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    waterfront condominium development

    I wonder what is going on regarding the waterfront condominium development near Bali Hai Pier? As most people would know by now this project was halted more than a year ago because of accusations of several irregularities in the development application process and there have been several people who have been consistently posting some very revealing and interesting information over on the ' other forum '.this is being spearheaded primarily by the pattaya watchdog activist group

    But what is really amazing is that over the past few days any thread relating to this development is being erased completely.
    Usually a thread is closed down but the information is kept so that people can still read it but it is very unusual for threads to simply disappear.
    Then I was told just yesterday that one member of the pattaya watchdog group received a threat regarding their personal safety if they didn't back down.
    It's obvious there are some very unsavoury characters behind this development that will stop at nothing to stop information from getting out.

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