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  1. Leave Deer Alone! Pay-back time!
  2. Expat caught on video attacking Thai woman outside bar in Rayong
  3. Father Sells Five Year-Old Daughter for Drug Money Mother Takes Refuge in Temple
  4. Pregnant Serena Williams poses naked on the cover of Vanity Fair
  5. Homosexuals are dropping $25,000 to get anal Botox
  6. Thailand: The Land of Inconsistencies
  7. Drug smuggler McCollum misses out on Big Brother £100k payday
  8. Dickie and Za ~ remixed
  9. NASA too announced existence of Intelligent Life?
  10. Girls as dessert – Thai sex scandal exposes grim tradition
  11. Property booking agent info please
  12. Bangkok’s latest food fad, dog turd jelly , Crazy Thais .
  13. UK: paedo jailed for trying to import child sex doll
  14. Obama Choked
  15. Video: Thai flight crew welcome Britney with ‘toxic’ video
  16. Serial Knickers nicker’s secret lair revealed!
  17. Dickie and Za ~ a long-distance romance
  18. My mummy sold me for sex with an old man on the council” – teacher goes to cops
  19. News Presenters you would
  20. Canadian sniper in Iraq makes longest confirmed kill shot in military history- 3,450m
  21. Fake boobs will cost you cash, and maybe your life
  22. MH 370
  23. Thai food looks like shit
  25. Stephen Hawking: We Must Leave Earth
  26. After dating 5,000 guys, Thai woman creates course on catching a rich white ATM
  27. Have you ever had really good news that you found difficult to deal with?
  28. TD Posters donation to Father Ray Foundation July 2017.
  29. Lard buckets don't like being called 'fatty'
  30. Pie Reports
  31. Most Unfortunate Headline
  32. What would you do?
  33. Maybe soon to be 'persona non grata' in Myanmar
  34. Ebay is dumb as fcuk
  35. Primate Affection
  36. Crocodile Tries To Bite Man's Head Off
  37. Teenaged tourist drowns, four others rescued on Phuket beaches
  38. Frenchman found dead with knife in chest, Phuket police rule suicide
  39. Mahanakorn Nearing Completion
  40. Education Alert!
  41. Parents confess to killing 10-year-old daughter, dumping body in canal, two scumbags
  42. Jets for Qatar
  43. No ID, no problem: Thai woman gets tattoo on her back only in Thailand
  44. On Urban Development
  45. Who is the village SangSom expert?
  46. I used a Psychic Medium for the first time ever
  47. The Devils den
  48. Our first soapie in Pattaya
  49. Dog owner accuses neighbour of butchering, eating pet , Aloy mak .
  50. Who ate all the pies ?
  51. Chinese boss looking for bathroom blowjob gets stabbed to death by Thai worker
  52. Strong baht tipped to hurt tourism in Thailand
  53. Rodman returns to NK
  54. Prep school math teacher arrested for having sex with students
  55. Thai Martial Arts - Krabi Krabong style
  56. Mass serial killer Sobhraj kept alive with heart surgery
  57. Fifty-First State
  58. Bible Regendered!
  59. ‘This is war’: Florida sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves in case of attack
  60. Richard Hammond: Former Top Gear presenter 'airlifted to hospital' after horror crash
  61. Lucky Man, Kidnapped Japanese businessman rescued from Bangkok apartment
  62. Are You Ready for a Brand New Beat?
  63. I'm posting my stories on Stickman
  64. More Shocking News , Men electrocuted preparing for ordination ceremony
  65. Any Drone flyers?
  66. Second in Class
  67. Thai wife says five paracetamol killed British husband , a case for TD CSI
  68. Shocking Story , Dutchman dies after being electrocuted at home
  69. Explore our Ideas.
  70. Non-Headline of the day
  71. Serial rapist on the run from Swedish police believed to be in Pattaya
  72. British man who went ‘missing’ in Pattaya found to be in jail in UK on rape charges
  73. VIDEO , Thai bar invents crazy challenge to drinkers who want a free shot
  74. Brit commits suicide jumping from seventh floor of Bangkok hotel restaurant
  75. Russia
  76. Name Pic and Artist, Prize 10,000 Repo Points .
  77. All foreign tourists will soon need insurance in order to enter Thailand
  78. Most embarrassing thing you've ever done
  79. Military:- Man and Machine Madness
  80. Power of Social Media - Philippines
  81. Brit teacher “wais” says sorry for attacking primary school student face immigration
  82. Find my English dad Davo Thirteen year old “Emmy” just wants a cuddle
  83. Brit tourist giving it to Ladyboy up the Jacksie falls off balcony
  84. Ms Grand Thailand 2017 of Uthai Thani dies in road accident in Prachuab Khiri Khan
  85. Sex Study reveals young Thais don’t know enough about sex and relationship only money
  86. Smart but ugly V Airhead beauty
  87. WTF festival?
  88. 'kin cracks me up it does...
