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  1. Jeff's observations and classics quotes thread
  2. If you won LOTTO would you ...
  3. HIV positive, who believes donated his virus to 30 people
  5. A thread for drinkers. What time of day or night do you have your first?
  6. What Fag is TD?
  7. Forced to take selfies with lowlife guys
  8. Boredom and how to deal with it
  9. We're Doomed (#2654 - Black Death/Plague)
  10. Waking up at night to pee
  11. Good night all.
  12. Obama and McCain At The Rabies Clinic
  13. Fvck them all !
  14. Lonely Planet's Best in Travel Top 10 Cities 2018
  15. And *Whoosh*, you're asleep in six easy steps
  16. British man proposes as Air Asia flight falls from the sky after he shit his pants .
  17. Drunk Brit has ‘I love Taiwan’ tattooed on his face
  18. Pattaya:- Family Hotel recommendation please
  19. Thai goalkeeper celebrates penalty miss but ball bounces back into goal
  20. Man arrested by Israeli police after writing 'good morning' on Facebook
  21. Why should I pay?
  22. I'm a Pikey
  23. Quiet Sunday - Then...Kaboom!
  24. Movie titles that describe your last sexual experience. .
  25. Mother gives spoiled son 300,000 to “grow up”
  26. Holden: Last vehicle rolls off production line as Australian car manufacturing ends
  27. What would the Queen do? The very British problem of politeness
  28. Playboy has featured its first transgender 'playmate' centrefold !
  29. Say Hi to Jebus!
  30. Stop Millions of Western Migrants!
  31. Video: Thailand shamed again as airport staff loot passenger bags
  32. 7-eleven cuties go viral on Facebook
  33. Cockroach legs in coffee at McD's at Tesco Rama 4 branch
  34. Coin Collections - they are so Yesterday! So, what do you collect?
  35. Thai woman arrested for stealing 6,000 euros from German tourist
  36. Pestered by trick or treaters? Here's an answer
  37. Meanwhile, at the Michelle Obama Public Library....
  38. Where is your ex-wife? She owes us money.
  39. Phuket Denies Lifeguard Shortage is Killing Tourists
  40. Taking a Knee ... is this getting a bit silly now?
  41. Big Herc's prison advice
  42. Food Waste ... I just HATE it.
  43. What's your worst break up story?
  44. The Great Escape
  45. An historical vignette for Americans, Brits and Dutch ...
  46. Taking the piss?
  47. VIDEO Three-year-old boy riding a PYTHON during floods in Vietnam
  48. A Bird, a Plane? ... Meet Policeman Jetsen
  49. How was your Friday 13th? - Lucky or unlucky?
  50. Best bestman speeches
  51. Bargain of the day
  52. R.I.P Olga
  53. Heads Up ... October 13th, 2017 is our public holiday.
  54. Should farang shout at Thais?
  55. How old are the members here and how long have you lived here?
  56. What was he wearing
  57. Kids are getting fatter - as if we didn't know already
  58. Dylan Moran, Off the hook.
  59. Cheap tyres
  60. Football Lads on the March
  61. David Gilmore at Pompeii
  62. Weather forecast
  63. Co,mic POTUS-v-POTUS
  64. Quick trip report to Yangon - changes since 2012
  65. The magic ingredient to a night of hot Nooky ..
  66. Miss Wheelchair World
  67. Hackers ‘can detect your butt plug from outside your house – and turn it on’
  68. Your favourite birthday present ever?
  69. Whatever Happened to ....
  70. Deep State Uber Alles
  71. Bunny girls’ coffee shop becomes talk of Chiang Mai
  72. Violence as student locked in school storeroom, doused in mozzie spray and set alight
  73. Danger to tourists” as filthy water continues to spew into Pattaya sea
  74. Unbelievable - unbanned from Thaivisa
  75. Worked to Death
  76. the Babelfish is here
  77. Lucky kid
  78. Runaway buffalo " Not Farang " gores six people after escape from Chonburi races
