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    Urgent: Leaked Memo reveals possible ISIS plot against Russians in Pattaya

    On Wednesday Night, news organizations around Thailand received a copy of a leaked memo issued by the Royal Thai Police Special Branch to Police Divisions around Thailand detailing information from the Russian Authorities indicating a possible ISIS plot against Russians in key tourist cities including Pattaya.

    The memo is dated 27th November 2015 and detailed information Special Branch received from the Russian Federation Federal Security Service (FSB) of 10 Syrian men, though to be ISIS members who entered Thailand between 15th and 31st October. It states that two travelled to Phuket, two remained in the Thai Capital Bangkok, two went to unknown destinations and the remaining two travelled to Pattaya.

    The FSB warns that they are likely to disrupt Russian interests in Thailand, presumably in revenge for Russia conducting air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria. The memo urges the Thai Police to increase security at key areas in each of Thailandís major tourist destinations and warns the threat may well extend to other foreign nationals from countries who are also involved in attacking Islamic State targets in Syria.

    No formal advice from Embassies in Thailand has been issued as yet and the contents of the memo which is thought to be genuine has yet to be verified with the Russian Authorities.

    Pattaya One advises any concerned foreign nationals either in Thailand or abroad to contact their respective Embassy in Thailand to keep up-to-date with any travel advisories which they may issue in response to this memo or other information they have received about this or other threats.

    Urgent: Leaked Memo reveals possible ISIS plot against Russians in Pattaya - Pattaya One, Local News in Pattaya Thailand
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    The Thai cops are now saying they think the report is a forgery. In saying that Pattaya is a soft target and I'm surprised there has never been an attack in the past.
    Surely the Thais wouldn't compromise the safety of their tourists to save the economy......would they

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