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    Quote Originally Posted by baldrick View Post
    I was stopped near Ban Kraut on thursday morning at about 09h00 and the policeman had one of the yellow wand breath testers in his hand - I was quite happy that he did not test me as I had had a few the evening before - over 8 hours prior - but I know from experience with my own breath tester that you can still be over 0.00

    from field testing the yellow wand at a work site , it seemed that 0.02 and above was when they light up yellow/orange - I am not sure if the thai coppers would then take you away , or if you have to light up the red LED
    Where is Ban Kraut ?
    Alcohol test in the morning ? Never seen this !
    As long as they don't test weed, I am ok 555

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    Quote Originally Posted by JournalistsAreLiars View Post
    Where is Ban Kraut

    Quote Originally Posted by JournalistsAreLiars View Post
    Never seen this !
    twas about here -

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