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    Burglaries Around Phuket

    How many guys actually live in Phuket on here? anybody in The south end of the island Chalong Rawai Nai Harn.

    My mates house got done the other night but we do not know the time exactly coz they were out on the piss.

    The robbers only got 3000 baht and 2 mobile phones but could have had 4 maybe they thought the others were crap and his wife tell me last night also 2 months supply of her pills the contraceptive type.

    He's a bit of a dozy kvnt he left the keys to the motorbike on the table outside I guess the only reason they didn't take the bike there was remote to the gates lying around.

    Over the years around the Sai Yuan area been loads of break in's that go unreported

    My mate he don't live here and he said he didn't think anything like this goes on, get a life

    The laptop was on full view in the lounge for some unknown reason they didnt break into the lounge.

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    Most probably the same conts that burgled my Bungalow on Samui and walked out the door with 80,000 baht after breaking open my safe.

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    Where there's foreigners, there's crime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FarangRed
    3000 baht and 2 mobile phones
    Sounds like a quiet afternoon on the piss for me.

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    ^ Same Same..

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    ^^ well put

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