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    Mindanao Visa Applicants Face Additional Administrative Processing

    The US Embassy in Manila is recently using additional administrative processing on many Mindanao US visa applicants. Now, there is more scrutiny on Mindanao US visa applicants at the US Embassy Manila.
    Most likely for the well intention purpose of US national security, the implementation of this new additional administrative processing of Mindanao applicants is increasing. On the other hand, the additional administrative processing is also really affecting innocent families. For example, these families are apart for long times (up to a year or more) waiting for their visas to reunite.
    On March 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump issued a memorandum to all US embassies and consulates calling for “heightened screening and vetting” for applications for visas.

    In fact, this new measure now gives US Embassy Consulars broad powers to request more background materials from certain applicants compared to regular applicants. For example, these additional materials include:
    • passport and travel history,
    • information on relatives,
    • address and contact information,
    • current and prior email addresses, and
    • social media account names.

    The US Department of State considers the Philippine Island of Mindanao a “Safe Haven” for Terrorists.

    Because of the history of terrorist activities in Mindanao and the 2017 US Presidential memorandum, it is truly not a surprise that the US Embassy in Manila has taken this action.

    On the other hand, there are many peaceful areas of Mindanao that do not see any terrorism.

    See the blog post "Mindanao Visa Applicants Face Additional Administrative Processing" for more information.

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    Sponsor? Doesn't seem to have hookers on his website so clearly not. Mind you, most of his clients will be "former" hookers.

    However..... spam? Hmmmmm

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