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  1. Volunteers from Western Countries Join Anti-IS Forces in Syria
  2. Pakistan sends deported migrants back to Greece
  3. Possible Terror Attack in London Today
  4. Iraq orders Turkey to 'immediately' withdraw troops sent across border
  5. WW2 German u boat washes up on the coast of Argentina. Hitlers escape capsule?
  6. Russians Voice Support as Truckers' Protest Jams Road
  7. Canada to become first G7 nation to legalise marijuana
  8. Risk of death nearly doubled for Vietnam veterans with PTSD
  9. Australia to Strip Terrorist Convicts Of Citizenship
  10. German parliament approves military campaign against Islamic State in Syria Read more
  11. Firebomb attack 'kills 12' in Cairo
  12. ISIS Terror Warning: Britain next to be attacked by jihadists, supporters claim
  13. Hell hath no fury like a ex wife scorned
  14. British Jets Strike IS Oil Refinery
  15. Local/direct/specific news sources
  16. S. Korean Monks And Priests To Start Paying Tax
  17. UK votes to bomb
  18. 20 Shooting victims in California active shooter situation
  19. Four men arrested for terror offences in Luton
  20. Ghostly ships filled with bodies arrive on Japan's shores
  21. Statue Of Liberty Design Was Modeled On Arab Woman
  22. Facebook Founder To Give 99% Of His Shares To Charity
  23. Air Asia Crash - Plane had Defect
  24. US Tightens Visa Waiver Program After Paris Attacks
  25. Missing surfers: Families of Australians head to Mexico amid reports unidentified bod
  26. Secret Chambers in King Tut's Tomb Nearly Certain, Egypt Says
  27. Online Romance Costs UK Businesswoman £1.6 Million
  28. Russian tiger befriends goat instead of eating it
  29. A pig in a poke Le Noir?
  30. Macedonian Army Starts Building Fence on Greek Border
  31. Catholic Diocese Investigates Bleeding Wafer
  32. Colorado Springs: Three killed in shooting at Planned Parenthood clinic
  33. Saudi Arabia “to behead 50 on terrorism charges”
  34. US Mandates Military Dogs Be Retired in US
  35. Miss Canada stopped from entering China
  36. IKEA Creates Flatpack Refugee Shelters
  37. The rise of the 'kissing bug'
  38. Chinese Investment in Africa Falls by 40%
  39. Teenage Austrian 'poster girl for the Islamic State' killed by group
  40. Hungary detains group heading to capital with explosives, finds bomb lab
  41. Bus just been blown up in Tunisia
  42. Slipshod Masonry
  43. Russian jet downed in Turkey Shoot
  44. Glass-bottomed slappers visible in Croydon
  45. Anonymous hackers says it has uncovered plans by Isis to attack Paris, Indonesia, Ita
  46. Rare Rhino Dies, Leaving Three Left In World
  47. Jade Mine In Myanmar Kills 100
  48. 6 Tourists, Pilot Die in New Zealand Helicopter Crash
  49. Are you constantly tugging and pulling
  50. Phlegnatic Belgians close Metro
  51. UN backs 'all necessary measures' against IS
  52. Two men kept from boarding US plane after speaking Arabic
  53. 170 Taken Hostage in Mali
  54. Smoking Weed During Pregnancy Results In Children With Better Vision
  55. US Senators Warn Terrorists Could Exploit Visa Waiver Program
  56. Passenger's bomb 'joke' forces plane to land in Bulgaria
  57. 'Invincible' bacteria threatens global epidemic: study
  58. The world's most 'liveable' cities
  59. Honduras detains 5 Syrians headed to U.S. with stolen Greek passports
  60. Australian police search for men on park-bench vehicles
  61. Ambulance packed full of explosives found in front of German national stadium
  62. Extensive Face, Scalp Transplant Gives New Life to Burned Firefighter
  63. Egypt plane crash: bomb brought jet down, says Russia's security service
  64. Reports: Charlie Sheen is HIV positive
  65. Asians on Pace to Become America’s Largest Immigrant Group
