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  1. Tax collections unaffected by global economic woes, says FPO
  2. Thailand's rice, chicken exports to decline in 2009
  3. World Bank , ADB To Lend $1 Billion To Thailand Early '09
  4. BoI adopts single-zone system: Privileges target six hardest-hit industries
  5. Japan slows down investment in Thailand
  6. US Automakers Your opinion: Bailout or Bankruptcy?
  7. Thai car sales fall 15.4% in October
  8. Total SA: 3 Successful Exploration Wells Drilled In Thailand
  9. Pattaya - High season tourists down by 50%
  10. Phuket - High-season tourism outlook bleak: PTA
  11. China Acts with a Huge Bailout
  12. Thailand : Almost 100 billion baht from tourism expected this year
  13. Thailand : Thai c.bank to cut rates if Q3 GDP shows slowdown
  14. Thailand : Cabinet approves additional Bt100 bn budget
  15. BOI
  16. Thai crocs feel bite as financial woes dull taste for luxury goods
  17. Now is the time to invest in Phuket and Thailand Real Estate
  18. upturn premature?
  19. Special privileges for Thailand Investment Year
  20. Thailand may Delay Sugar Crushing to December as Prices Drop
  21. Thailand to boost govt spending, deficit to jump
  22. 2 point rise in less than one day.........upturn?
  23. Thai PTTEP Q3 net profit up 84 pct, tops forecasts
  24. bank shows 52.7 to GBP when will it upturn????
  25. Thailand to cut rubber output by 700,000 tonnes
  26. FTI projects Thai employment to drop one million in 2009
  27. Phillipines : PSE temporarily halts trading as stocks suffer heavy losses
  28. Ukraine Gets $16.5 Billion Loan From IMF; Hungary Next in Line
  29. Japan mulls $106b bailout fund for ailing banks
  30. Thailand : Goverment budgets B1.22 trillion for stimulus plan
  31. The Aussie
  32. Oil Supply Shock caused the current crisis
  33. Thailand : No gold bars for sale during weekends
  34. Asia Sugar-Thailand fears defaults, Indonesia faces surplus
  35. Thailand : Energy Policy Committee OKs Changes In Oil Levy
  36. Thailand : No Recession in '09
  37. Thailand may extend bank deposit guarantee
  38. Greenspan "shocked" at credit system breakdown
  39. Thai Beverage to list on Thai bourse by year-end
  40. Baht to devaluate, any news?
  41. Thailand : Factories laying off workers
  42. Another one bites the dust
  43. Thailand Proposes Asia Pool $350 Billion for Crisis
  44. Thailand : economic grow less than 3.8% next year
  45. Manila seeks WTO probe of Thai cigarette import rules
  46. 20k US$ to spare
  47. 55 badt to GBP / 42 badt to EUR
  48. Thailand : ING reiterates: no sale of shares in TMB Bank
  49. Day trading*...
  50. Thailand : Devaluation of baht can help export: Finance Minister
  51. BoT decreases Thailand's economic growth projection
  52. How long will the recession last?
  53. Thailand asks Singapore to cooperate to curb crisis
  54. Burma : Inflation cuts printing of low-value notes
  55. Thailand : Top private banker warns of severe impact from global economic crisis
  56. Thailand : 1.2 trillion baht to stimulate economy implemented
  57. Thailand : Tourism budget proposed
  58. 56 baht to the GBP ....i'm sorry, excuse me???
