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    TOo much rain is damaging the agricultute sector in Flipperville

    Philippines experienced way too much rainful this year, twice than what was the usual norm resulting to poor harvest in the garden sector, failure in the rice sector in rice paddies (lowland) and upland rice farming.

    Rice farmers in lowland farms have been sustaining losses upon planting via Direct Saving Method due to flooding. Ultimately, farmers have to replant doubling the cost of the initial investment from seedling, manpower, chemicals and fertilizers. The lucky lowland farmers who persisted and suceeded after the second or third attempt are now stressing over the fact that their rice crops which will be ready for harvest in about 2-3 weeks time have been drowned in the floods. The rains are also making it nearly impossible for the farmers to apply pesticides which will likely result in v poor harvest resulting to negative profit margins. Every Juan (every John/ everyone) is balls deep in the mud and scratching their balls in despair.

    The upland rice farmers are cursing the rains as its impossible to clear upland areas and let it dry/bake in the sun before burning. A good burn will guarantee a good harvest and from the looks of it, the coming upland rice harvest season will have a
    poor yield.
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    Well, agricultute is tricky, or so i hear.

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