  66. Rioters Attack Canadian-owned Mine in Mozambique
  67. Can the Balkans Kick Its Jihadi Habit?
  68. Coffee-drinkers less likely to die from certain diseases
  69. Anonymous declares war
  70. What does this mean?
  71. Israeli PM faces arrest in Spain over 2010 flotilla raid
  72. At least 10 killed as train derails during testing in eastern France
  73. Scores of Afghan Soldiers Defect to Taliban, Others Killed
  74. Tuition-free Online University Offers Hope to Many
  75. Pittsburgh Teachers Quit After Assault By Kindergarteners
  76. Islamic Terror strikes again in France
  77. Jihadi John Is Likely Dead
  78. Treasure hunting duo claims 'Nazi Gold Train' discovery
  79. Zimbabwe's Mister Ugly pageant draws record entries
  80. Is Europe Turning Into a Fortress?
  81. EU Launches $2B Emergency Fund to Combat Africa Migration
  82. Sexist Sandwich Shop Apologises
  83. Monitoring Group: IS Threatens Attacks in Russia
  84. WHO Director Worries Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Limit Affordable Drugs
  85. Some Antibiotics Make The Superbug MRSA Stronger
  86. Sweden reinstates border controls to combat migrants
  87. White supremacist sentenced to death
  88. Underground Info You Tube
  89. A croc of crooks, fancy a nile?
  90. 3 Indicted in US Over Major Hacking Scheme
  91. Mashed Swede
  92. Mis=Laughing
  93. Good Friends TISA speak
  94. Belgian Court Gives Facebook 48 Hours To Stop Tracking Internet Users
  95. Catalan Parliament Votes 72-63 To Secede From Spain
  96. Nigerian Wins World Scrabble Championship
  97. Former Gao Chief: True National Debt $65t, Gov’t Spending Has ‘lost Touch With Realit
  98. Candidates outed Wikileeks reveals clues to ID
  99. McCarthy says 9-year-old boy targeted, lured into alley and executed
  100. France deploying aircraft carrier to help fight against Islamic State
  101. Man ‘found with 21 severed vaginas’ in his freezer appears in court
  102. The Worlds Most Powerful People 2015
  103. France says gay men can donate blood if they abstained from sex before
  104. And Another
  105. Queen Elizabeth II - Made in China
  106. Refugees Choose Russia's Arctic as a Backdoor to Europe
  107. USA EPA Proposes Ban on Common Pesticide
  108. Thai company in UK police probe
  109. Russian plane just gone down in Egypt
  110. Expats favoured locations?
  111. Why only two for marriage, when a threesome is more fun?
  112. ‘Probably the largest’ al-Qaeda training camp ever destroyed in Afghanistan
  113. Judge rules man had right to shoot down drone over his house
  114. US and Russian military aircraft mid-air confrontation off Korean coastline
  115. EU Votes to Grant Asylum to Edward Snowden
  116. US Training Niger Army to Resist Boko Haram
  117. EU sets date for banning Roaming charges
  118. USS Lassen to challenge China's Spratly Islands claim '
  119. U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn
  120. 7.7 Quake hits Pakistan/Afghanistan
  121. Saudi Arabia to run out of cash in less than 5 years
  122. Maldives President Calls for Calm After Arrest of Vice President
  123. Tony Blair sorry for Iraq war 'mistakes' and admits conflict played role in rise of I
  124. Idaho Agency Finds Historic Footage of Parachuting Beavers
  125. Lavrov: Russia is ready to offer air support to Syrian opposition fighting ISIS
  126. Giant inflatable Christmas tree faces protests because it looks like a sex toy
  127. Horrified woman 'walks in on boyfriend having sex with her dog
  128. Red Bull Billionaire Behind Wentworth’s 733 Percent Golf Price Hike
  129. Lenin statue given Darth Vader makeover in Ukraine
  130. Whistling donkey traffic violations leaves Irish courts in fits of laughter
