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  1. Man runs over bikers in NY road rage incident
  2. Nigeria students killed in college attack
  3. Qatar's World Cup 'slaves'
  4. Ku Klux Klan group gets Gettysburg battlefield permit
  5. Nigerian student scientifically proves gay marriage is wrong
  6. Immigration van adverts........ a disgrace?
  7. NRA Lobbyist Shoots Elephant
  8. 2 headed baby undergoes operation in Afghanistan
  9. Sisters laundering money caught.
  10. Four million quid heroin smuggling.
  11. Zimbabwe elephants poisoned by cyanide
  12. Washington to Wall Street - Threat of default is real
  13. Dog fancier.
  14. Man has sex with goat,....another does it with a cat!
  15. Rolf Harris in court.
  16. Amanda Knox won't return to Italy for a re-trial
  17. Naked man caught 'having sex' with Land Rover
  18. Nairobi terror attack: Americans and Briton 'among the gunmen'
  19. Oz : Why the Gold Coast is better than a cheap holiday in Thailand or Bali
  20. USA: Saudi Princess goes free
  21. Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' Banned
  22. Russia 'seizes' Greenpeace ship after Arctic rig protest
  23. Sex Jihad all the rage in Syria, claims minister
  24. Tony Blair’s daughter Kathryn Blair held up at gunpoint by muggers in London
  25. US Naval officer charged in relation to bribery scandal with Thai connection
  26. Man stabbed over 'Grand Theft Auto V'
  27. Austrian gunman shoots four dead
  28. Oldest person alive?
  29. Washington Navy Yard shooting: 13 dead, several wounded and buildings locked down
  30. Legal marijuana proposal
  31. History: The nuclear explosion over North Carolina that didn't happen
  32. Bystanders shot by police in Times Square
  33. Six men jailed after £9m of drugs imported in baby powder bottles
  34. LISTEN: Interview With An American-Born Terrorist
  35. Australia: Tattoos banned for NSW police
  36. Terrorist arrests UK
  37. The 2013 Ig Nobel prizes are awarded
  38. Voyager I Is Now Interstellar!
  39. How 'gleaners' are helping farmers target food waste
  40. 2 Companies ejected from UK Arms Fair.
