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  1. Thousands of Foreign Students have Visa's cancelled in Australia
  2. Postgame Haka dancers in Utah pepper sprayed by police
  3. Islamic Sharia law declared source of new Libya legislation
  4. Iraq still seeking U.S. trainers: PM Maliki
  5. The Good Die Young
  6. Iraq kicks US troops out of the country
  7. Sceptical climate scientists concede Earth has warmed
  8. Passenger's '£70,000' in foreign cash stolen from coach
  9. Colonel Gaddafi Captured
  10. Turkey launches incursion into Iraq
  11. Oz : Liz is in Town
  12. French woman kidnapped from Kenya dies.
  13. Disabled people kept chained in basement
  14. Malaria vaccine could save hundreds of thousands
  15. Wesley (Buster Gonad) Warren needs $US1 million surgery to correct his 45kg scrotu
  16. White officers accuse Metropolitan Police of racism
  17. Sailor pulled out of 17-days limbo in sea desert
  18. UK Inflation rises to 5.2 %
  19. "Britons" arrested in Kenya for terrorism
  20. Lost 'G' sparks demand for strip search at Scrabble World Championships
  21. Iran secretly executing hundreds of prisoners: UN
  22. Lesbian couple give 11 year old son hormone treatment choice of becoming daughter
  23. U.K. Support for Scottish Independence Is Increasing, Poll Says
  24. Sesame Street YouTube channel taken over by porn
  25. Green Machine: 'Breakthrough' fuel for Virgin flights
  26. Round the world yachtsman feared eaten by cannibals
  27. Air india passengers marooned at Gatwick
  28. 'China to import Iran gas via Pakistan'
  29. Kenyan Troops follow Al Shabab into Somalia
  30. The 7 Billionth inhabitant will be born in the next few days
  31. $2.5. million Chinese yacht goes straight down on its maiden voyage
  32. Obama Sends US Troops to Uganda to Fight Rebel Group
  33. Mystery condition makes woman age 50 years in just a few days
  34. Workers Are Fired For Being British
  35. Expat jailed over fraud technology
  36. Comparing Putin to Obama is like comparing steel to jelly
  37. Traces of Poo found on millions of phones in the UK.
  38. No-one likes a grass, Mum.
  39. Iranian Terror Plot: Fake, Fake, Fake
  40. Black magic sperm?
  41. Britain going to hell in a handbasket, #1,258,924 ***
  42. Man jumped to death in Dubai after 'drunken row' with girlfriend
  43. Senate passes bill to sanction China over currency
  44. Vitamin E linked with Prostate Cancer
  45. Biden: 'Nothing Off the Table' After Iran D.C. Terror Plot
  46. China's debt spree returns to haunt
  47. Sony issues Melting TV warning
  48. Finally, Brucie gets his bonus
  49. When is Liam Fox coming out?
  50. Oggi gives away free set of knives with Knox verdict issue
  51. US foils Iranian assassination plot
  52. UK doctors advised gonorrhoea has turned drug resistant
  53. Iran agents 'planned US terror attacks'
  54. Scotland's independence nudges ever nearer
  55. Another snivelling American
  56. UK and US forces 'rescue pirate-held Italian ship'
  57. Ukraine ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko jailed for 7 years over gas deal
  58. Australian candidate for the Darwin Awards
  59. Amish leader: Beard-cutting religious matter
  60. Iranian star of Australian produced film to be lashed
  61. Father’s photo of daughter in shopping centre sparks security dispute
  62. The Leaning Tower of Westminsta
  63. Syria warns against recognising opposition council
  64. Occupy Wall Street-style protests spread to Britain
  65. Enlarging your penis...does size matter?
  66. Showroom Lamborghini written off during Sydney customer test drive
  67. 60% of visitors aren't going to Philippines for sex tourism
  68. The way you hold your drink reveals key personality traits
  69. 12 UK banks credit rating downgraded.
