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  1. China angry over Spanish arrest warrant for former president Jiang Zemin
  2. Anyone fancy going for a pint?
  3. Streets of Juba, South Sudan, are named after Queensland State of Origin legends
  4. Bomb tutor blows up his students by accident
  5. Bit Wet in Blighty, Thames Breaks it's Banks.
  6. Snipers Attacked A Silicon Valley Power Station Last Year And Nobody Told Us
  7. Kiwis fighting with Syrian anti-govt forces
  8. Student visa system fraud exposed in BBC investigation
  9. Fishing firms lied about catches
  10. NZ urged to do more over whaling breach
  11. Immigration minister Mark Harper quits over cleaner's visa
  12. Princess to be questioned by Spanish court in corruption case
  13. Oldest Species of Man Footprints
  14. Australia: Sex crime charges laid against man 'married' to 13yo girl
  15. George Zimmerman plans celebrity boxing bout against DMX
  16. India to extend Visa On Arrival
  17. REVEALED! Wendi Deng's 'WARM' feelings for Tony Blair & how hubby Rupert discovered t
  18. U.N. panel blasts Vatican handling of Clergy Sex Abuse
  19. US warns Russia about toothpaste explosives
  20. Former teacher at Nick Clegg's school dies under train days before sentencing for sex
  21. Naked man shot to death after eating teen's face, assaulting cop
  22. Anne Frank
  23. Remains of 55 bodies found near former Florida reform school
  24. Mexican Survivor Lost at Sea for 14 Months
  25. One Million $ Reward for Siriyakorn "Bung" Siriboon
  26. Hoffman, $10,000 a Month Heroin Habit
  27. Hillsborough disaster survivors 'threatened by police'
  28. Apparently Bribery is not just a Thai Problem
  29. Currency wars loom as capital flows expose the weak
  30. Lost cat reunited with owner
  31. International Tobacco Contraband
  32. Mi-17 drops barrel-bombs in Syria,(Jan 31st, '14)
  33. Boulder smashes through Italian farm
  34. Woman dies after hijab gets tangled in escalator
  35. Portsmouth woman pleads to gun charges, faces 20 years, $1M fine
  36. Colin Mulgrew : Disgraced NHS dentist dies penniless in Thailand
  37. Spies use Smart Phones to Spy on You
  38. Heathrow weapons find leads to arrest of Swansea man
  39. US State of the Union 2014
  40. Man tricks GF w/ taking abortion pill. 14 years prison
  41. Australian charged over genital mutilation of baby
  42. Small car crash test!
  43. Israel PM under fire over son's non-Jewish girlfriend
  44. Pope's peace doves attacked by crow and seagull
  45. Texas judge orders removal of pregnant Marlise Munoz life support
  46. 2014 : Australian of the Year
  47. MV Lyubov Orlova
  48. Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support
  49. News agency fights Zimmerman art sale.
  50. Scandinavian lingonberry a weight-loss superfood?
  51. Denmark tops list of world’s most responsible governments
  52. US Marines burning bodies of Iraqi insurgents in 2004 revealed: Transparency?
  53. A Job Well Done
  54. Fancy a Chinky?
  55. 'Drunk driver' makes it all the way home before realizing a newspaper carrier was dan
