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  1. Pattaya’s latest shame, Seahorse kebabs , Giddy up horsey
  2. HairyBotoxCuter
  3. Duck and Cover
  4. FFS - the PC crowd have F88ked it again for a fine Aussie Tradition
  5. Husband choked Thai wife, beat her with Peppa Pig book and demanded she slap herself
  6. Singapore to get Japanese style cafe where the staff are really mean to you
  7. Thailand arrests 2 Israelis for murder of Israeli mafia boss
  8. 200 meth tablets shoved up his Jacksie
  9. Valentine's card Caption competition
  10. Democrats and Veterans Party
  11. Getting High
  12. The high value idiot
  13. The Wealth Gap
  14. My Skat photo
  15. Why You Need to Stop Chasing Women
  16. [poll] Next US President...
  17. Dusit Zoo
  18. Yodeling
  19. Urban Bangkok & It's Railways
  20. Brit on the run after setting fire to lover in Hanoi
  21. Is ‘Mouth Cooking’ Asia’s latest fashion trend?
  22. China's pink, oversized women-only car parks slammed as sexist
  23. Re-open empty Army Barracks for Homeless Ex Serviceman
  24. Where are the best pies in Chiang Mai
  25. Emirates offered 30,000 air miles for delayed flight
  26. The Fall of Rome
  27. Scamming Thai caught dual pricing by one of her own.
  28. Petro
  29. He's obviously no Monkey
  30. There a good chance your ancestors come from the Lobster family
  31. Name and Shame - good or bad?
  32. Visas, passports and finally, beer.......
  33. Woman in Switzerland fined Bt50,000 for reading husband's email
  34. Who the Feck is this Nikki Halley?
  35. Tide Pod Challenge
  36. Whats the difference.
  37. How far would you go to keep your job?
  38. Smart Car? right on Byton
  39. pool maintainance.
  40. Millionaire underage child, 10, dating 22-year-old model
  41. Any experience taking in stray cats? Feeling heartbroken atm
  42. fucket phuket
  43. Transphobic if you refuse to date a trans woman
  44. Commentary from South Shithole
  45. Black butcher saves pudding trapped in freezer.
  46. Cyber-bullying
  47. Friend's father missing in Hua Hin
  48. Its Childrens Day this Saturday
  49. Sophia ... I know you're curious
  50. Gwyneth Paltrow's Coffee Enema
  51. We're Doomed #4,981: Aussie Flu is going to kill us all. Fucking convicts.
  52. You know you are back in China when..
  53. Jealous husband murders ex in front of friends with shot to the head in shop
  54. Who is giving me red cabbages?
  55. Stupid PPI
  56. Possible chance to have one very brief close look at Chinese space station in flight
  57. Nitro Glycerin the new Viagra?
  58. BREAKING NEWS: Geordie Shore's idyllic Thailand break
  59. Any New Year’s Resolutions or Goals for 2018?
  60. Airborne Slapper
  61. Derry Girls TV show about teenagers growing up in the 90s
  62. Rug Trafficking and the Hair apparent
  63. News
  64. Teak doors theme song for 2018 add what you will
  65. New Drink Suggestions
  66. Foundation of Tyranny
  67. World’s hairiest Bangkok girl shaves her face after finding love
  68. 10 years experience...correct?
