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  1. Thailand Denies Baht Manipulation Ahead of U.S. Currency Report
  2. Kanchanaburi tourism operators to have more business opportunities with China
  3. Thai rice price up 15% this year on high demand
  4. Thailand’s informal debt hits 10-year low
  5. World Bank raises growth forecasts in Asia report
  6. VAT remains at 7% for one more year
  7. Thai Baht Defies Gravity, Risen by 8% Against the US Dollar this Year
  8. August's MPI shows national economy has continued to expand
  9. Benchmark interest rate kept at 1.5 percent for the 19th time
  10. Gold prices rebound strongly amid new round of war concern
  11. Tak ready for special economic zone
  12. Thailand at third place on world tourism revenue list
  13. Home loan approvals break target on high economic confidence
  14. GSB launches "Street Food Loans" to upgrade street food vendors
  15. Thailand's Central Bank Has a Major Dilemma: Its Currency
  16. Gold prices continue to fall
  17. Thai Central Bank Steps in to Stop Rise of Thai Baht
  18. A special police panel set up to probe zero-dollar tourism business
  19. Thailand Tobacco Monopoly sees 7 billion baht in lost revenue due to new excise tax
  20. Thai shares hit highest close in over 2 decades
  21. Digital advertising: Real promise marred by bots, trickery and fake ads
  22. B600-700 minimum wage not possible: Labour spokesman
  23. Government eyes 3.03 trillion baht revenue from tourism next year
  24. Easy access to loans make young generation in major cities over-indebted
  25. ENCON Fund approves eight billion baht for alternative energy projects
  26. 4,500 shops to accept low-income earners' welfare cards
  27. Asean free trade still a distant notion
  28. Higher taxes on sweetened beverages to be effective this month
  29. Thailand remains world's No.1 rice exporter
  30. Gold soars 300 baht amid rising Korean crisis
  31. PTT stations Jiffy to replace 7-Eleven
  32. Doing Well
  33. Tourism rakes in one trillion baht in first 7 months
  34. Pig raisers protest against import of pig meat from the US
  35. Policy rate put on hold at 1.5%
  36. Toyota Wants To Build Electrified Vehicles In Thailand
  37. As Thailand's corporate cash pile swells, investors grow restless
  38. Govt pushes for biopharmaceutical development
  39. CP Uber Alles
  40. Commerce Min to curb feed corn price as oversupply looms
  41. Thai Stocks / Shares and the SET general news
  42. Government gives more credit lines to farmers
  43. State to launch quality taxi services in November
  44. Flood economic damages estimated at over 15.7 billion baht
  45. Sin taxes set to rise to cover welfare for elderly poor
  46. Not toeing the taxi monopoly line
  47. LPG price float won’t affect people: Energy Ministry
  48. Gold price rises 150 baht today
  49. 1.8 billion baht set aside to promote use of rubber
  50. Central bank cuts credit card loan rate to 18% from 20%
  51. Making/losing money on shares
  52. Foreign buyers lift Thai property market from doldrums
  53. IEAT opens new cargo ship port in Maptaphut
  54. Thai exports hit new high as world economy improves
  55. Revenue chief warns of prison term for using fake tax refund forms
  56. Sinking in the Swamp
  57. Baht closes at 33.66 baht/dollar, the strongest in 25 months
  58. 68 percent of Thais are in debt: Nida Poll and Credit Bureau
  59. Eat, Shop, Rinse, Repeat
  60. Central bank to tighten control on extension of personal and credit card loans
  61. Thai swine raisers call for Government’s ban of US pork imports
  62. Commerce Ministry promotes organic farming
  63. Weakening of the baht could boost Thai exports
  64. What’s in store for the future of Thai auto industry?
  65. Thai bank SCB halts $3 billion insurance unit sale as talks fail
  66. BoT : Banks must not lower guards against ATM skimming
  67. Consumers’ confidence index drops to the lowest point in five months
  68. Thai rice exports may miss target due to new foreign workers law
  69. Fisheries industry remains hardest hit by labour shortage
  70. Thai exports to Latin America rise by 4.6%
  71. PTT launches 1st Cafe Amazon in Japan
  72. Agricultural export grows by 61% during 2017's first five months
  73. In person with “Sirivat”: The sandwhich man who survives Tom Yum Kung crisis
  74. Thai firms bypass military rule to invest abroad
  75. It was 20 years ago that the Thai central bank panicked
  76. Super Baht Woes
  77. Gambling on the Future
  78. Former central bank governor warns of possible economic bubble if massive debts are n
  79. The Rock Meets the Hard Place
  80. Sweeping excise tax cuts for hybrid electric and electric powered cars
  81. Global demand for Thai rice remains high
  82. Thai Overseas Investments
  83. KNM’s Thai plant to start production next month
  84. Private sector bids on 2.12 mil tons of govt rice
  85. Govt eyes 200BN baht revenue from small, boutique hotels
  86. Gold prices down 150 baht today
  87. Qatar isolation opportunity for Thai vegetable exporters: Commerce Ministry
  88. Positive growth driven by improving farm prices
  89. Cabinet endorses construction of two expressways
  90. Commerce promotes Noo Nid food truck project in Bangkok
  91. BTS eyes investments in Pink and Yellow lines and extension lines
  92. Thailand’s new land and buildings tax bill to see considerable changes
  93. Debt Clinic to kick off operation tomorrow