  41. Toronto woman faked pregnancy to smuggle cocaine out of Colombia
  42. Advertising on adult sites pays out for one mainstream company
  43. Feral pig pinches multiple six-packs of beer and runs riot at Pilbara camp sites
  44. Bolton cabbie rapes boy.
  45. Abbot, the new Australian PM.
  46. White Dallas man shoots 8-year-old black boy in the face as he plays ‘tag’
  47. Bicycle seat sniffer caught.
  48. Govt of Poland Confiscates Half Of Private Pension Funds To "Cut" Sovereign Debt Load
  49. White British Muslim convert jailed
  50. Sex change soldier becomes a Muslim woman
  51. Skyscraper solar reflections melt car
  52. Dwarf set on fire in St Kilda
  53. David Frost, Who Interviewed Nixon, Is Dead at 74
  54. Leicester child prostitution trial: Men admit paying girl, 16, for sex
  55. Tuk-tuks becoming popular with tourists in Paris
  56. Somalia : Médecins Sans Frontières forced to close all medical programmes
  57. Russia considers ban of exporting RD-180 rocket engines
  58. UK retirees fault out of love with Spain and France
  59. Neil Armstrong Dead; Apollo 11 Astronaut Was First on Moon
  60. America losing the plot again: 'Little Doubt' Syria Gassed Opposition
  61. LA Porn industry shut down by HIV infected actress
  62. Kenyan trio in 'wife-sharing' deal
  63. Eating roadkill pests is good for us and the environment.
  64. 3 out of 4 Brits headed for obesity illnesses
  65. UK TV licence dodgers treated worse than real crims
  66. US bound mussies face more stringent checks
  67. Failed UK asylum seeker gets 36k payout
  68. Argies' sabre rattling at Cameron
  69. Manning Sentenced to 35 Years
  70. Syria: Hundreds Killed in Gas Attack
  71. OZ Baseball Player Shot While Jogging
  72. Penny Wong wants Liberals candidate Kevin Baker disendorsed over lewd website
  73. No Forking Way ! (Australian man lodges fork in penis)
  74. UK families squeezed by rising prices and stagnant wages
  75. NSW man jailed after 'refusing to pay bribes' in Bali
  76. Switzerland opens drive in 'sex boxes' to make prostitution safer
  77. Iranian Woman Too Sexy for Politics?
  78. Britain: Spoon in Underwear
  79. Abu Qatada's family follow him out of Britain
  80. Report: U.S. nuclear plants remain vulnerable to terrorists
  81. Rise in immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria to the UK
  82. Boy raped by babysitter has to pay Child Support
  83. Hemel hempstead voted ugliest town in UK ahead of LUTON
  84. Hyperloop
  85. Neanderthals were smart after all
  86. Paedo probe into UK superstar singer
  87. Australian travellers face greatest arrest risk in the US
  88. Fake monks found begging in Canada
  89. For the love of Ginger!
  90. ‘Tooth’ ache for dead dad
  91. British teachers attached with acid in Zanzibar
  92. Burglar left bruised and bleeding by retired boxer, 72
  93. Nigeria recruiting astronauts for space shot 2015
  94. Australian politician describes Islam as a country
  95. UK has the fastest population growth in Europe
  96. UK court warns Sikh woman against sleeping with husband
  97. UN Threatens Uruguay's Pot Legalization
  98. Birmingham man jailed for stamping on 4-year-old boy's head
  99. Report: Al-Qaida developed liquid that turns clothes into explosives
  100. Drunks should pay for damage: NSW report
  101. UK seaside towns descend into poverty
  102. Sarkozy most Influential in FR. 2017 Return¿
  103. Peter Capaldi revealed as new Doctor
  104. Crutches at Dawn!
  105. Spain sabre rattling over Gibralter again
  106. US Issues Travel Alert Over Al Qaeda Threat
  107. Australia unveils levy on bank deposits
  108. Agricultural Breakthrough: Self Fertilising Crops
  109. Parents starve child before beating him to death
  110. Proof the lunatics are running the UK today
  111. Manning found not guilty of aiding the enemy, guilty of espionage
  112. McDouble is 'cheapest and most nutritious food in human history'
  113. Omnicom and Publicis merger creates communications giant
  114. Italy bus crash: at least 39 dead
  115. To Catch a Thief
  116. Korean War a victory
  117. Brussels offers bribes to hire foreign workers for UK Jobs
  118. Elite hacker dies
  119. Peak hour sex act on Armadale train line
  120. India: Army 'mistook planets for spy drones'
  121. Spain train crash: Galicia derailment kills 78
  122. Australia mulls making it a criminal offence to smack children
  123. The Ultimate Hangdog
  124. English people Doff your caps and bow to your future King.
  125. Woman takes horse into McDonalds - he craps on the floor too
  126. Yemen : Nada Al-Ahda
  127. USA bombs Great barrier reef.
  128. Jake McCarthy : I Can’t Stay Awake
  129. Comedian Mel Smith dies of a heart attack
  130. Four homeless men found in Texas 'dungeon'
  131. Massive Riots, chaos and destruction in Nauru.
  132. Mission to the Moon's South pole
  133. Swissair 111 Crash had $500 Million in Diamonds on board
  134. Detroit Collapses..
  135. Man dies after State of Origin pie eating contest
  136. Gene switches off Down's chromosome
  137. Harrisburg broke - auctions off antiques
  138. Gunmen kill pro-Assad figure in Lebanon as Syria war spreads
  139. Teen sister shot dead for recording video of themselves dancing in the rain
  140. US says 255 caught in 9-nation child sexual predator sweep
  141. ‘Heroic effort at great personal cost’: Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Priz
