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  1. Australia Combats Out of Control Bush Fires
  2. Flights into Kenya's main airport have been suspended after a passenger plane crash-l
  3. Pair Spent Two Days 'Locked' In Closet
  4. Israel not included in HarperCollins map used by children in Middle East
  5. Cancer Just Bad Luck
  6. Fukushima's Radioactive Plume to US
  7. Argentina getting just a little bit desperate.
  8. Mum shot dead by her toddler (2) in Walmart
  9. How not to rob an ATM
  10. Hundreds still awaiting airlift on stricken Italian ferry
  11. Egypt bans 'Zionist' film Exodus and cites 'historical inaccuracies'
  12. Pakistan judge issues arrest warrant for Abdul Aziz
  13. Sea Shepherd intercepts boat suspected of illegal fishing
  14. Hungary PM Orban: U.S. uses corruption charges to gain influence
  15. Syrian rebel groups in Aleppo enter alliance - arms to IS and Nusra
  16. Death Toll Among Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Workers Revealed
  17. Anti-Islam 'Pegida' rally in Dresden sees record turnout
  18. Third Islamic ‘lone wolf’ injures ten in Western France
  19. North Korean Internet Goes Dark
  20. At least 6 dead in Glasgow crash
  21. Pakistan: Government to execute 500 terrorism convicts following deadly school attack
  22. Wetherspoons' €3 pints spark all-out pub price war
  23. Human rights for shy orangutan
  24. Push To Get More Women Into The Cock
  25. Eight children stabbed to death in Cairns
  26. US: Sony Cyberattack Is ‘Serious’ National Security Matter’
  27. U.S. to Restore Full Relations With Cuba, Erasing a Last Trace of Cold War Hostility
  28. N. Korea Calls on UN to Focus on US Rights Abuses
  29. July 21 failed London bombers lose appeal
  30. 84 children reported dead in Taliban attack on Pakistan school
  31. China Shocked by Violence at Madagascar Sugar Plant
  32. China: About 300 Citizens Fighting With IS in Iraq, Syria
  33. Rouble on the Ropes
  34. Aust Govt to cash in on visas for foreign love
  35. Hostages held in siege in Martin Place, Sydney in lockdown
  36. Islamic State issues guidelines for sex slaves
  37. Islamic State trying to SELL decapitated body of US hostage James Foley for $1 MILLIO
  38. Marijuana on Indian Reservations
  39. Peter Lik’s ‘Phantom’ sells for $7.8 million — the most expensive photo ever
  40. Muslims kill 5000 this month alone.
  41. Millionaire Chinese businessman bulldozes run down huts in village where he grew up
  42. US Government Readies for CIA Torture Report Fallout
  43. Sony hack reveals movie studio kept passwords in folder named 'Passwords'
  44. 2.5 Million-Year-Old Canyon Found Beneath Tibetan River
  45. US, South African Hostages Killed in Yemen Rescue Attempt
  46. US lawmakers try to stop payments to Nazis
  47. Hypnotist robs store in the UK
  48. President Putin calls for Russians to be self-reliant
  49. Brazilian AOTY reality star hospitalised after cosmetic surgery
  50. Erdogan: women not equal to men
  51. Sweden government close to collapse
  52. Lee Rigby murder: Killer loses legal challenge
  53. Nailbomb Maker Avoids Terror Charge
  54. Paedophile care boss John Allen to be sentenced
  55. Future Uncertain for Asian Immigrants Facing Deportation in US
  56. Aussie kid gets bitten by shark, rides his bike home for raisin toast
  57. Breaking: China says 15 killed in Terrorist attack
  58. Hosni Mubarak cleared in murder case
  59. New statue unveiled in Gravesend
  60. Polio Vaccination Team Attacked in SW Pakistan
  61. E-cigarettes Have 10 times Carcinogens: Japan Researchers
  62. Cleveland Cop Shot 12 Year Old Boy Seconds After Encountering Him
  63. Brothers Jailed For Attending Syria Terror Camp
  64. Passengers Get Out and Push Frozen Siberian Plane (article & video)
  65. War against Isis: British radical Abu Rumaysah taunts police
  66. Concerns over terror exclusion plans
  67. Two Britons 'killed in Islamic State fighting' in Syria
  68. Immigration impact 'underestimated' on UK population, says report
  69. Islamic State: Australian-initiated air strike kills up to 100 militant fighters
  70. Kiwi killed, stashed in chilly bin in Australia
  71. Mexicans Hold Rally for Missing Students
  72. Obama to Give Legal Status to Almost 5 Million Undocumented Immigrants
  73. Petitions filed against animal sacrifice at Gadhimai
  74. Anonymous Hacks Into USA Ku Klux Klan Twitter Account
  75. Campaign to boycott halal food gains momentum - yoghurt company ditches certification
  76. Swedish Police Release Extensive Report Detailing Control Of 55 ‘No-Go Zones’ By Musl
  77. Miss Honduras, Sister Slain In Jealous Fit
  78. China aims to move Tibetan nomads from their lands by end of 2014
  79. Seals Raping Penguins, Onlookers Fail to Help!
  80. Double agent jihadi: To his extremist 'brothers' he was a Muslim convert
  81. UK - A million crimes reported by public left out of police figures
  82. Putin Admits Russian Troop Role in Crimea Annexation
  83. Repaying poor customer service like a Champ!
  84. Vladimir Putin to leave G20 early after pressure from West over Ukraine, MH17
  85. Putin Criticizes US Ahead of G20 Summit
  86. What???
  87. Brisbane in Lockdown as G20 Summit Nears
  88. UN: Opium Production in Afghanistan to Hit Record High in 2014
  89. EU 'benefit tourism' court ruling is common sense, says Cameron
  90. Gary Glitter due in court on child sex offences
  91. Islamic extremists infiltrating schools, university campuses and scout groups across
  92. Robert Plant rejects billion dollar contract for Led Zepplin tour.
  93. KILLING PLOT: British police have foiled a plot to kill 88-year-old Queen Elizabeth,
  94. Apec agrees network to share information on corruption
  95. Welsh Cannibal eats some sexy rarebit..
  96. Heroic SWAT Team Protects and Serves by Shooting Fleeing Puppy.
  97. French Scientists Find Mechanism For Spontaneous HIV Cure
  98. Russia dismantles Steve Jobs memorial as 'gay propaganda' after Apple CEO comes out.
  99. Australian Man 'Surfs' Dead Whale's Floating Carcass
  100. Dutch Killer van der Sloot Stabbed In Prison, Lawyer Claims
  101. Army Cadet blasted in face with makeshift blowtorch after selling poppies..
  102. Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2 Explodes
  103. Rare WW2 aircraft for sale
  104. Footage released of Cops firing 46 times at homeless man with a pen knife
  105. Dropping a ciggy butt can be costly in the UK
  106. South Africa's football captain and goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa has died after being shot
