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    Best option for getting from Pattaya to Siracha

    I'm looking for the easy,cheap option here. I've been living here in Jomtien for about a year but still don't know much more than songtheaw and motocy, in addition to the Jomtien Bus line to the airport. Any advice appreciated.

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    Mini buses all along Sukhumvit rd. You know, the scary ones that crash and burn all the time (toyota vans). They stop in three or four places along there, and you will always see a queue of people milling about. I'm not certain about from Jomtien, but really your best person to ask is any Thai, so pop into a bar, and ask there.

    I am also fairly certain that there is a bus from Pattaya bus station on Nua that stops in SriRatcha going somewhere or other.
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