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  1. Husband charged with Scuba murder
  2. Iran Unveils Nuclear Fuel
  3. Being Modern: Emoticons
  4. Australians, Does your national leader lie?
  5. No pistol for Chopper
  6. Aussie fined for 'mooning' queen
  7. Pay for our trips home - the Islamic Womens Welfare Association
  8. Climate change speeds up microbial change
  9. Whitney Houston Dies.
  10. German soldiers preserved in World War I shelter discovered after nearly 100 years
  11. Malaysia arrests fugitive Saudi blogger
  12. North Korean A-ha accordionists 'destined for stardom'
  13. Indonesian Pilots Arrested for Drugs
  14. Kim Jong-Un Dead? Rumor
  15. Dirty Disgusting Welsh People Taught How To Poo
  16. Spain: Judge Baltasar Garzon convicted for wiretapping
  17. Indonesian arrested for denying God
  18. Kiddie Fiddlers bleating again
  19. Pakistan Al-Qaeda chief killed by US drone: officials
  20. CCTV police officer 'chased himself'
  21. Last Surviving WWI Service Member dies
  22. mugger dies after early-morning scuffle with ex-wrestler
  23. Papua to Require Male Circumcision in AIDS Fight
  24. UN : Older persons among the poorest in the world
  25. Tenant found dead after two years
  26. Tsunami Survivor New Finnish President
  27. Graphic: Syrian boy jaw blown off
  28. Filmmakers killed in Australian helicopter crash
  29. Israeli-Arab couple charged with imprisoning daughter
  30. Japan : Taiji
  31. Thai women forced into sex work in Sydney
  32. PNG ferry reported lost 350 missing or dead
  33. London Stock Exchange bomb plot admitted by four Non White men
  34. British tourists imprisoned and deported from US… for Twitter jokes
  35. Royal Navy to send HMS Dauntless to Falkland Islands
  36. NSW firm seeks brothel sex inspector
  37. Family Battles Sex Assault Claim Against 6-Year-Old
  38. Afghan woman is killed 'for giving birth to a girl'
  39. Israeli Drone - the size of a B737 - crashes
  40. Do US backwaters still use jungle justice?
  41. The Victoria Cross
  42. FBI to "Monitor" Social Media
  43. Canadian woman beaten badly at 5 star Mexico hotel
  44. 'Twitter censorship' raises concerns from press freedom group
  45. Australia : Indigenous activists threaten bid for UN seat
  46. Australia: Riot police rescue Gillard, Abbott from protesters
  47. 20-story building collapses in Rio
  48. US raid frees Western hostages in Somalia
  49. Corytown oil refinery bankrupt
  50. Headless Body In Topless Bar. Killer Hoping For Parole
  51. The G-spot 'doesn't appear to exist', say researchers
  52. USA : Army faces questions over sheep beating video
  53. Thailand officially recognizes Palestine
  54. Body of Iraq hostage Alan McMenemy handed over to Baghdad embassy
  55. Uk 370,000 Migrants Claiming Dole
  56. LA porn stars forced to wear condoms
  57. British troops film child abuse in Afghanistan
  58. Abu Qatada: once again, he has made fools of us
  59. wiki spits the dummy
  60. Countdown to crash of Russia's failed Mars probe
  61. Italy :Three dead and thousands evacuated as cruise ship runs aground
  62. Teacher 'put German neighbour through hell by blaring out theme from Dad's Army'
  63. France loses AAA-rating in blow to eurozone
  64. US Copyright Nazis go over the top - again
  65. Australia : Thai prawns rejected because of cholera
  66. I lost my virginity twice: Woman, 27, reveals she has two vaginas
  67. Saudi Arabia Man Tries to Sell Son on Facebook for $20 Million
  68. Exoplanets are around every star, study suggests
  69. Doomsday clock
  70. Sweden's defence ministry & dodgy massage parlours
  71. Eric Cantona announces bid for French presidency
  72. Zambesi : Bungee
  73. Australia : Hammered Music Festival for neo-Nazis
  74. Darwin : Family wakes to find crocodile in lounge room
