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  1. Canadian tourist charged for killer Phuket U-turn
  2. Thai man confesses to slitting throat of Facebook date who said he ‘sucked at sex’
  3. Tommy Chong Commercial - Is so funny!
  4. “Formally recognize AntiFa as a terrorist organization” Petition in USA
  5. Random drug testing of welfare recipients?
  6. Paying the rubbish collection bill
  7. John Constable 'fake' sold for £35,000 is £2m original
  8. Atlantis in Antartica story
  9. It's China ... but could easily be Thailand
  10. Here's why Thailand is home for me, what about you?
  11. AI and robots
  12. Beautiful Men in Asia (For the gay men and straight women)
  13. What country has the ugliest women in the world?
  14. Thais picking fruit in Australia?
  15. What country do you think has the most beautiful women in the world?
  16. Not Everybody Wants A Goat ... don't tell BettyBoo
  17. Next from the last thread...
  18. Radio Caroline: Golden age of British pirate radio remembered, 50 years on
  19. Raped Indian girl, 10, denied abortion, gives birth
  20. Stand-Up Comic Ali Wong
  21. World's most liveable city: Melbourne takes top spot for seventh year running
  22. What country do you think is the most beautiful in asia.
  23. Billy the Bounder By Dave D ,
  24. Sex Dolls Need Respect!
  25. Pattaya cabbie knocks out foreign tourist who grabbed his shirt
  26. Putney Bridge Jogger Rage
  27. Mothers day frenzy in Thailand.
  28. Mystery deaths in France solved....
  29. Shocking moment Thai toddler falls from car and narrowly avoids being crushed to deat
  30. Number of people with HIV in Bangkok reaches almost 78,000
  31. The most despised nation on the planet is...
  32. Nomads: any Nomads here?
  33. Dog Attack Defense
  34. New clinic to help Thai women live with foreigners , Boloa you're in the news again .
  35. Chinese Restaurant offers Bra Size discounts
  36. At Home in the Desert
  37. Oh, FFS, the (alleged) gender pay gap and the PC Brigade
  38. Your worst nightmare (or wildest fantasy)
  39. Inside Bangkok’s prison-themed hotel
  40. Marriage celebrant weds woman in coma
  41. VIDEO Rhino chases down cars on Assam road in India
  42. Malia Obama caught on camera rolling around on the ground at Lallapalooza
  43. Canada Legalizing Marijuana Next Summer
  44. A Visit to MahaNakhon
  45. Thai schoolgirls using Facebook Live to prostitute online
  46. Meltdown
  47. Bangladesh hack and the missing $81 million
  48. Anyone coming from England in the next couple weeks? I need something
  49. Australia: Do obese models send the wrong message?
  50. National park in battle against dogging
  51. Video horror: Thai man mauled by giant bear
  52. Thinking outside the box.
  53. The end of Walking Street as we know it? Bars ordered to rip down signs
  54. What would you do ?
  55. Drone Pics and Video thread.
  56. Lil Dicky's farewell Party...
  57. Cosplay bar hostess charged for viral video inviting men to drink at their bar
  58. Playing With Toys
  59. Fireworks display at Ohori Park in Fukuoka/Japan
  60. steve hansens mad.
  61. Afghanistan: Artist gets death threats for dressing in metal suit
  62. MODS!!!
  63. 34 Y-Old Virgin Lives with Parents. Which TD Member?
  64. 2018/2019 Ford Bronco - USA
  65. Stickman Ending
  66. Private investigators pay solider to stop cars
  67. No, you're wrong...
  68. Ladyboy stabs Russian and it wasn't up the jacksie .
  69. Crisis at Pattaya beach! Thai media steps up campaign to clean up resort
  70. Bill Gates is a slimy lizard-creature
  71. Ferrari driver wrecks £200,000 car just ONE HOUR after buying as supercar bursts into
  72. Forbes magazine's Rich List is out - I missed out again !
  73. This made me want to cry
  74. Wisconsin Company to Install Microchips in Employees
  75. frozen pensions
  76. The day has arrived...
  77. Told To Move
  78. 10 month old drives car.