  142. Scotland : Majority of chicken served in school meals 'comes from Thailand'
  143. Rapid acceleration in melting glacier Ice
  144. Judge to mull whether airlines owe WTC owners
  145. Boeing 787 catches fire at Heathrow
  146. America Goes Third World
  147. Abu Qatada deported from Britain.
  148. Asiana Airlines 777 crashes at San Fransisco.
  149. Taking Football Very Seriously In Brazil
  150. USA : State Department bureau spent $630,000 on Facebook 'likes'
  151. Australian Shame: Muslim MP Ed Husic Abused For Taking Parliamentary Oath on Koran
  152. White man’s skull has Australians scratching heads
  153. Cairo Protests
  154. Turkmenistan : Jennifer Lopez apologizes for Turkmenistan show
  155. Russia : Putin signs 'anti-gay propaganda' ban
  156. Michael Jckson, the rich paedophile.
  157. Secret no-fly list blamed for American's ordeal
  158. US Woman Sentenced to Life for Cutting off Husband's Penis
  159. Two parasites sponge some more taxpayers money
  160. Greg Dunn to face court over $430 million Wickenby tax avoidance investigations
  161. In world news today....
  162. Death Penalty Poster Boy
  163. Dumb Ways to Die
  164. New Orleans : Five-Year-Old Girl Shoots Herself In The Head
  165. Boat Race Protester Faces Deportation From UK
  166. Snowden on his way to Venezuela?
  167. G'day Dalai Lama - nice lid you've got yourself
  168. World Congress Against Death Penalty
  169. FBI Deny Investigation: Journalist Dies
  170. James Gandolfini dies aged 51
  171. Finally, the real Hoffa remains?
  172. IRAN to send 4000 Troops to Syria
  173. Berkeley woman held on suspicion of unlicensed export of guns to Thailand
  174. Pakistan hates gays but love 'shemale sex' and 'man f***ing man' porn searches
  175. Cambodia - Lost horizons: mediaeval city uncovered
  176. The last man born in the 1800s died
  177. And they said it wouldn't last: Murdoch and Ka-Ching/Deng
  178. Prosi; Jilted ????
  179. Aircraft flew seven times with body in wheel well.
  180. Russia and Nigeria pass gay marriage laws
  181. Anger at Erdogan Intensifies Amid Violent Turkish Riots
  182. Australia : National Park users worried about being shot by stray bullets from hunter
  183. Uzbek national extradited from Thailand convicted of human trafficking
  184. Israeli soldiers disciplined over Facebook pictures
  185. Paul Cardwell : Fugitive Ex-Hospital CEO Arrested in Thailand
  186. Four year old shoots dad, Iraq War Veteran, dead
  187. Gun ammo running out in Australia as US citizens buy big
  188. Six dead in US as nutter goes crazy with gun (again).
  189. Vodafone pays no UK corporation tax for second year running despite earning £5 billio
  190. Ban Ki-moon Receives a Black Belt
  191. Michelle Obama 'snubs wife of Chinese leader'
  192. Jihadists plead guilty.
  193. Blue's "Heroine" pleads guilty
  194. Muslim Religious Leaders Condemn Holocaust Deniers
  195. Scientist creates lifelike cells out of metal
  196. Nazi dad is back, this time in uniform
  197. Rock star charged with baby rape
  198. UK Secret Court sends father to jail for "happy 21st, son" on FB
  199. Far-Right Extremists Chased Through London by Women Dressed as Badgers
  200. Google Ordered To Give Customer Data To FBI
  201. Prince Harry Death Threats: Man Pleads Guilty
  202. Italy : 'Kiddy porn' man arrested for false Thai 'son'
  203. Bodybuilder gives insight into Thailand steroid holidays, doctors warn of health risk
  204. Legislation to ban Internet cafes moves to Senate floor
  205. Drunk in a puff of smoke: INHALE alcohol
  206. March against Monsanto
  207. Mentally Ill Man Caged For Decade In China
  208. DSK at Cannes festival
  209. Online porn pushes children into risky sex
  210. Stockholm riots leave Sweden's dreams of perfect society up in smoke
  211. Australia : Renewed push to recognise Indigenous Australians in Constitution
  212. Australia : More travellers taking a trip they'd rather forget
  213. 'Hardcore' gay film wins at Cannes
  214. French soldier stabbed in Paris by unknown
  215. Fatkini' Sells Out! Why the Plus-Size Swimsuit is Summer's Hottest Look
  216. "Cold Fusion" almost a reality. E-Cat LENR
  217. US confirms four American citizens killed by drones
  218. 'Shootings' and 'machete attack' in south east London: latest
  219. Future of drone strikes could see execution by algorithm
  220. House of Commons votes to allow gay marriage in England and Wales
  221. Biggest Burmese Python Ever Caught In Florida
  222. 'Green' gold extraction method replaces cyanide with starch
  223. Uluru : It's Raining on the Rock
  224. Navy dolphins discover rare 19th-century Howell torpedo
  225. Massive Tornado smashes Oklahoma
  226. Israel bank shooting leaves four dead
  227. Thai woman's tragic end at Gateshead haulage yard
  228. Australia : Vietnamese farmers unite in the Top End
  229. Venezuela runs out of toilet paper
  230. Rinehart : 'learn from Singapore PM'
  231. The worlds top Universities
  232. Thai sex tape behind €60k Woodies raid
  233. Another gang rape.
  234. World's most Expensive Cities
  235. Angelina Jolie undergoes double mastectomy
  236. Pope canonises 800 martyrs killed by Turks
  237. 19 Wounded in Mothers Day Parade Shooting
  238. One Of UK's Most Wanted Is Captured In Spain
  239. Roll of disgrace: inquiry into Vietnam war hero claims
  240. Astronauts replace pump on emergency spacewalk
  241. Sandy Hook
  242. New wheat strain yields 30% more.
  243. Virgin's Richard Branson dresses as stewardess on AirAsia flight
  244. Thai weekend school starts in Dubai
  245. Vale : Reg Twigg
  246. SOPA creator’s latest bill proposes stripping peer-review from science funding
  247. Cut UK age of consent to 13 says lady Barrister.
  248. Britain toughens up Immigration rules.
  249. Briton with dungeon who plotted to kidnap and eat child jailed in US
  250. 3 women missing in Ohio found after a decade; 3 men arrested