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  1. Germany plans repatriation centres for Algerians, Moroccans
  2. US seeks Americans missing in Baghdad
  3. Boy cuts off own hand after blasphemy mistake: Punjab police
  4. Iran sanctions end
  5. Dwarfworld Sleep Paralysis and hypnopompia
  6. Man appears in court accused of having sex with dog
  7. 'Doctor Death' arrested after 36 of his patients die
  8. Another Fritzl type loon !
  9. Switzerland ‘seizes assets from migrants’ to cover costs
  10. Obama proposes new unemployment insurance plan
  11. U.N. agency clears way for lifting of Iran sanctions
  12. Did Charlie Hebdo cartoon on Cologne sexual assaults go too far?
  13. Dakar Rally 2016
  14. R.I. official resigns after using man dressed as elderly woman in news conference
  15. 'Racist' video game pulled after uproar over killing Australian Aborigines
  16. US Gov has Internet and Phone Kill Switch
  17. Genes May Decide How Happy Your Country Is: Study
  18. Gunfire, explosions in 'terror attack' at Burkina Faso hotel
  19. US searches for two military helicopters after reported collision
  20. One person brain-dead, five others hospitalised after French drugs trial
  21. Italian medieval village orders elderly to defy death
  22. Hippie reckons the power of love will defeat ISIS.
  23. Widow of American killed in Jordan attack sues Twitter over growth of Isis
  24. German town sends busload of refugees to Merkel's office
  25. WHO declares Ebola outbreak over as Liberia gets all-clear
  26. Indian state's 'luxury tax' on samosas sparks row
  27. Hatton Garden jewellery heist: Final three guilty over £14m burglary
  28. Video released of deadly Chicago police shooting
  29. Paranoia
  30. Alan Rickman dead
  31. Renault stock plunges 20% after 'false emissions declaration' investigation
  32. Words but is it art?
  33. Fox Creek fracking operation closed indefinitely after triggering 4.8 earthquake
  34. Police operation underway at Sydney Opera House
  35. Julian Assange Wins Round 2
  36. US cop yells 'Bangkok' and punches man in groin
  37. BREAKING - Magnitude 7.0 quake hits off northern coast of Algeria
  38. France debates Jewish skullcap after knife attack
  39. London train delay blamed on 'strong sunlight'
  40. European Court upholds snooping on employees personal messaging
  41. Suicide bomber strikes at Polio Vaccination Centre
  42. Asylum seeker raped virgin twice as she walked home from night out
  43. 18yo man charged with sexual assault of women in surf blamed rough sea conditions
  44. Do you like a piece of tail?
  45. Inside a Filipino cybersex den.
  46. Obama to give State Of The Union address on his last year in office
  47. Overdose fears spark recall of children's cough syrup
  48. 10 U.S. sailors in Iranian custody
  49. BREXIT
  50. No Pole Dance
  51. Explosion rocks central Istanbul square, some casualties
  52. Come again ,THE REVENANT
  53. At $1.3 billion, U.S. Powerball jackpot in world record territory
  54. Hall's Menthol Illness
  55. Ringing Brothers Circus Elephants Get Early Retirement
  56. Canadian freed after 5 years in Taliban captivity
  57. Coach for team involved in rape investigation is reassigned
  58. North Korea overcomes poverty, sanctions with cut-price nukes
  59. Saudi council urges more space at Hajj stampede site
  60. Lucy Hill.
  61. David Bowie died
  62. Mayor denounces rape of woman by five men in New York playground
  63. Armed Militia Occupies Federal Land in Oregon USA!!!
  64. 'Jesus' arrested 'for trying to steal Obama's dogs'
