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    Pattaya Jomtien

    Pattaya Fishing Park Taglome food and drink

    This one is a pretty crappy one, it is a catfish pond with half kilo fish that you catch with a bamboo stick and some fishing line, trouble is you get to keep what you catch, and also have to pay for what you catch, as catfish taste of mud it's probably best to find some person in desperate need of food to give these to.

    This one is on the way to Jomtien from Pattaya, turn down Sukhumvit Soi 87 and you will see the sign a few hundred meters past the train track, probably not worth going there though.

    I used to fish at this small lake across from South Pattaya road, you would try to drop back or sneak back as many fish as possible into the pond so you didn't end up with kiloes of the poxy things, you had the choice of them killing and cooking them for you, or, you took them home, luckily where I lived then I had to go past the market in South Pattaya, plenty of worthy beggars there to donate them to

    The road signage.

    The Taglome Bar and Restaurant.

    Pretty crap really aint it.

    The second pond with a couple of thatched huts to fish from.

    Some of the bamboo fishing rods, erm, sticks.

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    Seems maybe to be a plave to avoid. Unless you are fond of catfish.

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    baan rai chay nam, or baan ing nam as its now know just outside pattaya is good. proper rods, nice lake and surroundings, and very freindly staff. thinks its near you DD from what you said before. well stocked with fish but didnt have any probs throwing back what we didnt want.
    they cooked our catch for us and had a few beers by the side of the lake at the end of night, with a lady boy singing away on karokee. where else can you get that

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