  131. 'Melee' breaks out in courtroom after man exposes himself to judge
  132. Nigeria bombs leave at least 37 (60) dead
  133. Married father-of-three caught on CCTV sexually assaulting horse in hour-long attack
  134. Mexico braces for strongest hurricane ever in Western hemisphere
  135. Civilians Under the Gun In Syria
  136. Study: Immigrants Pay for 620,000 Italian Pensions
  137. Restoration Begins on King Tut Mask
  138. London buses 'cheaper than Thailand's Tuk Tuks
  139. Sanguannam-Rakkolainen is a Thai electrical engineer
  140. Putin says Russian air strikes in Syria kill hundreds of militants
  141. Woman brings kids back from Syria 'ISIS not my cup of tea'.
  142. Russia and Thailand deepen economic ties and look to future
  143. Dead rat found in Subway sandwich
  144. Toyota Aims to Nearly Eliminate Gasoline Cars by 2050
  145. US Targets Domestic Terrorism With New Position
  146. Proliferation of Internet Porn Spells End of Nudity in Playboy
  147. Bankster extradited to Ireland; faces jail
  148. Pentagon Chief: Deal Near With Russia on Flights Over Syria
  149. Police remove officers from Assange watch
  150. Reports of explosions in Ankara
  151. Report: US to Sail Warships Near Disputed S. China Sea Islands
  152. US Officials: Russian Missiles Aimed at Syria Crashed in Iran
  153. France Train Hero Stabbed.
  154. Tunisia: One-Year Sentence for Homosexuality
  155. Etihad rerouting to avoid Russian missiles?
  156. AP: Smugglers busted trying to sell nuclear material to ISIS
  157. Analysts: US Syria Proxy Army Not Reliable
  158. Cancel the weekend plans
  159. UN delay could open door to robot wars, say experts
  160. Furious French Workers Attack Air France Executives, Rip Their Clothes Off
  161. Officials: Sydney Shooting An Act of Terrorism
  162. Floods Ravage French Riviera, at least 17 Dead
  163. Ship goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle
  164. World Beard and Moustache Championship
  165. Myanmar President Sued in US over Treatment of Rohingya Muslims
  166. Mother: ‘I would rather my daughter dies at home than give her insulin’
  167. Dennis Healey dies
  168. Afghan air strike: Kunduz MSF clinic workers killed
  169. First Self-Driving Truck Debuts on European Highways
  170. Anzac Day terror plot: Blackburn boy age 15 sentenced to life
  171. ANZAC Plot Teen Sentenced To Life Detention
  172. Oregon shooting: Gunman dead after college rampage
  173. Jet-setting monk gets new life in US
  174. UK made 'secret pact' with Saudi Arabia for human rights council place
  175. Bassingbourn Libyan sex-attack soldiers 'seeking asylum'
  176. Ronnie Pickering Road Rage Legend!
  177. Teenage girl develops hepatitis after drinking too much green tea
  178. NASA’s Hubble telescope has captured a star 20 x the size of the Sun exploding
  179. Four killed in amphibious duck boat crash on Seattle bridge
  180. Naked grumpy old women glues her bottom to Croydon shop window(U.K)
  181. Hajj stampede: At least 220 killed in Saudi Arabia
  182. Koala Killing Resumes in Overcrowded Australian Forest
  183. American Is Extradited to South Korea for Trial in 1997 Murder
  184. Stoke man banned from public parks for having sex with a slide!
  185. Woman, 91, Charged With 260,000 Counts Of Accessory To Murder At Auschwitz
  186. CEO who raised price of AIDS drug more than $700 calls journalist a 'moron'
  187. Pope Francis goes off-script in Cuba to deliver passionate homily on poverty
  188. Nepal Unveils New Constitution Amid Celebrations, Protests
  189. Saudi Arabia to Crucify 20 year old to Death
  190. A music teacher from Ohio has lost her job after it was discovered she was pornstar
  191. 2.3 Million Apply for 368 Office Jobs in Indian State Government