  79. Busted! Baggage handlers at Suvarnabhumi Airport caught stealing from passengers
  80. Reasons to Celebrate
  81. 18-Year-Old Records Sister's Death Live
  82. Bono's back- this time at the Elysee Palace in Paris for talks about poverty.
  83. Happy day tomorrow
  84. Europe in 2029
  85. Scot shot in chest hours before Philippines wedding
  86. Eight Dead in San Antonio Smuggling Case
  87. The Future of Airports
  88. Read it and weep: QE, the largest transfer of wealth in history
  89. The boring cvnt picture thread
  90. Thai woman says she got kicked out of Bangkok taxi for having bad breath
  91. Stolen Childhoods
  92. Burundi into the USA then Disappear
  93. Fears of British English’s disappearance ...
  94. Teenagers Recorded a Drowning Man and Laughed
  95. Entertaining Politicians Thread.
  96. Give me lots of red genital warts!! Please!!
  97. PC mod has been warned many times. Mass exit soon if he doesn't behave!
  98. New York City Cop Brutally Beats Black Man (viewer discretion is advised)
  99. Reptile-eating Alien (or something) Discovered!
  100. Classics that have been given that Classical touch
  101. The officer with striking looks that keeps the others cops in Line
  102. Man from India's lowest caste elected president
  103. Most streamed song EVER - I must live in a Cave as I've never heard of it !
  104. Toilet Paper Music to your ears.
  105. Changing Money from sterling to baht
  106. African Green Parrots have the cognitive ability of a six-year-old.
  107. Video Shows Baltimore Cop Planting Drugs
  108. Traitorous German Islamic State Slag Captured In Mosul
  109. Police reveal a new method to subdue suspects and it's not a good kick in the BALLS
  110. Israeli Christian murdered by dad in ‘honor killing' over romance with Muslim
  111. Thailand wants more tourists who act like Australians
  112. Tourist visa holders must show 20k baht in CASH when entering Thailand
  113. Batten down the hatchesTropical storm about to hit Vietnam, Laos N Thailand tonight
  114. Thailand’s Super Baht May Be Too Strong For Its Own Good
  115. Elon Musk on NGA 2017, the Governors meeting
  116. Missing British tourist found injured after three days at Koh Samui waterfall
  117. Anyone been to Turkmenistan
  118. My Food For Thought Mega Thread!
  119. Getting fit, losing flab
  120. Who is a liar...English 101 for Za
  121. Aspirin
  122. Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant finalists called ‘ugly’
