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    Campaign to Stop Cruel Dolphinarium Opening in Phuket

    Letter to Minister:

    Dear H.E. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports,.

    Phuket Says No to the Proposed Dolphinarium

    On behalf of the businesses and residents of Phuket, SKAL members, Thai and international animal rights NGOs and advocates, and Dolphin Project members and supporters globally, I would like to present you with a powerful argument against the proposed dolphinarium in Phuket. Please find herewith facts and information why the dolphinarium would be harmful to tourism and the overall image of Phuket and Thailand.

    The opposition is based on the following points:

    1) It creates a negative image of Thailand and Phuket abroad
    2) It shows the lack of education and understanding where the dolphins come from and why this is bad news for Thailand
    3) It is in contradiction to TAT’s 2016 Marketing Plan – this ‘attraction’ is not sustainable, does not attract quality tourists and does not reflect the essence of ‘Thainess’
    4) It contradicts to community-based tourism development and produces low local
    economic benefits
    5) Other developed countries which have banned captive cetacean shows, including
    England and India
    6) It generates negative public perceptions, which has currently shown opposition and
    disagreement to such show including quality tourists.
    7) The dolphin performance is considered animal cruelty due to the negative effects of
    captivity on the dolphin’s wellbeing
    8) It gives low educational benefits in comparison to dolphin conservation activity in the wild
    9) It is an unsustainable financial tourism model
    10) It damages the ecosystems and the environment
    11) It poses risks to humans
    12) World Association for Zoos & Aquariums has condemned the acquisition of dolphins via the brutal Taiji drive hunt

    Therefore, the issues far outweigh the benefits. It put the lives and well being of both humans and dolphins at risk. It shows backward thinking and moves against the trend of developed countries. For instance, the UK closed its last dolphinarium in the 1990s while India has completely banned them. Furthermore, the Phuket dolphinarium has already inflicted public opposition and increasingly attracted more negative attention than any recent tourism development. Finally, it will certainly puts into question Thailand’s environmental standing, and the country’s global tourism reputation.

    Please review this document opposing the Phuket Dolphinarium. I would be more than happy to provide more information if you would like to engage in further dialogue on this very important matter.

    We thank you for the attention and support you can extend to us.

    Yours sincerely,

    Natasha Eldred
    Managing Director of Shine PR Phuket Co Ltd

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    Animal slavery and abuse.

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    The other side to the argument is that it allows people to see dolphins up close and therefore they may be more inclined to empathize with or support other dolphin related legislation.

    Not here though.

    I think there are wild dolphins in the gulf? Want to see them? Go into their environment don't drag them into ours.
    Better to think inside the pub, than outside the box?
    I apologize if any offence was caused. unless it was intended.
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    The heat in there would scare most customers away.

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    The one in Pattaya is shit as well.

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    They can't look after themselves properly so what chance do the dolphins have.

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