  69. Missing Captions
  70. Are you becoming noise sensitive as you age ?
  71. Le O'Tariff The Price of Ale
  72. Living O/S with a Thai wife.
  73. Transgender women using Hampstead ladies pond angers women
  74. Stop Cock UK trance spill
  75. What's with all these acid attacks in the UK?
  76. Feminism.............................
  77. Flat Earth - The Genius of Steve Hughes
  78. Frankie Boyle's view of 2017
  79. Cock release
  80. 2018 Spoiler alert
  81. Queen's Urbi et Orbi Speech Excites Twitter!
  82. British man dies mysteriously in Thailand just one month after marrying local girl,
  83. Show Us Your Russian Interactions On Facebook!
  84. Amazon echo
  85. Lil' Dick going to Laos next week
  86. Show us your Christmas jumper
  87. The Crypto Alt Coin Fantasy League 2018
  88. Introduction to Aristotle
  89. Meet Two faced Bettie Bee
  90. Planet of the Gapes happy holidays
  91. Petrol prices getting too high, try running on Coke instead.
  92. 'Australia's slave trade'
  93. It's snowing on TD!
  94. Are you getting ugly?
  95. Teakdoors Most flamboyant shifter 2017 nominations
  96. The way business is done these days
  97. Video reveals brutal torture methods of North Korean regime
  98. Thais riding side saddle picture thread
  99. Black Belt # 2
  100. How to tell if there is a Nuclear War
  101. Anyone know what kind of stone this is?
  102. English speaking movies with Thai sub-titles?
  103. Thai charity runer raises over 70 million baht and government trying to take 50% tax.
  104. The more they swallow the fishier it gets
  105. Claims that Facebook is 'destroying how society works'
  106. Paedophile caught after complaing his phone couldn't search for "nude children"
  107. Most entertaining shitfest between members poll 2017
  108. UK Winter.
  109. azores.
  110. Misgifted
  111. How long is yours?! - Mine is less than 1 inch...
  112. Inland Railway
  113. what are you getting the Mrs for Christmas?
  114. Asian Math
  115. Chiang Rai
  116. F*** the PC Brigade cancelled Christmas!
  117. Bicycle around the World
  118. Wet myself at this teacher's spelling mistake
  119. Farang ‘Begpackers’ selling Thai flags in Bangkok
  120. 'I beat type 2 diabetes with 200-calorie drinks'
  121. Name the temple on the coin
  122. Show us the cover, then guess the title.
  123. MX5 or Fiat Spider
  124. Thailand themed book recomendatoins
  125. Should gambling be legalised in Thailand?
  126. Sloshed
  127. UK Men - Stand up sort of Blokes. Australians are looking to emulate.
  128. Northern Tribes
  129. Swiss tealeaf nicked on the way home
  130. Whats this lot gonna turn into then?
  131. Bangkok ER staff struggle to get a 150 kilo lady to hospital
  132. Have you ever stayed at The Atlanta hotel (BKK)?
  133. The 'bikini bridge'
  134. Hiking around the Pattaya/Jomtien area
  135. Only in America 2
  136. Man arrested for smelly feet
  137. Bucket Head dead
  138. Any ex-Ajarners haunting these hallowed halls?
  139. Flying Frogs Filmed
  140. Butt Baring Buddies
  141. New, free, secure DNS protects you against malicious websites
  142. AirBNB
  143. K L
  144. A natural evolution from Planking?
  145. Ideas for a kids song
  146. Christmas Cheers
  147. Monday Morning
  148. Naked dating.
  149. Former Maxim model claims she in NOT a prostitute
  150. We all know one.... and we've tried to tell them.
  151. Some helpful advice for closet dwellers
  152. Japanese store owner says dozens of cops extorted money and stole his property
  153. More PC madness.
  154. Fancy a dinner in the sky? , this will have a bad ending.
  155. 'I Don't Believe In Science,' Says Flat-Earther Set To Launch Himself In Own Rocket