  192. Paris-bound train evacuated after suspect locks himself in toilet
  193. Super Gonorrhoea Outbreak In England
  194. Burkina Faso coup: Compaore ally named ruler
  195. North Korea Plans to Send Crew to Retrieve Cargo Ship Held in Mexico
  196. Woman Convicted After Duping Friend Into Sex
  197. North Korea Yongbyon nuclear site 'in operation'
  198. Topless protesters disrupt Muslim conference on women.
  199. Mexican tourists killed by Egyptian security forces
  200. Tony Abbott ousted as Australia's prime minister
  201. Missouri mother jailed after children, 4 and 6, found in cave crate
  202. 2nd River in Japan Bursts Banks; Dozens Stranded
  203. At Least 89 Killed in Gas Cylinder Explosion in India
  204. Kenya Unveils Memorial to Those Tortured During British Rule
  205. Thousands Rally in Europe Over Migrant Crisis
  206. Solo windsurfer's 2,200 mile journey around Britain
  207. Egypt government resigns amid corruption inquiry
  208. Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership contest
  209. London Overground Argument About Feet Descends Into Bizarre Row Over Religion
  210. Saudi officials: Crane collapse at Mecca Grand Mosque kills at least 107
  211. New Species in Human Lineage Is Found in a South African Cave
  212. Australia to Resettle 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi Refugees
  213. Japan Stocks See Record Surge
  214. Two Thais convicted of murder in Australia
  215. British Airways flight bursts into flames at Las Vegas airport, two injured Read mor
  216. French pair accused of murdering son by shutting him in washing machine
  217. Nepal Police Search for Body of Austin, Texas Teacher Dahlia Yehia
  218. Air strike kills Afghan counter-narcotics troops
  219. Meteorite showers in Land of Smile ?
  220. Russia has assumed the rotating Presidency of the UN Security Council.
  221. NZ to take in hundreds of refugees
  222. Tide of Migrants Pours Into Austria, Germany
  223. UK to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees
  224. 30 years on, French agent apologises for sinking the Rainbow Warrior
  225. Feel Good Story of the Day
  226. Millions Of POW Records Published Online
  227. US voices concern over Russia military buildup in Syria
  228. US cadets injured in pillow fight at prestigious academy
  229. Gun Etched With Bible Verse To 'Deter Muslims'
  230. Boy Found Being Breastfed By Neighbour's Dog
  231. WHO warns of polio outbreak after 2 cases confirmed in Ukraine
  232. Sheep Named 'Chris' Breaks World Record In Oz
  233. Jared's Charity
  234. Eni Discovers Massive Gas Field in the Mediterranean
  235. Queen Elizabeth II Is Britains Longest Serving Monarch
  236. Special Trains For Chinese At Swiss Resort To Diffuse Tensions With Other Tourists
  237. Report: Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal could become the world’s third-biggest
  238. Up to 50 migrants ‘suffocated’ in truck found in Austria
  239. Personal trainer 'kicked out' of Costa Coffee for wearing sports bra and leggings.
  240. Venezuala: food shortages and riots
  241. American Journalist and Cameraman shot dead on live TV....
  242. Dublin man is €350,000 richer after listening to his Thai girlfriend.
  243. Family smashes into teenage girl’s coffin a day after she was buried alive
  244. Chinese Passenger Drinks Whole Bottle Of Cognac In Airport Row
  245. Internet brothel busted
  246. Dog makes incredible recovery after being dumped on roadside only 30 days ago
  247. A serial killer called ‘The Pusher’ is shoving gay men into canals.
  248. Man does ‘MDMA and cocaine, steals ambulance then masturbates in police custody’
  249. Chinese are hiring surrogate moms in America
  250. Global Stock and Oil Prices Plunge