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    Cherrys restaurant open again.

    Well it was never really "closed for renovations" as the signs said, more like they tried catering to Asian tour groups exclusively which I guess either didn't work out or isn't putting enough bums on seats. But there was still what looked to be tour group sort of people in the rear section the other night.

    Anyways, after walking thru the rear section which was 3/4 full, they sat us in the front which was also quite busy. Same menu and everything else as before but ironically, the decor could use some renovations!. I had a plate from the salad bar, antipasto, imported rib-eye, and a few glasses of house white. All good, and now it's business as usual again I thought there might be some other Pattaya based folks who'd also like to know.

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    glad to hear it it has always been a good eating and good value joint

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