  94. One "50 Richest" super project...
  95. The Swamp's 50 Richest
  96. Central bank to prevent inflow of “hot money” from abroad
  97. Thai organic products to enter world market
  98. Air Thainess
  99. The State of the Swamp
  100. Layoffs in automation industry prompts govt to change employment strategy
  101. Solar rooftop installer should join hands with partners (EIC)
  102. We (heart) China!
  103. NLA gives nod to one percent VAT increase and “windfall tax”
  104. Siam Square land prices highest in the country
  105. Finance Ministry’s savings bonds sold like hot cakes
  106. Something Fishy
  107. Business registrations rise on economic recovery
  108. GHB sets aside 10 billion baht housing loan for low income-earners
  109. Energy officials discuss potential LNG shortage
  110. Four major banks slash lending rates by 25-50 points
  111. Note From the Economist:
  112. Higher rice prices for farmers this year
  113. Farmers urged to enter crop insurance scheme as more benefits will be offered
  114. Agri Ministry aims to increase one million rai of organic farmland in five years
  115. Public warned not to buy or sell their bank accounts or ATM cards
  116. Thailand’s unemployment rate to go below 1%
  117. “OneCoin” investment warned
  118. Toyota pledges record investment to make Thailand regional hub for eco-car production
  119. Gold rises 150 baht on Monday trade
  120. Thailand’s Mango Tree grows roots in PH
  121. Unofficial loan problem remains as money lenders reluctant to apply for lending licen
  122. Highest Songkran spending expected in 12 years
  123. Commerce opens first Thai fast food shop at PTT petrol station in Suphanburi
  124. Thailand to Trump: We Don't Manipulate Baht for Trade Gains
  125. Manufacturers warned of using Tricloson anti bacterial substance
  126. Inflows Cause Problems
  127. Govt readies for US deal
  128. Thailand Studies 50-year Leasehold Contract for Foreigners
  129. Google Thailand Offers Small to Medium Businesses Free Mobile Sites
  130. Stronger Baht Predicted
  131. Kasikorn Bank becomes first to handle transactions in all ASEAN+3 currencies
  132. Car exports for January drops 14.53 percent, the lowest in 19 months
  133. Fuel prices down except diesel
  134. Thailand to stop sugar subsidy by year-end
  135. Unemployment rate rises
  136. Analysts expect baht to weaken against rising interest rates
  137. Lottery Office warns of lifetime ban on lottery sale
  138. New measure to deal with Student Loan Fund debtors
  139. Banks’ NPLs last year upped 40 billion baht to 382 billion baht
  140. Thailand Post to step up operations to accommodate growing e-commerce
  141. Thailand expects windfall from Trump’s policies
  142. Court fines man arrested for operating home microbrew
  143. Exports up for first time in 4 years but trade deficit also at record high
  144. Baht will likely fluctuate this year
  145. Gov to reduce Thailand's reliance on being an export-driven economy
  146. Ikea ‘over-invests’ in early recruitment for new store
  147. Scam
  148. Government clamps down on rice exploiters
  149. Cabinet meeting approves 3-year, tariff-free soybean import plan
  150. Measures to cope with aged society
  151. NBTC asked to deal with online movie service
  152. Condominium sale this year drops 10 percent to 46,000 units
  153. Hotel association calls for hotel legalisation to stop price war, better safety stand
  154. Top ten promising businesses for 2017
  155. FT charge for Jan-April period cut by four satang per unit
  156. TAT predicts 5.5 billion baht revenue from 370,000 tourist arrivals during New Year's
  157. South Korea resumes import of Thai raw chicken after 12-year-long ban
  158. Retailers told to display price tags
  159. Monopolyland: Can Thailand’s Markets Ever be Fair?
  160. Thailand to launch $2.8 bln infrastructure fund in Q1 -official
  161. E10 cancellation plan to be reconsidered due to low ethanol supply
  162. Multinationals May Calculate Taxes in Other Currencies
  163. Deputy premier outlines Thai tourism regulations to Chinese tour companies
  164. Cabinet endorses 15,000 baht tax deductible for tourism purpose
  165. Gov’t to double 2018 provincial group development budget
  166. Foreign investors urge modification of 2008 act on foreign workers
  167. Car export is expected to reach 1.25 million this year
  168. Loansharks told to register or face criminal charges
  169. Meet the Sustainable Coffee Producer Giving Hope to Thailand’s Hill Tribes
  170. Whisky tycoon Charoen ranks the 95th on Forbes list of the world’s 500 richest people
  171. Limited mobile phone numbers put on auction, starting at staggering price of 6 millio
  172. Chiang Mai to be turned into Startup District
  173. Thai Feed Mill Association to buy corn for at least 8 baht per kg to stabilize price
  174. BOT: Yuan depreciation affects baht slightly
  175. GHB unveils housing credit program encouraging care for elderly parents
  176. Justice official: Farmers selling rice online 'not wrong'
  177. Hom Mali rice price plunges to the lowest in ten years
  178. Rice committee to meet next week to discuss rice price slump
  179. Thailand ticks up in World Bank report
  180. Asia's Strongest Currency Adds to Challenges Facing Thailand
  181. Rice farmers urged to sell directly to consumers
  182. Thai stocks go green for second day this morning
  183. 47 Years old, how to invest in Asian markets?