  79. Happy Endings: The hidden sex work culture of the Thai massage industry in Australia.
  80. Pensioner’s magic massage chair is a " miracle cure " she says , Crazy old gal .
  81. British pub landlord faces jail for writing 'death to Allah' on Qatar Airways seat
  82. Pm pranked by P45 stunt during Tory Conference
  83. Today Australia celebrates 7,828 days without mass murder.
  84. Should the British Government be responsible for ex-pats returning from Thailand?
  85. Over 40? Work less
  86. Thai killer ‘wanted to eat victim’s liver’
  87. Man’s genitals stolen during trip to Thailand
  88. Winter is coming 11 degrees feel the cold atop Doi Inthanon
  89. PC Terrorism: Cellulite soon to be classed as attractive?
  90. Custard Buns the key to unlocking Polish ATM bomber case, say police
  91. Oil back to $100 - Implications?
  92. American beer shit?
  93. CSI Slyam
  94. Piss Colada Takes Financial Toll
  95. THAILAND - where was that Photo snapped
  96. Abused camel bites off owner’s head in revenge
  97. kaboom
  98. Gsm receiver wanted
  99. Irish man attempts suicide in Pattaya
  100. Russian cannibal couple may have eaten 30 people .
  101. IKEA
  102. 'Mischievous' Singapore handler sent bags astray at world's best airport
  103. Twitter announces it will test 280-character tweets (not that I give a toss)
  104. Man arrested with a kilo of gold hidden up his JACKSIE .
  105. Germans most hated in Thailand is on the move but Stroller is Ok .
  106. Test
  107. THAILAND:- Rohingya ... How, Why and Where
  108. Surfing competition in Norway + Killer whales = WOW
  109. Bus crash over cliff averted - new underwear required
  110. 15 teens treated for rabies after raping donkey
  111. What would you do if you lost your job?
  112. Started growing some hipster facial hair, any ideas for styles?
  113. We're all doomed, enjoy your last couple of hours
  114. Best and Worst Expat Locations
  115. Yoda Ibn Faisal revealed!
  116. DJ Pat's new exclusive Thai jungle night club
  117. Sex worker admits selling sex to feed family despite knowing she has HIV
  118. Word of the day
  119. Newscaster Lawrence O'Donnell has a bad day
  120. If you find ‘SSSS’ on your boarding pass at airports, good luck...
  121. So called private estates
  122. Ladyboy makes off with 55,000 Baht after night of passion with Swiss man
  123. Hunk Monk: Bodybuilding monk on Steroids .
  124. Model agency boss faces arrest for allegedly pimping minors
  125. Pattaya Expat Worries, according to unofficial survey
  126. Shaman’ boasts about charming crocodiles before being eaten by one
  127. I must say ...
  128. Take me to Bangkok and I will show you my lady parts , Taxi please .
  129. What do you want for Isthmus your 2 front teeth?
  130. Random pics of life in Itoshima (Fukuoka, Japan).
  131. Hey - who nicked my ...
  132. FACTA
  133. Russian man washes up shore in rubber boat after trying to reach Pattaya Land Ahoy
  134. Who's still alive?
  135. British pound soars to new high levels
  136. Cassini has twenty minutes to live
  137. Fuckable or simply Fugly ?
  138. TAT: Tourists gather to Pattaya is a good Image
  139. She took my money, my truck, and my heart” says farmer , but she left one Sheep
  140. Naked German masturbating whilst riding unicycle in Pattaya
  141. new look
  142. Where is the Q-Quote button....
  143. American women are funny :)
  144. Rate your job
  145. Things Men Overlook Before and During Sex
  146. How do you like your steak?
  147. Bangkok’s first ever Irish film festival coming next month, come on the Irish .
  148. India protests Aussie lamb advert
  149. Canadian soils France
  150. What to do if it's your child?
  151. Ripped off by Tesla
  152. shaving, electric or blade?