  156. The Hills are alive with the sound of money
  157. Graphic
  158. Foreigners queuing up to be hit in the back by monk with a hammer!
  159. Big Leg German Beggar finds love in Africa
  160. Statue of monk waving 'dick' in boy's face covered up at Ozzie school
  161. Dubai goes Dry on big sporting weekend
  162. More Immigrants Please
  163. Forget Melania ... first ladies who live in the lap of luxury
  164. Video: Woman jumps from crashed car with no pants on
  165. Retired Aussie policeman shot himself because he “didn’t want to be a burden”
  166. Used up female salesperson in minimal attire. “tricked” into taking drugs , Stoned
  167. NASA’s Apollo 17 Moon Landing A Hoax, Video Claims With Photographic ‘Proof’
  168. Military parade continues despite Pattaya floods, Stupid Thais.
  169. Medieval plague could be spreading to Europe
  170. Even cherubic choirboys are at it now
  171. Global visualiisation of aerosols
  172. Getting a Dog May Save Your Life, Especially If You’re Single
  173. Swede busted for selling chewing tobacco without work permit
  174. Sky Fairy Presents Anti-gun Demonstration
  175. Sky Fairy's Penis Spotted!
  176. Plants release up to 30 per cent more CO2 than previously thought, study says
  177. It’s not that it’s lost: to be lost you’d have to look for it – and not find it,
  178. Thai wife,22, killed husband 40 years her senior – because found condom in pock et
  179. Buddhism is cruel. A moan
  180. Pakistani boy arrested after raping chicken to death
  181. Cycling from England to Thailand
  182. Apology after Japanese train departs 20 seconds early
  183. American student auctions virginity for $2million
  184. London millionaire charged with murdering Thai daughter
  185. The 8 books Neil DeGrasse Tyson recommends smart people read.
  186. Thai women are fat.
  187. Big Ben's leaning
  188. There may be Rubble Ahead , rumblings in California again
  189. Old friends
  190. A good woman
  191. Car insurance photo gaffe shared online
  192. Man cured his stuffy nose by MASTURBATING
  193. Bob the sanctimonious twat Geldof is back in the media spotlight
  194. Odd Sausage dealings in Russia
  195. Phuket Overstayers Pay Cops 100M Per Month
  196. Thailand to offer tax back for hooker fees
  197. Pretty” conned me out of a million baht – says disappointed groom to be
  198. New TD Theme song.
  199. Fukuoka Marathon in pictures :)
  200. Anyone play Makruk?
  201. Is you Nan backward?
  202. Miss Bum Bum 2017.. who would you have voted for?
  203. A Little Oirish Humor...
  204. Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam War
  205. Thai pensioner, 71, dubbed 'the man with two heads' ..
  206. Portia de Rossi accuses Steven Seagal of sexual harassment
  207. ALERT:- Australia PRE-NUP Landmark case
  208. Video: Tourist in Thailand badly beaten by bar girls & ladyboy
  209. Langkawi Suggestions Please
  210. Video: Horror as Thai teacher attacks students the fooking CNUT.
  211. In memory of the world tragedy 1914-18
  212. Can you spare a penny for International Development
  213. Middlesex for Jock's Trap
  214. Soul Train
  215. Step aside Kim Jong-un ... meet the real Rocket Man
  216. Which video editing software to use?
  217. Health officials intervene as villagers accuse widow of being organ-eating ghost
  218. Pattaya Beach Road prostitutes rounded up ahead of international boat show
  219. Burning elephant - 'Hell is Here'
  220. Full Interview: Julian Assange on Trump, DNC Emails, Russia, the CIA, Vault 7 & More
  221. Yesterday Brothel - Today? ... Sharia-compliant hotel
  222. No stag party for 62 year old fiance
  223. Fleshlights are out! Tenga Flip Zeros are in!
  224. Air Race 1 World Cup Thailand 2017 from 17 to 19 November in Pattaya
  225. Paul Nichols the utter cockwomble reveals his Thai waterfall horror...
  226. Shop til you drop
  227. Monty Python's "Happy Valley Fairy Tale"
  228. It ain't a forum without Steven Seagal thread
  229. 100 Years Since Most Glorious Revolution
  230. Noam Chomsky on Trump's First 75 Days & Much More
  231. Yanis varoufakis | noam chomsky, nypl,
  232. Anyone from Chicago?
  233. The New Kalashnikov
  234. Man Jugs to the Fore!
  235. Vietnamese Prostitute ripped condom off penis and swallowed it to hide evidence
  236. Dragonfly Party in the Fartherland
  237. Michelin starred restaurant bans food photos.
  238. Movie: British fighter boxed his way out of Thai hell-hole
  239. Man ‘assaulted by masseuse who tried to perform sex act on him after massage’
  240. Photo shopped or not?
  241. Melania Trump to be protected by special all-female Japanese police squad
  242. Woman, 65, puts up sign to recruit boyfriend, any TD volunteers
  243. Dog Gone
  244. Let's Fly - 1952
  245. Tragic death of another Thai student trying to be white
  246. Sub Editor
  247. Portrush publican's 6,000 mile trip to see terminally-ill Thai 'angel' at orphanage
  248. Conspiracy or Cock up
  249. Doing the Robot Dance
  250. Man with THREE FOOT penis has life-changing surgery