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Thread: Rodrigo Duterte

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    President Rodrigo Duterte keeps local and international politicians toes to the fire.

    America Needs The Philippines More Than The Philippines Needs America – Duterte Has Made it So

    Duterte Exposes How he Tricked Exiled Terror Leader Into Spreading Coma Rumour
    A tray full of GOLD is not worth a moment in time.

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    Much of the foreign investment has been made possible due to President Duterte’s outreach to new foreign partners. Duterte’s agreement to work jointly with China over previously disputed areas in the South China Sea has clearly played an important role in building trust with Beijing and turning a country that had historically poor relations with modern Philippines into a valued investment partner. As China is now the leading investment partner for countries throughout the world, Duterte’s Sinophobic opponents have been exposed for their myopic economic stupidity that would see The Philippines lose out on opportunities that countries in every other continent are using to their advantage.
    No pro-Chinky slant on that website, eh?

    Ah, well as Jeff would say, "consider the source". You fucking muppet.

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