  89. Foibles
  90. Four words to describe your day
  91. Otzi the Iceman
  92. Australia plans to ban convicted paedophiles from traveling overseas
  93. Ever played the Matchmaker
  94. Tiger Woods, former world number one golfer, arrested for driving under influence
  95. Russian couple resist arrest in Pattaya alcohol stop
  96. One-Sided Sword fight after Thai wife chops off husband’s penis
  97. Tiger Has Trouble With His Driving.
  98. American tourist is harpooned nine times by Thai villagers
  99. Lazada competitor 11st
  100. Tattoos are for idiots
  101. Ban all religions it's a fuckin farce
  102. The Science Behind The Super Abilities Of Sherpas
  103. Will Thomas Edison's D/C dream come true?
  104. The United States of Insanity
  105. My sheep sxxxing trip to deepest darkest Wales picture thread.
  106. Tricks to play on Thais
  107. Has salt been given a bad name? This beloved seasoning may be healthier than we think
  108. What to do if a Nuclear Bomb Explodes near you
  109. Some Put Downs.....
  110. Farang or westerner
  111. Thousands of Thai prostitutes being rounded up in America
  112. Poll
  113. Ramadan 2017 Kicks Off
  114. Circumnavigating the Devils Arse!
  115. Dollarydoodoo
  116. Loud Mouthed Americans Screw Up.
  117. The TD Annual Be Nice Day - 24 May
  118. Poo Power laying Skid Marks
  119. Sexy nurse forced to resign after making fun of Thai military
  120. The Weird
  121. the 9 Types of Intelligence
  122. African Big Game Hunter vs Nellie the Elephant
  123. I've become an Alcoholic
  124. CHINA - Bicycles - Transport or Trouble?
  125. Guys, please stop saying ...
  126. Let your chicken unicorn out
  127. Happy Birthday, Mom!
  128. Matchbox Thai Taxis
  129. PREPPERS - Those who plan to survive
  130. Free Uncle Fatty
  131. Thick Libtards Triggered
  132. Thai men - like em?
  133. Video: Foreigner caught robbing tourists in Phuket , Sneaky Git .
  134. Video: Shocking footage as Thai man guns down his ex at work
  135. A couple of days in BKK
  136. Lard bucket but fit? It's a myth
  137. Anyone doing Chilindo?
  138. Ant Robertson Should End His Self Imposed Exile.
  139. Pattaya for couples
  140. Dumb shit?
  141. Do not Fuck with this Otter
  142. Killing a cockney
  143. Video , Four British tourists held for toy shop theft on Koh Samui
  144. Knock Out – Muay Thai beauty wins first pro bout
  145. The Mother of All Asteroids
  146. Man arrested for carrying pork in his anal cavity
  147. Killing a Dog
  148. All you mothers! ##@!
  149. Here's What a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Was Like... in 1996
  150. Pattaya police to use drones to patrol Walking Street
  151. Post a Train Ride
  152. Who says Americans can't do humour?
  153. Do you eat the yellow mangoes?
  154. Exotic Issues
  155. Big Bounce Theory
  156. Prince Charles honours Irish dead at Glasnevin cemetery
  157. A Host of (Possibly) Interesting Maps
  158. UK: Labour leak
  159. I wear Spandex at work - what's your work dress code
  160. Huge python in the rafters explains why old couple’s pet cats kept disappearing!
  161. Call centre cretins
  162. What's your level of stress on a scale of 0 - 10?
  163. Qantas chief Alan Joyce hit with pie in face
  164. The stresses of modern life
  165. What is your ideal temperature
  166. TD Members' Travel Plans 2017
  167. Video – Elderly woman repeated kicked in the head by Thai gang
  168. Spirits in Houses?
  169. The silent killer that affects 13 million Thais and it's not the Farangs
  170. Crazy Thais ,Pap Secret: Thai hospital gives masks to women embarrassed about test
  171. France bans extremely thin models
  172. Somtam slowly killing many Thais, cancer center says
  173. Khao San road they're all off their heads on drugs , police arrest 66 . .
  174. Don't forget the fish sauce.
  175. Irish police investigate Steven Fry.
  176. Microdosing.
  177. Donate Money Where?