  75. WW1 : A Red Cross rescue of Russian children
  76. U.S. Navy rescues Iranian Sailors.
  77. Off his face and now out of pocket
  78. Balloon crash in New Zealand kills 11
  79. Jamaica's new prime minister wants to remove Queen as head of state
  80. The Boom & Bust trend
  81. Australia
  82. High Times down under
  83. "I Hate America" - L.A. Arsonist
  84. Six police officers shot in Utah
  85. Kristy Bamu 'murdered over witch claim' in Newham
  86. Sweden recognises new file-sharing religion Kopimism
  87. Teen mum shoots dead intruder with 12-gauge shotgun
  88. U.S. Woman Kills Intruder, Told to Shoot by Cops
  89. Murder most feline: poison cat stew blamed in death of Chinese tycoon
  90. 'The Devil of Rahmadi' named America's deadliest sniper
  91. Why Black Market Entrepreneurs Matter to the World Economy
  92. Americans buy record numbers of guns for Christmas
  93. London 2012 Olympics
  94. US Navy : Lesbian kiss on quayside
  95. Sperm donors making Australia more American
  96. Man 'dies from bird flu' in southern China
  97. The U.S. and Brits are the loosers
  98. Stupid fat unhealthy poms deluded.
  99. Afganistan-Girl locked up for months rescued
  100. Peaceful Muslims doing it again
  101. The things people do with lap dogs... :(
  102. Brazil economy overtakes UK
  103. Turkey accuses France of genocide in Algeria
  104. Russia post-election protests-Thousands surge into Moscow to challenge Kremlin
  105. Syria blames al-Qaida after two car bombs kill dozens in Damascus
  106. Air Jordan release sparks stampedes at stores across US
  107. China & U.S. are best friends
  108. Genocide Denial Bill
  109. Yet Another Earthquake(s)
  110. Iraq erupts in Violence now that the U.S. has left.
  111. Newly-won $494,000 Lamborghini crashed
  112. 69 Patriot Missiles and 160 tons of Explosives found on British Ship Bound To China
  113. UK Banks Scrap Foreign Currency Exchange Fees
  114. THE BLACK PANTHER Donald Nielson.
  115. The best copies in the World from Manchester
  116. R.I.P Vaclav Havel
  117. Man burns woman alive in New York elevator
  118. Tea Party Patriots co-founder arrested for handgun at airport
  119. Force-fed and beaten – life for women in jail
  120. Russia launches Nuclear attack.
  121. Bangladesh man 'admits' cutting off wife's fingers
  122. Radioactive material on it's way to Iran
  123. 'Dismal' prospects: 1 in 2 Americans are now poor or low income
  124. Prostitute Bites Off Clients Penis Head
  125. Bangladesh man 'admits' cutting off wife's fingers
  126. Desperate British students "turning to prostitution"
  127. Paracetamol kills mother who took a 'few extra’ pills a day
  128. 'Witches' arrested over extortion for spells
  129. Muslim Moroccan Criminal Attacks Christmas market in Belgium
  130. Canada Pulls out of Kyoto Protocol
  131. Inside Wukan: the Chinese village that fought back
  132. Toronto's 'gay' penguins split as one mates with female
  133. 14 ppl die as plane crash in Pranaque slum near Manila airport
  134. Pennsylvania man faked mom's obit to get bereavement time off
  135. Honduras bans motorcycle passengers in anti-crime move
  136. Rottweiler dogs maul woman to death
  137. Nobel Peace Prize goes to women
  138. Report: Air Force dumped remains of 274 troops in landfill
  139. The end of the EU?
  140. Iran shows intercepted CIA drone unscathed
  141. Chinese madam who ran prostitution racket executed
  142. Fox Muppets are brainwashing American children
  143. Malcolm Naden - Shoot out with NSW Cops
  144. Surely stoning them would be appropriate?
  145. Should the French have their nuclear power and weapons taken away from them?
  146. Georgetown students shed light on China’s tunnel system for nuclear weapons
  147. "World's most expensive car crash"