  153. Smoke On The Water
  154. Urophagia Sommeliers Vade Mecum
  155. Mexico Hit by Biggest Quake in a Century
  156. Free e book downloads
  157. Teakdoor report
  158. Thanks to informants ‘Bangkok cleaner and safer’
  159. Woman climbs on taxi’s ROOF when driver refuses to collect her
  160. Brit tourist, 43, arrested while ‘rampaging naked through Cambodian city
  161. TV forum home page - is this an Adblock record?
  162. Before I start a new thread ...
  163. Refugees win a $70,000,000 pay out
  164. Bit of Blow Seminole Moment, Quay Lager
  165. World’s most expensive white truffle grown in Chiang Mai
  166. Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date
  167. Tourist sleight of hand got away with 60,000 gold necklace he's no Johnny Ace Palmer
  168. Nude art model scandal manner at Silpakorn University
  169. Baseball game at Fukuoka Dome :)
  170. UK: McDonald’s staff go on strike for the first time
  171. Thai love scammer marries 8 men, flees with all the dowries
  172. Udon Thani car body work/respray any addresses
  173. 2 young Thai girls charged for stripping on Facebook Live
  174. The Freemansons
  175. Australian MP 'targeted by massage scam' at New York hotel - BBC
  176. Quick 90 Day report, Car insurance faffery!
  177. Eid al-Adah Wishes
  178. Female teacher arrested for having sex with 12-year-old student
  179. Samantha and Liam?
  180. OK ... fess up ... who's responsible for this!
  181. How to address non-binary people
  182. Have a bad day...
  183. Street Justice” given to peeping tom in Sattahip
  184. Manchester Thai Festival 2-3 Sept.
  185. Happy Days
  186. Poet in a sticky situation after comparing Yingluck’s ears to her vagina
  187. Indicted for ‘tomcatting’
  188. Why is God Punishing Texas?
  189. Terrifying Footage Taken By A Hospital Security Cameras Just After A Woman Dies
  190. Cribs: Teak Door Edition
  191. 2 large beers I'll have a Vodka&Coke .
  192. My stetson is full of shit.
  193. Foreigners to pay double to tramp Thailand's Great Walks
  194. Google will now tell you if you're a depressed American
  195. Canadian tourist charged for killer Phuket U-turn
  196. Thai man confesses to slitting throat of Facebook date who said he ‘sucked at sex’
  197. Tommy Chong Commercial - Is so funny!
  198. Random drug testing of welfare recipients?
  199. Paying the rubbish collection bill
  200. John Constable 'fake' sold for £35,000 is £2m original
  201. Atlantis in Antartica story
  202. It's China ... but could easily be Thailand
  203. Here's why Thailand is home for me, what about you?
  204. AI and robots
  205. Beautiful Men in Asia (For the gay men and straight women)
  206. What country has the ugliest women in the world?
  207. Thais picking fruit in Australia?
  208. What country do you think has the most beautiful women in the world?
  209. Not Everybody Wants A Goat ... don't tell BettyBoo
  210. Next from the last thread...
  211. Radio Caroline: Golden age of British pirate radio remembered, 50 years on
  212. Raped Indian girl, 10, denied abortion, gives birth
  213. Stand-Up Comic Ali Wong
  214. World's most liveable city: Melbourne takes top spot for seventh year running
  215. What country do you think is the most beautiful in asia.
  216. Billy the Bounder By Dave D ,
  217. Sex Dolls Need Respect!
  218. Pattaya cabbie knocks out foreign tourist who grabbed his shirt
  219. Putney Bridge Jogger Rage
  220. Mothers day frenzy in Thailand.
  221. Mystery deaths in France solved....
  222. Shocking moment Thai toddler falls from car and narrowly avoids being crushed to deat
  223. Number of people with HIV in Bangkok reaches almost 78,000
  224. The most despised nation on the planet is...
  225. Nomads: any Nomads here?
  226. Dog Attack Defense
  227. New clinic to help Thai women live with foreigners , Boloa you're in the news again .
  228. Chinese Restaurant offers Bra Size discounts
  229. At Home in the Desert
  230. Oh, FFS, the (alleged) gender pay gap and the PC Brigade
  231. Your worst nightmare (or wildest fantasy)
  232. Inside Bangkok’s prison-themed hotel
  233. Marriage celebrant weds woman in coma
  234. VIDEO Rhino chases down cars on Assam road in India
  235. Malia Obama caught on camera rolling around on the ground at Lallapalooza
  236. Canada Legalizing Marijuana Next Summer
  237. A Visit to MahaNakhon
  238. Thai schoolgirls using Facebook Live to prostitute online
  239. Meltdown
  240. Bangladesh hack and the missing $81 million
  241. Anyone coming from England in the next couple weeks? I need something
  242. Australia: Do obese models send the wrong message?
  243. National park in battle against dogging
  244. Video horror: Thai man mauled by giant bear
  245. Thinking outside the box.
  246. The end of Walking Street as we know it? Bars ordered to rip down signs
  247. What would you do ?
  248. Drone Pics and Video thread.
  249. Lil Dicky's farewell Party...
  250. Cosplay bar hostess charged for viral video inviting men to drink at their bar