  59. Thailand to ask for US$1.5b loan
  60. US crisis threatens Thailand's underwear exports
  61. Thailand : SET halts trading
  62. Thailand : SET to host meeting to shore up Thai stocks
  63. Singapore : in Recession
  64. Asia bond could save us from the dollar:Thaksin
  65. Dow drops 508 points, SET to test 500 barrier
  66. Playing investor keep them or dump them?
  67. Lloyds offshore account
  68. I don't understand.
  69. Thailand : Thai exports to China slowing
  70. Thailand to boost tax incentives, stock market to cushion impact from US
  71. Thailand 'safe for the moment'
  72. Thailand : Tesco supermarket chain reports rise in profits
  73. Thailand : Export shock: Trade deficit hits $675 mln
  74. Thai central bank says intervened on baht
  75. US financial woes could impact Thai liquidity in future
  76. Japan hopes for ASEAN regional investment headquarters in Bangkok
  77. Poll: Is the bailout the best solution right now?
  78. Bank of East Asia: Bank Run in HK
  79. "The Lehman Brothers Crisis: Impacts on Global Finance and Thailand,"
  80. "The Thai Economy: Final Path for 2008," M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula
  81. Thailand suffers US$781 million trade deficit in August
  82. SEC Issues Temporary Ban Against Short Selling
  83. Thailand : Finance Minister confirms he won't return to govt
  84. Thailand : New PM confident US liquidity squeeze won't affect mega-projects
  85. Chinese State Newspaper Urges 'Abandonment' of USA
  86. Which Thai finance company might fall?
  87. Thailand : Cabinet lump sum cash balance deficit to foster GDP
  88. EU to sign Asean amity, cooperation treaty
  89. This Dollar strength, is it really what we need?
  90. Fitch hints early downgrade of Thailand's sovereign rating
  91. Markets up? Why?
  92. Thailand could lose Bt70 billion tourism revenue if unrest drags to 4Q08
  93. Market capitalisation losses hit B1.5 trillion
  94. Thailand : Cash Flow or lack of ..........
  95. Gold
  96. 8 million victims in the world's biggest cyber heist
  97. Thailand Posts Biggest Trade Deficit in Three Months
  98. Thailand : Life insurance popular in 3 southern border provinces
  99. Thailand : lack of investors' confidence in the nation's economy, society, & politics
  100. Ex-energy minister advises against tax subsidies for oil prices
  101. NESDB hopes Thailand earns 'good management' status
  102. Thailand : Rice merchants see doom in pro-farmer policy
  103. Thailand: food exports jump 28%
  104. Financial shock for those holding British Pounds
  105. Thailand : Thaksin's exile ='s Lower Inflation ??
  106. Pattaya - Consternation as tourism figures plunge 30 percent
  107. US twist to Thaksin court case
  108. Financial News
  109. comming soon to a moo baan near you ..............
