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  1. Scotland : NeverSeconds
  2. Michigan : Banned for saying 'vagina'
  3. Tasmania : Dad let daughter, 14, sleep with man, 26
  4. Student who downloaded Al Qaeda magazine 'didn't know what it would contain'
  5. Pregnant UK woman denies smuggling heroin from Pakistan
  6. Australia to create world's largest Marine Reserve
  7. Spain to go to UN over Gibraltar sovereignty
  8. £18,600 wage minimum to bring spouse to UK
  9. Coroner rules dingo did take baby in infamous case
  10. German insurance firm organised sex party for salesmen
  11. UK ministers boycott England games in Ukraine
  12. US bombs another Afghan wedding party
  13. classy ozzie broads
  14. US student 'ate roommate's brain and heart'
  15. Saudi princess flees from $7 million hotel bill
  16. 'Bold' anti-monarchy protest planned
  17. Jehovah Witness : Australian court overrules parents
  18. Benin: US 'internet scam victim' freed by police
  19. Mark Randall "Mack" Wolford : Snake-handling pastor dies of snakebite
  20. Police: Seattle shootings were like an execution
  21. Qatar Mall fire kills 19
  22. Brit housewife 55, held for smuggling cocaine into Bali
  23. Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online
  24. Miami: Officer kills naked attacker chewing man's face
  25. Prostitutes are caught selling sex for £60 at Travel Lodge.
  26. Syria : Dead children in gruesome video
  27. NZ wants smokers to take last puff
  28. John Huston film about WWII soldiers that Army suppressed is restored
  29. Australia : National Sorry Day 2012 - Friday 25 May
  30. Canada bus killer killed an alien
  31. Beijing sets 'two flies only' public toilet guidelines
  32. Birth Moms , Sister Wives , The Little People and Virgin Diaries
  33. China : Fake parts 'used in US military equipment'
  34. Touchy subject: Pakistani filmmaker denied US visa
  35. Fake testicles and facials, new ways of pet pampering
  36. Saudi Arabia bans English language and Gregorian calender
  37. UK : Man convicted after returning from Thailand
  38. Steven Hodgkin fights to get his fiancée and children in UK
  39. Beauty who beat hundreds of women to final of modelling competition revealed to be
  40. Minorities overtake whites in US births
  41. Republicans' chilling grip over community
  42. Australia warns of 'bespoke' online child sex abuse
  43. 'Ring of fire' eclipse
  44. The Kennedy Curse strikes again
  45. French amputee Philippe Croizon swims from PNG to Indonesia
  46. An Opinion on Taxes, Facebook and Citizenship
  47. Australia - Call for urgent probe into Trio super collapse
  48. Tibetan singer to carry out a coffin march from Bern to Geneva
  49. UK jails man for inciting child prostitution
  50. South Africa : Another brothel bust in a posh suburb
  51. Wrong man executed in Texas.
  52. Sea Shepherd : 'Attempted murder' probe: anti-whaling skipper faces deportation
  53. A Proud, Proud Day for the UK
  54. International Tobacco Contraband
  55. 800 lb. Bride to Wed
  56. Pro surfer Garrett McNamara of Hawaii for surfing the biggest wave ever
  57. Calvert family gang jailed for Thailand heroin plot in north Wales
  58. Kelly Thomas : officers involved in fatal beating
  59. Women's Voting Rights 'One Of America's Greatest Mistakes'
  60. Portugal scraps 4 Public Holidays in austerity drive
  61. Nine Immigrant Mussie Scum running pedo ring found guilty
  62. Jackie Green : Miss England Semi-Finals
  63. 'Respectable' tenants turned our house into a cannabis farm:
  64. Wife sees husband shot on Skype
  65. Hollande Wins French Presidency
  66. Egypt: The Revolution Continues
  67. "Oh, the humanity." : May 6, 1937
  68. Deadly Denim : Killer Jeans still being made
  69. Beastie Boy MCA dies aged 47.
  70. A demonstration of the usefulness of politicians.
  71. Russia threatens pre-emptive strike on NATO
  72. Krusty Muppets try to blow up an Ohio bridge.
  73. Australia : Koalas added to threatened species list
  74. Teen sues over school failure to make him stop eating donuts
  75. London flats set to host missiles for Olympics
  76. UK Cannabis farms; 21 found each day, police chiefs say
  77. British Red Cross Doctor beheaded in Pakistan
  78. Sex change U-turn: Man to woman, then back again
  79. Dentist pulled out ALL boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her
  80. Cher 'upset' as Adelaide key sells for US$95,900
  81. Britain falls back into recession
  82. Amnesty says veil bans rob Muslims of jobs, education
  83. Sydney train attack sparks uproar in China
  84. More American psychopaths.
  85. Man killed while urinating on Chicago subway
  86. Sudan war planes bomb South Sudan town
  87. Aboriginal teenagers shot by Aussie police after car takes to footpath in Kings Cross
  88. Wind turbine blimp
  89. Deadly bears on the loose in Japan
  90. Assange's New Commentry Blog on RT
  91. Swiss decide to limit immigrants
  92. You made the nation proud ?
  93. US Soldiers pose with body parts
  94. Former Wickes cashier James Ibori stole £50m to live 'like royalty' after winning ele
  95. Spanish King is off elephant hunting
  96. Colombia : “Thailand of Latin America.”
  97. 12 Secret Service agents' misconduct an embarrassment for Obama
  98. Robin Gibb in coma
  99. 'Black widow' sentenced to death for murder in Japan
  100. Brazil murder suspects 'confess to cannibalism'
  101. 4 Yr old girl with IQ of 159.
  102. London transport chiefs ban 'gay cure' bus advert
  103. Police rescue man from sex-mad date
  104. A new one on me: "Crime Tourism"!
  105. you go girl
  106. April 11, 1954 : The Most Boring Day In History
  107. US student steers school bus after driver collapses
  108. Miss Universe changes rules to allow transgender women
  109. Australia : No legal right to detain Chinese on boat
  110. UK: Abu Hamza US extradition backed by European Court
  111. German drivers offered free public transport
  112. Australian volunteers take part in cane toad cull
  113. New study finds homophobic people are likely repressing same-sex attraction
  114. Britain kidnapped pregnant women and sent her to be tortured
  115. Baby Throwing Festival
  116. World's first 'sky-worthy' car
  117. Rare golden snapper fish sold for $38,000 in Bangladesh
  118. Cambridge : Letter from one part of city to another goes via Thailand
  119. NZ's entrant wins Mr Gay World title
  120. Self Administered Faecal Transplant
  121. Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race
  122. Australia : Jumps Racing
  123. Serial killer fears grow in France after Paris deaths
  124. Tunisians jailed for posting 'Naked Muhammad' cartoons
  125. Avalanche buries 100 Pakistani troops in Kashmir
  126. US Navy F-18 jet crashes into Virginia apartment building
  127. Guitar amp pioneer Jim Marshall dies aged 88
  128. Sotheby's sued for return of 10th century Cambodian statue
  129. Fire at Penly nuclear reactor in northern France
  130. Students angry over pricey courses pepper-sprayed
  131. Miss Universe allows transgender contestant back into competition
  132. NZ : Why Thais stayed away from the Thai restaurant
  133. Police officers smash window to save toy dog
  134. Australia : Hinch defies court again, names pedophile
  135. 'War on drugs' : Australia Admits Defeat
  136. US coastguards scramble to stricken yacht
  137. Big Brother UK - calls, emails, texts and web browsing to be monitered.
  138. Jordan : 24 held for insulting king
  139. Coup in China ?
  140. Found : Moon shot rocket engines on Atlantic seabed
  141. Italians shocked by self-immolation protests
  142. Dutchman with child porn held on way to Thailand
  143. UK Government cause ‘panic buying’ at petrol stations
  144. $540M lottery - 16,680,599,460 baht
  145. Canada: According to Ontario's highest court, prostitutes may set up brothels
  146. Guatemala's president urges debate on drug legalisation
  147. UK Forced marriage: Girl aged five among 400 minors helped
  148. Canada Drops the Penny
  149. Jet Blue pilot loses it
  150. Madonna leaves Malawi 'struggling'
  151. Prominent Pakistani acid victim commits suicide
  152. Man cuts off foot in bid to avoid work
  153. Panicked passengers abandon plane over 'hole in engine'
  154. 2 months in the monkeyhouse for offensive tweets
  155. Could there be an even bigger cloud on the Murdoch horizon?
  156. Britain going to hell in a handbasket #449285
  157. James Cameron becomes first solo diver to visit Earth's deepest point
  158. Gillard heads to NKorea for nuke talks
  159. Tory co-treasurer Peter Cruddas quits over cash for access claim
  160. Gansters kill rival gangster, eat him and then make a mask out of his face
  161. Borat anthem stuns Kazakh gold medallist in Kuwait
  162. Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women were victims of honour killings last year