  107. UK Queen's First Tweet Gets Trolled
  108. Trident Nuclear Programme to be renewed without debate?
  109. Google Exec Makes Record Skydive From Edge Of Space
  110. Easter Island's Ancient Inhabitants Weren't So Lonely After All
  111. New York Axe Attack 'Terrorist Act By Muslim Convert'
  112. Seattle School Shooting: the 75th since Sandy Hook
  113. EBOLA
  114. Tattooed teacher told to trundle off.
  115. Goodfellas Actor sues Simpsons Creator for $250 Million
  116. 45,000-Year-Old Man Was Human-Neanderthal Mix
  117. Canada's parliament attacked by gunman after soldier shot dead
  118. The 'Russian Submarine' in Swedish Waters Isn't the Only Unwelcome Visitor
  119. German U-boat found of the coast of North Carolina.
  120. Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant
  121. Briton Mamunur Roshid 'killed fighting in Syria',
  122. Syria man stones daughter to death in ISIS video
  123. Total's CEO Christophe de Margerie dies in Moscow plane crash
  124. Serial killing suspect in United States leads police to seven bodies
  125. Sweden widens search for "Russian submarine"
  126. Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws in the UK
  127. Prison took 50 MINUTES to call in medics after two inmates strangled a child killer
  128. Police Now Can Switch Off iPhone Camera and Wi-Fi
  129. Tattooed Model Twerks B00bs in Time to Mozart
  130. Nepal blizzards and avalanches claim many lives on Annapurna
  131. Bikers v ISIS? Dutch motorcycle gang gets green light to fight Islamic State
  132. Pravda lashes Tony Abbott as 'disturbed' over threat to shirtfront Vladimir Putin
  133. Ebola outbreak: Second Texas health worker 'tests positive'
  134. "Fuck, We're Dead", Air France Pilots Last Words
  135. Angel of Death Kills 38 Patients.
  136. ‘Crabzilla’ spotted off the coast of Britain
  137. Denmark to ban sex with animals:
  138. Rebuilding the Gazastrip
  139. Con Air
  140. Penis graffiti drawn on £1.5million Bugatti Veyron
  141. First Ebola death in the U.S.: Thomas Eric Duncan dies at Dallas hospital
  142. #Scientists discover #cancer-fighting berry on tree that only grows in Far North Qld