  70. "Burglar" shot whilst robbing Cannabis grow
  71. women soldiers getting pregnant
  72. Rudd in bid to free boy, 14, after Bali drugs arrest
  73. Bank Holds Rates but Quantitative Easing Returns
  74. Plea to hundreds of women after HIV man jailed
  75. Apple: Steve Jobs has died.
  76. World's hottest chilli contest leaves two in hospital
  77. Woman falsely claimed son had cancer for money
  78. Helicopter crashs in East River, NY
  79. Amanda Knox gets away with murder
  80. More than 30,000 protest in Manchester..
  81. Paedophile Convict Found Disembowelled
  82. And they called it Puppy Luuuuuuuuuuu-u-u-uuuurrrrvvvvvv.....
  83. SA family's holiday nightmare in Phuket
  84. 60 Grand ... for a blank canvas
  85. Lesbian teacher, 38, who had affair with pupil detained under Mental Health Act
  86. Fat Tax Introduced.
  87. George Medal for paratrooper
  88. Child bride beats parents arranged wedding plan
  89. It's official - Britain is shit.
  90. Germany tells Obama to mind his own business and get his own house in order first.
  91. Turkey, Iran Undertake Joint Military Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels
  92. Evacuation of smallest Canary Island begins after earthquake 'swarm' Read more: htt
  93. Kicking off in Kosovo
  94. UK: Australian charged with Child-sex offences committed between 1949 and 1972
  95. Backpacker who had no idea she was pregnant gives birth at Sydney hostel
  96. Switzerland bans the Burqa
  97. Hugo Boss: Hitler's Tailor?
  98. £130 Million Worth Silver Discovered on Shipwreck off Ireland Coast
  99. Topless protests slam Ukraine’s future as global football bordello
  100. Father who forced the NHS to give him a sex change by trying to do it himself
  101. From Hooker to Football Club Chief Exec - and now marrying the boss
  102. Australia lifts ban on women in military combat roles
  103. Britain going to hell in a handbasket, #2,149,623
  104. Frenchman Dismembers Woman Whilst Alive
  105. America's most wanted paedophile
  106. Shipwreck of SS Gairsoppa reveals £150m silver haul
  107. Six men due in UK court on terrorism charges
  108. Occupy Wall Street Protest: A Message from the Democracy to the Plutocracy
  109. Saudi King Grants Women Right to Vote
  110. Coconuts and sunshine will power South Pacific islands
  111. Raped Neighbor's Pigs, Gave Them Vaginal Infections
  112. Turkey voices readiness for Israel war
  113. US Business Class Air Rage Wank Gets Jail Term
  114. mum who died after wading through filthy puddles on Thailand holiday
  115. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity could be defunct!
  116. Ground Zero "mosque" opens without protests
  117. No Police Action Over Child Cage-Fighting
  118. Man builds stunning ‘hobbit house’ for just £3,000
  119. Drug cartels throw parties for US officials
  120. Chris Huhne asks BoE for more money... and talks about his marriage breakdown.
  121. Top Quality Nursing in Modern Britain
  122. Japan defence firm Mitsubishi Heavy in cyber attack
  123. The Cat Be Unemployed
  124. US set to veto Palestian statehood
  125. UK sailor guilty of nuclear submarine killing
  126. All I can say is "Pity the fool".....
  127. Sperm bank turns down redheads
  128. Irishman Arrested With Cocaine In Stomach
  129. Duck and Cover....
  130. Suspected intruder stabbed to death in Bramhall burglary
  131. UK Newspaper Owner Punches TV Show Rival
  132. Senators blast FBI's anti-Muslim manuals
  133. Man 'breaches order banning him from dressing like a schoolgirl in public'
  134. World's youngest sex-change operation
  135. Real life "Weekend at Bernies"!
  136. Police Seek Identity Of Forest Boy
  137. Banker died after hiring two women for hanging role play
  138. 2 accused of grim, real-life 'Weekend at Bernie's'
  139. Despot Deals: UK openly selling arms to dictators
  140. Don't post "funny things" on the Internet... (GRUESOME)
  141. Cases that will never get to court #1,248,652
  142. One Of Four Trapped Welsh Miners Found Dead
  143. World's fastest street car - a Vauxhall Victor
  144. 'Crazy' US cop pulls gun on Gordon Ramsay days after his dwarf porn double dies
  145. Eel swims up man's penis
  146. Former U.S. Marine arrested for threatening to kill Biden via emails from Thailand
  147. Gordon Ramsay's dwarf porn double Percy Foster dies in badger den
  148. Central banks pump money into market
  149. Robin Hood
  150. Sarah Palin snorted cocaine
  151. FBI investigate leaked Johansson nude pictures
  152. Wife of Stockholm suicide bomber arrested in UK
  153. Woman 'drank pint of whisky and groped flight steward'
  154. Man's job saved by Big Toe transplant
  155. Toys R Us director paid prostitute £20,000 a week
  156. Jobsworth for the boys....
  157. TB on the rise
  158. Trolling, it's not funny anymore
  159. different!
