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  1. US presidential nuclear codes 'lost for months'
  2. Rare Earth
  3. Uk Peers Expense Cheats, Victims Of Racism
  4. Crocodile stampede on plane kills 20
  5. Deadly outbreak investigated in earthquake-hit Haiti
  6. Muslim girl 6 banned from school for dacking boy over hijab harassment
  7. Canada : Teen jailed in deadly mugging of Thais
  8. RSF : Press Freedom Index 2010
  9. Lee Aldhouse arrested on Thai extradition warrant.
  10. GBP113 million Lotto "winner" loses ticket
  11. Baroness Margaret Thatcher To Hospital
  12. Saudi Prince Guilty Of Gay Murder In London
  13. French riot police clash with students as petrol stations run dry
  14. US Charity pays UK addict £200 to have a vasectomy
  15. Islam : the best religion for Man
  16. Cross-dressing colonel to be stripped of rank, medals, booted out of Forces
  17. Gentiles only exist to serve Jews says Rabbi
  18. Mountain goat kills US hiker in Olympic National Park
  19. RIP PG chimp. Star of tea adverts dies at 34
  20. Australia branded 'dumb blonde' of the world
  21. Woman dies after becoming human fireball in street
  22. Zambia : Chinese managers of copper mine opened fire
  23. Australia to get it's first Saint Sheila
  24. China / Norway : Murder Suspect’s Release ‘Not Connected’
  25. Merkel... Multiculturalism Has Failed Un Germany
  26. Iran : Accused candy store robber's hand ordered cut off
  27. Italy :Thousands protest bleak labour market
  28. France : Protests attack pension plan
  29. Australian father jailed for murdering his three sons
  30. Fresh claims US is running secret prison in Afghanistan
  31. China : 30 miners are trapped underground
  32. David Cameron's Thai Christmas getaway
  33. Pope Banned Carla Bruni from Vatican
  34. Former husband must pay for wife's career change
  35. Aussie dollar worth more than US dollar
  36. Muslim Cleric "rape Within Marriage Is Impossible
  37. Men jailed for Ben Gardner murder
  38. Mumbai : World's first US$1b home
  39. Sex and Lies in Israel!
  40. Copenhagen : Thaksin Plans Phone-In to European Red Shirt Meeting
  41. US porn industry in crisis after actor tests positive for HIV
  42. Failed TEFLer Kills Parents
  43. US Military Allows Anal Sex
  44. 'Phone thieves' stoned to death by South African mob map Six people face murder char
  45. Chilean Miners getting rescued
  46. Defense begins case in murder trial
  47. Queensland cops: Dont you just love 'em..
  48. More friendly fire
  49. Lazy bloody Northern Monkeys
  50. UAE trying to blackmail Canada
  51. Racist emails: 4 Australian cops sacked
  52. WTF, Don't call them gipsies
  53. Glasgow : Cabbie changes tack with tuk tuk
  54. Che Guevera
  55. China calls US a pig
  56. Colombia police claim anti-drugs success
  57. Benefits culture: Six children and £675 a week
  58. Israel to buy twenty F-35 Fighters
  59. The moment an Israeli motorist runs down a Palestinian boy in East Jerusalem
  60. John Lennon's death, 30th anniversary.
  61. Israeli nutter threatens to kill all on Qantas flight
  62. India angry after TV host mocks Dikshit
  63. Muslim "no - go zones" in US -Islamist program
  64. Saudi prince 'strangled' male servant
  65. Australia : Opp'n demand prosecutions over Taser
  66. Brazilian clown laughs all the way to the legislature
  67. Sir Norman Wisdom dies aged 95
  68. Prisoners to get £12,000 a year
  69. 'German militants' killed in Pakistan drone attack
  70. UK - High earners to lose child benefit
  71. Anti-Semitic? Not me, says Roger Waters
  72. Man cleared of weighing genitals at fruit and veg counter
  73. Iran arrests 'nuclear spies' & Stuxnet
  74. Weightlifter gives birth during training
  75. Southern California : Teenager abused in underage prostitution ring found safe
  76. Midlands dentist awaiting jail sentence
  77. U.N. rights expert’s mandate in Sudan extended despite Arab and African objections
  78. Birmingham Solicitor faces jail
  79. PC equality law which means ANYONE can sue for ANYTHING that offends them
  80. Bin Laden calls for action on climate change
  81. USA: Fed to X Ray Unaware Public
  82. UK Fire Station On FIRE!! Don't panic!!
  83. Ex-policeman who supplied Tasers fired at Raoul Moat siege kills himself
  85. 27 Nato tankers torched in Pakistan
  86. US Gave sex infections to Mentally Ill
  87. Australian wildlife officers on trail of 'whale rider'
  88. Yobs at play!
  89. 1600 tons of Tsar’s Gold found at bottom of Lake Baikal?