  143. The terrible truth about cannabis: Expert's devastating 20-year study
  144. First Western Ebola Infection Confirmed
  145. Strange News
  146. Hunger Strike for Brit Jailed in Iran for Attending Volleyball Match
  147. Alan Henning 'killed by Islamic State'
  148. Tough tax rules see expats ditch US passports
  149. HIV pandemic originated in Kinshasa in the 1920s, say scientists
  150. Tallahassee Cop Suspended After Caught on Video Tasering 62-year-old Woman in Back
  151. McCanns Targeted By 'Venomous' Internet Trolls
  152. Moazzam Begg Freed As Terrorism Case Collapses
  153. Tony Abbott on the burqa: I wish it wasn’t worn, but we are a free country
  154. Novartis Ordered to Face US Lawsuit Over Doctor Kickbacks
  155. 1st US Ebola Case Confirmed by CDC
  156. Islamic State crisis: Obama says US underestimated threat
  157. Callgirl advised Leightons fraudster on staff for Brisbane’s Clem7 tunnel
  158. Afghan Villagers Hang Taliban Fighters as Battle for District Rages
  159. UK pays benefits to East Europeans who live in East Europe....
  160. Set fire temporarily halts flights at O'Hare, Midway airports in Chicago
  161. About Half of the Water You Drink is Older than the Sun
  162. Greek woman 'buried alive by accident'
  163. South Carolina Unarmed Man Shot Over Seatbelt Stop
  164. US to create world's largest Marine sanctuary
  165. And Sex in Germany just gets Weirder...
  166. Terror suspect shot dead after two police officers stabbed in Endeavour Hills Read m
  167. Ukraine crisis: Thousands march in Moscow anti-war rally
  168. Israel shoots down Syrian aircraft near Golan Heights
  169. U.S. airstrikes hit ISIS inside Syria for first time
  170. 130,000 Syrian Kurds Flee to Turkey as IS Nears Border
  171. New Zealand PM wants vote on changing flag.
  172. Japanese construction giant Obayashi announces plans to have a space elevator
  173. Radar scanners find 17 more sites near Stonehenge
  174. PUP senator Jacqui Lambie says she would not let burka wearers into her office
  175. Six bints convicted of £20 million Pyramid scam
  176. Happy Dancers in Iran get 6 months and 91 lashes.....Reportedly no longer "Happy"
  177. Police raids in Australia: Terror cell planned to behead random member of public
  178. Obama Announces Plan to Send 3,000 Troops to Liberia in Ebola Fight
  179. IS Video Purports to Show UK Hostage Beheading
  180. Manchester Dogs' Home fire: Donations reach £1m in a day
  181. There Are No Atheists in the USAF!
  182. Peruvian Antilogging Activist Edwin Chota Killed
  183. Australian Police Bungle Gives Woman Bomb Laden Bag
  184. 9/11's secret 28-page history
  185. Fabled Franklin Arctic ship found
  186. It's all good news from Saudi Arabia
  187. Katrina Graft
  188. Arab governments agree to act against IS!
  189. Incredible medical breakthrough - Woman is pregnant
  190. Powder puff Jihadists
  191. Is Britain hardening its heart against Muslims?
  192. Neknominate that! Welshman does 1 bottle of JD in 13 seconds
  193. Afghan gang rape: Seven men given death sentences
  194. Crews Repel Boarders as Afican Migrants Try to Storm Channel Ferry
  195. Woman 'beheaded' in Edmonton garden
  196. Islamic State Video Shows Beheading of US Journalist Sotloff
  197. West Papuan Independence Leader Found Floating In Sack At Sea
  198. TV host killed by son-in-law who was his lover: police
  199. UK imams issue fatwa on British Muslim extremists
