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    i am living in spain right now benidorm sun sea and debt lol i have no idea why it says i am in bkk

    moving there to work need house

    hi everyine i am a newby here so forgive any mistooks hehe
    i am moving to koh samui to work in about 8 to 10 weeks time i will have 2 dogs with me eventualy .
    and i am looking for a place to rent long term that would suit me i am single
    and will be working not on holiday so i need good and cheap any help you could give would be appreciated and also any info on the island i find it hard to get past the tourist bit on the net . thank you guys and gals plus what if any is the public transport like i dont drive
    thanks again terry

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    Where, budget, other requirements? LIke to help but its not much to go on.

    Quote Originally Posted by terry brown
    thank you guys and gals plus what if any is the public transport like i dont drive
    Cant be done then. Cheers mate.

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    get over there and scope it out yourself, probably rent a unit for somewhere arounbd 6k baht per month plus electric, going upwards from there. where are you working? lamai? chaweng? and you do realize those dogs are going to cost a few bob to get to thailand? dont know if youll get the paperwork done in that time span either youll be better off buying a motocycle for getting around
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