  178. Solidarity vigil in Derry for Palestinian hunger strikers
  179. VIDEO ,Broken-hearted Young Tomboy jumps off Phuket building over lovers tiff
  180. Take a 360-Degree Video Tour of Two Mega-Million Superyachts
  181. Music parodies,What you like, What U funny
  182. Fidget spinners - any good ?
  183. '8 foot' Komodo Dragon vs Tourist Wearing Shorts
  184. Shop mannequins do not look like lard buckets - but should
  185. What's in Jared's Box
  186. Not the best interview.
  187. The results of poor refugee and migration programs
  188. 15 bullets up the arse.
  189. Rainy season about to kick off in Bangkok
  190. Tim Hortons Hits Britain
  191. AI could translate Dolphin Language by 2021.
  192. A Dilemma for some members: size
  193. It's time to get bollock naked , Thailand’s nudist resorts are flourishing
  194. borax
  195. Does your Mrs let you out unsupervised? :)
  196. O Danny Boy The Police Are Calling From BKK to Chiangrai
  197. Kiddies, I am now a Montessori teacher
  198. Funniest one liners that you have heard....
  199. Elon Musk - The Boring Company
  200. Why don't earphones stay in my ears?
  201. Schadenfreude glee at "mates"/ex g/f,b/f's misfortune update via social media
  202. Are Disney set to open theme park in Thailand?
  203. Fetishes are not usually a problem ...
  204. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones loses child custody battle
  205. 17 Sinister Spy Satellite Mission Patches - from the NRO
  206. The Bitch be Crazy Jealous wife hacks off husband’s penis with scissors
  207. Are concepts like "winter" "violent crime" becoming alien and hard to contemplate?
  208. Your top five things from your home country
  209. Ghost or just a boy at an accident? Thai netizens debate the supernatural!
  210. Coco Walk and Cheap Charlie's
  211. UK: Tommy Robinson Confronts Oxford Muslim Paedo Rapist Gang
  212. Wives wanted in the Faroe Islands
  213. Beer Yoga: Have you got the bottle to try it?
  214. Unclaimed money in Australia: More than $1 billion laying dormant
  215. Kool-Aid ... please explain?
  216. Toothpaste - Mild Mint ? or Strawberry Fields ? What do you use and recommend
  217. Worst Thailand vlog?
  218. I just received my Japanese spouse Visa!
  219. Witchdoctor shot in the ARSE after curse allegedly stops man defecating
  220. Which Underarm Deoderant Do You Use ( if Any)
  221. I'll eat the livers of Isis fighters with salt and vinegar, vows Philippines presiden
  222. John Cleese - How To Irritate People 1968
  223. Post a Commercial you Remember
  224. The Changing Workforce and the Micro-Job
  225. Here is a little some thing Drogonfly would be keen on
  226. Naked mole-rats turn into plants when oxygen is low
  227. Feel the burn: why do we love chilli?
  228. Best way to transfer money
  229. Got Worry? Pen it down.
  230. Racial stereotypes that have some truth to them
  231. American Airlines Flight attendant ‘hit mum with pushchair then kicked her off plane’
  232. UK fraudster who blew £100k on Thai prostitutes is jailed and it's not SP .
  233. Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness'
  234. Video – Driver knocks down biker and has ear bitten off and it wasn't Mike Tyson .
  235. Windmill golf popular?
  236. May I share a Prayer with you?
  237. Monkey Magic II
  238. Do smokers have rights ?
  239. Man shoves live eel up his anus to cure constipation, nearly dies
  240. Half Naked Crazy Brit Hogtied by Locals in Pattaya .
  241. I'm losing my mind or did I ever really have it?
  242. People's Perceptions of Western men married to Asian Women
  243. Why did he pull his Manhood piece?
  244. InfoWars’ Alex Jones Is a ‘Performance Artist,’ His Lawyer Says in Divorce Hearing
  245. Makeup
  246. Satanic Scotland
  247. Legless
  248. Wife's credit card debt; court in May...
  249. Get a Grip!
  250. AC Milan: Silvio Berlusconi sells Italian giants to Chinese investors