  65. The United States Sterilized 60,000 Of Its Citizens
  66. Man caught 'after using daughter as sex slave for 22 years
  67. Family's Christmas ruined as rental turns out to be a DRUGS DEN
  68. Playboy Mansion up for sale for $200 mn
  69. Unhappy Ending
  70. Hopeless ,another silly survey
  71. El Chapo Arrested in Mexico
  72. Video - Passenger horror as plane door left open at 10,000ft
  73. Hollywood awards season kicks off with Golden Globes
  74. Woman innocently buys pork joint, is shocked to find it looks like a huge penis
  75. Egypt tourist hotel comes under attack
  76. Mein Kampf
  77. At least 50 killed in Lybia truck bomb blast
  78. 6-month sentence for Thai prostitute in Hawaii
  79. The vest is pants, numpty dumpty video
  80. Cannibal killer 'Metal Fang''escapes from asylum
  81. Libya truck bomb kills 60 policemen
  82. Man dies after condom vending machine explosion
  83. Woman complains her meal was 'ruined' by heart attack victim
  84. Judge rules monkey cannot own selfie photos copyright
  85. Violinist reclaims Stradivarius left on German train
  86. Birth Father Wants Surrogate Mom To Abort One Triplet
  87. The world's least safe airlines for 2016 revealed
  88. Where the white girls at?
  89. ISIS murders female journalist.
  90. North Korea claims it tested first hydrogen bomb
  91. Williamstown Airport under water
  92. New fragrance inspired by Putin goes on sale in Russia
  93. Coca-Cola's Happy New Year upsets Russians and Ukrainians alike
  94. Scot who made Horse penis joke to be deported from Kyrgyzstan
  95. Why the real King Kong became extinct
  96. Best Places In The World To Retire: 2 New Rankings
  97. Obama to force through gun control measures
  98. World Taekwondo Forum (WTF) to rebrand itself
  99. Fight breaks out at New Jersey anti-violence demonstration
  100. British troops could face charges over Iraq War: probe chief
  101. Mexico mayor slain a day after taking office
  102. Derby man convicted for ordering illegal weapons from Thailand on eBay
  103. Saudi Arabia executes 47 people, including top Shiite cleric
  104. UK Iraq veterans 'may face prosecution'
  105. Top of the Chops KSA keeps lopping
  106. Kim Jong Un Says North Korea Is Ready for War if Provoked
  107. Real or Hoax to Ruin Munich's New Year Celebration
  108. FBI offers $5,000 reward after bacon found at Vegas mosque
  109. Independent tallies reveal extent of killings by US police
  110. Rapists niggardley defence
  111. Uganda beats Thailand to claim top spot as most entrepreneurial nation
  112. Paddy McGintyovich persian versopm
  113. Microbes banned from liquid soap products to protect US waterways
  114. Nigerian to unveil 'biggest' statue of Jesus in Africa
  115. Hamas bans Gaza New Year's Eve parties
  116. Muslim couple found guilty of planning London terror attack
  117. Burundi's president Pierre Nkurunziza threatens to fight African peacekeepers
  118. More than 60 sharks sighted in NSW in the past 48 hours
  119. Nude Year Revolutions
  120. Stung by low oil prices, Saudi makes unprecedented cuts
  121. Incredible account of fighter pilot who's the only man to have ever shot a UFO
  122. First bike highway in Germany opens
  123. Over 700 strippers get Swiss work visas
  124. Yorkshire Strippers,tyke-u-like?
  125. How much space do you need?
  126. 80 dead in Nigeria attacks
  127. Sri Lanka President: Whip Iglesias Show Team
  128. Saudi Posts Record Deficit Amid Oil Slump
  129. Cheap batteries will give utilities electric shock
  130. Ride for a ride, going Dutch
  131. Belgium is going to kill us !
  132. The AIDS epidemic of Tijuana, Mexico
  133. Gonorrhoea 'Could Become Untreatable' Britain's Chief Medical Officer Warns
  134. Injured lady blasts Jetstar for making her PAY for a pillow to support her leg
  135. Chicago police kill three, say one shot 'accidentally'
  136. Iran's Rouhani urges Muslims to fix Islam's global image
  137. Lack of armed police ‘leaves UK regions open to terrorist attack’
  138. Guatemala President Rejects Promotion Of Jesus To Rank Of Army General
  139. Czech leader calls migrant wave in Europe an 'organised invasion'
  140. Best of the Year
  141. Miss Colombia Offered Million Dollar Porn Contract After Pageant Loss
  142. Why Can’t Ex-Chinese Leaders Travel Abroad?
  143. French Immigrants To Israel At Record High
  144. Ironman pardoned for 1996 drug conviction
  145. "Black Lives Matter" protestors shut down Mall of America, block airport traffic