  90. Police Apologise For Spying On Muslims
  91. Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online
  92. Ten die in Venezuela prison gang battle
  93. Thousands of Nigerian women 'found in Mali slave camps'
  94. Las Vegas:Tony Curtis Has Died
  95. Tour de France winner tests positive
  96. Nigerian drug smuggler works in NZ as psychiatrist
  97. US man jailed: 23 children with 14 women
  98. Soldiers Charged
  99. Gliese 581g discovered
  100. Hydrogen race balloonists missing in Adriatic storm
  101. Landslide buries 30 in north-western Colombia
  102. Aussie Beauty Contest Mix-Up
  103. China Tells Norway What to Do
  104. U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Arizona Temple Murders
  105. New Zealand conservationists catch up with entangled whale
  106. 'Blood gold'
  107. Owner Of Segway Company Rides Segway Off Cliff And Dies
  108. French MEP Rachida Dati makes oral sex slip-up
  109. Gold is the final refuge against universal currency debasement
  110. Happy birthday, Lord Ganesh
  111. Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots
  112. UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'
  113. Police have shot dead 33 people since 1995
  114. British CIA spy arrested in Afghanistan
  115. California - 8 people shot, 3 stabbed after party
  116. Peruvian mayor blackmailed with father's stolen skull
  117. USA: Deaf Sex Victim Sues Pope
  118. British Labour Party Elects Suit
  119. 'Blackwater' behind false flag terrorist attacks ?
  120. Buddhist kills four members of her family
  121. Plane Bomb suspect released
  122. Saudi Arabia: Domestic Worker Brutalized
  123. India: Prohibit Degrading ‘Test’ for Rape
  124. George Soros to Give $100 million to Human Rights Watch
  125. Put a bag over your head
  126. NZ among world's worst for road fatalities
  127. Cornwall postie jailed: sex abuse though Facebook and Bebo
  128. Row over 'untouchable Indian dog'
  129. Florida robbers strap 'bomb' to bank worker in heist
  130. USA Massive Fish Kill in LA Unbelivable Videopics
  131. Queen's Bid For Poverty Grant Slammed
  132. Only 1% of Brits are gay.
  133. Six men arrested after Koran burnt on 9/11
  134. How Migrants Snatched Our Homes
  135. Global food risk from China-Russia pincer
  136. The burqa mural: should it be painted over?
  137. Woman teacher charged after 'having sex with two pupils'
  138. Brits And Irish 'The Worst Off In Europe'
  139. Mexico Hurricane crocodile escape contained
  140. Jesus was a fraud - The parting of the Red sea
  141. Victim gets molester to confess on camera
  142. US Execution
  143. Sweden : More Thai women in sex trade
  144. Americans are scared and hiding
  145. Hundreds of villagers attack expat's home in Indonesia
  146. UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First
  147. Elderly Man's Neck Broken During Confrontation With Cop
  148. Mouse-eating opossums run amok in Brooklyn
  149. HAMAS destroys luxury water park in Gaza
  150. Thousands flee fighting in Yemen's Shabwa province
  151. Brazil stadium seating collapses, injuring about 110
  152. Bedbug attack closes flagship Nike store in New York
  153. ahmadinejad: 'the future belongs to iran'
