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    Honorary Consul Pattaya, Barry Kenyon

    He has recently published this book, a light hearted, lightweight and very readable account of his time as the hon. consul in pattaya

    detailing his work there, his dealings with the expats, thai immigration and police, and more interestingly, the story of the rise and fall of the british consulate there with some revealing insights into the ambassadors, the workings of the embassy in bangkok and foreign office police.

    he grinds his axe, but in a very diplomatic way.

    its available as an e-book on amazon, only 5 and worth every penny.

    highly recommended.

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    Normally I arrive in Thailand scouring the book shelves of Bangkok book stores. Not so this time, had a load of Baht left over at the airport and eventually found a book shop.
    3 choices
    Bangkok prison
    Poor girl ends up over there
    Living and building in Isaan
    Not much choice here, My hard earned bucks where spent on a book about,
    is there something new

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