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    V for Victory?

    Have you ever danced to Agadoo? I hear Lulu is having a parry

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    @D48 - thanks very much for the reposts

    @lulu - thnx for the cheers. When are you coming over to PI? We'll climb the 9/9 mountain, and won't use a motorbike along the way. That would be cheating.

    @dillinger - no, V for Vendetta. and I haven't danced that Agadoo. Re: Lulu, I don't know if he can handle a 13-hour hike - I have my doubts. 55

    @toot - yeah, it was a challenge to do that hike, with the sloshy mud and rain. If you look closely at my trousers/shoes from the 1st marker to this 3rd marker (Mt Purgatory), they are much muddier. And yeah, it was more of endurance and challenging myself. Last year, most of my climbs were 3/9 or 4/9 mountains, minor hikes. This year, I want to do more major hikes: 6/9 upwards. I'm scheduled to do a 7/9 later this Feb (my first 7/9) and I'm training for it.

    This Mt Purgatory wasn't very technically difficult, no rock scrambling, cliffs or knife edges, but the trail was long, so it was classed as a 6/9. It took us 13 hours to finish the hike (5 am to 6pm).

    So far, the most difficult and challenging that I've done is Mt Tenglawan in Bakun, Benguet. I did that last year, during the Xmas holidays. It was 6/9 and took me 14 hrs to finish it (5am to 7pm). Some of my team-mates finished it in 12 or 13 hours. I was one of the last 2 in our group to finish it. I was very exhausted after that. For this Mt Purgatory, my exhaustion was mild. I haven't ticked mountains in a map - perhaps I'll do that. Thanks for the tip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katie23 View Post
    We travelled in 3 minivans, around 45 ppl.
    That sounds like a military exercise.

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