  154. Fijian detainee jumps to his death at Australian centre
  155. Mass Suicide Fears Over Missing LA Sect
  156. Surfer dog gets national award
  157. Man sues Marin sheriff after being Tased at home
  158. Child Still Expelled for Toy Gun - a Year Later
  159. FLORIDA : Couple guilty in human trafficking scheme?
  160. Crooks behind Britain's biggest tax fraud
  161. Mugabe , China's Red Army : blood diamond mine
  162. AFGHAN election : 92% of polling centres open
  163. Burmese escaped detainee caught in Darwin
  164. Anti-Pope Protesters Take To London Streets
  165. Lethal Tornados Tear Through New York City
  166. Caged: Drug Gang Parrot Lorenzo The Lookout
  167. Drill reaches trapped men in Chile mine
  168. School for pregnant teenagers opens in Malaysia
  169. Denmark - Letter Bomb Man Blows Himself up
  170. Ahmadinejad expects humanity from U.S.
  171. Mushrraf accepted seven US demands in 24 hours after 9/11 terror attacks
  172. Sitting comfortably? Real passengers finally get to try out new 'saddle class' seats
  173. NY Times : a boy and a bicycle for african aid
  174. Prince Philip In 'Tartan Knickers' Gag
  175. Wills Gets His Wings As A Rescue Pilot
  176. Five Street Cleaners Held Over 'Pope Plot'
  177. Criminals Aged 13 And 14 Break Out On Bikes
  178. Tongue Boy - it's official - Aussie has world's widest tongue
  179. Huge storm hits NZ, and big surf in Australia
  180. Bank of Japan riles US with yen move
  181. Estate agent showed house as owner lay dead on couch
  182. China Squaring up?
  183. French African Daddy of 55 Kids "Uncovered"
  184. Bali Nine
  185. $800,000 of Economic Stimulus on African Genital-Washing Program
  186. Australia : Court stops arranged marriage of teen
  187. Bournemouth visa free.
  188. Peace prize winner sells weapons to Muslims.
  189. Pregnant Nun Advert Banned
  190. George Michael Jailed in UK
  191. Reading men 'made £250,000 from sperm website'
  192. British troops investigated for heroin smuggling
  193. USA: Egg rage sparked husband's deadly rampage
  194. Dad Pedals Round Europe To Find His Son
  195. Human Body Parts Found Inside Tiger Shark
  196. US now sees home-grown terrorism as biggest threat
  197. Law student who murdered controlling father
  198. Toddler Needs 200 Stitches After Dog Attack
  199. US soldiers killed afghan civilians for sport, kept fingers as trophies
  200. TBT exposure leads to penis-head snails
  201. Brit arrested & jailed for "racist" ringtone
  202. Vitamin B is revolutionary new weapon against Alzheimer's Disease
  203. Britney Spears accused of sexual harassment
  204. Fidel Castro questions Cuban socialism
  205. MGM Lion Attack Video
  206. Woman murdered after crying wrong name during sex
  207. Bomb threat on Thai airways flight to USA.
  208. Woman motorist who killed mother-of-three cyclist after 'blacking out'
  209. Koran burning will go on !
  210. El Salvador police find barrel stuffed with $9m
  211. Former member of ELO killed by hay bale while driving
  212. Wayne Rooneys Threesome Prossie Shame
  213. Ohhh the embarrassment
  214. My living hell in the dungeon: Chained and beaten 200 times a week
  215. Teenager throws dog from a bridge
  216. Protestors clash with cops and hurl eggs and shoes at Tony Blair as he signs copies..
  217. USA:Burger King Cancels Indo Palm Oil, Rainforest Destruction Cited
  218. Blair; Eggs Thrown at Dublin Booksigning
  219. Shocking video of police brutality...
  220. Ryanair - more brainstorming
  221. Nine dead in NZ plane crash incl 4 tourists
  222. The pentagon's kiddie porn problem
  223. Quake shakes up Christchurch
  224. Israel : Promising new HIV treatment
  225. Cops Suspended Over Illicit Sports Car Roll
  226. Former British Policeman jailed for murdering wealthy wife
  227. Not enough, we want more!
  228. Sudan tortures...blame Canada!
  229. An oil rig has exploded 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana, Sept. 2 2010
  230. USAF X-37B Aloft
  231. 'Cheating' Chilean miner not looking forward to rescue
  232. Pakistan militants kill 35 despite floods
  233. Woman Dies While Stuck In Lover's Chimney
  234. Dad Finds His Children Dead In A Freezer
  235. Gunman With Hostages 'May Have Bombs'
  236. Special PC Jailed For Assault On Soldier
  237. Uefa ban vuvuzelas
  238. Diana lookalike employed to launch Chinese lingerie
  239. Argentina police arrest 'Lord of Death killer'
  240. NZ Pharmacist: 'I put a fair bit of pressure on his neck'
  241. Halt lashing 90-year old men!
  242. Afgan Detainees Escape
  243. Turkey Genocide? - Surely NOT!
  244. Jack Wilshere
  245. Mother suffers as doctors brawl
  246. Earl set to cause damage in the Caribbean
  247. The Pizza Burger: A 2,500-Calorie 'Fat Bomb'
  248. Fire Devil Twister Blazes A Trail In Brazil
  249. Young Girl Savaged By Three Rottweilers
  250. Australia votes in it's first ever Aboriginal MP