  123. Man arrested for smuggling drugs stuffed inside his cock
  124. Theres a gekko in my bedroom
  125. Canadian found dead in Bangkok police cell
  126. Video shocker: Australian tourist killed parasailing on Phuket beach
  127. Vice president Pence visits NASA at the Cape.
  128. Ultimate Warrior: day before he died
  129. Man talks with spirit rock and god
  130. China to Open First Overseas Military Base
  131. How do you drink Beer?
  132. Teen raped and murdered his aunty because she told gran about his smoking
  133. Cannot access teakdoor. Using a proxy server
  134. Tourists in Bali being fed dog meat - activists
  135. Have any members had Snakes as pets?
  136. Oregon woman sentenced for flight groping
  137. Anyone see a Domain Expired message this morning?
  138. There is no obesity crisis
  139. The modern day equivalent of "Duck and Cover".
  140. Hookers get panties in a bunch over £88 an hour sex dolls
  141. Ex-Muay Thai champ arrested for threatening to kill British man in Pattaya
  142. British Army flying the rainbow flag on bases across the world for Pride
  143. Wank, how often?
  144. Two British men become first to give birth after putting gender surgery on hold
  145. Russian woman survives 4-storey fall through 7/11 roof in Pattaya
  146. Two crashes in one day, how unlucky can you get?
  147. Buying booze today
  148. Beat The Ban
  149. Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment
  150. Why do Brits and Northern Europeans want to live in a hot climate like Thailand
  151. Teacher said to flog 7-year-old is 'absent' from school
  152. Staying put ~ making the most of where you are / Slap rant volume 97
  153. Teak Door You Tube Channel?
  154. Gonorrhoea fast becoming 'untreatable', WHO experts warn
  155. Bang, Bang, you shot me down (in Chicago)
  156. Thailand will attempt to take on Uber with ‘Taxi Ok’ app
  157. Products available in Thailand. Thumbs up or down.
  158. Sweden to hold 'man-free' music festival
  159. Comedy scammer
  160. Call for a ban on child sex robots
  161. Pattaya new sports hub – fighting Go-Go dancers square up Walking Street Thai boxing
  162. Bali prison escapee Shaun Davidson asks people to share new Facebook fan page
  163. Horror in paradise – tourist digs up corpse on holiday beach in Koh Samui
  164. Lawyer Cheated Wheelchair-Bound 14 Thai Girl out of Bt5 Million
  165. Meet Phatlada “Milk” Kullaphakthanapat, the beauty representing Thailand Miss Worldl
  166. Canadian baby 'first without gender designation' on health card
  167. Tezza the Teakdoor Legend! Missing in action?
  168. Three buttocks.
  169. Photobucket breaks images across the Internet
  170. Stephen Hawking leaves audience in tears at 75th birthday celebration
  171. I miss za !!!
  172. NASA denies Infowars claim that the agency runs a child slave colony on Mars
  173. Recommendations for a digital SLR camera
  174. Brit gases himself to death cops want speak to Thai girlfriend after scrapped will
  175. State of Collapse-Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 Immigrants Arrive in Past Two days
  176. Which news seach site do you use ?
  177. Leave Deer Alone! Pay-back time!
  178. Expat caught on video attacking Thai woman outside bar in Rayong
  179. Father Sells Five Year-Old Daughter for Drug Money Mother Takes Refuge in Temple
  180. Pregnant Serena Williams poses naked on the cover of Vanity Fair
  181. Homosexuals are dropping $25,000 to get anal Botox
  182. Thailand: The Land of Inconsistencies
  183. Drug smuggler McCollum misses out on Big Brother £100k payday
  184. Dickie and Za ~ remixed
  185. NASA too announced existence of Intelligent Life?
  186. Girls as dessert – Thai sex scandal exposes grim tradition
  187. Property booking agent info please
  188. Bangkok’s latest food fad, dog turd jelly , Crazy Thais .
  189. Obama Choked
  190. Video: Thai flight crew welcome Britney with ‘toxic’ video
  191. Serial Knickers nicker’s secret lair revealed!
  192. Dickie and Za ~ a long-distance romance
  193. My mummy sold me for sex with an old man on the council” – teacher goes to cops
  194. News Presenters you would
  195. Canadian sniper in Iraq makes longest confirmed kill shot in military history- 3,450m
  196. Fake boobs will cost you cash, and maybe your life
  197. MH 370
  198. Thai food looks like shit
  199. US EXPATS
  200. Stephen Hawking: We Must Leave Earth
  201. After dating 5,000 guys, Thai woman creates course on catching a rich white ATM
  202. Have you ever had really good news that you found difficult to deal with?
  203. TD Posters donation to Father Ray Foundation July 2017.
  204. Lard buckets don't like being called 'fatty'
  205. Pie Reports
  206. Most Unfortunate Headline
  207. What would you do?
  208. Maybe soon to be 'persona non grata' in Myanmar
  209. Ebay is dumb as fcuk
  210. Primate Affection
  211. Crocodile Tries To Bite Man's Head Off
  212. Teenaged tourist drowns, four others rescued on Phuket beaches
  213. Frenchman found dead with knife in chest, Phuket police rule suicide
  214. Mahanakorn Nearing Completion
  215. Education Alert!
  216. Parents confess to killing 10-year-old daughter, dumping body in canal, two scumbags
  217. Jets for Qatar
  218. No ID, no problem: Thai woman gets tattoo on her back only in Thailand
  219. On Urban Development
  220. Who is the village SangSom expert?
  221. I used a Psychic Medium for the first time ever
  222. The Devils den
  223. Our first soapie in Pattaya
  224. Dog owner accuses neighbour of butchering, eating pet , Aloy mak .
  225. Who ate all the pies ?
  226. Chinese boss looking for bathroom blowjob gets stabbed to death by Thai worker
  227. Strong baht tipped to hurt tourism in Thailand
  228. Rodman returns to NK
  229. Prep school math teacher arrested for having sex with students
  230. Thai Martial Arts - Krabi Krabong style
  231. Mass serial killer Sobhraj kept alive with heart surgery
  232. Fifty-First State
  233. Bible Regendered!
  234. ‘This is war’: Florida sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves in case of attack
  235. Richard Hammond: Former Top Gear presenter 'airlifted to hospital' after horror crash
  236. Lucky Man, Kidnapped Japanese businessman rescued from Bangkok apartment
  237. Are You Ready for a Brand New Beat?
  238. I'm posting my stories on Stickman
  239. More Shocking News , Men electrocuted preparing for ordination ceremony
  240. Any Drone flyers?
  241. Second in Class
  242. Thai wife says five paracetamol killed British husband , a case for TD CSI
  243. Shocking Story , Dutchman dies after being electrocuted at home
  244. Explore our Ideas.
  245. Non-Headline of the day
  246. Serial rapist on the run from Swedish police believed to be in Pattaya
  247. British man who went ‘missing’ in Pattaya found to be in jail in UK on rape charges
  248. VIDEO , Thai bar invents crazy challenge to drinkers who want a free shot
  249. Brit commits suicide jumping from seventh floor of Bangkok hotel restaurant
  250. Russia