  184. Household debts jump to the highest level in nine years
  185. Farmers urge Govt. to reconsider 0% import duties on animal feed crops
  186. Campaign to educate public on digital data protection amid growing cybercrimes
  187. Energy Min affirms reliance on fuel for power production to go down
  188. Survey: Majority of Thais have tried online shopping
  189. Thailand clinches 100,000 tons G2G rice deal with Philippines
  190. BoT plays down baht volatility
  191. Tyremakers bash Thai rubber
  192. Chiang Rai signs MoU with Shan State chambers of commerce
  193. Importers told to remove luxury cars from tax-free zones in 90 days
  194. Tax evaders to encounter five-year retroactive auditing: PM
  195. Online credit rating checks now available at Thailand Post branches
  196. Business sector advised to not take risks with foreign exchanges
  197. Government Savings Bank loses THB 12 million from ATM thefts
  198. Gov may not be able to sell off rice stockpile by 2017
  199. Fuel prices up on Tuesday
  200. New US law may vex exporters Ban on goods made via forced labour
  201. Sra Kaeo's special economic zone expected to be operable in 2018
  202. Government Housing Bank looking to adopt German housing finance system for Thailand
  203. Energy Ministry expedites auction opening for petroleum concessions at soon-to-expire
  204. Thailand tops the list in new car sales in Australia
  205. Thai rice exports world no.1 again
  206. Chiang Mai to host Thailand-Myanmar trade fair
  207. Commerce Min says high potential for pineapples in US
  208. Govt. rolls out new lending program for SMEs
  209. Six to be ordered to compensate state
  210. Commerce Ministry to hold Organic and Natural Expo 2016 next week
  211. Transport Company to undergo major overhaul to compete with low-cost airlines
  212. Labor Min to survey available jobs amid rising demand for workers
  213. Sale of religious supplies in Asanha Bucha and Buddhist Lent festival dips
  214. OTOP customers can get tax deductions in August
  215. Private sector calls for cancellation of slaughter duty levied on poultry
  216. Thailand spared GSP cutback for some farm products to the US
  217. Govt to introduce new television show on NBT
  218. Thai government implements measures to protect fruit industry
  219. TDRI warns of serious layoffs problem in the second half of the year
  220. Customs may propose using Section 44 power to clear over 1,000 abandoned luxury cars
  221. Concern voiced about possible monopoly of Thai fruit market by Chinese traders
  222. Business owners encouraged to use e-payment to cut their expenses
  223. June consumer confidence index lowest in 25 months
  224. Govt offers tax rebates for research companies
  225. GHB now ready to extend 30- billion baht low rate loan for civil servants to buy home
  226. Govt eyes auctioning off over 2 million tons of rice for export
  227. Huawei Technologies opens regional headquarters in Bangkok
  228. Stocks and US Dollar Dive in Tokyo Trading
  229. New cheaper, faster electronic money transfer service available as of October 31
  230. Analysts: 2016 Thai economic growth will be lower than 3%
  231. Infrastructure revamp planned supporting Super Cluster developments
  232. Pump prices to go down for benzene and gasohol, except diesel
  233. Cabinet passes draft land and building tax law
  234. Thailand's 50 richest 2016: Growth Pangs Spur Tycoons To Go On A Buying Binge
  235. Cabinet agrees to lend to PEA for investment
  236. Thailand's April export growth lowest in 6 years
  237. 69 % of Thailand’s PC Installed Software is Unlicensed
  238. Rice sold on government auctions cannot be delivered because of different qualities
  239. Nokia returns to mobile phones with brand-licensing deal
  240. Thailand, India to step up bid for FTA
  241. From car parts to condos, faltering Thailand lures Chinese money
  242. Nok Air records $10.8 million loss in 1Q
  243. THAI reports 6bn baht profit for 1st quarter
  244. Chevron Thailand to cut 800 jobs
  245. Russia opts for Thailand over Vietnam for its aircraft maintenance centre in SEA
  246. Price increase of iron rods is affecting construction industry
  247. Things are same-same-but-different in Baan Dong Bang
  248. Thailand’s drought weakens agricultural outlook
  249. Thailand enters list of top 25 countries for investment
  250. Duty-free billionaire and King Power founder said to buy stake in Thai AirAsia