  110. Thailand : Supreme Court accepts Myanmar EXIM loan case against Thaksin
  111. Baht likely to weaken to 35 per dollar
  112. Thailand : Central bank lowers economic growth estimate
  113. Bank of Ayudhya $/EU account
  114. Thailand : Pump priming
  115. Thailand : 640 investors seek promotional privileges in 1st six months
  116. Thailand Raises Rate to Cool Prices; May Act Again
  117. Where exactly is the poverty line?
  118. Thailand : Huge economic-stimulus package to be unveiled today
  119. Thailand : simultaneous deflation, inflation ????????
  120. Thaksin's richer despite asset freeze
  121. Political turmoil in M'sia, Thailand 'severe problems': MM Lee
  122. Thailand : TAT lowers tourism projections
  123. Thailand : Thai cbank intervenes to support baht
  124. Thailand : Bear Market
  125. lagging behind the Thai baht's 12 percent slide
  126. Thailand off investment list for foreign business
  127. Teakdoors stock portfolio
  128. Finance minister confident inflation won't hit double digits
  129. Bank Accounts for Foreigners in Thailand
  130. Thailand : inflation could top 10 percent in July
  131. Thailand : industrial confidence index slips to new lows in May
  132. Thai tycoon snaps up Sydney hotel
  133. Seminar craze in Thailand...
  134. Market crash on the way - from Royal Bank of Scotland
  135. Thailand : Double Digit Inflation
  136. Central bank intervenes in foreign exchange
  137. Thailand's Baht, Peso --- Decline
  138. Foreign capital leaving Thailand
  139. Was Kondratieff right and has predicted the Great New War and Era of Depression?
  140. LOS must take a lesson from Vietnam
  141. Why have a Foreign Currency Account in LOS?
  142. Proposed changes to land leases for foreigners
  143. Thai managers earn 10 times employees' pay
  144. Stock suggestions for US market
  145. Thailand : Minimum wage rise 'surprise'
  146. Thailand : New crisis not impossible
  147. Thailand : Cabinet OKs sugar price hike
  148. Thailand : CP expands premium rice seed business
  149. Thailand : BAAC preparing for boom in rice-related lending
  150. Thailand : PM reaffirms govt policy to boost foreign investment
  151. China-ASEAN trade reach target three years ahead of schedule
  152. PTTEP posts 33 per cent increase in Q1 revenue
  153. Why have rice prices surged to record highs?
  154. Wal-Mart restricts rice purchases
  155. Thai Food Exports to fall
  156. Japan rejects Thai rice
  157. Will there be a great gold rush selloff?
  158. Thai Rice exports to drop by a half
  159. Thailand : Rice-price bonanza to 'boost economy'
  160. Thailand : household debts nearly double in seven years
  161. Deputy PM Surapong assures US business of sound Thai economy
  162. Property Price Crash Spreads East
  163. Thailand eases regulations to draw more Japanese investment
  164. Thailand : Shin Sat signs US$5m contract with MPT
  165. Thailand : Exports down in february and trade deficit
  166. Thailand : Deputy PM Surapong calls for Constitution amendment
  167. 'Just a matter of time' for Asian economies
  168. Thailand : Exim bank to complete Burma loan
  169. PTT rakes up Bt1 bn in oil business loss
  170. Thailand : Noppadon to go abroad to restore investors' confidence
  171. 50-year-old export-led model needs overhaul, say experts
  172. Diesel at Shell hit new record
  173. Money changers hit by drop in value of Thai currency
  174. JBIC to give Bt700 billion loan for Thailand's mega projects
  175. Surapong backs plan to subsidise fuel prices
  176. Thailand : Inflation surge
  177. BOT revokes capital control measure
  178. Surapong to ask Thaksin to be economics adviser
  179. No Plan To Switch Thai Baht To Fixed Rate
  180. Buy Meat not Wheat
  181. Offshore Baht hits new 11-year high
  182. Finance minister confident economy to grow 6% this year
  183. Noppadon plans to bring investors back to Thailand
  184. No VAT rise
  185. Government's cash balance deficit surges in fiscal 2008
  186. the coin system ...........Bueller !!
  187. Stocks you think will go up in 2008
  188. WOW! a $7.14 billion fraud one of history's biggest
  189. If
  190. Back to Bed , see ya in '09
  191. Songkhla : 95% of small, medium-sized fishing operators out of business
  192. Is the world heading into recession?
  193. GBP exchange rate. Very poor.
  194. SET surges, led by Shinawatra family-related shares
  195. Where is the gold ?
  196. Thai business leaders pessimistic on economy after poll
  197. Pro-Thaksin Party Looks to Abolish Capital-Inflow Controls in Thailand
  198. Potential for political stability only bright spot next year
  199. Thai Labor Ministry to propose minimum wage hike to Cabinet
  200. Prices of vegetable oil, dairy products, and car battery to rise
  201. Thai tourism revenue to rise 10% in 2007
  202. Party platforms lack long-term vision for sustaining growth
  203. Troubles mount for Temasek
  204. Army chief to be appointed as TMB board member
  205. NLA passes bills to increase alcohol, cigarette taxes
  206. Thai happiness index soaring 22 Nov 07
  207. Thailand's FPO revising economic growth estimate
  208. Thailand is slipping into stagflation
  209. What is Your D-to-I Ratio?
  210. Thai politics and FBA shake foreign investor confidence
  211. Microsoft deal values Facebook at $15B
  212. USD vs Euro - the future?
  213. Farmers demand govt to solve debt problems
  214. Thailand ranks 5th in foreign capital inflows
  215. 34 Baht to a Dollar?
  216. Government urged to be clear towards business law amendment
  217. $10 million for a flat in Bangkok?
  218. Thai PM seeks to reassure investors on economy
  219. Samsung wins $1.1bn Thailand deal
  220. Poll: One in five Thais 'can't pay bills'
  221. Thailand and Argentina
  222. Thaksin sues Swiss banks
  223. PENSION FUNDS: $10 trillion strong
  224. Political donations to be tax deductible
  225. 40,000 companies are in breach of the FBA!!
  226. FITCH: Our fragile economy
  227. Thailand believed to be suffering economic hardship
  228. Current A/c Surplus on the Back of a Strong Tourist Sector
  229. Exxon and Chevron are under pressure from Thailand's military-appointed government
  230. BOLLOCKS: Govt raises alcohol, cigarette taxes
  231. Got an Economy in Need of a Jump-Start , hold an election .
  232. Farewell to the subcontract technique for foreign entities
  233. motorcycle sales down
  234. Does Thailand want foreign investment?
  235. Pattaya Hotels start laying off staff, has a new recession started?
  236. Thailands Property market slowing sharply
  237. PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN 200 retailers protest Makro store building
  238. Kamphaeng Saen Retailers say no to Tesco
  239. Baht policy under fire in the NLA
  240. ****s - Lloyds TSB and ATM Theft in Los
  241. Real Estate Financing For Foreigners
  242. Aussies warned to stop paying bribes!
  243. SCB offering Jatukarm Ramathep amulets with new accounts!
  244. Thai Individuals allowed to hold dollar up to US$100,000
  245. wtf??? A committee to prevent factory closures
  246. BoT eases tight grip on the baht
  247. Thai executives' pay packets buy plenty
  248. Sansiri plans 13 developments
  249. Tax refunds promoted to boost debt market
  250. VAT and cross-border internet transactions - BP article