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    Adobe CS5 Magnetic Lasso Question.

    I've worked out how to use this tool, but I don't know how to transfer the saved image to Microsoft Powerpoint.

    For example:

    If I take an image, a black hat for instance and lasso that from a white background, I can transfer the hat to a new background within CS5. A family photo for instance without its BG. But if i transfer that image to powerpoint, it reappears with its white background.

    In powerpoint I have a background template that is cream for instance, but all i want is the hat, and not to be able to see the white BG.

    In CS5 I have saved on a transparent BG but it still appears white when pasted to PP.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    I'm just learning PS too , not easy is it !

    Are you trying it using jpeg ?
    appears only gif and png formats support transparency
    so it might work if you save it in png ?
    Adobe Photoshop - Transferring images to Microsoft PowerPoint with a Transparent Background

    • Select the image in Photoshop using any of the selection tools to isolate the area
    • Choose Edit > Copy
    • File > New and change the Background Contents to Transparent Background > Click OK
    • Choose File > Save As and name the file
    • From the Format drop-down, choose PNG > Click Save.
    • Click OK to PNG Options
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Open Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Select the slide you want to insert your image
    • Choose the Insert Tab
    • Click the Picture button in the images group
    • Select your PNG file > Click open

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    I always save my transparents as .png. The jpeg format doesn't do the trick

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    I don't have Adobe,but use psp x7. I would add a raster layer,use the lasso tool or any of the selection tools, select the hat and then click the background with the magic wand and hit delete. Save as png transparant background.
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    Did you flatten the image and save it as a jpeg?

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