds Of Pot Per Year
  165. Winnie Mandela acuses husband (Nelson) of selling out to the whites.
  166. Bali bomber mastermind Dulmatin 'killed in shoot-out'
  167. 200mph 'Orient Express' could get passengers from London to Beijing
  168. Connecticut - American Indian tribe names first female chief in 300 years
  169. Florida - Pedophile gets 20 years in US for exploiting Pinay girls
  170. California - Police Say Bones of 14-Year-Old Girl Found
  171. China herdsmen jailed for killing snow leopard
  172. Eleven killed in Pakistan's Lahore city blast
  173. USA Alaska - Glacier melting a key clue to tracking climate change
  174. Female campaigner for gipsy rights 'ran £2.6m benefit scam for Romanians'
  175. N Korea to Abandon Disarmament Over U.S. Military Exercises:
  176. Lobster fisherman drowns when boat hit by freak wave
  177. Birmingham jail inmates given unemployment pay
  178. President Of Iran - Sept. 11 attacks a 'big lie'
  179. Man charged over Gurshan's death
  180. Aruba prosecutor: TV confession in Holloway case 'not true'
  181. Robbers raid Berlin hotel poker tournament
  182. 'Extinct' frog found in Australia
  183. 2 NYC officers charged in $1 million perfume heist
  184. US festival cancels boxing roo act
  185. Sea Shepperd Publicity . . . More is better and Bob Brown is a Moron
  186. PICTURE: Germany's first Heron UAV emerges
  187. USA:Anti-Gay State Senator Busted for DUI Leaving Gay Bar
  188. Arctic; Unprecedented Methane Gas Release Speeds Warming
  189. USA: ALL Freshwater Fish Tested are Positive for Mercury
  190. Police investigate Indian temple stampede
  191. Topless snow statue to be covered up
  192. Holland - 'Fake pilot' arrested moments before take-off
  193. USA - Multiple deaths in Phoenix bus crash
  194. Vid: Whole Foods "Organic" Made in China, Uh Oh!
  195. Pakistan: 1 in 3 Deaths by US "Drone" Civillian
  196. Iraq: Birth Defects Epidemic in Fallujah ( BBC )
  197. USA: Gunman Opens up on Pentagon Subway Stop
  198. Congressional wisdom?
  199. Humans to blame for climate change - scientists
  200. Killer Whale Must Be Stoned To Death Says Usa Religious Group
  201. Convicted Brit Wants Ivf Baby With Thai Girl
  202. Taking your children to work .............................
  203. Most detailed pictures of Earth revealed by Nasa
  204. India navy plane crashes at air show, killing pilots
  205. Two killed as giant waves hit Mediterranean cruise ship
  206. Botnet masterminds arrested by Spanish Police
  207. RIP Michael Foot
  208. This guy should be given a medal for managing to shag these fat slappers :)
  209. Holy man 'runs Delhi vice ring'
  210. Deadly Chile Quake 'Shifted Earth's Axis'
  211. Bulger Killer Venables Is Back Behind Bars
  212. Britain ponders freedom for Yorkshire Ripper
  213. what is it with Brits strangling themselves?
  214. James Bulger murderer Jon Venables returned to prison
  215. Two Russian directors boil to death in sauna
  216. Water ice on moon confirmed
  217. Aussie forced to dig own grave
  218. Aussie Angler grabs 30kg barra in drain
  219. Australia - Man allegedy photographed kids at swimming carnivals
  220. Vancouver Olympics - Canadians Win Hockey Gold; And Say Sorry for New-Found Patriotic
  221. Lottery Winners Give Cleaner A £400K Home
  222. Tory Lord Non-Domiciled for UK Taxation
  223. Naked Aussies at Sydney Opera House includes video
  224. Egypt - Huge head of pharaoh unearthed
  225. California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP Morgan chief
  226. Moderate earthquake jolts Pakistan, Afghanistan
  227. Australia : Tsunami Alert
  228. Chile devastated by major earthquake
  229. Appeals court reinstates US$2mil lawsuit over McDonald's hot sandwich
  230. UN deplores Gaddafi call for anti-Swiss 'jihad'
  231. Japan - Tsunami alert as a quake strikes
  232. Angry Ryanair passenger eats his winning scratchcard
  233. Nigel Farage summoned for tirade against Van Rompuy
  234. Violent French husbands ‘may be tagged’
  235. Dubai Shark Aquarium develops crack
  236. Australia : Habib cleared to sue federal government
  237. US Teacher tackles gunman
  238. Shamu Kills Woman Trainer ~ No Tickets Sold
  239. Unemployed migrants must get benefits -Euro Court says
  240. Foreigners — they didn’t steal our jobs: they created them
  241. Aussie Online masturbating priest 'knew' 13-year-old girl was fantasy
  242. Teen sailor Jessica Watson on home stretch
  243. Aussies tighten visa checks
  244. Pope sounds warning over airport body scans
  245. German man betrayed to police by own pet dog
  246. Four tigers found at suburban Jakarta home
  247. Indian state confiscates 'blasphemous' Jesus textbooks
  248. Scotland - 'World's strongest' beer with 32% strength launched
  249. Brits Thwart Tot Twat Rot w Shop Pop
  250. UK - Bully Cop sobs at Jail death threats