  200. Sunday's Feelgood news story.
  201. SAS and US special forces forming hunter killer unit to 'smash Islamic State'
  202. Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?
  203. Britain raises terrorism threat level from "Fancy That" to "Oh Dear!"
  204. British biker gets punished twice..
  205. Brother and sister arrested for Buttsex in church parking lot.
  206. Sons of Guns Star charged with raping 12 year old daughter.
  207. UK Border Patrol on Top of their Game
  208. IMF's Christine Lagarde 'under investigation'
  209. Instructor Killed by 9 Year Old Girl with Full Auto Uzi.
  210. Air rage over knee defender causes US flight to divert
  211. Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited, report finds
  212. Handcuffed Black Youth Shot Himself to Death, Says Coroner
  213. How involved in the war agains IS will the U.S. get?
  214. 1000's Feared Crushed as 6.0 Quake Hits California
  215. US grandmother, Linda Maddox, accidentally shoots her seven-year-old grandson
  216. Israeli air strikes level 12-floor apartment block in Gaza
  217. Cameroon footballer, dies after being struck by object thrown from the stands
  218. George Galloway interviewed by police over Bradford 'Israel-free zone' speech
  219. Egyptian cleric says men are allowed to spy on women in the shower
  220. Two American Ebola Patients Discharged from Emory University Hospital
  221. Summerville Police arrest student for writing he shot dead dinosaur
  222. Idiots overtaking on double lines....not just in Thailand
  223. EXCLUSIVE: Violent young British criminals sign up for 'GANGSTA JIHAD'
  224. 'Twice as Many' British Muslims Fighting for ISIS as UK Armed Forces
  225. Top Saudi cleric calls Islamic State, al-Qaida enemies of Islam
  226. Islamic State makes true on 'blood' threat, killing US journalist James Foley
  227. Why is there no natl news coverage for Cameron Redus?
  228. UKIP MEP insults Thai constituent
  229. Meanwhile....School Board Approves AR-15 Rifles for Campus Police
  230. Hows about a Curry Murry?
  231. Saudi woman to be lashed 50 times for calling morality police liars
  232. Muslim population is so large in Britain, largest department store will now sell hija
  233. Man tries to sail to US in a dinghy
  234. Ebola Patients Flee Attack On Liberia Clinic
  235. Wales NHS to offer MS cannabis drug Sativex
  236. Police search Cliff Richard's home
  237. Aussie hospital declares 200 patients dead in admin blunder
  238. Panel beater had dozens of beers and bongs before shooting burglar
  239. Man Pimps His Maserati, Gets Charged With Impersonating Police
  240. Nightmare as Jet Pilot's Arm Falls Off During Landing...
  241. Note to Killers, SIRI cannot help you hide a body...
  242. Man Identifies as "Queer", Objects to being labelled f@g, Makes World News Good Grief
  243. Witnesses say Unarmed Black Teen "Executed" by White Cop
  244. Man in Dayton, Ohio, castrated by woman after $13 sex offer
  245. Dog the Bounty Hunter after War Machine over Porn Star Bashing
  246. Jewish group asks France to rename 'Death to Jews' hamlet
  247. Actor Robin Williams found dead
  248. "Aussie" Jihadist poses 7 year old Australian raised son with severed head on Twitter
  249. Japanese businessman fathered 13 surrogate babies in Thailand
  250. 'Why I helped murder seven people' - Charles Manson 'disciple' breaks 45 year silence