  148. Angry India charmer lets loose snakes in office
  149. Beware of falling objects
  150. UK - Anger over Norwich topless barbers plan
  151. Lost for words.
  152. $7.7 Trillion Dollar Bailout: The Real Financial Collapse
  153. 'End of virginity' if women drive, Saudi cleric warns
  154. Global rebellion: The coming chaos?
  155. Zimbabwe - Man Collapses After Ordering Prostitute, Only To Be Met By His Daughter
  156. Australia - Wife's AIDS lie 'doesn't violate marriage consent'
  157. Newsflash: Pate can give you the shits.
  158. Indefinite detention for Americans
  159. UN: HIV Infections Growing In Russia, Ukraine
  160. UK: "License Ban in 90 minutes for Drink Driving"
  161. Two Million set to join UK Strike
  162. Conrad Murray gets Four Years
  163. Even the Thai police might be able to solve this one...
  164. Storming of British embassy in Tehran worsens bilateral relations
  165. None of you are fucking English
  166. They were dreaming of a White Christmas....
  167. Heathrow worker sacked after being accused of insulting muslims.
  168. Tot dies after being shoved into a washing machine for being naughty
  169. Zimbabwe women raping men
  170. If you're going to be sick, do it during the week.
  171. Pakistan to ‘completely review’ ties with US
  172. Russian backlash over Putin booing denial
  173. Britain : Kids banned from sitting on Santa's knee
  174. British women are the fattest in Europe - it's official
  175. Gary Glitter Free To Leave UK
  176. Banned neuro-toxic nerve gas 'poisons' Tahrir
  177. 'It's my human right to run my £300m empire from prison'
  178. Pakistan woman 'killed and cooked husband' in Karachi
  179. Australia inquiry after wrong twin foetus terminated
  180. Iran Arrests 12 More CIA Agents
  181. Cholera killing hundreds a month in Haiti
  182. Cretinous chopper pilot lucky to survive
  183. Eurozone: Who owes what?
  184. Exclusive: CIA Spies Caught, Fear Execution in Middle East
  185. How to stay free to cadge: Have a baby
  186. Hurling obscenities at police OK. Britains gone mad 2
  187. Anarchy in the UK. Britains Gone mad 1
  188. Record 34m living with HIV - UN report
  189. Not needed - DI
  190. Egyptian army kills 11 protesters
  191. EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration
  192. The Vienna-Tehran connection
  193. US parents offended by "gutter mouth" toy
  194. Tycoon sentenced to death in real estate funding scam
  195. Greenhouse emissions exceed worst case scenario
  196. Saif Gaddafi arrested
  197. Swiss can ban naked hiking, court rules
  198. Egyptian Springtime
  199. Pakistani derision at 'obscene text' ban
  200. *ALL* French Nuclear reactors found to be unsafe
  201. The modest woman who beat malaria for China, The origins of Artemisinin
  202. EU bans 'naked' airport security scanners after cancer fears
  203. U.S. Expands Military Ties to Australia, Irritating China
  204. Stephen Lawrence Murder Trial, 2011.
  205. Obama in Darwin
  206. Don't read this if you haven't had breakfast/lunch/dinner yet....
  207. China: Google Earth spots huge, unidentified structures in Gobi desert
  208. Another fuck up by committee
  209. Iranian missile expert killed in explosion
  210. Police fear freed Muslim extremists pose a threat
  211. Liverpool becomes the first UK city to have gay street signs
  212. Official: Drinking helps you live longer
  213. Riddle of the radiation sweeping across Europe
  214. Argentina condemns Prince William Falklands posting
  215. Big bang in Terhan kills 15
  216. Girl becomes mum at 10
  217. Muslim's against Crusades banned
  218. Kiwi perv gets the slammer for sex tours
  219. Russian 'grave robber made dolls from girls' corpses'
  220. 293km/h YouTube video costs speedster his Aston Martin
  221. Berlusconi resigns
  222. Sarkozy tells Obama Netanyahu is a "liar"
  223. UK loads up rubber bullets for student march
  224. 19 Prostitutes found in Mexico jail
  225. Iran Plans to Sue US for Terrorist Threats
  226. Hundreds of child brides flown into Australia on special visas
  227. Several feared dead in 27 vehical crash. M5 Motorway.
  228. 35 million Americans harbor an ugly secret:
  229. He's back - Ibrahim Saddiq-Conlon the Australian Muslim radical.
  230. French magazine firebombed over caricature of Mohammed
  231. Greece given Ultimatum
  232. Brit murders Thai wife for breaking his Star Wars toys
  233. Teabagger Terrorist plot in US uncovered
  234. Texas Judge beats disabled daughter with belt
  235. Girl has world's longest tongue
  236. Feudal Veto Over the UK Government
  237. 'Braised koala' gets traveller stewing
  238. What would Blackbeard do?
  239. How dangerous are CT scans?
  240. Top Foreclosure Firm Threw Homeless-Themed Halloween Bash
  241. 7 Billion people On Earth
  242. Qantas grounds all flights
  243. America's 'sugar daddy' scene moves to Britain
  244. 7 year old boy allowed to join Girl Scouts
  245. Indians pioneer "Wife Sharing".
  246. Adolf Hitler's parents lose custody of their three children....
  247. 500,000 UK crimes committed by repeat offenders
  248. Zimbabwe man says prostitute turned into a donkey
  249. English woman Maria Topp facing jail term after biting off boyfriend's testicles
  250. Turkey earthquake: Death toll rises to 366