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    Indian Buffet in Phuket

    For those in Phuket this Indian restaurant deal sounds pretty good for a high end hotel, every second Friday Indian Buffet.

    We present CURRY FRIDAYS on alternate Fridays. Here is your chance to enjoy an authentic and lavish Indian Curry Buffet. Selections include all-time favourite 'Chicken Tikka Masala', very hot ' Mutton Vindaloo', juicy Kebabs, Goan Fish Curry, Chickpea curry and much more... served with Nan bread and Basmati rice.

    ALL YOU CAN EAT for only 449 baht nett! Draught Beer by the glass: just 50 baht nett. Special discount on beverages.

    Venue: Navrang Mahal India Restaurant at Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa.

    Time: 7pm to 11:30pm.

    For reservations, please call: 076-286464, ext 4.

    From their website.

    We serve many innovative dishes not found at other Indian restaurants and our beverage selection is second to none,
    So please, sit back, relax and have a delightful dinning experience.
    After serving the real taste of India at Navrang Mahal in Patong for the last 15 years, we recently opened our new Navrang Mahal Indian restaurant at Karon.

    Located at the Karon Sea Sands Resort, Navrang Mahal serves North Indian food.
    All dishes are freshly prepared by hereditary chefs and served in brass Katoris in the Royal Mughal style of bygone Emperors of India.

    Many mouth-watering dishes prepared exactly to your liking, with spices added to suit individual tastes.

    Next one is tomorrow on the 26th, gets some pics whilst your there

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    Here's hoping for a Bkk version.

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    rawai phuket
    Went there last year.Very good selection.But by the time you have had a few drinks and this tax and that tax plus service was added the bill was more like 1000 bht

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    They have a Navrang Mahal in Patong too. The food's good enough, I generally boycott the place because they rape you for 180 baht for a very small glass of undrinkable Italian red wine. If you don't buy wine I guess they're ok.
    It would be better for biz to offer cheap wine for free. They loose a lot of biz by being greedy with the drink markup.
    The restaurant in Patong is usually empty every time I walk by. And the cnuts block the street with their big fancy black Toyota sedans. They're obviously making money somewhere else other than the restaurant.
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