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    Talented musician dies in Thailand moped crash at the age of 27

    Worked in a call centre?

    'Our hearts are in a million pieces' Talented musician dies in Thailand moped crash at the age of 27
    11:29, 3 AUGUST 2015

    Ross Mackay, son of Swansea Girls writer Lyn Mackay, has died in a road accident involving his moped and a truck in Thailand

    A young musician has tragically died in a scooter accident in Thailand after suffering a suspected seizure.

    Ross Mackay, 27, is believed to have suffered an epileptic fit while riding a moped in Pattaya and collided with a pick-up truck, sustaining fatal injuries.

    His devastated mother Lyn Mackay, a musician, writer and actress, of Pant yr Odyn, Sketty, Swansea, who has written musicals Swansea Girls and Swansea Women, said of the loss of Ross: “Our hearts are in a million pieces.”

    Ms Mackay was working as a singer-pianist on a Cunard cruise ship, The Queen Victoria, when she was told of the tragedy in a telephone call from her other son, Scott.

    Ross Macaky, 27, was riding a moped through the streets of Pattaya when he swerved into a pick-up truck suffering fatal injuries. Pictured here is his mum Lyn Mackay

    Speaking at her home in Sketty, she said: “I was in the Med and went on deck to get a better signal. By chance, there were some Welsh people on board and I made a noise when I realised what Scott was telling me. This group of Welsh people put down their drinks and came to help me. I heard one say: 'Give her a cwtch'.

    Ross was working in a call centre by day in Thailand, where he lived with his father, and by night he worked as a guitarist and singer at clubs and bars.

    Ms Mackay said: “He let me know a short time before he died that he was handing in his notice at his job in Thailand and coming back home. I’d told him the gig scene in Swansea was picking up and that as a good guitarist and vocalist, cruise ships would take him in a heartbeat.”

    She said Cunard were “wonderful” after they learned of her loss.

    Lyn said: “At one point they even organised a flight home for me from Mykonos, Greece, but there was a 40-knot wind and it was not safe for me to leave the ship by tender so I had another 24 hours to wait. It was the longest 24 hours of my life.

    “But Cunard’s care team were wonderful and did so much to get me home quickly. On the flight back, on Ryanair to Stansted, the other passengers were so nice to me, a girl even came up to me a gave me a teddy bear.

    “The driver Cunard arranged waited for me to speak to Scott when I got home and when I came out to thank him he’d been to the shop to get me some flowers.”

    Ms Mackay believes Ross, who was planning a holiday in Cambodia with his father before coming back to Swansea, may have been so excited it might have led to a seizure which caused him to crash at traffic lights in Pattaya.

    Ross Macaky, 27, A British backpacker who was killed in a scooter crash in Thailand - when he had a seizure and lost control of his bike.

    She said: “I don’t think we’ll ever really know. He had tests some time ago in Morriston Hospital but he was never diagnosed with epilepsy though he did have one or two seizures a year.”

    A funeral is now being arranged for Ross, who died on July 21, in Swansea, with relatives and friends coming from all over the world.

    Swansea Girls starred writer Lyn, as well as Menna Trussler, who featured in both the BBC-produced soap Pobol Y Cwm on S4C, and the BBC comedy Little Britain.

    It told the story of four Swansea girls who each found themselves at a crossroads in their lives, facing the dilemma of whether to follow their hearts in the theatre, or succumb to the realities of life.

    She is no stranger to showbusiness.

    During the 1970s and ‘80s her singing career took her all over the world as a session musician for EMI, as well as stints in Ronnie Scott’s jazz club, The Playboy Club and as resident pianist for a chain of hotel piano-bars in Sweden.

    She added: “Ross was a good guitarist and played on stage with me in my musicals.

    “I’m lucky I’ve got memories like that.”

    'Our hearts are in a million pieces' Talented musician dies in Thailand moped crash at the age of 27 - Wales Online

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    Those things happen..

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    Mum seems like a really cool lady.


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    My mate was riding his 750 Honda and pulled into a Parking bay in Fremantle.

    The very second he turned the bike off and popped it on the stand he fell over and started fitting. Just incredible he had stopped.

    Died at 40 from a brain hemorrhage in his kitchen.

    Really bad news about this young guy.
    Stroller is a Yerman faggot.

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