  56. Australia's human rights performance under fire
  57. Kiwi fishes up strange see-through sea creature
  58. Richest 85 own as much as 3.5 billion poorest
  59. Suicide by Cop.
  60. Single Malt sells for over $600,000
  61. Ball ligthning observed by scientists
  62. Somali Pirates Capture First Ship in 2 Years
  63. Survey finds distrust in government growing
  64. Obama: Pot 'not very different' to cigs
  65. Nun gives birth to baby named after Pope
  66. Prepare For Global Cooling..
  67. Copping a Feel
  68. Missing 3 year old. Body found and mother detained
  69. Girl, 4, fatally shoots boy at US home
  70. 'Swiss cheese masturbator' arrested
  71. Computer-generated 'Sweetie' catches online predators
  72. UK paedophiles pay to watch webcam child sex abuse in Philippines
  73. Australia heatwave prompts fire alerts
  74. Blackburn drugs baron told to pay back just £160
  75. Blackburn religious teacher denies sexually touching schoolgirl
  76. Ex-police inspector from Blackburn charged with rapes
  77. Body camera video of a confrontation and deadly police shooting
  78. China confirms hypersonic missile carrier test
  79. Arthur Scargill 'tried to buy his London council flat under Tory right-to-buy scheme'
  80. NSA Program Stopped No Terror Attacks, Says White House Panel Member
  81. Italian says he ate Irish landlord's heart over chess row
  82. 9 Year Old Bomb Plot Girl Tells Her Story
  83. Cannibal Ouandja Magloire eats man 'who killed wife' in Central African Republic
  84. Two headed whale.
  85. Dogs defecate in accordance with earth's magnetic field, research finds
  86. Underwear bomber working for CIA.
  87. EVEN ODDER NEWS: Houston firefighter uses beer to extinguish burning truck
  88. ODDER NEWS: Woman Pulls Gun From Vagina in Alien Fight
  89. ODD NEWS: Thief carries 250-pound safe out of Massachusetts eatery
  90. It’s Official: Hell Has Frozen Over
  91. Australia turns back refugee boat
  92. Iraqi Government lose Fallujah.
  93. Former Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear, shot dead in suspected roadside robbery
  94. US Man Claims To Have Found Bigfoot...
  95. More decapitated bodies found in Mexico
  96. NASA Space Telescope Discovers Largest Ring Around Saturn
  97. New York may allow medical marijuana use
  98. Another Chinese toddler shreds life savings
  99. Brewer praised for $6 Starbucks smack-down
  100. Colorado becomes first state to legalise marijuana for recreational use
  101. Palestinian Ambassador killed by "suicide" safe
  102. Cash machines robbed with infected USB sticks
  103. Dolphins get high
  104. Bali Warnings for 2014
  105. Russian bombings in Volgograd
  106. Michael Schumacher in critical condition after skiing accident
  107. Universal law of urination found in mammals
  108. Diabetes risk gene from Neanderthals
  109. Ex-Stasi staff still work at archives of East Germany's former secret police
  110. US Federal Judge Rules NSA Phone Surveillance Is Legal
  111. Zimbabwe's Ambassador Jacqueline Zwambila asks Australia for asylum
  112. Britain pardons 'father of computing' Alan Turing of Homosexuality conviction
  113. American Sentenced to Year Jail and Fine for Paraody Video
  114. 'Topless' protest falls flat in Brazil
  115. Australia : Thai tourist drowns at Maroubra
  116. Uganda passes tough new anti-homosexuality bill
  117. Canada's prostitution laws struck down by Supreme Court as unconstitutional
  118. Apollo Theatre: Casualties After Collapse
  119. German parliament elects Merkel as chancellor for third term
  120. Row grows after US Marshals strip-search Indian diplomat
  121. Sea Shepherds 2013-14 Antarctic Anti-whaling Campaign
  122. Bomb Scare at Harvard, evacuations underway
  123. Israeli soldier killed by shots from Lebanon
  124. Spy plane may have filmed Maddie's kidnapper
  125. Peter O'Toole Dead at 81
  126. Kim Jong Un Executes his Uncle
  127. Outback incest
  128. Two tooled up Thai tarts tackle taser thief
  129. Ancient City found Underwater
  130. Teens kills 4 but too rich for prison
  131. Marine’s family sues U.S., Greek gov’ts over his missing heart
  132. Republican senator's chief of staff arrested for child porn
  133. Sign language translator at Nelson Mandela's memorial was a FAKE
  134. Uruguay first country to create marketplace for legal pot
  135. Madagascar village 'hit by bubonic plague'
  136. Australians are racist says boat race disruption fellow
  137. Indians riot in Singapore.
  138. Benjamin Netanyahu Thread
  139. Death of an Icon
  140. Best Countries for Business 2013
  141. Winter Olympics $40 Billion Blowout..
  142. "Dirty Bomb" materials stolen in Mexico Truck theft.
  143. Obama's uncle fights off deportation
  144. Detroit is Broke!
  145. 99pc of NSA leaks not published
  146. Amazon will deliver packages in 30 minutes using drones
  147. Fast & Furious star Paul Walker dead in fiery car wreck
  148. Eight confirmed dead in Glasgow helicopter crash
  149. GOP Official Accused of Drugging, Raping Coworker
  150. $0.56 Thanksgiving dinner.
