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  1. Obama Weighs Iraq Air Strikes, Humanitarian Drops
  2. Russians Mock Obama With Racist Laser Projection On U.S. Embassy In Moscow
  3. Worlds Biggest Scumbag Insurance Company, Adriana Insurance
  4. Real Estate Bargains in Failed US Cities. But you might die.
  5. Empire Strikes Back, Russia Announces Sanctions On The West
  6. Spanish Government Gives Police Medal To Virgin Mary Statue
  7. Obama is Infecting Christians with Ebola To Destroy Jesus and Start A New Age of Libe
  8. People Power frees trapped man
  9. Argentina Plaza de Mayo activist finds 'stolen grandson'
  10. US general Harold Greene killed by Afghan soldier
  11. Qatar Airways to Manchester escorted by Fighters
  12. The easy way to explain "Open Carry" to your kids.
  13. Google Searches Mail For Child Porn.
  14. Report: US Sent Young Latin Americans on Secret Cuba Missions
  15. Phillippines reports possible Ebola cases
  16. Warwickshire man nose-pushes Brussels sprout up Snowdon
  17. American aid worker stricken with Ebola arrives in U.S. for treatment
  18. FBI errors throw forensic convictions into question
  19. UK - Chief inspector of borders and immigration resigns
  20. South African giraffe dies after 'hitting bridge'
  21. New Kind of Trader
  22. Aus - Abandoned newborn with Down Syndrome and born to Thai surrogate in hospital
  23. Islamic mob burns to death a woman and two children in Gujranwala, Pakistan
  24. The West evacuating all Nationals from Lybia
  25. US condemns shelling of UN school in Gaza but restocks Israeli ammunition
  26. Fire rips through Eastbourne Pier
  27. Lone Survivor Hero hunted by Taliban.....
  28. Forget the carbon, worry about the methane......
  29. Women should not laugh in public
  30. MMA fighter who killed intruder won't be charged
  31. MH17 Latest News
  32. Nigeria 'Placed On Red Alert' Over Ebola Death
  33. English Justice.
  34. IS Destroys Ancient Mosque, Tomb of Jonah near Mosul
  35. Enraged Indian mob fatally beats rape suspect after finding 7-year-old girl’s body
  36. Man, 80, guns down pregnant home invader: ‘I shot her twice, she best be dead"
  37. Just a little off the top please....
  38. Algerian airliner drops off the radar
  39. Aussie woman in Lebanon faces jail for adultery
  40. jury awards record 25 Billion damages in Cig cancer case
  41. Slippery Silvio Skates Free on Seven Year Sentence
  42. Another Islamic State atrocity.
  43. NYPD cop who used chokehold on Staten Island man stripped of shield, gun
  44. Dad beats man, Raymond Frolander, allegedly found raping his son in Florida
  45. Malaysian Airliner shot down over Ukraine
  46. Gitmo 2
  47. 660 suspected paedophiles Arrested.
  48. 'Cannibal nurse planned to kill girl with axe', court hears
  49. Russia derailment: '10 dead' in Moscow metro crash
  50. Church of England General Synod backs women bishops
  51. ‘One in 50’ Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals are paedophiles.