  160. Taliban attack across Kabul, target U.S. Embassy
  161. Pope accused of crimes against humanity by victims of sex abuse
  162. Britain(s) trying to black mail Africans into accepting their "culutre"
  163. Miliband warns TUC over strike action.
  164. Amish men face jail in buggy safety ruling
  165. And eventually they might realise that they have one thing in common....
  166. British Police fail again.
  167. George Osborne...Naughty Boy?
  168. Explosion at French nuclear plant
  169. Egypt's military rulers ignored pleas from US as mob attacked Israeli embassy
  170. Fighter jets intercept Detroit-bound plane after passengers ‘make out’ in bathroom
  171. Cliff Robertson R.I.P.
  172. 77 Americans wounded in Afghan truck bombing
  173. Men Kept As Slaves Found On Caravan Site
  174. Hague suggest Britain should distance itself from the EU
  175. American City Is 'Breeding Terrorists'
  176. Air conditioning for troops costs more than NASA
  177. Female "Vampire" Busted In Bloody Biting Attack
  178. Report Calls 2003 Iraqi Abuse ‘Great Stain’ on British Army
  179. US kidnap and jail innocent man for 20 years.
  180. 43 die as Russian jet carrying KHL hockey team crashes, 4 X NHL players die
  181. Wealthiest Chinese want out of China...eventually
  182. TSA perverts may be counting the days...
  183. Probe pictures Moon landing sites
  184. Four dead in Nevada Restaurant shooting
  185. Shooting at Nevada IHop
  186. Tourist complains about fish in harbour
  187. The world still thinks Americans are "coolest"
  188. Australian takes daughter hostage, claims to have bomb
  189. NZ man jailed for 'disgusting' act in library
  190. Tony Blair 'godfather to Rupert Murdoch's daughter'
  191. Unusual: Boy dies after masturbating 42 times
  192. Brother and sister in lift sex
  193. US cops - Dog killers
  194. Aussie bodyboarder dies after shark bites off legs
  195. Documents show ties between Libyan spy head, CIA, MI6
  196. Feds warn of small airplane terror threats
  197. Chinese Girl, Four, Drives Along Motorway
  198. The Joys of Buddhist Immigration
  199. Wiki's raw files leaked on web
  200. Antibiotic Resistance in Ancient DNA
  201. Ohio man arrested over sex with neighbour's inflatable pool raft
  202. Pikeys to get evicted.
  203. German city of Bonn taxes prostitutes with meter
  204. Muslims & police scuffle over park’s head scarf ban 15 arrested
  205. Australian man accidentally throws out $50,000 worth of wife's jewellery
  206. And you think Thai's are stupid?
  207. Obama's uncle arrested
  208. Austrian man imprisons and rapes daughters for 41 yrs.
  209. Gay Lebanese Man Seeks Asylum in Oz
  210. Major William Seymour ( commando in China during WW2 )
  211. Anonymous Threatens US Congress Over Copyright
  212. Apple gets Gay CEO :)
  213. Sham UK marriage
  214. 'avin a laugh'
  215. Mosquito swat team released to fight dengue fever
  216. Racism online may become illegal in NZ
  217. Australians want government censorship....sad day.
  218. Dance Club Drug Ecstasy Developed to Cure Cancer
  219. No new US jets for Taiwan
  220. Red Arrow Jet Crashes at Bournemouth Airshow
  221. Removing curtains of Arab harems
  222. ‘Sexy’ pics at 12, pregnant at 15
  223. Man loses license for driving beer cooler while drunk
  224. Gloaba Warming - But not as we know it!
  225. Hundreds of Foreign students walk out on Hershey in USA
  226. New Burqa laws for police in NSW
  227. Prince Harry 'wants to be the first royal to fly into space'
  228. Another classy frog
  229. UK Man gets 14 months for giving g/f genital herpes
  230. Woman goes out, gypsies move in.
  231. Land of the Free, Home of the Poor
  232. Spanish bull kills third victim
  233. Ifake in China.
  234. Croatia offers tourists 'nude paradise'
  235. UK teenager gets best gift ever!!
  236. Mark Duggan's uncle was crime lord
  237. Shell Confirms Oil Leak At North Sea Platform
  238. Looks familiar!!L.T. to blame??
  239. Pitbull kills pregnant woman
  240. Sesame Street pair Bert and Ernie 'will not marry
  241. Here's how to deal with a riot:
  242. Delusions of a Celtic supporter
  243. S&P Slammed After U.S. Downgrade
  244. Amidst all the carnage, spare a thought for this poor chap
  245. Police arrest 100 as rioting erupts in Birmingham
  246. British Soldier 'Kept Taliban Body Parts'
  247. AIG suing BoA and Merrill over Mortgage fraud
  248. Violent Riots Ravage Tottenham After Shooting
  249. Taliban helicopter attack kills 31 US special forces troops
  250. AP, Alaska: Orange Goo Mystifies Locals