  151. Jealous man guilty of throwing girlfriend 15 floors off a balcony
  152. Strippers for Jesus: Former Dancer Makes It Her Mission to Save Others
  153. 60kg car bomb partially explodes in Belfast city centre
  154. America will dominate afghanistan for over twenty years.
  155. Zimbabwe: Foreigners must close shops by Jan 1
  156. Wop dem Gangnam Style ...and dodge de bullets
  157. Three women rescued after 'decades of slavery' in south London home
  158. Darwin's frog declared to be extinct
  159. Dad Says Body of Murdered Son Appears in Google Maps Photo
  160. UK : Husbands face seeking wives permission to view porn under new restrictions
  161. American Dystopia getting closer?
  162. Is this Britain's strangest pet owner? Meet the woman with 40 CATS
  163. Pope hands out rosaries as medicine.
  164. Last person to be born in 19th Century dies at the age of 113..
  165. Waitress' tip denied; homophobic note left as gratuity
  166. Hundreds arrested over Canada child porn case
  167. Oops...Al Qaeda sorry after beheading wrong man.
  168. Wilko Johnson Defies Death And Wins Classic Rock Award
  169. Key to Beauty discovered on Russian Fur Farm?
  170. Cannabis trumps drink
  171. David Dimbleby gets Scorpion tattoo at 75
  172. US study shows that film gun violence has tripled since 1985
  173. NSW to introduce 'one-punch' laws
  174. Internet celebrity 'Batman bin Suparman' jailed for theft, drugs
  175. Religious Sacrifice in the UK
  176. Russian protester nails testicles to cobblestones in Red Square
  177. GOCE satellite will crash into Earth
  178. Pinkberry founder beat homeless man with tyre iron
  179. U.S Loses voting rights at UNESCO.
  180. Audio from alleged execution of Afghan insurgent by UK marines is released
  181. US moves to ban trans fats from foods
  182. Caterham launches bike division
  183. Exclusive Interview: In ISU case, police action baffles family
  184. Driverless cars to be introduced in Milton Keynes
  185. UK intelligence chiefs being quizzed by MPs
  186. US Arrests Third Navy Officer Arrested in Asian Bribery Scheme
  187. Arafat may have been poisoned
  188. 9 Hit in Detroit Shooting.
  189. Bikie Asia trips spark Qld massage raids
  190. Computer-generated 'Sweetie' catches online predators
  191. Tourist leaves child porn in car
  192. £1bn Art Treasure Found In Germany
  193. Barclay's suspends Currency Traders
  194. Shooting In LAX
  195. White House official confirms Israeli attack on Syrian missile site in Latakia'
  196. India bus inferno kills 40; many burned alive
  197. ‘We’re all in a state of shock’: Shooting rampage in Texas leaves five dead
  198. Paid holidays for criminals living in Brisbane G20 zone
  199. Food bank CEO warns of riots
  200. Toddler found living in car boot
  201. US drone strike against Shabab in Somalia
  202. Turkey : World's first sea tunnel connecting two continents
  203. Tasmanian seafood industry jobs 'going begging' as scallop producers turn to Thailand
  204. 40 years for white supremacist who tried to start race war by murdering Muslim grandf
  205. US accused of spying on EU leaders
  206. Pepper spray cop John Pike awarded US$38,000 for his suffering
  207. Rjukan : Giant solar mirrors bring light to Norwegian town
  208. Giant George – The World’s Tallest Dog Has Died
  209. Majority of Americans support legalising pot
  210. California cops kill boy, Andy Lopez, 13, who had fake gun
  211. Uruguay Selling Legal Marijuana for $1 a Pop
  212. UK : NHS 'can save £500m' on foreign care
  213. Another school shooting in the US
  214. Boko Haram Islamists 'kill 19 in Nigeria'
  215. US about to launch its largest ever Destroyer
  216. Abu Dhabi : Rihanna’s fashion shoot at Abu Dhabi mosque
  217. Cold War Asian exploits of Australia's secret submarines
  218. Australia : Banned Lingerie Ad Asks, "Can You Fit Me?"
  219. International Appeal to Identify Mystery Girl Found in Greek Gypsy Camp Raid
  220. Man charged with importing child porn commits suicide in police lot
  221. Australia : Malaysian students told not to attend Anwar's lecture at Festival
  222. US becomes #1 Oil Exporter
  223. Norway : Married foreigners end up as prostitutes
  224. Ex-EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll will not answer charge as court case
  225. Theresa May: Migrants have forced Britons out of workplace
  226. Police sell drug-baron cage fighter's luxury cars and jewellery on eBay
  227. Eccles couple guilty of trafficking servant girl
  228. Lost Boy Uses Google Earth to Find His Way Home After 25 Years
  229. US : Student tells of holiday visa 'nightmare'
  230. De-Americanised world
  231. Vatican misspells the name of Jesus
  232. German telco hopes to hide traffic from spies
  233. Gmail extension aims to drown NSA in nonsense
  234. NSA meltdown
  235. US : British woman found dead in hospital stairwell 17 days after she went missing
  236. Solar pole flip
  237. Saudi preacher jailed over daughter's death
  238. US Twin raid, Somalia and Libya.
  239. Failed US Navy Seal raid.
  240. Trader Joe's of US vs Pirate Joe's of Canada
  241. Republicans Aren’t Hostage Takers, They’re Political Terrorists
  242. Glasgow : Judge rules Bedroom Tax 'unlawfully discriminated' against disabled woman
  243. Who owns €20bn cash left at Moscow airport for six years?
  244. Gambia withdraws from the Commonwealth
  245. Facebook builds its own town
  246. Italy boat sinking: Dozens of migrants die off Lampedusa
  247. Mark Chopper Read is dying
  248. German Muslims increasingly going to Syria
  249. Mad as hell: Alastair Campbell’s furious row with Mail editor over Miliband article
  250. ‘Climate refugee’ fighting to stay in New Zealand