  52. The UK's Potemkin Navy
  53. Second German government worker suspected of spying for US
  54. Assisted dying: Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey backs bill
  55. Israeli PM vows there will be more air strikes on Gaza
  56. Death is better than prison food
  57. Cocaine valued at £25m found in banana delivery
  58. UK - Emergency phone and internet data laws to be passed
  59. Germany Asks Top US Spy To Leave The Country
  60. Chinese Hackers
  61. At least 84 shot, 14 killed in Chicago over violent 4th of July
  62. Brooklyn pass for first-time pot offenders
  63. Elephant 'cries' during rescue after 50 years of abuse
  64. UK - Child abuse claims: Evidence of '20 prominent figures'
  65. Pink Floyd To Release First New Album in 20 Years
  66. The Next President
  67. Google Skybox - To Far?
  68. Surely they jest?
  69. 15 year old american brutally beaten by israeli cops
  70. California police 'pummelling' of woman is investigated
  71. Fit bird shoot's lion and winds up vegetarian's into a frenzy!
  72. Vatican officially recognizes Exorcism Squad.
  73. Seattle Cop Kills Man Over Not Paying Transit Fare!
  74. Study: Mosquitoes Can Smell Malaria
  75. A GIRL, 12. has died after she and five playmates were made to sit on the roof of a c
  76. Driver jailed for doing 150mph with no-seatbelt infants
  77. European Commission steps in to help Bulgarian banks
  78. Stun Grenade Lands in Baby Crib During SWAT Raid
  79. Atheist declared mentally ill in Nigeria
  80. King Co. Sheriff's deputy charged with prostituting wife, theft, dealing steroids
  81. 6 Armed Chicago Police Kill 95yr Old War Vet For Refusing Hospital Trip
  82. FBI recovers 168 children in child sex trafficking sting
  83. McLaren worker in 'stable' condition after Duncton crash
  84. German fighter and Learjet collide - two feared dead
  85. West Africa ebola outbreak totally out of control: Doctors Without Borders
  86. New York will make as much money this year as the whole of Australia
  87. El Paso police officer not charged after on camera shooting death of cuffed prisoner
  88. Woman who drove with man stuck in windscreen gets 55 years Read more: http://www.smh
  89. Two Proud Gun Nuts
  90. Islamic militants retaking Iraq.
  91. We're Doomed Part 24 (Solar Flares)
  92. Finally! One for the gun guys.
  93. Police Stage Dramatic Rooftop Rescue.
  94. London buildings deploying medieval anti hobo spikes..a few liberal commies get upset
  95. Fatboy Kim DotCom offer 5 Million dollar reward
  96. As many as five people are believed to have been killed in Las Vegas Walmart shooting
  97. What does a 2.7 meter Great White need to worry about?
  98. 4.7 meter Croc snatches NT man from boat.
  99. Bodies Of 800 Babies Found In Septic Tank In Ireland
  100. Seattle Pacific 'hero' Jon Meis has wedding gifts paid for
  101. Ex-tennis doubles star Bob Hewitt charged with rape
  102. King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicating
  103. Cameron warned UK might quit EU over president
  104. Parliament to discuss possibility of Muslim and Hindu bank holidays
  105. US prisoner released
  106. Each to His Own !
  107. Sudan Mother's Death Sentence Condemned
  108. Australian boy's egg collection turns into snakes
  109. EU calls Thai military junta to restore democracy, free detainees
  110. She's in a better place. Man murders his daughter.
  111. US gives $5bn to global terror fight
  112. Pregnant woman stoned to death by family in front of High Court.
  113. Aboriginal people in remote communities fear they be hit hardest by cuts to welfare
  114. Pfizer walks away from $118 billion AstraZeneca takeover fight
  115. Far-right National Front stuns French elite with EU "earthquake"
  116. Belgium's Jewish community under police guard after three killed in attack
  117. USA : Seven Dead, Several Hospitalized in Isla Vista Shootings
  118. Canberra Calls In Thai Ambassador Over Coup Concerns
  119. "The Shield" actor Michael Jace charged with wife's murder
  120. Joss Stone death plotters win appeal
  121. Iranian actress Leila Hatami's kiss at Cannes Film Festival angers authorities
  122. 10-year-old girl 'raped' by eight-year-old boy
  123. Sir Jack Brabham dead
  124. Affluenza Alert: Drunk Ferarri Driver's 7th conviction
  125. Convicted killer and robber abscond from HMP Kennet
  126. Vending machines pop out marijuana
  127. Sudan judge orders pregnant Christian 'apostate' to hang
  128. Plane makes emergency landing after bit of wing falls off
  129. Shipwreck Off Haiti Coast Could be Columbus's Santa Maria
  130. Irish teacher faces deportation from Dubai
  131. Table tug-of-war is not to be missed
  132. Grandmother Paris Ainsworth retaliates against the thugs who shot at her in Detroit
  133. Missing Irishman Donal O'Sullivan found in stairwell at Bondi
  134. Chinese Police to Patrol Paris Streets
  135. Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat only Read
  136. US acrobats injured in fall at Rhode Island circus act
  137. 'Skull Cracker' Michael Wheatley absconds from open prison
  138. 1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified – Vatican In Awe Read more
