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    Patong: 12 Cambodian Beggars Arrested- 6 were children

    Phuket Immigration Swoop to Net 12 Illegal Patong Beggars - Phuket Wan

    PHUKET: A group of 12 Cambodian beggars are to be deported after a raid on a house in Patong netted the group of illegal migrants.

    ''Six among the group were children,'' said Phuket Immigration Superintendent, Colonel Sanchai Chokkayaikit.

    It's believed all the Cambodians arrested were sent out to work around Patong and Karon every night, with their takings being shared by a boss figure.

    The raid on the house in Patong took place on March 8. Each of the Cambodians had paid about 4000 baht to be part of the scam on Phuket tourists, the colonel said.

    more at link

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    Just beggers, a thai only profession.

    What is the scam?

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