I caught this one by chance and having watched a few others in Pattaya decided to find a seat to enjoy the procession.
Did not get off to a good start with this lady rudely shoving her jugs in front of my camera

Would like to explain what the different costumes represent but Thai writing is not one of my strong points,Devil mob?
As always the local schools play a big role in these events.

You get a lot of gaps in the procession or one group may be static where you happen to be watching.
Reason being at the finish the VIPs will be seated where each group is likely to be admired for several minutes.
Not sure in this case but others I have seen were judged to determine an overall winner.

Funny little motor apparently its a BMW,never seen this model before mind

I think its safe to say this is a tribute to the much loved King of Thailand

Lovely job,great deal of work has gone into that as with all of them.

This group may be from Issan

This pretty policewomen was very pleasing to my eye,wish they all looked like her beautiful smile!

Nice costume this leggy young lady wore it well!

This group was dancing in front of us for about five minutes although very nice I was glad to see them move on,their sound system was just a tad to loud.

I have obviously missed a lot of the processions out but the last one was well worth capturing.

Stunningly elegant young lady!

Must of been the carnival Queen,but come on love give us a smile.

Nearly made it to the finish line before running out of juice.

Couple of beers with a bit of grub made for a very pleasant afternoon,hope you like some of the pictures