  139. PLA Navy learning from MH370 search: Kanwa
  140. Three shot dead and four injured in Jonesboro, Arkansas
  141. Saudi Arabia announces new MERS deaths
  142. Travellers to pay costs for Australian consulate
  143. UK barrister jailed for 16 months for lying to police
  144. Australia : Race to block asylum seekers
  145. BBC blames 7/7 on mussies - weird
  146. Man jailed for child porn after wife donates DVD containing images to Charity shop
  147. Reports: Peaches Geldof died of Heroin overdose
  148. Afghan couple hack off Cleric's nose, ears in revenge attack
  149. Insulting Islam: Scorpions Drummer Jailed in Dubai
  150. US Homeland Security: Stop using Internet Explorer for now
  151. Egypt: 682 get Death Sentence
  152. A week of GUNFAIL in Amerika
  153. Woman updates facebook post to "Happy", crashes and dies seconds later....
  154. Fatal crash driver sues dead victim’s family for emotional suffering
  155. Canada military orders sexual misconduct review
  156. Disgruntled 'Call of Duty' gamer sends 70-man SWAT team to opponent's house
  157. Another dead giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo
  158. Chinese spies at Sydney University
  159. Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter dies at 76
  160. US: Mother faces life in prison for murder of 4-year-old son she thought was gay
  161. New Jersey woman denied “offensive” 8THEIST numberplate
  162. “Martijn” : Dutch supreme court bans pedophile group
  163. U.S. drone kills 21 in Yemen
  164. Nigel Farage rejects expenses allegations
  165. Nigerian senator: '135 civilians killed' in attacks
  166. Naked Man Poops & Masterbates In Couples Home
  167. Woman calls police about marijuana quality
  168. Up to 20 people stabbed at Pennsylvania high school
  169. Four Years of Austerity in 40 Pictures
  170. Massimo Tamburini
  171. Breast Milk Morphine Murder Mom Gets 20 Years
  172. Another shooting at Fort Hood, Texas
  173. Weapons of mass destruction? - Nato - US agression
  174. US and CIA at it again in Venezuela
  175. Woman alive during beheading.
  176. Rochdale man jailed for grooming and sexually abusing three girls
  177. Good Shot! Sniper Takes Out Six With One Shot.
  178. Rich Guy Walks After Raping 3 Yr Old Daughter
  179. Road rage revenge:Aggressive driver gets what's coming to him!
  180. Turkey YouTube Ban: Full Transcript of Leaked Syria 'War' Conversation Between Erdoga
  181. Tale of the first British Convicts to escape Australia told in full
  182. Would you pay to cut in line for the toilets on a flight?
  183. Obama goes "Cold War" style in speech against Russia
  184. Toddler Cut as Razor Blades Found Glued to Illinois Playground
  185. Australia : Child, 4, died after being forced to ride motorbike by mother, court told
  186. Tony Blair handed £3m slice of Barack Obama’s aid for Africans
  187. Iran building fake US aircraft carrier to destroy in propaganda attack
  188. Ebola virus outbreak kills 59 in Guinea
  189. NSW teachers barred from wearing t-shirts, thongs as part of new dress code
  190. Erdogan Bans Twitter
  191. Sex-change serial killer blames man 'he used to be' for murders
  192. Earth nearly devastated in 2012
  193. Software 'Armageddon' Could Expose ATMs to Hackers
  194. New York Attorney General Endorses Radical Change To The Way The World Trades Stock
  195. UK: pedo Hafiz walks
  196. Russia's next stop, Kaliningrad?
  197. NASA: Industrial civilization headed for ‘irreversible collapse’
  198. goalkeeper who fed his girlfriend to dogs allowed work release
  199. First Genocide Conviction for 1994 Rwanda Massacre
  200. Russia kicking out expat executives
  201. Tony Benn Died Today
  202. Python swallows family dog chained inside its kennel
  203. Stadium Sued Over Beer Scam
  204. Front landing gear collapses on Florida-bound plane
  205. Laura Cunliffe jailed for microwaving pet kitten
  206. "Huge" Explosion in New York
  207. Bob Crow Dies Aged 52.
  208. Australia urged to follow New Zealand's lead on flag rethink
  209. Woman abuses own kids while paying adults watch
  210. Iraq cabinet approves law allowing marriage to 9 year old girls
  211. Bus Pass Elvis Party beats Lib Dems in election
  212. Row as Iraq minister's son 'forces' flight turnaround
  213. Breakthrough in Aids research
  214. Wayne Bryson, 19, gets suspended sentence for having sex with girlfriend's dog
  215. Chysler orders 93 rare Dodge Vipers crushed
  216. Getty Images now available to public for non-commercial use
  217. Rejecting Putin: RT reporter resigns on air
  218. GCC pulls ambassadors from Qatar
  219. Iranian man sentenced to having his eyes gouged out, right ear and nose cut off
  220. New Zealand's Maori king snubs Prince William
  221. Hermit Paid $17m To Move Out Of Mouldy Room
  222. Pistorius: The Trial of the Decade
  223. SWEDEN CHILD ABUSE CASE: Son in Sweden case raises new questions
  224. The UK's NHS attempting to sell patient care data.
  225. Crack Found in Washington Dam on Columbia River
  226. Brixton Club blames Black people for violence
  227. Customer seeks $1.5 million from McDonald's after request for more napkins is snubbed
  228. Ukraine leader warns Russia after armed men seize government HQ in Crimea
  229. Australia : Qantas cuts 5000 jobs, posts $252 million first half loss
  230. Lord Triesman cannot be sued for libel by Thai official, court of appeal rules
  231. Australians : What the government isn't telling you about Bangkok
  232. Man accidentally kills himself during gun safety demonstration
  233. Surfing Croc Closes Beach in Australia
  234. New Polio-like Disease Crippling Kids in California
  235. Shocking opulence revealed as Ukraine leader flees home
  236. Obama urged to cancel Dalai Lama meeting
  237. Whaling conflict renewed in Antarctic
  238. The scramble for Antarctica
  239. Unicef launches record $2.2bn crisis appeal
  240. Australia : Navy breached Indonesian waters 6 times under Operation Sovereign Borders
  241. Pussy Riot whipped by Cossacks.
  242. Fatwa Issued: muslims forbidden to travel to Mars
  243. Man in China tries to feed himself to tigers
  244. Protestors In Ukraine Fight A Crackdown
  245. Elderly nun sentenced over US nuclear site break-in
  246. GRAPHIC IMAGES: MOD shoot pigs so medics can practise emergency surgery
  247. Australia : One Dead, Many Hurt as Asylum Seekers Riot at PNG Detention Camp
  248. Australia spied on Indonesia trade talks
  249. Europol seizes thousands of tonnes of fake food
  250. 12 million Brits will be advised to take Statins