  163. Budget 2012: pensioners fund tax cut
  164. Banking services withdrawn: Madrid escorts declare sex war
  165. Police trap that caught Australia's most wanted
  166. One rule for them and another rule for us.
  167. Dutch Roman Catholic church 'castrated' boys in 1950s
  168. UK teenager to stand trial for 'grossly offensive' Afghan war post on Facebook
  169. Gordon Brown is a dirty old bastard. Discuss.
  170. Law firm fires 14 employees for wearing orange shirts
  171. Mexico hit by strong earthquake near Acapulco
  172. 7.4 Earthquake Hits Mexico
  173. Pentagon war game - U.S. would be pulled into a new war if Israel strikes Iran
  174. Unarmed black teenager was shot by neighbourhood watch volunteer
  175. Supersize mum reveals she's marryinga CHEF
  176. Dutch Roman Catholic Church 'castrated at least 10 boys'
  177. 'Three dead' in shooting at Jewish school in France
  178. Mexico : Cueva de los Cristales
  179. Australia loses a Dame
  180. HK : International Pole Championship
  181. Wikileaks : Assange to run for the Senate
  182. Sydney : the Coathanger turns 80
  183. Chinese state TV targets McDonald’s
  184. Australia : Gina Rinehart
  185. Reality TV star's breast explodes
  186. Sex-starved flies hit the bottle
  187. Asians abroad
  188. A knee in the nuts ........ for Goldman Sachs
  189. Switzerland coach crash kills 28, including 22 children
  190. The Hobbit Pub Faces Legal Battle Over Its Name
  191. New Jersey capital city running out of toilet paper
  192. Indonesian police arrest 'hitman advertiser'
  193. A Mexican Murder Mystery from 50 years ago?
  194. Kiddie Fiddling - for Catholics, it's not just a male thing
  195. Pacific nation, Kiribati may buy Fiji land as climate change insurance
  196. AA cabin crew member meltdown
  197. Top German paper takes topless women off front page
  198. Eric Joyce MP - Why?
  199. Suspect package blown up in Trafalgar square
  200. 7.1 Earthquake off Vanuatu
  201. Frenchman Cuts Off Love Rivals Penis
  202. British & Italian hostages murdered by captors in rescue bid in Nigeria
  203. US Has Most Women Prisoners
  204. Massive solar storm heading for Earth
  205. KONY 2012
  206. Israel : Northern Farmer Accused of Slave Labor
  207. mysterious sounds coming from the sky
  208. Fury over attack on British war graves in Benghazi
  209. Police Brutality at Occupy Los Angeles F29
  210. Asteroid on collision course with Earth. Feb 2013
  211. Russia: Democracy in action
  212. The world's worst tourists are American
  213. Hung parliament driving pollies to drink
  214. Davy Jones of The Monkees dead at 66
  215. Revealed: US plans to charge Assange
  216. Israel Sells Drones, Missiles To Azerbaijan
  217. How U.S. Soldiers Unknowingly Support the Endangered Species Trade
  218. The picture that shames Britain
  219. Egypt: US Activists Behind "Revolution"? Trial Start
  220. Sydney's Iranian drug network
  221. Modern barbrisn
  222. Apple hints it may pay out some of its $117 billion kitty
  223. Comics sell for staggering $3.5m
  224. Cycling Against the Specter of Child Trafficking : London to Melbourne
  225. Anti-vasectomy law in US
  226. British Grooming Gang Trial. Underage girls plied with drugs.
  227. US Army: War Criminals
  228. Dead for 32,000 years and back to Life
  229. Britain going to Hell in a Handbasket Pt. 2,572,401
  230. British teacher dies in school coach crash in France
  231. Israel’s Levant Basin—a new geopolitical curse? Part 1
  232. Zimbabwe : Teenager to be caned over Facebook slur
  233. Iran says it's cutting oil exports to France, Britain
  234. Proteas opener Richard Levi scores record century in just 45 balls
  235. Sweden snow: Man 'survives two months trapped in car'
  236. Iranian warships sail into the Mediterranean
  237. NATO helicopter allegedly crashes in Afghanistan
  238. Zimbabwe : Chinese face deportation for eating tortoises
  239. Australia : Bombing of Darwin 19 February 1942
  240. Israeli official warns of new attacks
  241. Af
  242. Australia slips behind Asian countries in schooling: report
  243. Feds arrest Muslim allegedly heading to U.S. Capitol for suicide mission
  244. Humans were involved in disappearance says former Azaria detective
  245. Australian teacher does porn tape with student and owns a drug store
  246. Air Australia Fleet Grounded.
  247. Resurgence in cargo business revives ancient Silk Road
  248. Hidden malnutrition crisis can put almost half a billion children at risk: Save the C
  249. Snake bit me Down Undargh!
  250. At least 270 killed in Honduras prison fire