  146. Porn Star To Teach Sex Education In Italian Schools
  147. Oregon woman hit by car suing for cost of designer clothes
  148. MIT researchers develop $300 WiFi device to look through walls
  149. Rescued migrant wins Euro 400,000 in Spain lottery
  150. TSA changes rules for who must go through body scanner
  151. 2016 Whack to the Future
  152. Woman killed in blast at an Istanbul airport
  153. Was the Las Vegas Meteor From a Russian Soyuz Rocket?
  154. U.S. government stops UK Muslim family boarding flight IN ENGLAND.
  155. Model Has Ribs Removed To Look Like Cartoon Character
  156. Pigs Heads Found Outside Muslim School In Lancashire
  157. SpaceEx Landing Good But No Cigar Yet
  158. Giant comets may threaten Earth
  159. Top news of 2015
  160. Over a million migrants reached Europe in 2015
  161. Siberian city backs Siamese pussy for mayor
  162. Failed Stoner Sloth ad campaign proves comedy gold for online parodies
  163. Sharia Airlines Malaysia
  164. Intelligence Gene Discovered
  165. School makes teacher remove pink Hello Kitty Christmas tree
  166. US lifts lifetime ban on gay blood donations
  167. Jakarta? No she went of her own accord
  168. Miss Puerto Rico suspended after anti-Muslim tweets
  169. Oil Price falls to 11-year low
  170. Surge in overdose deaths in the U.S.
  171. Cabbies of the world unit against Uber
  172. Las Vegas Strip blocked off after car mows down 20 pedestrians
  173. Pizza Hut launches Vegemite and cheese-infused Mitey Stuffed Crust for Australia Day
  174. Protesters trash downtown Geneva
  175. King Tut's wet nurse may have been his sister
  176. Uk frozen pensions talks
  177. Ahoy Rajoy more So long mariona Spain tilts left
  178. BEER, hail the ale and a small drink for the Ladies
  179. Woman Who Killed Baby In Microwave Is Jailed For Life
  180. Eleven man Asian sex gang found guilty of abusing one white girl
  181. Turkey announces troop withdrawal from Iraq after Obama appeal
  182. Medical record shows Hitler only had one testicle
  183. Iraq gets first beauty queen since 1972
  184. Educators, retailers mull tackling 'Mein Kampf' once copyright expires
  185. X-ray weapon plot to kill Muslims: Eric Feight jailed
  186. Help Get It Up
  187. Jermaine Baker shooting: Firearms officer arrested
  188. Ancient human ancestor may have persisted through Ice Age
  189. Pope recognises second Mother Teresa miracle, sainthood expected
  190. American kid a huge star in Saudi Arabia
  191. British nurse stunned by £5,000 NHS bill.
  192. IMF chief Lagarde facing French trial over payout to tycoon
  193. Another USA
  194. US pharma chief arrested on fraud charges
  195. North Korea warns of 'unimaginable consequences' over sanctions
  196. Brittle diplomats and journalists manhandled at trial of activist.
  197. Spanish PM Punched In Face By Teenager
  198. Kuwait Airlines refusing to sell tickets to Israelis
  199. Brits walk over dying cripple to get to junk food
  200. Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster to Marry Kiwis
  201. Fitch Downgrades Brazil to Junk, With Negative Outlook
  202. Mexico finds 17 bodies dumped in ravine
  203. Google CEO outlines vision to bring millions of Indians online
  204. Muslim judge, sworn in on Koran in Brooklyn
  205. Are You Turning Into A Zombie?
  206. Saudi millionaire denies rape, saying he fell, accidentally penetrating her
  207. Netanyahu's dog bites political visitors
  208. Can you name the most liberal city in America?
  209. Castaway who survived 438 days at sea sued by dead pal’s family after cannibal claim
  210. ISIS Twitter AC - Leads back to UK govenment
  211. 12 doors of Xmas
  212. Margret Thatchers Box Sells For £242,500
  213. Muslim Migrant beats rapes woman while chanting Allahu Akbar
  214. Sailor's need a tug
  215. Willy warns may pull out
  216. Los Angeles public schools closed after 'credible terror threat'
  217. Speys Oddity
  218. First Briton to travel to ISS blasts off into space
  219. Texas plumber sues dealer after company pickup appears in Syria militant photo
  220. NASA Needs Astronauts For Mars Trip
  221. Netizens Upset Over Discontinued Starbucks Polar Bear Cookies
  222. Shell to cut 2,800 jobs following BG takeover
  223. Putin walks with a "gunslingers" gait
  224. Ammunition, IS propaganda found after France mosque closure
  225. US town rejects solar panels amid fears they 'suck up all the energy from the sun'
  226. 'Proud' women win seats in historic Saudi vote
  227. Pope Francis was right about condoms and HIV
  228. North Korean Pop Band Cancels Show
  229. Bruges to get underground beer pipeline
  230. Julian Assange may face Swedish interrogation within days
  231. 'Russian Speaking' Woman Carries Out Suicide Attack in Afghanistan
  232. A woman's best place is in the kitchen and on her back..
  233. Drone squad to be launched by Tokyo police
  234. Five South Koreans held over 'exorcism' death in Germany
  235. Boy, 15, one of five charged over alleged Australia terror plot
  236. Wall of trees being planted across Africa to halt desert
  237. Turd Burglar's comeuppance
  238. Bitcoin byte taken for aWright Ryde
  239. 2 American Extremists Defect in Somalia Amid Militant Tensions
  240. Yahoo News SearcCroatia rights chief drops trousers at presidential photoshoot
  241. Doctors set for first penis transplant in US
  242. Mysterious black orb from space crashes in Spain
  243. California Newest Airport Terminal Extends to Mexico
  244. USA's Largest Destroyer Built for Navy Headed to Sea for Testing
  245. Their name is MUD
  246. Craig's Pissed
  247. Schengen Alert don't shoot the messenger
  248. Marine Le Pen’s National Front wins historic result in poll
  249. Dating apps prove factor in HIV rise among adolescents
  250. Volunteers from Western Countries Join Anti-IS Forces in Syria